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  • Still in the Hospital

    9/21/2014 9:11:51 PM, by BKNOCK

    Had major surgery yesterday. When they opened me up they found out how infected I was. 7 inches of colon Appendix Part of my lower and upp... Read more

  • And, gone again. Vegan anyone?

    9/21/2014 7:23:57 PM, by WILLITWORK1

    I've been taking care of my mama for almost 2 weeks now and plan to fly back to Raleigh next Sunday. She is a fabulous and healthy cook. Having t... Read more

  • Being sick sucks.

    9/19/2014 6:25:27 PM, by BUXUMBETTY

    Soooo not a happy camper. I have been sick for two days with this nasty stomach bug that has been going around and, unfortunately, now that I'm g... Read more

  • So much motivation

    9/19/2014 2:33:48 PM, by SURESURE22

    Was browsing Spark People Success Stories today and really started getting motivated! It is really exciting for me to see other people reaching t... Read more

  • Thursday's Recap

    9/19/2014 8:41:18 AM, by FINDINGBOBBIE

    I don't know what is going on with my body but it is getting a little annoying. Went to bed again at 10, slept until 1, turned the tv on and set ... Read more

  • Leaning into it.....

    9/18/2014 1:38:11 PM, by BUXUMBETTY

    Leaning into it... That phrase has become my motto over the last two years. Going through a divorce that has been a long time in the making, get... Read more

  • 3 LBs Down!!!

    9/18/2014 9:49:19 AM, by SURESURE22

    I started Monday of this week and have already lost three pounds, I know it is because I started very abruptly with my calorie counting, exercise... Read more

  • A little easier...

    9/18/2014 7:49:54 AM, by FINDINGBOBBIE

    Yesterday morning, even after not sleeping very well, I forced myself to get up and moving when my BF left for work at 5:30. And boy was I tired,... Read more

  • Being Admitted to the Hospital Tomorrow

    9/17/2014 5:37:59 PM, by BKNOCK

    I had my CT Scan today and it shows an abscess in my left lower region. They are admitting me tomorrow because the surgeon will have to remove i... Read more

  • Smaller Size

    9/17/2014 2:22:35 PM, by READINGGAL

    I have lost 30 pounds. I went shopping today and bought new jeans and black dress pants in size 18 (instead of 20). I have lost 4.5" off my waist... Read more

  • I had two choices...

    9/16/2014 3:04:03 PM, by FINDINGBOBBIE

    WARNING!!! EXTREMELY LONG BLOG TO FOLLOW I have had to reevaluate a lot of things these past couple of weeks and one of them was reminding m... Read more

  • Emotions & Eating

    9/16/2014 11:07:42 AM, by FITCHRISTIE

    I used to binge eat when I was stressed, now I have no appetite when stressed. At first I thought it was a good thing, but I now realize that eat... Read more

  • Beginners Motivation

    9/16/2014 10:57:06 AM, by SURESURE22

    I always start off with a bang, and then holidays happen, or a birthday happens and I get derailed and then somehow find myself nowhere near goal... Read more

  • Feeling Positive

    9/15/2014 2:00:15 PM, by FINDINGBOBBIE

    For the first time in a couple of weeks, I woke up feeling very positive. Things have been really rough going for a bit, but after reconnecting ... Read more

  • Starting Another Dietbet

    9/14/2014 4:46:15 PM, by DUKEFAN86

    My sister and I decided to start another Dietbet tomorrow, and that's really helping with the mojo. I have some fresh veggies already washed and ... Read more

  • Hoping for some normalcy

    9/14/2014 10:45:51 AM, by FINDINGBOBBIE

    My dear BF's shift changes again this week, he works 2 week swing shifts. Prior to his last stint on 2nd, he was on 1st and 3rd for a total of 6 ... Read more

  • Endoscopy Results

    9/12/2014 5:36:50 PM, by BKNOCK

    I had an Endoscopy today because I have felt like I had a lump in my throat and it has been difficult to swallow. Found out that my esophagu... Read more

  • Thank you!

    9/11/2014 9:53:26 PM, by FINDINGBOBBIE

    The outpouring of support is more than I ever expected. All the replies to my "Sometimes when you don't want to...is when you need to the most" b... Read more

  • Sad Money

    9/11/2014 3:16:14 PM, by LANINJALOCO

    Well this week has been one of blessings and sadness. I finally got my old company to pay out the vacation days and bereavement they owed me whic... Read more

  • Update on Me

    9/11/2014 8:39:56 AM, by BKNOCK

    A Spark Friend that I know for years now asked me how I was feeling so I thought I would just blog it. Unfortunately, I have not been doing ... Read more

  • 30 days to go!

