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  • Starting all over

    9/12/2017 4:19:06 PM, by KIWIIFRUIIT

    Been a rough road with health issues and changes in my personal life. Dealing with a teenager again is exhausting. Learning to be a grandma and g... Read more

  • Surprise!

    5/12/2016 2:56:27 PM, by CAMEOANDLACE

    Hi everyone I have not done a blog in a very long time. Thought I should today. I joined WW as my last blog states and didn't do well ... Read more

  • Countdown

    3/15/2016 11:48:22 AM, by ANGELSPRINCESS6

    I've been feeling a bit defeated fur to a weight gain. Partly bc the doctor prescribed me some steroids for a cough that wouldn't go away and par... Read more

  • Preparing for a healthier me

    12/30/2015 2:30:49 PM, by MFABER3

    I can do this! I can get moving for 10 minutes a day. I can make healthier choices. I can say "no" to my snack-loving hubby. The new year i... Read more

  • Confession & surprise

    7/27/2015 11:15:11 AM, by MFABER3

    Healthy Habits Reset - Day 8 Topple Your Obstacles. 1 Step Back, 2 Steps Forward. I’ve read this article many times, but not exactly when I... Read more

  • A Learning Opportunity

    7/12/2015 3:18:49 PM, by MFABER3

    It’s been a crazy week but I’m going to use it as a learning opportunity. I’m going to start with all of the bad things I’ve done. I’m going to f... Read more

  • How not to spend the day

    7/8/2015 7:27:51 PM, by MFABER3

    It’s 6:08 pm and I have barely left the computer, except to have lunch in front of the TV. Not good choices. I need to use the elliptical and I n... Read more

  • Calories & Nutrients Over Time Chart

    7/7/2015 12:05:58 PM, by MFABER3

    I was looking at my “Calories & Nutrients Over Time” charts and I’m constantly at level for Fat, Protein, Cholesterol, & Sodium (sometimes over f... Read more

  • Tracking with SP vs WW

    7/3/2015 8:07:58 PM, by CAMEOANDLACE

    Well, here I am years after finding Spark People. More overweight than ever in my life. It is NOT the fault of this website. I have found frien... Read more

  • 9 Days in the Pacific Northwest.

    7/3/2015 8:30:09 AM, by WALKSFAR

    We did 7 Volksmaches with the bi-annual AVA Walking Convention. We also did tourist stuff like visiting the space needle/chihuly garden of glass... Read more

  • Day 4 Eating out adventure

    7/2/2015 9:58:59 AM, by MFABER3

    On the way to hubby's Dr Appointment, we planned to eat lunch. Originally it was Chick-Fil-A, but they were so busy, we just headed further South... Read more

  • Day 3 Stressful day

    7/1/2015 11:04:05 AM, by MFABER3

    I enjoyed my dinner out a little more than I should have, but not as bad as I could have. After posting yesterday, we received some stressf... Read more

  • Day 2 - Inspirations & Plans

    6/30/2015 10:58:01 AM, by MFABER3

    It's been 10 months since my last post, wow. The bad news is I gained back the 5 pounds I had lost at that point, the good news is I've already l... Read more

  • Trinity Forest in Dallas yesterday.

    3/22/2015 2:28:39 PM, by WALKSFAR

    Went up to walk with the Dallas Trekkers. Here is the link if you'd like to see the pictures. volksmarcher.wordpress.c
    om/2015/03/22/t... Read more

  • Cleburne 11K

    11/15/2014 8:53:18 PM, by WALKSFAR

    We started walking at 8:30 and it was a chilly 39 degrees. The walk started at Hulen Park which is already decorated for Christmas. Read more

  • Waring - 20Ks

    10/26/2014 8:53:07 PM, by WALKSFAR

    Did a 10K on Saturday at Camp Capers in Waring. Half of this walk was ... Read more

  • Turkey Canyon Trail

    10/14/2014 10:32:14 AM, by WALKSFAR

    Looks like an eagle's nest. ... Read more

  • Argentina Trail - Lincoln National Forest - 10k

    10/10/2014 9:22:34 PM, by WALKSFAR

    We hiked today out in the woods of New Mexico. Cold to start with and it was trying to rain on us as we finished up. Read more

  • Plains 10K

    10/9/2014 5:57:06 PM, by WALKSFAR

    Plains is the county seat of Yokum county. We passed through there this morning and did a 10K. They have a nice park with a paved walking path.... Read more

