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Day 2
7/11/2014 4:38:02 PM,  2 COMMENTS

It is going very well today. What did I do? I do not know, but I ate fairly good yesterday. I had heartburn, but treated it instead of just igno...  Read more


Power Up!
7/11/2014 2:08:41 PM,  4 COMMENTS

I am feeling like Wonder Woman today! Getting back to normal this week and back at the gym was exactly what I needed. Tuesday I got back i...  Read more


It’s just something that I do.
7/11/2014 1:43:03 PM,  2 COMMENTS

What a morning! Oy! First, for the first time ever, Punky woke up saying, “Chels,” today instead of “Mama.” Normally, I would find this is incred...  Read more


Thursday, Positive Focus, Day 71
7/11/2014 11:16:17 AM,  4 COMMENTS

It's day 2 of tracking everything. I'm finding that I'm attempting veggies even more now that I'm looking at the calories. I almost feel like I'm star...  Read more


Dear Family and Friends,
7/10/2014 10:42:50 PM,  3 COMMENTS

I have committed to making some big changes. I'm trying to eat nutritious foods, exercise regularly, and live a healthy life. It hasn't been eas...  Read more


Looking Forward to...
7/10/2014 10:00:27 PM,  3 COMMENTS

..making progress. I have gotten my food more under control most days but it is still not what it should be. I'm more maintaining than anything....  Read more


New parks for long walks with plenty of pics!
7/10/2014 5:53:00 PM,  17 COMMENTS

Because I am on vacation this week, I love to go for long walks. I am not sure my husband loves them as much as I do, but he goes along with my crazin...  Read more


D2TM: 7/9/14
7/10/2014 4:00:38 PM,  2 COMMENTS

Random musings of the day: Skinny jeans are funny to a one year old. As I was putting them on today, I did what any normal person putting them on...  Read more


Blog Challenge
7/10/2014 1:21:45 PM,  3 COMMENTS

I am testing myself. I am going to blog every day for the rest of July. OUCH! I really need to discover some things about myself like what motivates...  Read more


Wednesday, Positive Focus, Day 70
7/10/2014 12:13:56 PM,  4 COMMENTS

I've gotten tired of this kinda but not really losing the weight. I have been able to lose some of it by taking the pictures for portion control, but...  Read more


Dreams...why subconcious, why?!?!?
7/10/2014 9:38:50 AM,  3 COMMENTS

So my dreams are usually very vivid and when I do dream, about 90% of the time I can remember them. Sometimes they are very strange and you could mak...  Read more


Day 36
7/10/2014 8:03:35 AM,  2 COMMENTS

I'm trying not to feel discouraged because I know that TOM is coming, but I've been hovering at the top of my weight range for the maintenance challe...  Read more


Feeling Sorry For Myself And Upset
7/9/2014 8:19:16 PM,  7 COMMENTS

Ao our 13 year old granddaughter came to stay with us for three days, promised we would go swimming at the Y. Yes I'm taking her and I have to sit on...  Read more


Thursday efforts
7/9/2014 4:34:22 PM,  2 COMMENTS

Today I am on track. I juiced for breakfast (yum) and then I did 13 minutes from the Ballet Beautiful workout for arms. Ouch! Who knew waving your arm...  Read more


Day 35
7/9/2014 2:19:03 PM,  1 COMMENTS

So I've noticed a problem that's contributing to me eating poorly: I'm so focused on making my minimum calorie goal I'm making bad nutrition decisions...  Read more


Tuesday, Positive Focus, Day 69
7/9/2014 12:45:51 PM,  4 COMMENTS

After complaining about lack of motivation the day before, I got off my butt when I sent the kids out to play in the water and reorganized my closet....  Read more


D2TM: 7/8/14
7/9/2014 12:20:09 PM,  2 COMMENTS

Chelsea was watching Punky for us when I got home from work today because Paul was working overtime at A&M again. (Yea! We could really use the extra...  Read more


4th of July family time
7/9/2014 9:50:18 AM,  10 COMMENTS

It was a bitter sweet 4th of July this year. On one hand it felt wrong to celebrate and have fun after just losing my grandpa. But on the other hand...  Read more


Monthly supervisor meeting went very well
7/9/2014 6:42:48 AM,  6 COMMENTS

Got another "certificate" of excellence. I have done this 4 months in a row. It helps to track my numbers accurately and keep an eye on the clock....  Read more


My adventure today
7/8/2014 7:32:45 PM,  1 COMMENTS

Today I had the day off and it was beautiful outside. It was warm and breezy and the sun was shinning. I worked on some chores in the morning and then...  Read more