    9/10/2014 11:04:07 AM, by TRISH360

    In 30 days from today, Kevin will be home! I want to be at 145 when he hits US soil! That's 6 lbs away, and VERY do-able! Went to the gym this ... Read more

  • Mixed emotions

    9/9/2014 9:52:34 AM, by FINDINGBOBBIE

    My last blog, I wrote it with really no intention of anyone really reading it. My blogs don't usually get read. I was just looking for a little b... Read more

  • Sometimes when you don't want to...is when you need to the most

    9/7/2014 10:42:30 PM, by FINDINGBOBBIE

    I have had a really bad week. It was easier just to blame it on the warmer temps and higher humidity levels than to admit what was really going o... Read more

  • Trouble in paradise

    9/6/2014 8:27:21 PM, by LANINJALOCO

    So I weighed myself today and I have gained 2 pounds! I'm set back by this because I counted every calorie, drank my water, and exercised. I'm no... Read more


    9/6/2014 8:19:28 AM, by CAROLJ35

    100 days ago I joined a Spark Team called 100 DAYS TO A NEW YOU. I had gotten to the place where I wanted too many sweets and my weight had crep... Read more

  • Feeling so much better

    9/6/2014 7:55:12 AM, by TURTLEART

    Moving in the right direction ... Read more

  • start again

    9/5/2014 8:15:52 PM, by TURTLEART

    Its been a long time since I have used this site and I have gained 30 lbs. My goal is to track my food honestly for 7 days. I'm feeling very st... Read more

  • Jesus conquered death, hell and obesity!?

    9/2/2014 3:52:16 PM, by LANINJALOCO

    When a person embarks on a journey in their lives they like to attribute the lessons learned to something bigger than themselves. For the fol... Read more

  • You find out who your accountability partners are

    9/1/2014 1:58:47 PM, by LANINJALOCO

    Today was the first day of my health journey and I have to say it started out fantastic! I ate extremely well and exercised a lot of self control... Read more

  • Looking for Motivation

    8/31/2014 9:49:17 AM, by DUKEFAN86

    I've lost my mojo. Has anybody seen it? *sigh* Life's so busy, but I'm not the only busy person. I don't want to use "busy" as an excuse, b... Read more

  • I have to do this for me

    8/29/2014 10:11:56 AM, by FITCHRISTIE

    I have tried to lose weight to please someone else, never a good idea. While I did lose a few pounds, the stress of trying to lose on another per... Read more

  • Beat my goal time

    8/28/2014 10:45:45 AM, by FINDINGBOBBIE

    I have a 4.1 mile route I have been struggling with since June, my goal has been to finish it in less than 50 minutes. My times have ranged from... Read more

  • Visualization

    8/28/2014 10:38:33 AM, by LYNNEBB1

    I know that I beat myself up--how silly is this when we think about it? I like myself--why do I do this? Rather than be TOO introspective, I am... Read more

  • In the Beginning.....

    8/28/2014 9:42:01 AM, by MMMORRIS1791

    I turned 40 this year and my doctor’s warnings became reality…..my levels crossed into Diabetes. This should have been no surprise but I had fal... Read more

  • Running and scrapbooking

    8/27/2014 6:51:33 AM, by FINDINGBOBBIE

    Yesterday's run went much better. I ditched the pace based music. It really wasn't working for me, I felt like I was always trying to struggle wi... Read more

  • Update

    8/26/2014 1:27:34 PM, by BKNOCK

    The last time I went to the chiropractor I told him that I had not been to the gym in about 6 weeks since I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis... Read more

  • So much for a rest day

    8/26/2014 7:53:09 AM, by FINDINGBOBBIE

    Yesterday was supposed to be my rest day from running, but it was just too beautiful to stay inside. Drier air had moved in and there was a ligh... Read more

  • I've been MIA for too long

    8/25/2014 7:46:49 AM, by FINDINGBOBBIE

    I was really surprised to see in my email this morning that I was MOD, I have been MIA for several months. I just got so overwhelmed by trying to... Read more

  • Lots of changes

    8/18/2014 6:22:08 PM, by DEPOTMODE

    I realized I haven't posted in several months. I'll be honest, I fell off the SP wagon. I got married, I moved 200 miles to a tourist destination... Read more

  • Final Beach Pictures

    8/14/2014 8:54:40 PM, by BKNOCK

    ... Read more

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