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  • Relapse and resisting

    5/24/2016 12:52:55 AM, by MEDDYPEDDY

    A friend called and wante my company to a "summer opening night" at a restaurant in the harbour, she had gotten VIP-tickets and since I have not ... Read more

  • Keeping it real

    5/23/2016 9:17:50 PM, by SWTLVR2

    Ok I dream of pie! Again. And eat yogurt. Again. Maybe time for a free day? Anyone else do that?? Love to hear...... Read more

  • Keeping it real

    5/23/2016 9:15:58 PM, by SWTLVR2

    Ok I dream of pie! Again. And eat yogurt. Again. Maybe time for a free day? Anyone else do that?? Love to hear...... Read more

  • Vacation

    5/22/2016 10:40:41 AM, by DYANNE4293

    We were in Seattle all day yesterday. We walked the ... Read more

  • Counting Out Pills is like Making a Meal Plan

    5/21/2016 1:35:36 PM, by NELLJONES

    Every Saturday morning I count out the week's pills into little 7 day pill containers, for me, my husband and my mother. That way I can count to... Read more

  • Learning to like me.

    5/21/2016 12:33:16 PM, by SWTLVR2

    Where I am. Now. Thanks. 😎... Read more

  • Work work work

    5/20/2016 2:44:15 PM, by SWTLVR2

    Always working Just keep working!!... Read more

  • Vacation!

    5/20/2016 9:47:57 AM, by DYANNE4293

    Today, my fiancΓ© and I leave for our vacation. We are checking this off my fiancΓ©' bucket list. We are flying to Seattle and will board a crui... Read more

  • So easy side-tracked...

    5/20/2016 4:04:12 AM, by MEDDYPEDDY

    Reading Spark Friends blogs and immedeately start questioning my plan. Part of my disease is not trusting my own judgement which means that I am ... Read more

  • Food for Thought

    5/19/2016 9:02:33 AM, by DYANNE4293

    ... Read more

  • Yo-yo

    5/19/2016 8:34:29 AM, by SWTLVR2

    Pounds up n down What's up with that? Frustrating, yet seems part of the diet/exercise thing Hmmmm....... Read more

  • ICA-classics...

    5/19/2016 1:00:46 AM, by MEDDYPEDDY

    Once again I will try to get more active on Spark, this because I am planning to be more passive on the swedish site that has been taking the ene... Read more

  • Spark Apps

    5/18/2016 12:45:34 PM, by SWTLVR2

    Started Coach and Healthy recipes Yay!! I love it here!!πŸ‘πŸŒΊπŸ’•... Read more

  • Choose your Hard

    5/18/2016 9:55:42 AM, by DYANNE4293

    ... Read more

  • Watch equipment

    5/17/2016 11:11:56 AM, by SWTLVR2

    Yesterday I posted a gain in weight Thankfully an error with equipment and not eating habits Logging in daily is paramount Glad you're here! πŸ‘... Read more

  • Food for thought

    5/17/2016 9:25:29 AM, by DYANNE4293

    ... Read more

  • Hmmmm....

    5/16/2016 12:35:08 PM, by SWTLVR2

    I have been watching my intake, exercise , water, and all of it Lost like 3 lbs Got on the scale at the Dr office, I weigh 153. wtf?? Sorry, but ... Read more

  • Like doing What we Do

    5/16/2016 8:12:31 AM, by DYANNE4293

    I don't do what I do just so people will think kindly of me. I like doing what I do. --Janice Clark We're lucky if we like everything that... Read more

  • Anger

    5/15/2016 11:07:03 AM, by DYANNE4293

    Speak when you're angry and you'll make the best speech you'll ever regret. --Lawrence J. Peter... Read more

  • Support

    5/15/2016 8:01:53 AM, by SWTLVR2

    I just have to say how much I appreciate all the suppo... Read more

  • Quotes

    5/14/2016 8:34:49 AM, by DYANNE4293

    Some people grumble because the roses have thorns instead of being grateful that the thorns have roses. ***** We must learn from the mistakes o... Read more

