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  • A New Challenge.

    11/13/2014 9:24:44 PM, by 19DIAMOND54

    I completed my first 100 day challenge. I've decided to start another. It will be the same as the last one. Exercise with a dvd every evening ... Read more

  • Weigh in Wednesday

    11/12/2014 7:37:57 AM, by RITEEBEE

    Yup I missed a week :( Not sure why, just busy busy busy and life. So today I weighed in at 183.0 Read more

  • Blood sugar success!!

    11/10/2014 6:44:05 AM, by REJANERATION

    Eating healthy and trying to move more can be a very disappointing experience if one measures success by the scale only! I have been on this... Read more

  • Struggling and some

    11/5/2014 9:10:37 AM, by ANJAYS-JOURNEY

    It seems this year has been a constant struggle and am not really sure where I am at. I am tired of pain so very very tired of pain. I will t... Read more

  • Weigh in Wednesday (Oct. 29)

    10/29/2014 8:07:14 AM, by RITEEBEE

    Well here we are, Wednesday again. Weighed in at 184.4lbs I think staying a... Read more

  • Gym ??

    10/28/2014 12:49:27 PM, by RITEEBEE

    So through my new job I can get a really cheap gym membership ($15 biweekly) with goodlife. So I'd have access to multiple gyms (some close to my... Read more

  • Weekend Recap Oct. 28/2014

    10/28/2014 12:43:17 PM, by RITEEBEE

    wow the end of October is near!! Friday night was lovely. Rainy but lovely! Got home and we picked up what we needed to make homemade risott... Read more

  • Rough times

    10/24/2014 6:56:14 AM, by RITEEBEE

    I'm sure most everyone that watches the news knows what happened to that poor soldier in Ottawa. My heart goes out to his family and friends! ... Read more

  • Weigh in Wednesdays

    10/22/2014 2:28:51 PM, by RITEEBEE

    185.2 lbs Here goes nothing, thinking maybe a picture will help me stay ... Read more

  • Weekend recap and monday ramblings

    10/21/2014 9:28:22 AM, by RITEEBEE

    Friday was a miserable rainy (post tropical storm) kind of day. I took the bus to work and got a drive home. I had planned to go for a run or use... Read more

  • It's Friday Friday yay!!!

    10/17/2014 1:28:24 PM, by RITEEBEE

    So I biked home from work yesterday! Had a very short time at home before heading out to what I thought was a cooking class. I signed up for it m... Read more

  • Goodbye Plateau. Hello Progress!!

    10/17/2014 12:51:56 AM, by IRON_RESOLVE

    I'm finding Balance to be the elusive part of my life's equation at the present moment. But... What I need to do is put my SparkProgram at the ... Read more

  • Thursday Oct 16

    10/16/2014 12:25:31 PM, by RITEEBEE

    Wow works been busy! Last night I biked home, got my daughter ready and off we went to her last soccer game of the year! They played great ... Read more

  • Hump Day (Oct 15/2014)

    10/15/2014 8:21:05 AM, by RITEEBEE

    October is half over already! WOW! Well I haven't been running much, I did one 5K and that's it. But I've been biking lots! The beginning of... Read more

  • Tues Oct 14, post thanksgiving...I am still here!

    10/14/2014 10:00:53 AM, by RITEEBEE

    I didn't mean to go awol, I was still tracking but hadn't been blogging. I got really sick last weekend, like really really sick, it was awf... Read more

  • Check in

    10/7/2014 6:05:27 PM, by REJANERATION

    Doing well! Moving more , eating within my limits and feeling happy! What more is there?... Read more

  • The plan

    10/5/2014 2:25:42 PM, by REJANERATION

    No explanations! No excuses! I am where I am because I brought myself here! I did what I did and didn't do what I didn't! Only me! No one el... Read more

  • Wednesday October 1

    10/1/2014 7:25:51 AM, by RITEEBEE

    Wow it's October already! how did that happen? Goals for October Run 3-5KM 3 times a week Yoga class once a week and practice the poses ... Read more

  • Tuesday Sept 30/2014

    9/30/2014 7:48:55 AM, by RITEEBEE

    Wow, the last day of September, that flew by!! I had a good evening last night. Biked home (4K) changed quickly, picked my daughter up from ... Read more

  • Weekend Recap and Monday (Sept 29/2014)

    9/29/2014 1:08:12 PM, by RITEEBEE

    Well Friday night was hard, but I did it! I went out after work, I ordered a quinoa/spinach salad and it was delicious! I drank water all evening... Read more

  • TGIF!!

