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Day 10 - 49, a good place
8/20/2014 6:05:15 AM,  1 COMMENTS

Birthdays are inevitable, - if you are lucky! I would rather take the birthday than the alternative! I have been here for 49 years now. The numbe...  Read more


Day 11 "Compare yourself to who you were yesterday"
8/19/2014 8:38:05 AM,  2 COMMENTS

Read this quote in an article recently and it kind of stuck with me. I must admit that I do tend to compare myself with others upon occasion. Rec...  Read more


Day 13, 12 - single digits!!!
8/18/2014 6:36:40 AM,  1 COMMENTS

Single digits....I thought they were gone forever! Not so, I found out yesterday! Went shopping yesterday for shoes and accessories to acco...  Read more


Day 14 - late nights do not equate with early morning runs
8/16/2014 9:17:29 AM,  0 COMMENTS

True statement! My ability to be adaptable is being called upon again today! Out to a big party last night!!! I was the designated driver ! Every...  Read more


Day 15 - fitness pal
8/15/2014 6:09:11 AM,  0 COMMENTS

Just discovered something on the fitness pal app!!! At the end of the day, I hit a button that says complete your entry for the day and then I g...  Read more


Day 16 - closing the gap!
8/14/2014 6:46:10 AM,  2 COMMENTS

My motivation,,,,nay,,,,my excitement for today that is already giving me goosebumps is the run I will do this afternoon after work! I will run a...  Read more


8/13/2014 7:54:38 AM,  1 COMMENTS

So I finished "WEEK 1: DAY 3 of INSANITY" last night! Holy hell it's hard! But I pushed through it. I'm not strong enough for the pushups, so I hold i...  Read more


Day 17- Lesson learned
8/13/2014 5:12:54 AM,  1 COMMENTS

Yesterday I harped on and on about how I had to change things up and I was so resistant! Turns out everything went fine! I do feel like I have junped...  Read more


Day 18 - resistance to change/importance
8/12/2014 6:08:27 AM,  5 COMMENTS

Have been in a tizzy since 5 am when I woke to more rain!!! More rain!!! Today is a running day. Early morning is my run time. Missed a run last week...  Read more


Day 19- Moderation ( I did it)
8/11/2014 5:33:28 AM,  2 COMMENTS

I think after 300 days of this journey, I am finally learning moderation! I have always heard about was never able to manage it! Y...  Read more


Day 20 - progressing
8/10/2014 7:04:11 AM,  2 COMMENTS

For the first time in a long time I feel like I am making progress. I pulled on my normal running top today and this is looser!!! ...  Read more


Day 21- obligation
8/9/2014 6:44:45 AM,  1 COMMENTS

Today is a run day!!!! Got everything ready last night! Clothes laid out! Sneakers ready to pull on! Headphones on the counter! All laid out so it is...  Read more


Day 22 - countdown is on!!!! 22 days til the wedding
8/8/2014 5:28:02 AM,  2 COMMENTS

Things are coming together for the event. Daughter has a master board with dates and dealines and appointments. Wedding cake..aka cupcakes sorted on M...  Read more


day 23- rainy days
8/7/2014 1:00:10 PM,  1 COMMENTS

Something to be said for rainy days. I have to say I am enjoying mine! It is so cozy. I always feel like making soup when it is like this. Brings me b...  Read more


Starting From Scratch
8/7/2014 11:17:26 AM,  5 COMMENTS

234 So here I am... I failed at my weightloss attempt once again ... but this time I'm going to do it. I created a workout zone in my garage, that...  Read more


YAY I am 166.5 pounds this week!!!
8/6/2014 1:50:55 PM,  4 COMMENTS

I had a concussion on Dec 2012 as I fell backwards and hit my head, later i was finaly was told I had cervegogenic dizziness. It ben a long hard jour...  Read more


Day 24- new app syncs to fitness pal - so tired of sparkpeople
8/6/2014 8:32:26 AM,  1 COMMENTS

Just found a couple of new apps. Pacer and Fitness pal. Pacer actually turns your phone into a pedometer and the automatically syncs the data to fitne...  Read more


Day 25 - the dress, pic attached!
8/5/2014 5:24:52 AM,  2 COMMENTS

Shopping for the mother of the bride dress with my daughters last night. We had so much fun. They picked out a whole lot of dresses for me to try. Som...  Read more


Day 26 - discovery of a fellow runner
8/4/2014 5:55:05 AM,  1 COMMENTS

I am so delighted. I was at a family event Saturday night and my cousin and I started talking!! She started running in May!!!!!!!!!! And she is fanati...  Read more


Jeers, tears, fears and cheers!
8/3/2014 8:18:56 PM,  5 COMMENTS

Why is it difficult to be kind to yourself? I really thought I was pretty good at it, or at least getting better about it. Today my husband and I w...  Read more


