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    2/18/2015 8:18:25 AM, by MAESTRAPLANK12

    I am going to my granddaughter's baby shower this Saturday. Courtney LOV... Read more


    2/18/2015 7:53:11 AM, by MAESTRAPLANK12

    There a... Read more

  • gratitude

    2/16/2015 7:18:31 AM, by WILDXANGELS

    I love my life. I love my kids and 7 grand daughters. I love my wonderfully amazing husband Joe. I may have extreme ups and downs, and some days... Read more


    2/14/2015 4:44:15 AM, by WILDXANGELS

    food addiction insight Sometimes our emotions make that magic switch from no real focus on food, mindless snacks and very little activity to wa... Read more


    2/13/2015 11:05:48 AM, by MAESTRAPLANK12

    While in the waiting room at Kaiser awaiting my upteenth wart removal, I... Read more

  • sick of being sick

    2/11/2015 1:01:32 PM, by WILDXANGELS

    For about the past 12 months, I have done nothing but cough up phlegm. My doctor has no idea what causes it, my x-rays and scans have all been cl... Read more

  • today

    2/11/2015 10:56:52 AM, by WILDXANGELS

    There's nothing you can do about the past. But, you can do a great deal about your future. You don't have to be the same person you were yesterda... Read more

  • keep it simple stupid

    2/11/2015 1:16:44 AM, by WILDXANGELS

    I can be nothing but Optimistic and try to have a sense of humor! It does not help to worry about the inevitable, good or bad! Live life to the f... Read more

  • The Difference

    2/10/2015 11:24:28 AM, by 51PHATGIRL

    The difference between my head and reality is amazing! My head tells me I can do everything I want to do -- reality is my body can't "cash" all ... Read more

  • Get Back On Track

    2/10/2015 10:12:52 AM, by NWOODS9

    Start with planning meals.... Read more

  • Being abused as a child, self abuse and recovery

    2/8/2015 8:55:16 PM, by -WISPY-

    I learned about myself from other people since I was a baby. In fact even before that - in the womb perhaps. It was not only their words... Read more

  • Volunteering

    2/8/2015 5:26:14 AM, by MEDDYPEDDY

    ...so we have all these beggars from Rumania in Sweden this winter. From being a phenomenon only in Stockholm, they are now in most cities - in k... Read more


    2/6/2015 6:58:39 PM, by -WISPY-

    I have just discovered something new. It is OK to have needs and to express them. I had tried this several years ago but did not find it wa... Read more

  • my defects

    2/2/2015 11:59:27 AM, by WILDXANGELS

    Overcritical When nobody around you seems to measure up, it's time to check your yardstick. Being overcritical and irritable has been common... Read more

  • Longing...

    2/2/2015 2:10:39 AM, by MEDDYPEDDY

    Didnīt need to plan exercise yeaterday - a lot of snow fell and I had to shovel the driveway twice. Three days ago I fell when I walked the dog -... Read more


    1/28/2015 1:12:43 PM, by WILDXANGELS



    1/28/2015 11:10:57 AM, by WILDXANGELS

    "Strength shows not only in the ability to persist, but the ability to start over" When you feel strongly about something and you know You Can.... Read more

  • oa works

    1/26/2015 4:28:48 AM, by WILDXANGELS

    There are always two voices in my head. The voice of my HP (who I call God) and the voice of my disease. The first voice is loving, caring, suppo... Read more

  • Not easy, but worth it.

    1/22/2015 4:16:53 PM, by CANNIE50

    "I did not tell you it would be easy, I told you it would be worth it." Russell Wilson Okay, non football fans, Russell Wilson just happens ... Read more

  • Interrogated...

    1/22/2015 2:50:26 AM, by MEDDYPEDDY

    The dreaded police interrogation abput speeding and driving an unauthirezed vehicle was today... after reading the papers again I found that it w... Read more

  • I hate my body and how it clings onto fat

    1/19/2015 11:43:15 AM, by WYNTERLILY

    Maybe I shouldn't have had that planned binge. Maybe it didn't jumpstart my metabolism. Maybe all week my body thought I was in a famine so that ... Read more


    1/19/2015 4:37:50 AM, by WILDXANGELS

    Ok this is hard for me to post. The struggle is very real. This is such an eye opener to me. I AM not happy with this body. Only I can change thi... Read more

  • new habits

    1/18/2015 3:39:16 PM, by WILDXANGELS

    To help yourself: Talk to your doctor about treatment options and stick with treatment Try to maintain a stable schedule of meals and sleep t... Read more

  • An enchanted evening...

