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Can't Sleep
4/23/2014 2:15:41 AM,  1 COMMENTS

I went to bed at 7:00 and now cannot sleep. I got up at 12:46 a.m. Watching TV, etc. Usually I sleep all night....  Read more


441 Weigh In
4/22/2014 11:34:15 AM,  11 COMMENTS

Today I weighed in at 441 pounds up 3 pounds from the other day. I'm going to post my daily weight for a while to have a visual running pattern. ...  Read more


4/21/2014 7:29:37 PM,  8 COMMENTS

Uh! I feel awful. I ate an extra large Charleston Chew and a small bag of palmer easter heart raced, I thought I was going to faint, my hea...  Read more


Very tender today.
4/21/2014 4:14:58 PM,  0 COMMENTS

Getting out of bed was unbelievably hard this morning. I wasn't tired or sad, I just felt warm and safe. Interacting with people for a living is reall...  Read more


Racing / Mac Updates
4/21/2014 3:23:56 PM,  4 COMMENTS

- Saturday, April 19 Ronald McDonald "Run for the House 5K" race: This is the 2nd race I've used my Garmin Forerunner 220 in, and interestingly...  Read more


Happy Easter Everyone
4/20/2014 5:58:28 PM,  6 COMMENTS

Happy Easter Everyone!!...  Read more


True 34 of blogville
4/20/2014 5:11:33 PM,  4 COMMENTS

HAPPY EASTER 450 451 I am focusing my intention to strive for a life as a healthy transplant recipient. One who follows all the great advice gi...  Read more


I just want to be happy in my own skin...
4/20/2014 4:11:43 AM,  4 COMMENTS

I wish i could be this kinda person again, to wear these kind of clothes like I used to...yet again I've lost who i am...conforming to an image that i...  Read more


Weigh in
4/19/2014 7:48:40 PM,  8 COMMENTS

I weighed in this morning at 445.8. Yes, I've gained weight. I ate 2 tablespoons of homemade no sugar, no salt blanched almond butter with about a cup...  Read more


Pedometer: FOUND IT
4/19/2014 7:44:54 PM,  3 COMMENTS

Thanks for all the comments on my blogs. I love it. I found that blasted pedometer by doing the laundry. Yes, it was on a pair of underwear (tha...  Read more


Happy Saturday and lost Pedometer again!!
4/19/2014 10:53:58 AM,  8 COMMENTS

Hi everyone and Happy Saturday. The sun is shining. It's supposed to get up to 52 today (yesterday it went up to around 65--yipee). Going over to visi...  Read more


Is guilt helpful?
4/18/2014 7:19:37 PM,  3 COMMENTS

Woof! I went on my first restaurant last night and did not do well. I ended up 350 calories over my limit. Very disappointing. I'm not sure if I...  Read more


True 33 of blogville
4/18/2014 3:20:50 PM,  6 COMMENTS

What a relief! On Thursday, the transplant team pulled out the foley catheter. Rose, the nurse commented: "You'll probably wish you still had this...  Read more


Happy Friday Everyone!!
4/18/2014 11:20:02 AM,  7 COMMENTS

Hi and Happy Friday everyone. The scale is holding, which is frustrating, but I refuse to focus on the scale--no really. I'm focusing on my food ch...  Read more


True 32 of blogville
4/17/2014 1:04:49 AM,  9 COMMENTS

“There is no cure for end stage renal disease. There are some very good treatment options though.” This was my first lesson upon being diagnos...  Read more


Week 31
4/16/2014 3:54:43 PM,  0 COMMENTS

Gained again this week. 1.4 kilos. Pfffffffffffft. I know my food choices haven't been the best, and I've been eating after dinner, which has alw...  Read more


I think I'm getting the hang of this.
4/16/2014 2:00:26 PM,  5 COMMENTS

If I want to stay on track, I need to stick to low cal meals that take awhile t eat, like artichokes. I'm also trying to slow down my eating by taking...  Read more


Stolen Grill Happy Anyway
4/16/2014 8:47:23 AM,  7 COMMENTS

Sometime last night my Weber grill was stolen from my back yard. I know someone in the section 8 rental unit took it because that is the only house th...  Read more


Technology Disorientation (would be a good title for a Big Bang Theory Episode!)
4/15/2014 5:01:40 PM,  4 COMMENTS

Yesterday late afternoon my MacBook Pro really started to run slow, so like all good technical folks I started running some diagnostics only to find i...  Read more


The spirit is willing, but the body wants ice cream and naps.
4/15/2014 2:14:21 PM,  4 COMMENTS

