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  • Today

    5/24/2017 10:05:44 PM, by PATRICE7384

    Today I found myself wanting to eat more than I know I should. I didn't though but fighting the cravings sucked. I did good though. I eat under m... Read more

  • Whata ya thunk 524/17

    5/24/2017 10:02:29 PM, by JVANAM

    Everything in moderation on the days that end in "Y"!... Read more

  • May 24, 3017

    5/24/2017 9:58:12 PM, by MUSICMOMOF2

    I see that Jawbone still isn't syncing up. Argh!!! It was a pretty good day. It was the last day of school, so the boys only had a half day.... Read more

  • May 24 2017

    5/24/2017 9:55:28 PM, by CBULLIS1

    Great day. Went to work not so fun. Then when I got off work it was finally nice enough ( after a week and a half ) to play outside. Had lots of ... Read more


    5/24/2017 9:51:17 PM, by TEESTER2

    Today, Brie and I returned to our gun cart project. We compete in cowboy shooting matches, each with rifles, shot guns , pistols and all the amm... Read more

  • Choir concert

    5/24/2017 9:49:12 PM, by SPARTANJAI

    And now I am tired! Night all!... Read more

  • Day 26 I'm the maniac

    5/24/2017 9:47:21 PM, by NAPPY2HAPPY

    Just like Sponge Bob Square Pants realized he was the menace in the classic episode "Hall Monitor," I today realized I was the snack pushing fatt... Read more

  • Take A Leap-I Did

    5/24/2017 9:46:48 PM, by H2JOURNEY

    I struggle to complete goals when it comes this healt... Read more

  • Making use of a rainy day

    5/24/2017 9:45:36 PM, by PROVERBS4SEVEN

    Rainy and gray outside today, so I got to work inside... Read more

  • Ok day

    5/24/2017 9:44:33 PM, by DLCHIK

    It was an ok day. I need lots of prayers. Got to take my daughter to an eye specialist. Her optic nerves are not the way they should be. Then I f... Read more

  • Day was pretty good.

    5/24/2017 9:33:29 PM, by JUSTA123

    Well, today was really windy and stormy, managed to get my goals in, even though I didn't have much sleep last night, hopefully tonight will be b... Read more

  • Day 671 - Conflict

    5/24/2017 9:32:00 PM, by DEXSUNFIRE79

    I feel a great conflict between loving who I am now and yet wanting to change. How can I love myself and desire to improve myself at the same tim... Read more

  • Counting my blessings

    5/24/2017 9:19:38 PM, by CHRIS3874

    We went from a rather hot day yesterday to rainy and cool all day today. Had a bunch of branches fall off of the tree in the back. Still better o... Read more

  • Wednesday!

    5/24/2017 9:16:36 PM, by CINDY247

    Went to see my cute Doctor today! I'm healing nicely but I still have to take it easy - meaning low intensity workouts till next Tuesday! ... Read more

  • Beating step goal

    5/24/2017 9:11:34 PM, by KARENC69

    14,213 steps today! I was walking tonight to get my 1500 steps I needed to hit my 10k goal and also my 30 mins of activity. Hit the step goal ... Read more

  • Slow But Sure In Spite Of

    5/24/2017 9:07:11 PM, by AGEE1944

    On the mend and working to get back to full activity. Sometimes comparing current activity to past activity can be depressing. Sounds like cutt... Read more

  • journey to becoming a badass day 81

    5/24/2017 9:02:23 PM, by KASANNMIL

    Its Wednesday May 24, 2017. My publisher AKA my dad published my first book. I started formatting my second book in the same format as my first b... Read more

  • An afternoon with the Birthday girl

    5/24/2017 8:59:51 PM, by KEEPITUP4LIFE

    Today my beautiful mother turned 84 years young. WE spent the afternoon with her and then my sister and her family cam over and we all had dinner... Read more

  • How weightloss is stacked against us

    5/24/2017 8:57:51 PM, by RKOTTEK

    To begin with, I must point out that members of my Keto team seem to be enjoying at least short-term success in weightloss. Here is the link: ... Read more

  • Plastic Bags

    5/24/2017 8:53:06 PM, by SPEDED2

    Pray for Peace. ... Read more

  • DAY 50 OF 100

    5/24/2017 8:46:22 PM, by MSMAKEOVER

    DAY 50!!!! I made it half way through The Great Walk Challenge. I did 4 miles today. Thank you all for yo... Read more

  • An even longer night!!