  • Happy n Sunny

    5/14/2016 7:42:49 AM, by SWTLVR2

    Many thanks for all the positive ness here. It's wonderful to see and feel. I will keep coming - And work diligently to share the warm n fuzzy ... Read more

  • Recovering scale junkie - Ima have to blog it out

    5/13/2016 4:07:29 PM, by PINKD333

    I have had a very taxing ..... couple of months ..... I try to live day to day but feeling how I feel today I am reflecting and it is obvious why... Read more

  • Rest and refill

    5/13/2016 11:52:03 AM, by DYANNE4293

    When the well threatens to run dry, it's time to rest and refill. We can't always be doing and giving and producing. There comes a time when... Read more

  • Good day

    5/13/2016 12:55:46 AM, by SWTLVR2

    Not real sure about a lot of things Am sure I enjoy all the positive Thanks for sharing πŸŒΈπŸŒΊπŸ’ž... Read more

  • Self inventory

    5/12/2016 12:59:43 PM, by DYANNE4293

    The goal isn't to do a successful inventory. The goal is to dig to the deepest levels of self-honesty. --Anonymous The Fourth Step is the hardes... Read more

  • To carb or not to carb

    5/11/2016 6:12:02 PM, by SWTLVR2

    Fat, carbs, calories.... Which to do or watch or what!?! I crave carbs I dream carbs I have watched my fat intake in the past and lost weight Chi... Read more

  • Exercise and Diet

    5/11/2016 5:48:01 PM, by DYANNE4293

    ... Read more

  • Happy again today

    5/10/2016 12:33:17 PM, by SWTLVR2

    Sooooo not used to being happy consistently that I am in awe of it when it happens. Since I started with Spark, being accountable and investing ... Read more

  • Go With the Flow

    5/10/2016 10:14:33 AM, by DYANNE4293

    Go with the flow Let go of fear and your need to control. Relinquish anxiety. Let it slip away, as you dive into the river of the present mo... Read more

  • Ordinary Moments

    5/9/2016 11:07:08 AM, by DYANNE4293

    Ordinary moments Saving a time for quiet appreciation... An aesthetic life, in the broad sense, is a spiritual life. Couples can streng... Read more

  • Pie

    5/9/2016 8:47:59 AM, by SWTLVR2

    I love pie. I know it is not really my friend, but I like it nonetheless. Haven't indulged yet.... Just had to voice it. πŸ™ƒ... Read more

  • Mother's Day

    5/8/2016 2:01:25 PM, by SWTLVR2

    Happy!! And to you all as well Life is good Watching what I eat and exercise every day is really making me feel better I am blessed. πŸ™ƒ... Read more

  • Never Give Up!

    5/8/2016 8:48:07 AM, by DYANNE4293

    ... Read more

  • Inspired

    5/7/2016 10:46:56 AM, by SWTLVR2

    Thank you all for sharing your journeys. Truly inspirational πŸ™ƒπŸ‘... Read more

  • Habits

    5/7/2016 8:05:31 AM, by DYANNE4293

    ... Read more

  • Easy now....

    5/6/2016 6:59:48 PM, by SWTLVR2

    Really working pretty hard at all this watching what I eat Daily Want pie Aaaaaaahhhhh! Just right now I want pie This too shall pass 😜... Read more

  • Making my life better...

    5/6/2016 10:44:47 AM, by DYANNE4293

    Always think of what you have to do as easy and it will become so. --Emile Corie How we think about the activities before us is very impor... Read more

  • Feeling Alive

    5/5/2016 12:45:18 PM, by DYANNE4293

    To be alive is power, Existing in itself, Without a further function, Omnipotence enough. --Emily Dickinson Being a person in this w... Read more

  • Progress

    5/5/2016 11:37:16 AM, by SWTLVR2

    It's about progress. And sometimes... It's about having a positive outlook even if there isn't any. Thank so many of you all for your up -beat... Read more

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