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  • Saturday

    7/1/2016 11:35:34 PM, by CHIBIKARATE

    Finally I have someone come in for 3 hours so I can go to the gym and shop maybe I will not get so crazy from being locked in taking care of my ... Read more

  • TGIF

    6/30/2016 11:40:37 PM, by CHIBIKARATE

    Be blessed and enjoy your day and spend time with your family hugs... Read more

  • Happy hump day

    6/29/2016 1:37:24 AM, by CHIBIKARATE

    Enjoy your day today was better but so not happy with the Drs, here they are the worst one day he has cancer two days he doesn't they can not ma... Read more

  • Tuesday

    6/28/2016 1:12:19 AM, by CHIBIKARATE

    Just to let you know I will barely be around any more some do not like my posts so they do not understand the stress I am having so I will blog ... Read more

  • High Blood Pressure Scare, and Prayer Request

    4/8/2016 4:14:04 PM, by KELLY48647

    My blood pressure usually runs anywhere from low to the lower normal range. Today I had a couple of mild chest pains so I decided to check my blo... Read more

  • The race between the weight and the wheelchair

    3/29/2016 3:29:25 AM, by KELLY48647

    I was recently told by my orthopedic doctor that he expects me to be confined to a wheelchair within the next year to two years. He says that it ... Read more

  • On a roll for success

    3/6/2016 6:51:14 AM, by LINDA442

    I now weigh 240 taking it one day at a time to make the change possible. I'm losing this weight not only for my health but also for my loved ones... Read more

  • Weight loss

    1/16/2016 9:01:29 AM, by LINDA442

    I have been losing more weight because of being diabetic,and have loss 27 lbs since last year. I'm now at 243 it's a slow process but I'm still w... Read more

  • New Doctor?

    3/25/2015 9:16:12 AM, by KELLY48647

    I will be seeing yet another new doctor next week. I have heard good things about him from a few of his patients, so hopefully this one will be o... Read more


    3/21/2015 11:03:57 PM, by JIMENESU


  • 5K planning .. I must be nuts!

    3/16/2015 6:39:53 PM, by TESNONIAN2008

    I was just reading a couple of my BLOGS from 2008 when I first signed on here. My daughter was still a dancer, my life was consumed by everything... Read more

  • AT WORK!

    3/11/2015 12:25:48 AM, by JIMENESU


  • Waiting for Saturday!

    2/25/2015 4:03:50 AM, by JIMENESU

    I haven't see my dad in 2 years but I can't wait to go to the airport to pick him up! he is arriving next Saturday, February 28th. yepi!!! ... Read more

  • Happy, happy, happy

    2/15/2015 9:05:43 PM, by JIMENESU

    Finally I am a grandmother! my first grandson born on January the 27th. He is gorgeous and a healthy baby..... yipy!!! ... Read more

  • It has been a rough winter...

    2/8/2015 3:10:54 AM, by KELLY48647

    It has been a rough winter for me so far. I've had nothing but trouble with my health, my car, my phone, my computer, and more. I'm looking for t... Read more

  • Motivation were are you?

    1/13/2014 8:35:34 PM, by IDAHOFLOWER

    Ok I am back to exercise classes. So that helps alot. Reading about more motivation. The ice is almost gone in the yard. A start of a new ... Read more

  • Going to exercise and doing physical therapy...

    11/15/2013 10:51:53 PM, by IDAHOFLOWER

    I know I have to watch portion sizes. The Holidays are hard. But I'm working at being in shape. Rose... Read more

  • Back to exercise classes...

    11/12/2013 10:35:14 PM, by IDAHOFLOWER

    I am working at it and going to physical therapy. Having trouble with the knee I had replaced. If I get my Quaids stronger it will help. ... Read more

  • Hmmm Let's really look at this.

