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  • Monday

    6/29/2015 10:41:43 PM, by WONDERGALE

    I made it out for my lunch time walk. It was so hot by the time I went out to walk, that I decided to cut it short. But I ended up walking 3.1 ... Read more

  • Got to Get my Walk On...

    6/29/2015 10:41:38 PM, by KATIE5668

    I have every year thought to do the WAlk for the Cure. ..and have not done so... This year am signed up..will do it and will finish... Read more

  • NSV's are the best!

    6/29/2015 10:40:11 PM, by LADYOFTHEFAIRE

    I was wearing my "fat" jeans tonight for something to throw on (the ones I wore all last winter because none of the others fit) and I just took t... Read more

  • Headache from hell!

    6/29/2015 10:38:09 PM, by LISAZO79

    MAN! Caffeine withdrawal headache suuuuuuuucks. Tylenol earlier made it just bearable and dull, but the headache came back full force at dinner. ... Read more

  • No video blog

    6/29/2015 10:36:41 PM, by TEMSLOVE

    There are no video blogs allowed via phone and it makes me grumpy. I could get around it, but that is more work then it's worth. The update was ... Read more

  • Oops

    6/29/2015 10:32:25 PM, by SUGAHBUTT

    Well today was eventful. I have runners knee (hilarious because I'm not known for running anywhere!) and so I get ketamine injections (which hur... Read more

  • July 29 - June 2015 Luau 5K - 7th 5K of 2015!

    6/29/2015 10:31:28 PM, by SUCCESSN2015

    STATS: 5K completed on treadmill at Planet Fitness Finished in 65 minutes HRM: 452 calories burned Read more

  • Challenges

    6/29/2015 10:21:59 PM, by STRONGDJ

    The Challenges are good for me... I used to do the 5% challenge and the Biggest Loser challenge. I've done a squat challenge, plank challeng... Read more

  • Am I a Sage?

    6/29/2015 10:15:14 PM, by IOWARHINO

    I have a new friend in my life. Not sure if she is... Read more

  • Day 180: No More Judging (quotes)

    6/29/2015 10:11:02 PM, by GLAMNGLOWDIVA

    "There comes a time in your life, when you walk awa... Read more

  • Lessons Learned: Life After Birthday Weekend!

    6/29/2015 10:08:03 PM, by JESSICA-EVA-MAY

    Songbird's vacation lessons learned really inspired me! Congrats by the way for maintaining over your Vacation. That is quite the accomplishmen... Read more

  • 80.0 Mile Ride Around Stillwater, MN

    6/29/2015 10:06:03 PM, by MNCYCLIST

    Last week I enjoyed a great ride in the Stillwater MN area from the Wild River State Park down to the city, up to the Gateway Trail, back to Stil... Read more

  • Monday Pun Fun =)

    6/29/2015 10:05:04 PM, by GAYLE-G-63

    ... Read more

  • No Weight Loss This Week

    6/29/2015 10:01:19 PM, by SHELLYBELLY21

    Some weeks are just like that I guess. Honestly, it was not my best week for eating. I went over my calories by about 200 a few days and as a ... Read more

  • Another Day‚Ķ

    6/29/2015 9:59:30 PM, by NEWBIRTH2014

    Third day in a row that I can stip Turbo Jam, so I'll just plunk in a Richard Simmons DVD and Leslie Walking DVD. Total Steps... Read more

  • Good day

    6/29/2015 9:48:39 PM, by MLYONS2003

    Today I managed to get my morning walk in before it got too hot. Thankfully it rained yesterday and cooled things back down to normal. My dogs su... Read more

  • mon humor

    6/29/2015 9:48:34 PM, by MRSCLARK

    I actually got on the scale this morning and was no... Read more

  • Monday night

    6/29/2015 9:41:09 PM, by TERRI289

    It was a busy day...Taught Zgold, took the Zumba class after, and then the Tabata core class. I felt good, got a quick lunch, then did a little f... Read more

  • Monday

    6/29/2015 9:38:38 PM, by SPARKLE1908

    Super busy today at work...glad it's a short work week! About to eat and then relax with my boyfriend... Hope you had a great day! TTY... Read more

  • Day 13 and 14

    6/29/2015 9:38:15 PM, by KLEM2015

    Staying on track with not eating fast food and half way to my mini goal. I've been walking each day but have yet to get my walk in today. My go... Read more

