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  • Catching up

    8/21/2016 11:12:20 PM, by SCHATZISMOM

    DH and I had a wonderful time at the beach the other day. I went in the water for about an hour and he sat on a bench, lol. Unfortunately, he i... Read more

  • New Post

    8/21/2016 11:07:36 PM, by SWILLIAMS545

    I was asked about the scar on my chest at the pool the other day. I explained that I had a heart operation in April. While I was explaining thi... Read more

  • Relax Day-- A day of reflection.

    8/21/2016 10:59:32 PM, by ALWAYSPARKLING

    Today was a day of rest and I rested and relaxed with my mother. It was nice day with her. Just like in my previous blog, I did not eat three mea... Read more

  • Day 234 - Happy Sunday!

    8/21/2016 10:53:52 PM, by KALEWINE

    3 Things I'm Thankful For: 1. The freedom to worship God. 2. A beautiful day. 3. Reading... Read more

  • Don't give up

    8/21/2016 10:52:53 PM, by DGHAG66

    Being defeated can be temporary, giving up is what makes it permanent. Let's all have a great week with positive results.WE CAN DO THIS!!!... Read more

  • week 1 complete

    8/21/2016 10:49:36 PM, by MICKEY86X

    Okay, I was nervous i'd go over calories today. Temptation was very difficult to resist. stayed at my minimum range then went for an unexpected w... Read more

  • Today

    8/21/2016 10:47:00 PM, by FUNNYFACE101002

    Today I did ok. I'm trying to accept it. I stayed within my calories but I ate more calories than I burned in exercise. I usually don't do that. ... Read more

  • Day 6

    8/21/2016 10:41:35 PM, by BRENTICUS

    Well I didn't make it to the gym today, though I did tour one that I am hoping to join with my wife. We went out and got all of the things she ne... Read more

  • Amazing day!

    8/21/2016 10:40:48 PM, by BEAUTY_WITHIN

    Hubby and I got all the grocery shopping done today, ... Read more

  • Week 2: Slumped back on exercise, but didn't fall of the food wagon.

    8/21/2016 10:40:29 PM, by TACOMALO

    The body is a strange thing. Didn't exercise at all this week. Last Saturday, I did a power lower body strength session...just squats and lunge... Read more

  • Today felt Sadness and Happiness for a friends son.

    8/21/2016 10:39:20 PM, by NORASPAT

    MY DH and I were asked to the cemetery because our friend died last year. Her husband and DH and I are friends with the couple till she died a... Read more

  • Back to School

    8/21/2016 10:38:05 PM, by CURA37

    Well, it's officially the last day of summer break. I'... Read more

  • Planning things out

    8/21/2016 10:36:59 PM, by PAISLEYOWL140

    From now until the new year Im going to plan out my week every Sunday night. Mainly just house and yard work and school work stuff I wanna do wi... Read more

  • Almost there!!!

    8/21/2016 10:33:13 PM, by LADYTETE83

    47lbs lighter and feeling great!!!... Read more

  • Seven Point Three Lbs. of Flesh

    8/21/2016 10:31:06 PM, by AUTIEJ

    On one of my recent blogs, SOUTHERNFRIED, asked the following (and I hope you don't mind me quoting you here, friend!): "...Did you ever have wee... Read more

  • Misfit Me

    8/21/2016 10:29:57 PM, by ROBBINSCABIN

    So. I've been unhappy about my weight since my youngest was born. TWELVE YEARS AGO. Despite my unhappiness and many attempts to get my weight ... Read more

  • Sunday

    8/21/2016 10:21:38 PM, by TERRI289

    Pretty mellow day...trying to learn a new song to teach and clean and watch the Olympics..a little scattered. DH got home early from work a... Read more

  • Pain

    8/21/2016 10:14:21 PM, by DSBRIDE

    Tonight was a bit of thunder and lightning with rain and electricity in the air. The nerves in my legs were so bad I could cry. I took all the ... Read more

  • A Little Update: Tracking Food, Premade Lunches & More Water

    8/21/2016 10:13:57 PM, by DISNEYLIFE

    Okay, so I'm beginning to track my food again.... ya' know baby steps. This week I'm just working on some dieter's habits and routines. Last we... Read more

  • Being Sick

    8/21/2016 10:12:58 PM, by BECCAJ98

    I love my husband, but I have to vent here a minute. He gets sick, it's 4 days of getting spoiled and me doing everything I can to make him fee... Read more

  • Let's get this party started!