  • Brownfield 10K

    10/8/2014 10:13:56 PM, by WALKSFAR

    We had great weather and enjoyed walking in this small west Texas town. The walk started at the Chamber of Commerce with this huge arrow. ... Read more

  • Castroville 10K

    10/5/2014 3:06:32 PM, by WALKSFAR

    Castroville is a historic little town with a rich cultural heritage nestled in the Medina River Valley just 15 miles west of San Antonio. It is k... Read more

  • Emma Long Park - Austin, TX

    9/28/2014 2:34:07 PM, by WALKSFAR

    We walked the Turkey Creek Trail which is a lollipop: an out and back trail with a loop at the end. It was misting rain when we first started s... Read more

  • Shoreaces 10K

    9/21/2014 2:10:00 PM, by WALKSFAR

    Shoreacres is a small community south of LaPorte right on the Gulf of Mexico. It is home to the Houston Yacht Club which the walk included. ... Read more

  • Waco - Baylor Stadium

    9/14/2014 9:45:36 PM, by WALKSFAR

    We stayed home last weekend and walked in Waco. We were attempting to map out a new volksmarching route. We thought the riverwalk was open but ... Read more

  • Junction 10K

    9/11/2014 8:57:28 PM, by WALKSFAR

    We started out early to beat the heat so we got to see the sun rise over the Llano river. Read more

  • South Llano State Park

    9/6/2014 4:46:49 PM, by WALKSFAR

    This 11K volksmarch was made up of two loops. The first loop was on the B... Read more

  • Caverns of Sonora

    9/4/2014 10:17:48 PM, by WALKSFAR

    I've been back and forth thru this area and never stopped to give them a look until last Sunday. While waiting for our guided tour I checked out... Read more

  • Loss of a friend

    9/3/2014 1:15:18 PM, by CAMEOANDLACE

    Last night I lost a wonderful friend. She was an inspiration to everyone. Her faith in God was evident daily and she lived life to the fullest.... Read more

  • Head in the sand

    9/2/2014 8:50:07 AM, by CAMEOANDLACE

    I've made excuses and put my head in the sand for too long. Today I will do what I did when I first found SP. I will drink my water, be more ac... Read more

  • Ozona 10K

    9/1/2014 8:55:30 PM, by WALKSFAR

    Sunday we walked in the small town of Ozona. We started at the Chamber of Commerce building with its pretty garden. Read more

  • San Angelo Concho River Walk

    8/31/2014 8:32:09 PM, by WALKSFAR

    Saturday we went down to San Angelo to Walk. They have a very nice trail along the river. They have done quite a bit of improvement like adding... Read more

  • Weatherford 10k

    8/23/2014 10:16:26 PM, by WALKSFAR

    We walked the Weatherford Volksmarch today. The route includes Greenwood Cemetery with the graves of Mary Martin (Peter Pan) and Oliver Loving (... Read more

  • 10K at Lake Livingston State Park

    8/16/2014 9:47:19 PM, by WALKSFAR

    So many trees lost. First Hurricane Ike in 2008 damaged a lot of trees. Then it was draught 2009-2011. It gave the insects a foothold and the ... Read more

  • Dallas Downtown 10K

    8/9/2014 9:55:11 PM, by WALKSFAR

    I normally take around 25 pictures during a walk. I took 60 during this walk. There is a lot to see in Dallas. Beautiful churches like this on... Read more

  • Week 2 Need to learn to reward myself.

    7/28/2014 11:31:46 AM, by MFABER3

    It was a struggle last week to get up and walk, but everytime I walked, I felt better. This morning I set the alarm to walk. Last week, I let hub... Read more

  • Positive thoughts and negative outcome over-ruled

    7/21/2014 11:05:52 AM, by MFABER3

    Last night I realized I have been having visions of enjoying working out and getting healthier, but my body just wants to sit. It bothered me all... Read more

  • Rusk 10K

    7/13/2014 1:22:06 PM, by WALKSFAR

    Yes, it was hot. It was 96 by the time we finished. We had shade but the humidity was high and there was little breeze. Still I'm glad we got ... Read more

  • Walk with us in Rusk July 12

    7/9/2014 11:09:46 AM, by WALKSFAR

    I've reported on the walks after we did them, this time I thought I'd invite everyone out to walk with us. walkingclubs.wordpress.c<... Read more

  • Bryan 10K

    7/5/2014 6:54:39 PM, by WALKSFAR

    We walked in Bryan today. We started at 8am when it was 74. It quickly warmed up though. We had some shade and an occasional breeze. Bryan is... Read more

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