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  • changes

    9/23/2016 10:41:59 AM, by GLENDAK72

    So yesterday I decided to go back to my point system to track my food with instead of calories. I feel it is a change I needed to make for myself... Read more

  • Challenges update

    9/19/2016 8:55:21 PM, by GET2BEFIT

    My cousin Brandon's challenge: drink a glass of water before each meal and gradually reduce/eliminate soda. I'm overflowing with water and cleans... Read more


    9/19/2016 8:16:25 PM, by NUTZ4HARRY

    My big goal is to reach a healthy weight. How I will get there will need to have some smaller goals/habits to reach my main goal. 1. Drink ... Read more

  • What goes on in your brain when the urge to binge strikes?

    9/13/2016 8:15:05 PM, by KIR122

    I've been working on a weekly video series about binge eating and this week I'm talking about binge eating urges and your brain. Learning with in... Read more

  • losing myself

    9/13/2016 5:16:42 PM, by GLENDAK72

    here I am again just 2 weeks into my weightloss and what do you think I did...yep I have went over on my calories everyday this past week...howe... Read more

  • Wow

    9/6/2016 9:05:55 PM, by KIR122

    I totally forgot that I ever wrote blog entries on here, and I just read them, from 2012. All I have to say is that I've come a long way. I sound... Read more

  • I did it

    9/6/2016 8:14:43 PM, by BROOKSK1967

    Today I ate within my goal range. For the first time. I did it. ... Read more

  • Back on Track

    9/6/2016 9:14:46 AM, by BROOKSK1967

    Confession Time! Labor Day Weekend - I went a little crazy eating all kinds of things. This morning, (Tuesday) I am crawling out of the hol... Read more

  • Great day to walk!

    9/3/2016 1:10:14 PM, by GET2BEFIT

    This morning I deposited paycheck at the bank. My workout is with Leslie's MP player and the music is motivational! Lunch at air-conditioned Wend... Read more

  • Doesn't take much

    8/31/2016 2:24:06 PM, by BROOKSK1967

    I'm quickly learning how little food it actually takes to go over your calorie goals each day! It's no wonder I'm so incredibly overweight... Read more

  • Holidays

    8/31/2016 8:48:27 AM, by GLENDAK72

    This year has flown by, it seems like we just started 2016 but we are coming up on the holidays again. This has me nervous and I am now frantical... Read more

  • Crazy day!

    8/30/2016 8:59:49 PM, by GET2BEFIT

    Continued from my status posted previously: got the last load of laundry out of the dryer and put clothes away. I found $5 from first dryer load ... Read more

  • tracking

    8/29/2016 10:57:19 AM, by GLENDAK72

    well I weighed in 2 days ago at 366.5 and my last WI was 8/17 at 373 as I looked back over my journey I thought what have I been doing this time ... Read more

  • Habits here vs vacation

    8/28/2016 10:13:14 PM, by GET2BEFIT

    Ok I know title is weird, but I'll TRY to explain. I'm NOT eloquent in speech! I don't understand why I drink MORE soda at my apartment than whe... Read more


    8/27/2016 2:46:43 PM, by -COURT-

    I am in control of myself in every way--at all times and in all situations. Each time I sit down to eat I reaffirm my determination to achie... Read more

  • Weight

    8/27/2016 11:51:52 AM, by GET2BEFIT

    I always get asked -- and I ask too -- "I eat right, exercise and maintain/gain weight. Why? I know people who are couch potatoes, as wide as f... Read more


    8/26/2016 10:17:21 PM, by -COURT-

    com/calendar-at-a-glance/ Day 1 National Chicken Boy Day National No Rhyme (Nor Reason) Day... Read more

  • Feeling motivated

    8/25/2016 2:27:13 PM, by BROOKSK1967

    The more I explore SparkPeople, the better I'm feeling about things. I know I'm my own worst enemy and that I have to change that whole mental p... Read more

  • Great escape!

    8/24/2016 5:20:25 PM, by GET2BEFIT

    Today I did some follow-ups on my application status. At Walgreens, the manager wasn't in yet, his shift hadn't started yet, I went to the librar... Read more

  • Crazy day!