Day 27 - leg muscles
8/3/2014 7:11:39 AM,  2 COMMENTS

I was sitting in a recliner yesterday and I flexed my leg for some reason. OMG there were muscles. I could see the muscles under my skin. I mean yes s...  Read more


Day 28- new motivation
8/2/2014 8:01:20 AM,  1 COMMENTS

Definitely struggling with eating but I have found a new motivation. If you ask anyone around me what is important to me now, they will probably...  Read more


Day 29 - struggling
8/1/2014 4:36:13 PM,  2 COMMENTS

Struggling very much with my eating! Still tracking most of the time but other times I am not! It seems I just don't have the energy anymore to eat ve...  Read more


day 30 - veins
7/31/2014 7:17:01 AM,  2 COMMENTS

I hate veins, well not exactly what they are, I just hate seeing them through my skin. Unfortunately some of my weight loss has translated into having...  Read more


Day 31 - the music calls me
7/30/2014 5:19:29 AM,  1 COMMENTS

While I was doing the couch to 5 k program, I downloaded a collection of very upbeat running songs. They have a very strong beat and are full of energ...  Read more


Reason Not to Quit #1 The Beach
7/29/2014 8:00:52 AM,  1 COMMENTS

Today I took Lavinia to Cavendish Beach. I do like the beach. I felt oh so out of shape after my shenanigans this month. I went totally off plan, d...  Read more


Day 32- The fabrication
7/29/2014 6:35:41 AM,  1 COMMENTS

Yes...the time is nigh. Consulted with the eldest child yesterday, the one about to be wed about the frock I must select for the event. I will...  Read more


Day 35, 34, 33 - sick/final run/
7/28/2014 6:43:31 AM,  0 COMMENTS

I feel very unwell. I am having the worst period of my life. I am cramping and super plus tampax is just a joke! There has fgot to be something else o...  Read more


Baby is one month old today
7/26/2014 8:52:46 PM,  2 COMMENTS

I got back on the treadmill and started lifting my kettle bell weights this week. I feel good, and I really hope the motivation lasts for a while. B...  Read more


Day 36 - tomorrow is 9 weeks later
7/25/2014 5:18:08 AM,  1 COMMENTS

I have one run left to do to complete the couch to 5 k program. Actually tearing up here. I started off thinking I could not do it. I mean what is a f...  Read more


I DID IT AGAIN - I ran 3.5 MILES - Where did that even come from?
7/24/2014 9:26:38 AM,  17 COMMENTS

They say Go Big or Go Home. Well I am going Big, and I love to be at home, because it seems otherwise, I am always working. So here's to getting up a...  Read more


Day 37- Weight is stuck
7/24/2014 4:56:43 AM,  1 COMMENTS

I am surprised every week that my scales is not moving. Some days I am very surprised that is has not gone up even! The reno week for example...myself...  Read more


day 38 - note to self, running makes me feel good!!!!!!
7/23/2014 6:07:33 AM,  2 COMMENTS

Ok, yes I do feel better today! Right now that is but I didn't at 5:30 this morning. Had a bad sleep night again with the heat and humidity. Thankfull...  Read more


day 39 - weather
7/22/2014 6:40:28 AM,  0 COMMENTS

Some people long for the hot days of summer. I am NOT one of those. WE are actually in the middle of a hot humid summer in Newfoundland. Apparently we...  Read more


Day 40 - what can I do better today
7/21/2014 8:29:06 AM,  1 COMMENTS

I have become kinda of lax with all the things I am supposed to do along the way to ensure a successful journey. Time to get back to basics. I h...  Read more


Day 41- what will I do today?
7/20/2014 5:50:12 AM,  2 COMMENTS

I am on a journey to be healthier, to lose weight, to look better and to feel better! What will I do today to contribute to my goal? Everyda...  Read more


Back in the Game
7/19/2014 11:42:43 PM,  10 COMMENTS

What a wonderful time I had with my family. Every single day was amazing. I only left the cottage twice, DH even bought all the groceries. All I did w...  Read more


Cox and Palmer 5K - my first timed race.
7/19/2014 10:05:48 PM,  4 COMMENTS

I did my first 5k timed race this morning. It was fantastic. I ran 2 mins, walked 2 mins until the last bit where I did 1 min intervals. At the end...  Read more


Day 42 - golf widow
7/19/2014 8:35:34 AM,  0 COMMENTS

Just had to write about this in my blog! This blog is not only serving as a motivation along my journey but as a chronicle of some of the importa...  Read more


Day 43 - crossroads
7/18/2014 5:53:41 AM,  0 COMMENTS

I was waiting for this day. Everytime I have taken this trip, this journey to eat healthy and to look after my body, I arrive here. This time I am rec...  Read more


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