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  • Rest day

    2/6/2016 10:12:52 PM, by KG4PVOWIFE

    I felt wiped out all day today. Even a mid-day nap didn't completely refresh me. So I took a rest day. I ate at the high end of my range, did ... Read more

  • TGIF and a playlist for you!

    2/5/2016 11:03:45 PM, by KG4PVOWIFE

    Today felt like it would never end. Just when I thought I was getting caught up, more work would come my way. I wanted wine after work. Seems ... Read more

  • Done and Done!

    2/4/2016 7:44:14 PM, by KG4PVOWIFE

    I have lost 5% of my body weight since the beginning of the year. A drop in the bucket when I have almost 50% to lose, but enough to decrease my... Read more

  • Get 'er done!

    2/3/2016 8:44:05 PM, by KG4PVOWIFE

    I hate that saying, but its appropriate. I got three hours of sleep last night, so missed the Y again. I danced for an hour in the basement tho... Read more

  • Week 1 Day 1

    2/2/2016 8:53:11 PM, by KG4PVOWIFE

    Today is a two-fer. Two blogs that is. Week 1, Day 1 of C25K training was HARD. Harder than I remembered. This is partly because I have... Read more

  • I'm going to make that scale my ______ this week!

    2/2/2016 12:26:08 PM, by KG4PVOWIFE

    It looks like I will be starting C25K training in the rain today, but I am determined to get it done anyway. I am debating whether I should spend... Read more

  • No excuses

    2/1/2016 8:55:59 PM, by KG4PVOWIFE

    Life happened today, and I did not make it to the Y for my Monday night HipHop class. Instead, I did my basement YouTube routine to the tune of ... Read more

  • Today is a new day

    2/1/2016 8:47:13 AM, by SASSIE7S

    Am starting out fresh today by losing this weight, but i will be doing something that i should had done along time ago and that is to take the ca... Read more

  • One month down...

    1/31/2016 9:28:54 PM, by KG4PVOWIFE

    It's been a month. So what's changed? I am 13 pounds lighter. I've lost 2.5 inches off my waist, 1 from my neck, 1 from my upper arm, ... Read more

  • Reflections from my time on the road

    1/30/2016 11:37:57 PM, by KG4PVOWIFE

    You know how they tell you to announce to the world your healthy lifestyle. The more who know, the less likely you are to backslide. I have foun... Read more

  • Claustrophobia

    1/30/2016 3:03:53 PM, by KG4PVOWIFE

    I am back home. I had a terrible experience at the airport so did not get to avail myself of the yoga studio, though it may have helped if I had... Read more

  • From the road again!

    1/29/2016 12:50:59 AM, by KG4PVOWIFE

    Except for one day I took my daughter and her friend to Subway, I haven't eaten out all month. Until this trip. So while I planned to make health... Read more

  • From the road...

    1/28/2016 12:25:46 AM, by KG4PVOWIFE

    Travel day one is a success as far as staying within my nutrition goals. The devil on my shoulder got that small Cinnabon at the airport, and it ... Read more

  • Cravings 0, Willpower 1

    1/26/2016 9:52:56 PM, by KG4PVOWIFE

    I used to follow a Sparker years ago who posted these cool blog conversations with the devil on her shoulder. I wish I could remember her name, b... Read more

  • I slip up

    1/25/2016 8:37:42 PM, by SASSIE7S

    I ate a full chocolate candy bar and now i am mad at myself. It had tasted so damn good for some reason. Think last time i ate a chocolate bar wa... Read more

  • Cravings, underwear complaints and NSVs

    1/25/2016 2:11:53 PM, by KG4PVOWIFE

    The scale went up 2 pounds overnight and you know what that means, or at least I do. It's that time of the month. It's time for cravings to hit. ... Read more

  • Planning to succeed

    1/24/2016 9:01:30 PM, by KG4PVOWIFE

    We finally got our bulk cooking finished for the week. We made: 6 servings of lentil and rice soup 18 beet burger patties 12 servings o... Read more

  • Misunderstandings

    1/23/2016 2:08:50 PM, by KG4PVOWIFE

    Today is off to an interesting start. The hubby told our daughter this morning that there will be breakfast at his fire department and sledding a... Read more

  • TGIF

    1/22/2016 10:03:50 PM, by KG4PVOWIFE

    I set up my own Hip Hop playlist on Youtube this morning before anyone else was up. It was my only downtime until well after dark. It snowed te... Read more

  • Improvements Part 2

    1/21/2016 9:45:58 PM, by KG4PVOWIFE

    Ok, I did it. I mustered the enthusiasm to get myself down to the basement to workout. I tried to get my daughter to join me, then she realized ... Read more

  • Improvements

    1/21/2016 5:52:13 PM, by KG4PVOWIFE

    Today was a much better day than yesterday. First off, no falls! Second, while I did not get all of my projects done today at work, the lack of... Read more

  • About last night...

