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  • Say Cheese

    7/23/2016 9:19:49 PM, by PARKERROSALIE23

    I had a fresh peach and a Fiber One Strawberry Cheesecake bar for breakfast! Those cheesecake bars taste great. I'll eat one tomorrow before chu... Read more

  • Too hot and tired to cook today

    7/23/2016 9:16:14 PM, by SCHATZISMOM

    I had Special K with red berries for dinner tonight. With almond milk. Sounds silly, I know. But I'm a person who used to have ice cream for d... Read more

  • Help for me and my teen son

    7/23/2016 9:13:18 PM, by KRAE68

    I have a 16 year old son that is overweight (he is abo... Read more

  • 7/21-23/16

    7/23/2016 9:12:29 PM, by LIZSPRINGSTEEN

    Here's a fitness update: 7/21: 7.41 total miles walked, 15 minutes swinging at the playground 7/22: 8.02 total miles walked, 40 minutes S... Read more

  • Sometimes You Feel Like A Nut

    7/23/2016 9:12:14 PM, by SHANTRA7

    Well, sometimes I'm just not feeling it or my body isn't feeling it one of us is like ,nope not today and that's okay. It's perfectly okay , I'm ... Read more

  • travel

    7/23/2016 9:12:02 PM, by ANNKRAN

    There is nothing like travel to make you feel like there is something more out there. It reenergizes you, enlightens you and if you are lucky, y... Read more

  • Almost two weeks!

    7/23/2016 9:11:07 PM, by ANGELAWMOMOF4

    So, time goes by so fast!!! Almost two weeks of tracking now, and trying to get some form of exercise every day. I hate to admit, but exercise ... Read more

  • My SparkPeople Journey

    7/23/2016 9:09:18 PM, by MSROZZIE

    There is no such thing as "all at once" on this SparkPeople journey to a healthy lifestyle. The journey to a healthy lifestyle is unique. U... Read more

  • My two week game plan.

    7/23/2016 9:08:48 PM, by MEGSIZE8

    Tomorrow is day 1 & I think I'm ready to do this thing to completion! I'm taking it slow & steady with gradual changes to diet and fitness. I've ... Read more

  • Frustration

    7/23/2016 9:06:12 PM, by LLSDOGMOM

    Why did i step on the scales today? I wasn't supposed to weigh again until Monday, but...... I was up a pound, and I let it torpedo my day!... Read more


    7/23/2016 9:03:19 PM, by SASSYFITCHICK

    Seriously I have never been so proud of myself. Yea this whole healthy and fitness journey has been very hard. But I have kept going instead of g... Read more

  • Hotter than the hinges of - You know!!!!

    7/23/2016 8:57:29 PM, by ELLFIN3

    It was so very hot today. We went to the store this morning for groceries and stuff! Then back to mow. I picked peppers, tomatoes and okra fro... Read more

  • I can't believe it! 225 pounds today.

    7/23/2016 8:50:27 PM, by INFLATED

    Breakfast Regular Coffee, brewed from grounds, 14 fl oz Truvia 1 packet 3.5g, 1 serving Butter, salted, 1 tbsp Fried Egg, 1 large ... Read more

  • Bust day of housekeeping

    7/23/2016 8:46:02 PM, by KEEPITUP62

    Today was far too hot to be outdoors and I had plenty to keep me busy inside. I cleaned house, started making salads for tomorrow's barbecue and ... Read more

  • Weight Watchers

    7/23/2016 8:41:06 PM, by ANDI571

    I will try and try again until I do it right. I joined Weight Watchers online this morning. I have been a life time member for years, but haven... Read more

  • as you did unto the least of these...

    7/23/2016 8:29:12 PM, by GRALAN

    Wisdom is wisdom, knowledge and science are all integral parts of who we are as humans transferred into the Kingdom of Light. However, it is some... Read more

  • Red curry calories.

    7/23/2016 8:25:19 PM, by WHITNEYLD

    I went to Columbus today to see a dear friend and my f... Read more

  • To late

    7/23/2016 8:24:09 PM, by IMUSTLOSEIT1

    It's late, I'm hot, sweaty, tired. So I am going to take a shower and go to bed as soon as GD gets home to take care of GGD. Not use to this bab... Read more

  • To late

    7/23/2016 8:24:08 PM, by IMUSTLOSEIT1

    It's late, I'm hot, sweaty, tired. So I am going to take a shower and go to bed as soon as GD gets home to take care of GGD. Not use to this bab... Read more

  • I need a nap!