    8/23/2016 8:41:37 PM, by GET2BEFIT

    Good and productive meeting this morning! Afterwards I deposited paycheck and refund, used my birthday check for groceries, walked 45 minutes at ... Read more

  • What a day!

    8/21/2016 3:43:49 PM, by GET2BEFIT

    In Sunday school the lesson was about Daniel's dream of 4 beasts, it continues to next week. In church the sermon was about the flood, its the fi... Read more

  • Rio, exercise and commercial

    8/15/2016 9:50:39 PM, by GET2BEFIT

    This morning I did a Leslie circuit training workout ... Read more

  • Great day!

    8/14/2016 7:09:47 PM, by GET2BEFIT

    In Sunday school this morning the lesson was on Daniel 7. In church this morning the deaf minister preached about restoration of Christians: rest... Read more

  • Relaxation and Rio Olympics

    8/13/2016 11:04:55 PM, by GET2BEFIT

    Today I got back on track! For breakfast I had eggs and hot tea, for lunch I had Tyson grilled chicken breast strips and salad, for supper I had ... Read more

  • Long year

    8/13/2016 10:14:35 AM, by MARTIWINKS

    It has been a long year. My fiancé has been very sick and in and out of hospitals trying to get everything healed. Many misdiagnosed outcomes. M... Read more

  • Hungry and humid

    8/12/2016 7:33:12 PM, by GET2BEFIT

    Today was weird! Pizza, salad, chocolate chip cookie and soda were good but I went overboard at lunch! Pizza was cut in squares and rectangles, t... Read more

  • wow...

    8/11/2016 1:21:57 PM, by GLENDAK72

    so I don't usually get on the computer to get on my spark people I usually just do it on my phone app, but yesterday I got on the computer and I ... Read more

  • Great escape!

    8/10/2016 3:54:03 PM, by GET2BEFIT

    Today is fair for Special needs people. I saw two pass out from heat exhaustion. I went inside cooled buildings -- it felt like sir conditioning ... Read more

  • Interesting day!

    8/9/2016 9:39:04 PM, by GET2BEFIT

    This morning was crazy, I cleaned my kitchen for an h... Read more


    8/9/2016 8:27:52 AM, by GLENDAK72

    well I have done well reaching my step goals of 1000, actually have went over not a lot but over is over! I know that doesn't sound like a lot bu... Read more

  • awwww!!!

    8/8/2016 11:52:53 AM, by GLENDAK72

    so yeah, it's Monday new week new goals, did pretty good last week I'm trying to stay off the scale for a bit because I want to feel better and w... Read more

  • Great day!

    8/7/2016 8:52:52 PM, by GET2BEFIT

    Church is a great way to start my day, I'm glad I wen... Read more

  • Lazy day

    8/6/2016 9:02:53 PM, by GET2BEFIT

    After yesterday's picnic and exercise (I posted it as my status this morning), I took today off as a lazy day. I rest on the seventh day and I'm ... Read more

  • not smoking (agian)

    8/3/2016 4:24:24 PM, by GLENDAK72

    so am trying to stop smoking I have done really good today, even though I have had the urge to eat everything I have not done it!! I bought me so... Read more

  • Sleepless in USA and hungry

    8/1/2016 10:18:10 AM, by GET2BEFIT

    July 31 I went to bed at my normal time 9 PM. I rolle... Read more


    7/31/2016 6:34:25 PM, by -COURT-

    com/calendar-at-a-glance/ August 1st National Raspberry Cream Pie Day National Girlfriends ... Read more

  • Exciting day!

    7/30/2016 9:17:31 PM, by GET2BEFIT

    Today I went to Verizon and got my cellphone screen u... Read more

  • fun fun fun

    7/30/2016 10:15:20 AM, by GLENDAK72

    so yeah I'm determined to be successful in my journey. I have laid out my new journey and it's going to be fun fun fun I have drafted my sister ... Read more

  • next goal

    7/29/2016 10:56:08 AM, by GLENDAK72

    so on 8/1/16 I will be starting my next goal! I am now... Read more

  • new change

    7/28/2016 7:09:00 AM, by GLENDAK72

    so I am contemplating doing a low carb change I have been following a WW plan and I'm doing ok on it I am losing but a few of my friends have bee... Read more

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