7/8/2014 5:18:52 PM,  5 COMMENTS

That's me. Mayor of Impatientville. I've been battling a mild cough and lost voice for 2 1/2 weeks with no improvement in sight. Of course, I...  Read more


I'm still here!
7/8/2014 4:36:20 PM,  5 COMMENTS

I know I was on a kick with blogging last week but then we went on our annual 4th of July camping trip! I was out of commission (not online at all) si...  Read more


7/8/2014 3:02:49 PM,  2 COMMENTS

I love the relaxed routine of summer. The sun is up early and goes down late, lots of daylight for outdoor activities. Kids on vacation from school...  Read more


Missing my Grandpa... (R.I.P. 06/30/2014)
7/8/2014 2:48:28 PM,  11 COMMENTS

This picture is an oldie but one I found this past week that brought a tear to my eye. My grandpa went to Heaven on June 30. It has been a fog...  Read more


Monday, Positive Focus, Day 68
7/8/2014 12:32:45 PM,  4 COMMENTS

This week I've got the kids doing some water activities, so I get part of the day to myself. Unfortunately I'm not taking the time to walk the park, b...  Read more


Day 34: Yesterday was just a lot of little things
7/8/2014 8:04:49 AM,  2 COMMENTS

A lot of little things that pile into a big pile of blah. It was not a good day. As positive as I tried to stay all of the little frustrations just ke...  Read more


Sunday, Positive Focus, Day 67
7/7/2014 2:48:43 PM,  4 COMMENTS

I had money to go grocery shopping, so that's what I did. I ended up bringing the kids with, so naturally more things ended up in the cart. I normally...  Read more


the reasons behind my fitness and weight-loss goals.
7/7/2014 10:11:39 AM,  4 COMMENTS

What is your true motivation? My true motivation is my kids I have two young boys whose ages are 10 yrs. old and 7 yrs. old and I want to see them gr...  Read more


Day 33: Starting step 2 a little differently
7/7/2014 8:02:50 AM,  2 COMMENTS

We're supposed to start step 2 of the PPC with gradually adding foods back in to see what you can tolerate and then start incorporating other lifestyl...  Read more


Saturday, Positive Focus, Day 66
7/6/2014 8:18:43 PM,  6 COMMENTS

Some days are lazier than others and this was one of those days. Most of the house was clean, I wasn't able to do any shopping until the next day, and...  Read more


Shame, Vulnerability and Courage
7/6/2014 5:06:11 PM,  7 COMMENTS

"If we are going to find our way back to each other, we have to understand and know empathy because empathy is the antidote to shame. If you put...  Read more


Get out there and just do it!
7/6/2014 4:31:55 PM,  20 COMMENTS

Every day is a new day to try to get it right. You will stumble and you may fall, but get right back up and try again. There are no guarantees i...  Read more


Going swimming this morning...
7/6/2014 10:50:22 AM,  3 COMMENTS

Nothing (almost) will deter me. I feel so much better when I swim several times a week. Plan to go today (Sunday), Monday and Wednesday. ...  Read more


Happy Belated 4th of July!
7/6/2014 10:10:34 AM,  1 COMMENTS

I think this is the first weekend out of town in my spark history of going out of town that I maintained my log in streak! Wee! We left Thursday...  Read more


Open yourself up to all possibilities
7/5/2014 8:16:37 PM,  14 COMMENTS

Just as this rose is about to open and face all of the sunshine, so should we in life. We never know what is waiting for us so don't be afraid, t...  Read more


Friday, Positive Focus, Day 65
7/5/2014 2:36:37 PM,  4 COMMENTS

It was Independence Day here in the States. So naturally that means people staying up late to watch colorful explosives. For many people that means "g...  Read more


A Month In Review
7/5/2014 1:41:52 PM,  5 COMMENTS

So, I didn't do anything special in June related to diet and exercise. The only variables were the following: I went on vacation, I bought a lawnmowe...  Read more


Thursday, Positive Focus, Day 64
7/4/2014 8:12:35 PM,  3 COMMENTS

The day started out quietly. I didn't have much to do, so I pretty much vegged out all day. My daughter came home from Grandma's mid-afternoon and my...  Read more


spinning while obese
7/4/2014 2:12:41 PM,  3 COMMENTS

has anyone tried it or had much success with it? I would love to hear your responses. i bought a spin bike. A used one. I've used it here and ther...  Read more


Progress, not perfection...continued saga...
7/4/2014 2:02:41 PM,  3 COMMENTS

Worked in kitchen 1 hour and mowed until mower died and couldn't restart...taking a break but I have not given up. I tried 2 more times with the...  Read more


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