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  • I'm getting stronger

    4/25/2015 9:42:23 PM, by YANDI4LIFE

    I had to take a fitness test, and I was able to do fifty squats. I could have kept going, but I was stopped at fifty. My upper body is still not ... Read more

  • My daily check-in

    4/24/2015 9:43:03 PM, by YANDI4LIFE

    Another good day. I am feeling a little sore from my workout earlier. My daughter came over and cooked dinner for me. She kept it simple and heal... Read more

  • Good Day

    4/23/2015 10:57:46 PM, by YANDI4LIFE

    Today was a good day. Nothing exciting or super fabulous occurred, but it was a good day. I'm tired. I feel like I could sleep for at least twelv... Read more

  • Some news....

    4/23/2015 12:58:27 PM, by SSTEPH85

    It's been a pretty long and hard and long 3 months. So I am pregnant with my second child and have not lost weight from my 1st pregnancy and I ga... Read more

  • Tired, Tired, Tired

    4/22/2015 9:33:46 PM, by YANDI4LIFE

    It's been a long day. I was happy with my (official) weekly weigh-in. I'm down another 2.2 pounds. I'm glad I got my exercise done early today be... Read more

  • All I could say was...WOW

    4/21/2015 11:32:15 PM, by YANDI4LIFE

    This evening my daughter was scrolling through the pictures on my phone and came across a picture of me that was taken on March 3rd. I still cann... Read more

  • I still can't believe it....I completed 30 minutes non-stop on the elliptical machine

    4/20/2015 10:10:15 PM, by YANDI4LIFE

    My workout partner was cheering me on. I was so excited. As she was helping me get set up on the machine, she asked me if I was going for another... Read more

  • Trying and liking new things

    4/19/2015 7:10:36 PM, by YANDI4LIFE

    Now that I have just about gotten in the habit of making healthier food choices, I'm ready to start adding to my selection. I'm beginning to lov... Read more

  • Spreading The Spark

    4/19/2015 6:01:40 PM, by SEXYNARCI

    I love telling people about spark people. I can not believe the amount of people that don't know about spark people. They look at ... Read more

  • Still hanging in there

    4/18/2015 10:26:27 PM, by YANDI4LIFE

    I had an awesome workout today. I did 1.5 miles at the track. I went to the gym and did my strength training. I've been tracking my food. I've be... Read more

  • Getting better

    4/17/2015 10:25:43 PM, by YANDI4LIFE

    I'm feeling better this evening. Tomorrow I'm going to attempt to get in a full workout, if my body says no, I'll listen. Tonight I'm a little sl... Read more

  • Just Get It Done

    4/17/2015 5:30:20 PM, by SEXYNARCI

    Yesterday, at work I was talking to a coworker about my future career plans. I had it all planned out to be complete by May 2016. She looked me s... Read more

  • Weigh-In #1 (2015)

    4/17/2015 9:29:52 AM, by DSTDIVA9

    This lifelong journey has been a struggle but I can't do it alone. Today I weighed in at 210 pounds. Which is very alarming. I haven't weighed th... Read more

  • Ugh....

    4/16/2015 8:38:29 PM, by YANDI4LIFE

    Today I'm feeling worse than yesterday. I glad exercising can be broken up throughout the day. I really don't know how I pulled it off, but I got... Read more

  • Redefining my why...

    4/16/2015 8:17:07 PM, by KAMCCLARY

    Since I am studying to be a health coach, I thought it would be good for me to go get one, so a new plan arrived in my small city, a physician ba... Read more

  • Not feeling well but doing okay

    4/15/2015 11:39:39 PM, by YANDI4LIFE

    Today was interesting. First I have a cold; it's not bad, but it has me feeling kind of sluggish. The crazy thing though was my food cravings. It... Read more

  • I Love SP

    4/14/2015 11:55:09 PM, by YANDI4LIFE

    I absolutely love this site. There is so much here. Sometimes I have to remind myself that this (site) should also be done in moderation. I truly... Read more

  • Never Give Up

    4/14/2015 10:14:09 PM, by PHATDIVABBW

    3 years Post OP on May 17, 2015. I keep reminding myself to never give up. The fight is not over. Although I feel myself backsliding I still... Read more

  • Never knew food tatsted so good

    4/13/2015 10:32:35 PM, by YANDI4LIFE

    I have been drowning my food. Using too many sauces, condiments, and seasonings is how it was done. I never knew wholesome naked food was so good... Read more