    7/23/2016 8:19:59 PM, by CRUISEGAL55

    I am home from my most recent adventure.... Minus 1 Appendix. I am not in any pain. I am just plain tired. I didn't get much sleep ... Read more

  • The weekend

    7/23/2016 8:14:23 PM, by DANAPASSAGE

    It always starts out good. Sat get up relax and go to farmers market then go to Zumba and meet Ana to workout on weights. Really tired when i ge... Read more

  • Under the Sea ;-) 7/23.169

    7/23/2016 8:13:18 PM, by PDSLIM

    Think we can all use a reminder of the clear, blue, COOL sea today. Beluga digs Mariachi Band www.viralnova.com/whale-
    mariachi... Read more

  • just sayin' ... did I change my mind???

    7/23/2016 8:12:06 PM, by MTN_KITTEN

    Just got off the phone with BFF. We have been friends for 30+ years. We met when our boys were in kindergarten and they become friends ... and we... Read more

  • An even longer week and another short weekend(and my health is suffering)

    7/23/2016 8:10:36 PM, by AMETHYSTSTAR

    Another long, busy week and short weekend. We are on mandatory overtime and I have worked 25 hours of overtime this pay period as of today. I'm s... Read more

  • 7/23/16

    7/23/2016 8:10:10 PM, by RHOOK20047

    Had a wonderful day so far. I got up early and got my walking and exercise in before 9:00. We had 89 degrees at that point with 75% humidity. ... Read more

  • My Best Bud Sidekick...

    7/23/2016 8:05:18 PM, by SOUTHERNGRITS55

    Today is the Anniversary when I lost my best bud Al... Read more

  • Longhorn steakhouse is the devil

    7/23/2016 8:01:41 PM, by EMALIZY

    Omg I'm so full. I ate very little today knowing that I was going to eat here. OMG I am so full but did stay in line with my daily calorie and ca... Read more

  • Life

    7/23/2016 8:00:20 PM, by W8LOSSLADY

    After a couple of not so good months with my weight. ... Read more

  • Back on track

    7/23/2016 7:58:34 PM, by LEMONDAISY

    Yea! Finally back on track! I'm feeling good and doing terrific. I've changed up my workouts and having fun doing them. It's been a ... Read more

  • Losing weight

    7/23/2016 7:55:34 PM, by CANDYKISSES3106

    1 have started my way to eating healthy. 1 have lost 10 really feel good about that. The first week was the hardest. I started out with meal repl... Read more

  • Party self control

    7/23/2016 7:55:17 PM, by SHERLOCKED13

    Yesterday evening, my cousin threw a party. There was pizza and cake and junk food everywhere. I'm really proud of myself because I only had two ... Read more

  • Summer sicko

    7/23/2016 7:50:12 PM, by LSCHEIBER2

    I've had a bad cold and fever this last week so no exercise or logging. and the week before I had a family reunion at my house. No logging but l... Read more

  • jokes and summer exercises

    7/23/2016 7:38:01 PM, by CANDOK1260

    Our blog for this week for our BSG challenge is: How does exercise differ for you during the hot summer days? What is a favorite summer activity... Read more

  • ABC Song

    7/23/2016 7:35:22 PM, by SPEDED2

    ďAn eye for an eye will only make the whole world... Read more

  • Day 252

    7/23/2016 7:34:41 PM, by SPARTANJAI

    Hit the garden early this morning to avoid the heat. Spent the rest of the day cleaning and doing laundry. Raccoons are getting over the fence ... Read more

  • Tonsillectomy

    7/23/2016 7:31:15 PM, by OFFONPLUTO

    I need help. I'm 33 and I started my journey to lose weight 2 weeks before i got my tonsils out. The day of the surgery i weighed myself... that ... Read more

  • My carrots

    7/23/2016 7:30:36 PM, by CSMOLKO0

    Pulled first row of carrots. Now time to can them... Read more

  • Lovely gentle rain

    7/23/2016 7:28:25 PM, by JO88BAKO

    This morning we had clouds and a lot of thunder, but no rain. This afternoon we got clouds, thunder and then if finally rained. It was a nice gen... Read more

  • Family

    7/23/2016 7:24:20 PM, by LEILAMH19

    So my first 3 days were really good! I stuck within my cal range and didn't even think about going over. But it's gotten harder now that I told m... Read more

  • Addicted!

    7/23/2016 7:24:11 PM, by TYLFAMILY

    Today's feature "6 Ways to Fight Food Addiction" by Dr Pamela Peeke was very interesting to me. I am a sugar-holic. Pair that sweet with someth... Read more