    1/21/2016 7:48:39 AM, by KG4PVOWIFE

    Yesterday was a bad day. For Spark purposes, I guess it was pretty good. I lost a pound, ate healthy and didn't skimp on exercise. No, yesterday... Read more

  • Clumsy

    1/20/2016 4:44:37 PM, by KG4PVOWIFE

    I am literately the clumsiest person I know. One time I tripped standing in front of an elevator. Just standing there. Standing! Literally for no... Read more

  • Bananas and bizarre diet advice

    1/20/2016 12:37:58 AM, by KG4PVOWIFE

    Years ago, on one of my more half-hearted attempts to get healthy, I joined Curves. Nothing wrong with Curves, but I rank circuit training right... Read more

  • Portion control and wardrobe wins

    1/19/2016 2:25:23 PM, by KG4PVOWIFE

    It's been 19 days and I still have almost half a bottle of Coffeemate left. This is a testament to actually measuring a serving. They're supposed... Read more

  • Stress relief

    1/18/2016 8:31:39 PM, by KG4PVOWIFE

    I have been becoming increasingly plagued by work stress since the start of the new year, worrying over things I cannot control. On top of that, ... Read more

  • Slow and Steady...and Success!

    1/17/2016 4:24:06 PM, by HEALTHYSMILES

    Having had this spark people since 2008 hasn't helped me actually lose weight. Nothing can do that, if you're not fully prepared. But it has give... Read more

  • Back to the starting line

    1/17/2016 9:44:49 AM, by KG4PVOWIFE

    Sunday is family chore day. The house will be spick and span by lunch. Its always such a good feeling when everything is clean and there are no... Read more

  • Prep work

    1/16/2016 9:08:31 PM, by KG4PVOWIFE

    Today was meal prep day. On days like these, I dream of having a larger fridge! We still have 4 servings of Engine 2 lasagna and a ton of chickpe... Read more

  • Weight training

    1/15/2016 9:28:10 PM, by KG4PVOWIFE

    Don't have anything particularly inspiring to say today. I can almost put my palms on the floor when I do my forward fold. I can't believe two w... Read more

  • Progress and subconscious doubts

    1/14/2016 3:32:49 PM, by KG4PVOWIFE

    Two weeks in. I've seen a 6 pound loss on the scale and a fitness gain of 2 miles, progressing from a 1/2 mile walk on week one to 2 1/2 miles to... Read more

  • Can I go back to bed?

    1/13/2016 7:53:45 AM, by KG4PVOWIFE

    I have one of those fancy scales that measures weight down to the 10th of the pound. Every morning I weigh myself and write my weight on the cale... Read more

  • Active progress photo idea!

    1/12/2016 3:21:41 PM, by KG4PVOWIFE

    Following up on yesterday's NOW goal of improving my flexibility through yoga and working towards accomplishing the splits in the next 30 days, I... Read more

  • A NOW Goal

    1/11/2016 11:59:13 AM, by KG4PVOWIFE

    In the spirit of yesterdays blog entry and imagining possible things I never thought I could do, I have decided to challenge myself this month to... Read more

  • It's not starting over if you didn't believe it was possible in the first place...

    1/10/2016 8:00:02 PM, by KG4PVOWIFE

    I thought a lot about starting over this weekend. Because there are so many of us that are on this journey the second time or the sixth. Because ... Read more

  • Preparation

    1/9/2016 4:13:32 PM, by KG4PVOWIFE

    The hubby and I spent three hours this afternoon prepping food for the week. We made: 11 servings of pasta salad 30 servings of chickpea ... Read more

  • 50 Goals I Don't Need A Scale To Reach

    1/8/2016 10:03:42 PM, by KG4PVOWIFE

    Yesterday I blogged about getting older, or really just about not getting any younger. So today's blog is more about how to pass the time. I've ... Read more

  • I'm not getting any younger

    1/7/2016 2:39:23 PM, by KG4PVOWIFE

    I'll be turning 40 this year. When I got healthy before, I wasn't yet 35. I still felt kind of young back then. Now I'm feeling my age. I've had ... Read more

  • Happy Benefits

    1/6/2016 7:50:29 PM, by KG4PVOWIFE

    It was a beautiful day today so I decided to go for a walk at lunch. I have a home office so invited my neighbor to join. This is a neighbor I ... Read more

  • SMART Weight Loss Goals for Losing 103 Pounds By Dec 30, 2017

    1/6/2016 6:00:39 PM, by AMAZINGMOMINOH

    Here are my weight loss goals, broken down into 21 steps of 5 pounds each: Jan 20, 2016 253 pounds, 5 pounds lost Jan 20 - Jan 27 maintain 5 ... Read more

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