  • My confidence is growing

    4/12/2015 10:34:04 PM, by YANDI4LIFE

    All in all, today was a good day. I got 30 minutes of exercise in early this morning. I was only 24 calories under my goal, so I don't have any c... Read more

  • Morning refection

    4/11/2015 11:16:11 AM, by YANDI4LIFE

    I woke up this morning feeling sluggish. I did not want to do anything. I managed to eat a small breakfast (almonds, banana, and oj), I managed ... Read more

  • Everyone, but Myself

    4/10/2015 10:37:35 PM, by SEXYNARCI

    " I have been losing the same 40 pounds for 3 years. I am now re-committed". Those are the words I posted 313 days ago,and still haven't lost tha... Read more

  • My daily check-in

    4/10/2015 10:43:50 AM, by YANDI4LIFE

    Heading to the gym. I wanted to go to the track and start my running pr... Read more

  • Huffed and puffed my way through it

    4/9/2015 11:43:20 PM, by YANDI4LIFE

    Tonight's walk was tough, but I persevered. It was a very long walk (only 1.2 miles), but some reason I found myself huffing and puffing through ... Read more

  • Feeling great and loving it!

    4/8/2015 1:51:54 PM, by YANDI4LIFE

    I had an awesome time at my fitness challenge last night. I was actually afraid to go because I thought I would hold my team back, but my worries... Read more

  • Loving My SAT

    4/6/2015 12:13:08 PM, by SEXYNARCI

    OMG, I finally ordered a spark activity tracker & I'm in love. It is the best birthday gift I have EVER bought myself. The SAT was a GREAT invest... Read more

  • Resurrection Sunday and Birthday all rolled into one....

    4/5/2015 6:44:47 PM, by KAMCCLARY

    God's grace and mercy abound to thee, this day we honor the Lord Jesus Christ dying so that we may have life and have it more abundantly. I was ... Read more

  • Happy Easter!!

    4/4/2015 9:56:28 PM, by LADYGSC

    Remembering the reason for the season and that is Jesus! ... Read more


    4/4/2015 9:43:51 AM, by SEXYNARCI

    Woke up this morning feeling Great. 1500 steps done already. &It's not even 10:00 am. Can't wait to see the final count. ... Read more

  • Never giving up

    4/3/2015 10:39:49 AM, by YANDI4LIFE

    Well I'm here, so I guess that means I haven't given up. That's a good thing right? Of course it is. I'm still determined to get fit and healthy.... Read more

  • Original April Fool

    4/1/2015 5:50:40 PM, by KAMCCLARY

    I was told by my Mom that I was originally due on April 1st, but I fooled everyone and came April 5th-afternoon baby. This year my birthday fall... Read more

  • starting out again

    4/1/2015 2:10:45 AM, by LITHETHA

    Hey its April 1st and I am starting out again but in a better space because I weigh less than before at 91.8kg that is 202 pounds, First goal is... Read more

  • Great Start

    3/30/2015 8:19:38 PM, by SEXYNARCI

    Got up early, exercised drank 8 glasses of water and even got in 4 servings of vegetables . I am off to... Read more

  • Holy Week and Birthday Week

    3/30/2015 7:41:28 PM, by KAMCCLARY

    Holy week and Birthday week all wrapped in one. I share the most sacred of all celebrations this year-the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ... Read more

  • Happy New Year To Me

    3/29/2015 8:17:31 PM, by SEXYNARCI

    I have recently celebrated a birthday, hence started a new year. I plan on, No I WILL, FINALLY lose this weight. Enough is enough. I'm tired o... Read more

  • Spring in Aurora, CO

    3/25/2015 1:46:32 PM, by LADYGSC

    ... Read more

  • Living History

    3/25/2015 12:54:59 AM, by KAMCCLARY

    This month is flying by with the quickness. I welcomed Spring visiting Myrtle Beach with my entire family honoring my Dad being the oldest livin... Read more

  • St. Patty's Day

    3/18/2015 12:47:27 AM, by KAMCCLARY

    I celebrate the wearing of the green by going in to make my green today and work. I applied for a different position and was selected, training ... Read more

  • Still trying to get in "the groove"

    3/17/2015 8:12:42 AM, by LIBRADIVA

    So right now eating at night is a huge problem for me. And it's just lack of self discipline and will power to be honest. Yesterday I ate sensibl... Read more

  • Note to myself - It's Time...

    3/12/2015 2:02:12 PM, by LADYGSC

    It's time to get busy It's time to stop putting off today and saying I will do it tomorrow It's time to start eating in moderation It's tim... Read more

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