    9/26/2014 9:54:22 AM, by RITEEBEE

    Last night was busy, but so fun! I get off work at 4pm, takes me about 25 minutes to bike home, and we have to leave by 4:30, rushed!! I changed ... Read more

  • Shrinking pants (rant)

    9/25/2014 2:41:12 PM, by JLDACQ

    (rant) I hate having pants that are too small. So last weekend, I went to Pennington's & bought 3 pairs of pants & a pair of sleeper pants,... Read more

  • Thursday Sept 25

    9/25/2014 8:18:28 AM, by RITEEBEE

    On my bike ride home after work yesterday I suddenly remembered my daughter's school had an open house! which is fine, I'm just glad I remembered... Read more

  • Wednesday Sept 24/2014

    9/24/2014 12:37:41 PM, by RITEEBEE

    Well last night ended well. I had a homemade crepe with a small amount of cheese and kale in it! YUM! I went for a 3K run, and of course b... Read more

  • I'm not as OK as I thought I was

    9/23/2014 2:21:58 PM, by JLDACQ

    In a couple weeks, it will be 2 years that My Guy passed away. It's not like I thought I would be fully recovered from such a sudden change in m... Read more

  • Tuesday Sept 23/2014

    9/23/2014 7:58:46 AM, by RITEEBEE

    This morning started out much better! It's the first day of Fall here! The sun was shining, beautiful morning!! Read more

  • Oh Monday why do you hate me?

    9/22/2014 12:45:03 PM, by RITEEBEE

    Well this weekend was nutty! I helped my mom move and it was so busy and a ton of work, there was only 4 of us (2 guys and 2 girls) to lift stuff... Read more

  • Doing what makes me happy

    9/19/2014 1:59:21 PM, by REJANERATION

    I am not perfect, although there are times I have aspired to be! But it really is a lot of pressure and when human weakness sets in, the feeling ... Read more

  • Friday! Sept 19

    9/19/2014 10:47:47 AM, by RITEEBEE

    It's Friday! I made it!! WoOT!! I didn't bike today, but it isn't because I didn't want to, I'm helping my mom move tonight and tomorrow and... Read more

  • to fitbit or not to fitbit? Sept 18

    9/18/2014 1:41:02 PM, by RITEEBEE

    Well this week has been a busy one, following a busy weekend! Works been go go go!! Life after work has been pretty swamped too, but I've b... Read more

  • I used to think about it

    9/17/2014 4:18:25 PM, by REJANERATION

    I have spent a lot of time in my life living in my head.....I have spent a lot of time thinking about when I would do things, not actually doing ... Read more

  • Doing it is the right choice!

    9/16/2014 2:30:20 PM, by REJANERATION

    I am blogging this as a reminder to me! I really struggled this morning with getting up and getting out there. I forgot how good running ma... Read more

  • Holy Busy!!

    9/16/2014 10:23:04 AM, by RITEEBEE

    Well my bday dinner was amazing!! So delcious and I didn't feel bad at all because I had planned my day, tracked my food and knew that I was goin... Read more

  • :)

    9/14/2014 10:05:07 PM, by STEPPYWOOWOO

    it's almost 3 months after having baby, and I have lost 43 lbs. I have 35 to go to be back to where I was before becoming pregnant. Then I will ... Read more

  • I feel fat, well fatter than usual!

    9/14/2014 2:34:24 PM, by REJANERATION

    Slug like, slow, bloated, kind of nauseated but also like that train wreck, the one you just can't stop watching! I am on the train! I am sc... Read more

  • Sept 11/2014 - I'm 29!! YIKES

    9/11/2014 9:36:10 AM, by RITEEBEE

    Well today is my 29th birthday, yikes. I am getting old!! It's my last year in my 20s! where does the time go?? I am feeling pretty good alr... Read more

  • Movie moments

    9/10/2014 3:23:12 PM, by REJANERATION

    This is just another reason to get out of that bed and run in the morning!!! On those mornings, I always have a "movie moment". I am s... Read more

  • Hump Day (Sept 10/2014)

    9/10/2014 8:53:45 AM, by RITEEBEE

    Hump day is upon us! YAY!! haha I'm feeling good about work today, I feel like I'm finally almost half caught up and can breath a bit easier... Read more

  • Tuesday Sept. 9

    9/9/2014 9:09:24 AM, by RITEEBEE

    Well yesterday was looking like an awesome day until the evening hit. Urgh. I'm going to blog about it even though I'm not exactly "proud" o... Read more

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