    11/12/2013 7:43:20 AM, by GRANDMABEV1

    I have been doing more reading and thinking. I don't think I should think of my new life style as Paleo. I think in reality what I am more look... Read more

  • Paleo way of life

    11/9/2013 11:08:07 AM, by GRANDMABEV1

    I have been trying to lose weight most of my adult life. Today started another journey in this trial. I have believed for several years now th... Read more

  • Update

    11/3/2013 7:02:58 AM, by TRYINGTOLOSE64

    Would've gotten in my normal exercise yesterday if I didn't have to go to the store, but at least I won't need to do that again for a while. Am ... Read more

  • Update

    11/2/2013 6:42:25 AM, by TRYINGTOLOSE64

    Had another decent day of exercise yesterday despite a morning drizzle. Am glad the weather didn't get worse as the day went on. Yesterday'... Read more

  • Update

    11/1/2013 6:20:34 AM, by TRYINGTOLOSE64

    Had a decent day of exercise yesterday even though I had to skip a walk to get my hair cut. Yesterday's burn below: 45 minutes calisthe... Read more

  • Update

    10/31/2013 6:16:20 AM, by TRYINGTOLOSE64

    Typical day of exercise on a day that I have to take care of my mom. Soon I won't be going over there on wednesday's as my dad won't be playing ... Read more

  • Update

    10/30/2013 6:15:28 AM, by TRYINGTOLOSE64

    Another good day of exercise, too bad I won't be able to come close to matching it today with having to take care of my mom. Yesterday's bur... Read more

  • Update

    10/29/2013 6:16:51 AM, by TRYINGTOLOSE64

    Had a good day of exercise yesterday. Opted out of 2 walks to get some mowing and raking done. Am trying to get the last of the summer yard wor... Read more

  • Update

    10/28/2013 5:27:22 AM, by TRYINGTOLOSE64

    Didn't get in my normal weekend day of exercise yesterday as it was a rough day taking care of my mom. She thinks it's funny when she drives me ... Read more

  • Update

    10/27/2013 7:38:38 AM, by TRYINGTOLOSE64

    Typical weekend exercise yesterday with having to take care of my mom. Unfortunately my dad was in one of his moods yesterday where he was verba... Read more

  • Update

    10/26/2013 7:39:09 AM, by TRYINGTOLOSE64

    Had a decent day of exercise yesterday despite the cooler temps. Supposed to be warming up into the 60s for the next week or so. Have to got ta... Read more

  • Update

    10/25/2013 5:42:47 AM, by TRYINGTOLOSE64

    Had a decent day of exercise yesterday. Haven't gotten the mowing finished yet, won't get to it until it warms up a little. They are expecting ... Read more

  • Update

    10/24/2013 6:15:04 AM, by TRYINGTOLOSE64

    Will be glad when golfing season is over with so that I don't have to spend my wednesday's taking care of my mom instead of exercising. Did find... Read more

  • Update

    10/23/2013 6:16:28 AM, by TRYINGTOLOSE64

    Had a decent day of exercise yesterday, didn't get as much mileage in as I'd like but the dogs didn't want to go as far as they usually like to i... Read more

  • Update

    10/22/2013 6:17:47 AM, by TRYINGTOLOSE64

    Had a decent day of exercise yesterday. Turns out I'm having to mow the grass one last time before winter sets in. So got started on that. Wil... Read more

  • Update

    10/21/2013 6:19:09 AM, by TRYINGTOLOSE64

    Am definitely glad yesterday is over with and hope I don't have a repeat of that one. Ended up having to run over to my parents house instead of... Read more

  • To many things...

    10/20/2013 11:53:46 PM, by IDAHOFLOWER

    Getting in the way of my exercise classes. I am still walking the dog daily. But need to find ways back to exercises. Maybe after this wee... Read more

  • Update

    10/20/2013 6:50:19 AM, by TRYINGTOLOSE64

    Didn't get in as much as I normally do for a weekend day but between taking care of my mom and taking care of the neighbor's dog and everything t... Read more

  • Update

    10/19/2013 5:22:19 AM, by TRYINGTOLOSE64

    Had another decent day of exercise yesterday. Did get the car washed also, so it's ready for my mom to show off at the guild meeting today. ... Read more

  • Update

    10/18/2013 6:11:36 AM, by TRYINGTOLOSE64

    Had a decent day of exercise yesterday. Didn't wash the car yesterday since they were calling for rain, but will wash it today. Yes, I'll wash ... Read more

  • Update

    10/17/2013 5:33:54 AM, by TRYINGTOLOSE64

    Got in the usual amount of exercise yesterday for a day that I have to go take care of my mom. Will get in more today. Of course, she wants me ... Read more

  • Update

    10/16/2013 6:26:53 AM, by TRYINGTOLOSE64

    Had another decent day of exercise yesterday. Am still trying to get caught up on some of my goals around the house, but am slowly making progre... Read more

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