    1/18/2015 1:27:36 AM, by MEDDYPEDDY

    Yesterday seemed at first to be one of those days that you prefer to forget as soon as possible. As I did not sleep during the night, I slept thr... Read more

  • Did not sleep...

    1/17/2015 6:27:56 AM, by MEDDYPEDDY

    Yesterday I could not go to sleep - probably because I dozed off in front of the teve whoch made it harder to go to sleep later... but contributi... Read more

  • Coke zero. No appetite.

    1/16/2015 10:29:10 PM, by WYNTERLILY

    So this is day 5 of not eating much. Usually around my period my appetite drops. This month I've really been taking advantage of it. A littl... Read more

  • For Today

    1/15/2015 1:20:35 PM, by 51PHATGIRL

    For today I can only do what I can do! I wish that were different! There never seem to be enough hours in the day - when my body will only work ... Read more

  • let go and let God

    1/15/2015 11:47:01 AM, by WILDXANGELS

    Angels.... What I need to say to you is heart emoticon Lean on God heart emoticon . Jesus is the ONLY reason I have overcome the depression, Ptsd... Read more

  • oa works

    1/15/2015 5:43:51 AM, by WILDXANGELS

    Something to think about today. Working through our steps with support is a very self loving thing to do. After years of trying to "sort the prob... Read more

  • think spring

    1/13/2015 4:07:08 AM, by WILDXANGELS

    Did you know that if you lose 5lbs a month for the next 6 months that is 30 lbs. If you lose 5lbs a month for the next 12 months that is 60 lbs b... Read more


    1/12/2015 1:07:12 PM, by WILDXANGELS

    Learning day by day my happiness comes from within, it has nothing to do with any external forces, issues or problems I may be dealing with. An a... Read more

  • So much to do!

    1/9/2015 12:10:53 PM, by 51PHATGIRL

    I have so many things I want to to accomplish. In my head I am ticking off the to do list! In reality -- I'm just sitting here thinking of all t... Read more

  • Busy week...

    1/9/2015 1:16:35 AM, by MEDDYPEDDY

    Three hours after I had gotten my daughter on the bus to her father, she phoned and begged me to come get her... it was the phone again and she w... Read more

  • Big messes and little miracles

    1/8/2015 5:41:10 PM, by CANNIE50

    Hi Sparklers. I have missed you. I was feeling too much unwillingness around eating well (I was eating like the proverbial hungry goat trapped in... Read more

  • I'm back!...

    1/6/2015 2:42:29 PM, by SUGEO1

    Hello friends, A lot has happened since I was on here last. We decided to settle in Houston, got jobs, rented apartments and while I wasn't ... Read more

  • Meeting friends

    1/6/2015 4:15:25 AM, by MEDDYPEDDY

    Twelfth night is traditionally the evening for our annual feministic meeting, we who made my feministic newspaper 1988-1993 and soma engaged frie... Read more

  • My defects...

    1/5/2015 2:12:32 AM, by MEDDYPEDDY

    "There is a crack in evertyhing, thatīs how the light gets in" (Leonard Cohen) Am I still occupied with trying to become a better person? Y... Read more

  • Why blog and factoids...

    1/4/2015 5:04:03 AM, by MEDDYPEDDY

    I am thinking aboput starting a blog in swedish - I have done it once - eight years ago or something, and it died rather fast. And since then I h... Read more

  • A New Beginning

    1/3/2015 5:06:21 PM, by JCP1979

    The wonderful thing about life is that today is a second chance to do things right. The sins of the past are exactly that, in the past, and I am... Read more

  • What will I do to change my life today, forgive!

    1/2/2015 8:28:18 AM, by GOODNITE2

    i am doing a 30 day forgiveness challenge and in only a few days I see how not forgiving has hurt me. I held on to hurt so I would not get hurt a... Read more

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