  • Marvelous Monday

    6/29/2015 9:34:22 PM, by KNEEMAKER

    Monday, June 29, 2015 ... Read more

  • Monday's Words to Ponder

    6/29/2015 9:34:18 PM, by JUDY1676

    ... Read more

  • Marty Robbins

    6/29/2015 9:33:36 PM, by CHRIS3874

    I had one song i used to listen to as a YOUNG kid - El Paso by Marty Robbins- even back then ( aged 5 or so ) I was struck by the sadness and po... Read more

  • Keeping Busy

    6/29/2015 9:31:48 PM, by BMCC488

    Once again last night I felt motivated and did a Leslie Sansone workout before going to bed. This time I did five miles though. Besides my mom sc... Read more

  • Day 3 and feeling great

    6/29/2015 9:28:55 PM, by SKOOKEN

    today was day 3 of the challenge and my 21 day fix, i am feeling great and so focused. I have drank over 132 oz of water and got in my work out... Read more

  • Laughable Expert

    6/29/2015 9:26:49 PM, by MCJULIEO

    My wonderful mother thinks I'm a computer genius!!!! Hilarious, right?? I think so.... But, and here's the critical thought: While I am, b... Read more

  • spark goodies

    6/29/2015 9:26:06 PM, by TGOTCHER

    I didn't know that you can have a note under a spark goodie given to you. I have had some since 2008 and I never read them. I feel so bad and I'm... Read more

  • Addicted to Fit - 2

    6/29/2015 9:21:36 PM, by WITCHINWOMAN

    Got up at 4:30 this morning and hit the gym. It was awesome, actually gave me an extra 20 minutes or so. Upper body is usually kind of boring for... Read more

  • It feels surreal

    6/29/2015 9:18:34 PM, by BECWAL

    I hit the 80 pound mark and only 10 more pounds I'll be saying good bye to the 200s. I'm working on the next pound with the tears just wont stop... Read more

  • We are a house with 4 rooms.

    6/29/2015 9:18:33 PM, by PJDANIELS

    I absolutely love this. It is exactly what I fina... Read more

  • Day 3 of my 5% challenge

    6/29/2015 9:15:13 PM, by SUNFLOWERGAL40

    I woke up this morning with a killer sinus headache as well as the earache. I decided enough was enough and went to the local quick care to get a... Read more

  • Examining my desire to munch out

    6/29/2015 9:13:30 PM, by PINKD333

    I went with HALT... am I hungry? No am I angry? No am I lonely? No (grateful to be alone) Am I tired. Absolutely! So instead of eating and b... Read more

  • Getting back to basics

    6/29/2015 9:12:02 PM, by ZANDASMOM1

    I have had such wonderful success here at spark. Lost a ton of weight. Became a runner. Ran two half marathons. A ten miler. Numerous 10 and 5 k... Read more

  • Finally...Slow Start

    6/29/2015 9:00:42 PM, by RERUIZ

    Ok, so I started this page about a week ago. But, didn't really start doing anything until Saturday. Seems life likes to make things very diffi... Read more

  • No Zumba today - Opted out...

    6/29/2015 8:51:08 PM, by ROBBIEY

    I love my Zumba class and I hate to miss it because it is only one day a week. I opted out today because the location was changed from the gym t... Read more

  • Knee

    6/29/2015 8:48:42 PM, by LGOULDER

    My knee felt pretty good today - until I tried to go downstairs. Ouch. I have been wearing a knee brace all day and this afternoon I did my str... Read more

  • Summertime

    6/29/2015 8:47:13 PM, by DESERTDREAMERS

    From "Porgy and Bess", 1934. Songwriters: GERSHWIN, IRA / GERSHWIN, GEORGE / HEYWARD, DU BOSE. Sam Cooke covered it in 1957 Read more

  • Cheryl Strayed quote

    6/29/2015 8:46:33 PM, by NORWOODGIRL

    Your ilfe will be a great and continuous unfolding. - Cheryl Strayed Kind of sounds like a fortune cookie ... Read more

  • Day #17 Post #2

    6/29/2015 8:45:26 PM, by TRAMEY6

    So today was not the greatest day in the history of eating. Wow, eating is really the tough part for me. A few sparkperson put me in touch with... Read more

  • Getting my Head in the Game

    6/29/2015 8:45:10 PM, by RANDERS33

    Have you ever had that one thing that kept you back? It kept you from having your head fully in the game? Today, as I sat at my parents home, I r... Read more

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