I'm three days into this diet business, and my body is not making the change willingly. I'm cold and hungry and sleepy all the time! I usually bound o...  Read more


Who Cares What the Scale Says Happy Today
4/15/2014 12:56:48 PM,  9 COMMENTS

Hi everyone and happy today!! Just wanted to pop on and wish everyone a good day no matter what the scale says. Think about your choices and the ch...  Read more


i 31..
4/13/2014 10:52:58 AM,  10 COMMENTS

True story: 5 days post transplant i am on day two of solid food. Walking an hour a day up and down the hallway ( in 15 - 20 min. time blocks), read...  Read more


i 30..
4/11/2014 11:35:59 AM,  9 COMMENTS

True story: The hospital came to get me at 6:00a.m. to get started for the kidney transplant operation. My last look at the clock before I was put...  Read more


Celery for Breakfast
4/11/2014 9:25:49 AM,  3 COMMENTS

I woke up at 3:04 this morning. I tried to go back to sleep, but couldn't. I was hungry (had another spell of not wanting to eat yesterday for lunch a...  Read more


Big Day For My Dad
4/9/2014 2:21:01 PM,  8 COMMENTS

A very big day for my dad -- he is moving from the place he has called home for the last 30 years to a nearby senior living community! He has been li...  Read more


Changed food range goals
4/9/2014 11:19:44 AM,  7 COMMENTS

I just changed my calorie intake goals based on what I learned to the amount of food I should be eating. I logged in a lot of the foods for toda...  Read more


Week 30
4/8/2014 5:43:13 PM,  2 COMMENTS

Wow, 30 weeks. Kind of makes me feel more depressed. I feel like I should have lost a lot more weight than I have by now. Apparently I gained 2.3...  Read more


4/8/2014 12:57:59 PM,  5 COMMENTS

Had a great appointment with the dermatologist about my psoriasis. He recommended light therapy and prescribed some whipped butter type of cream...her...  Read more


Feels like a Monday...
4/8/2014 10:14:06 AM,  4 COMMENTS

Good news: Nice 3 day weekend and was able to recover from my trip to Arizona. Bad news: Tuesday is here, and I am NOT in the mood to work! Good n...  Read more


i 29..
4/7/2014 6:33:37 PM,  9 COMMENTS

True story: I received a phone call @8 this Monday morning a.m. The voice on the other end: "Sandra, we may have a kidney for you. I just have...  Read more


Eating too much all this time
4/7/2014 3:23:50 PM,  9 COMMENTS

It is worth saying again that all this time my nutritionist told me to eat between 2600-2700 calories a day, which I was trying to do, which was wrong...  Read more


BMR and BMI calculations
4/7/2014 12:58:59 PM,  6 COMMENTS

Today I discovered that I've been eating wrong all along. My BMR is 2716.
ator/harris-benedict-equatio...  Read more


No desire to eat
4/5/2014 11:46:12 AM,  6 COMMENTS

I'm not ill. I have no desire to eat. My stomach growls, but I don't want to put food in. Anyone else experience this? Yesterday, at lunch my sto...  Read more


For the Doubters
4/4/2014 7:53:29 AM,  6 COMMENTS

Go to:
ator/ put in my height: 5' 11" put in my weight: 450 put in my age: 49 Check female ...  Read more


Week 29
4/4/2014 4:02:06 AM,  2 COMMENTS

Down 900 grams. Wooo, happy about that. Not much else to report this week. My hopes of exercising in the mornings, before my son wakes up, have c...  Read more


The Scale is going up again! Yikes!
4/3/2014 8:06:31 AM,  6 COMMENTS

So the scale is climbing upward again. Yikes! Not to fear. I know I am doing the right things. I'm just not eating enough. It is really hard to get in...  Read more


New Level
4/2/2014 3:25:25 PM,  5 COMMENTS

I finally made it to level 12 and 15,000 spark points. I tried to make it to the new level in March, but fell short. Yeah for consistency and just sho...  Read more


Not an April Fool's Joke
4/1/2014 10:10:18 PM,  32 COMMENTS

Not my usual upbeat, creative blog today. It's a sad day for me. For today would have been my brother's 65th birthday. I...  Read more


Heading home...
4/1/2014 4:55:04 PM,  5 COMMENTS

As much as I have enjoyed the warm 80+ degree temps, low humidity, and great southwestern cuisine, I am ready to get home to be with DW and the puppie...  Read more


Yesterday's workout
4/1/2014 2:14:31 PM,  0 COMMENTS

Did my week 4 day 1 10k training workout yesterday. It was a tough one but I'm glad I pushed through. I ran the first mile with my dog, a loop from my...  Read more


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