    5/24/2017 8:46:10 PM, by ELLFIN3

    Bad stomach pains and going at both ends!! I am taking pepto! I hope this is gone by morning as I need to go with DH to the Docs in the morning... Read more

  • Evening oatmeal

    5/24/2017 8:36:36 PM, by JFAIT3

    After dinner oatmeal helps my perimenopause and metabolism. Sticking with it...even if over calories. Gave up the sugar and coconut oil that I us... Read more

  • Wednesday update

    5/24/2017 8:26:03 PM, by JCOLEMAN15

    After all this rain............It's so gloomy. During the period of time that it didnt rain the hubs and I walked. I got over 15000 steps today... Read more

  • Day 2 work out

    5/24/2017 8:24:01 PM, by AGUSTIN10

    Wow only day 2 and i feel great lets keep up on working lol 💪... Read more

  • Wednesday May 24

    5/24/2017 8:22:44 PM, by KARLIITA13

    ... Read more


    5/24/2017 8:17:26 PM, by WHITEANGEL4

    Well I had lunch plans with a friend and my sister to have lunch and look around in the tourist area of Fernandina. We had lunch, but the storms... Read more

  • Two week update...

    5/24/2017 8:16:36 PM, by MSAIZ85

    Two weeks on SparkPeople. Absolutely love it. Very he... Read more

  • Sleep journal – 5-24-17

    5/24/2017 8:14:25 PM, by KASANNMIL

    I took a chewable melatonin tablet. I got settled in bed with my eye mask on around 10:40pm. I fell asleep at 11:15pmish and woke up at 4:05am... Read more

  • M.I.A

    5/24/2017 8:12:20 PM, by LMALSBURY

    To much has been going on in my home that i had to step away from the computer the last few days/weeks. My finals took a lot of my time wit... Read more

  • Sleep journal – 5-23-17

    5/24/2017 8:11:14 PM, by KASANNMIL

    I took a chewable melatonin tablet. I got settled in bed with my eye mask on around 10:40pm. I fell asleep at 10:55pmish and woke up at 5:40am... Read more

  • Busy day

    5/24/2017 8:08:05 PM, by AOKDIET21

    Hi Spark Friends, I had a busy day. I was up till 2 am the night before - so when I slept in till 9'am I was fine with that. Got paperwork and ac... Read more

  • A Stressful Day#4

    5/24/2017 8:06:52 PM, by MRSROBINSON30

    Today was stressful not from the dieting but from work. I work at a mental health hospital and today was one of those days that everything that c... Read more

  • Day 17 of 43: Summer Countdown Challenge

    5/24/2017 7:58:38 PM, by SARA-SMILE2017

    Daily Goals: 10,000 steps a day. Stick to my calorie range. No snacking after 7:30 PM. Read more

  • Never Too Late...

    5/24/2017 7:42:02 PM, by MARINGAL

    Just walked in the door, I have been in the city all day taking care of everything for my mom. I brought in tons of groceries, homemade cornbread... Read more

  • Day 94

    5/24/2017 7:41:21 PM, by GAIL_DEN

    I can't believe its been 94 days of eating healthy no chocolate, chips or pop. This week i only exercised a few days, work has been exhausting la... Read more

  • Daily Mindfulness: 5/24

    5/24/2017 7:39:14 PM, by DELFEL129

    What made you happy today? Making the decision to start my weight loss journey over. What made you sad? Looking in the mirror and s... Read more

  • My life

    5/24/2017 7:27:28 PM, by BIGRENTMAN

    Food is fuel ⛽️ thank you for your support... Read more

  • Wednesday!

    5/24/2017 7:26:53 PM, by YOYONOMORE1

    We've had a few sprinkles today suppose to maybe get some storms tonight, it's turning out to be a much rainier week than what I thought it was g... Read more

  • Jury Duty

    5/24/2017 7:11:21 PM, by DEB62BIE62

    So today I had jury duty, meaning I couldn't go to the gym. I got there before anyone else, and was first in line. So weird. I thought the bus wo... Read more