    8/21/2016 10:12:16 PM, by B53747

    Thanks to my daughter I am trying out Spark People to lose twenty pounds by October. I've decided to cut carbs for the first time. I'm 49. This s... Read more

  • Day 394 - Back to Schoole

    8/21/2016 10:10:54 PM, by DEXSUNFIRE79

    The end is in sight. And by that I mean the end of the summer. I now understand why parents looked so forward to back to school time! Don't get... Read more

  • Sunday Aug 21.

    8/21/2016 10:08:47 PM, by KPARKER46350

    Well had a cortisone shot on Wednesday. Kinda feels ok but haven't done much to tell. Going to see tomorrow how well it worked for me. Heading o... Read more

  • Snack attack averted - woo!

    8/21/2016 10:06:08 PM, by AKELLY45

    Ok, so just a little bit ago I was hit with a major craving for nuts. Here lies the problem it's 10 o'clock at night. If I did that I would co... Read more

  • Friends

    8/21/2016 10:04:53 PM, by MEANBIRCH

    Need support! ... Read more

  • spoiling nieces

    8/21/2016 10:01:52 PM, by IMREITE

    took my nieces to a church picnic with my other sister. they had kids games and fun junky foods. there was a 50's theme so it was fun. saw a few ... Read more

  • Tomorrow starts a new journey

    8/21/2016 10:01:37 PM, by PARAMAGIC66

    It has been forever since I have posted a blog. I have been going to the gym regularly but my dedication hasn't been consistent. My weight has ... Read more

  • Weekend Was Too Short

    8/21/2016 9:59:40 PM, by MONTANAWALKER

    I have a million things to do before I leave for a mu... Read more

  • 8/21/16

    8/21/2016 9:59:05 PM, by RHOOK20047

    Had a great day today. Started a church. We have an African missionary for the next 4 weeks while our pastor is on vacation. He was quite fasc... Read more

  • Cool

    8/21/2016 9:55:23 PM, by DAWNJACKSON72

    It's great for exercising & mental health!... Read more

  • Day114

    8/21/2016 9:55:03 PM, by LIBRAWN24

    Another magical day at MK. I actually had a great day... Read more

  • Just getting started...

    8/21/2016 9:50:56 PM, by MISSIMPROVED360

    I've found myself back at my heaviest weight again and I would prefer not to see or feel what's it's like to weigh anymore. I am fairly active b... Read more

  • Beach Day!!!

    8/21/2016 9:50:20 PM, by PENGUINLOVER06

    Finally got to the beach yesterday, it was a lot of fun! The weather was perfect, the water was cold so that helped burn more calories! Though I ... Read more

  • R & R

    8/21/2016 9:48:48 PM, by GOIN4IT233

    Went back to regular job today after fighting fire for two days. Going to take it easy today. Trying to recover. Very tired.... Read more

  • August 21 Quote

    8/21/2016 9:45:14 PM, by GRAMMYEAC

    "Self confidence is the most attractive quality a person can have. how can anyone see how awesome you are if you can't see it yourself?" -- Unkno... Read more

  • 8/16-21/16

    8/21/2016 9:43:28 PM, by LIZSPRINGSTEEN

    I'm still here. I just keep forgetting to make a blog post each night! For all who are wondering, I'm still dealing with sciatic issues, but no... Read more

  • Post Surgery

    8/21/2016 9:42:39 PM, by SUNNYWBL

    Oh! the joy of sleeping in my own bed! My first full day at home and the joy of switching to a 'full' liquid diet ... Read more

  • Getting Back On Track

    8/21/2016 9:40:39 PM, by CINDY4JOY

    You know you've been off track when you're thrilled to only be 84 calories over your limit! Aaaggghh! I decided at the end of June that l could ... Read more

  • Exercise

    8/21/2016 9:40:16 PM, by LPNCHEFJANET

    As much as I hate to exercise I have been making it a priority to fit in some exercise each and every day. Today was busy so I went for a 35 minu... Read more

  • My life

    8/21/2016 9:36:37 PM, by JLAA33

    Had a great day with my family! Spent the day having nurf wars. Lots of running after each other. A nice bbq dinner with chicken and corn. Hope e... Read more

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