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  • Muscles

    6/28/2016 10:31:55 PM, by LISAR69

    I am starting to see muscles and love it.... Read more

  • Confessions of a Yo Yo Life

    6/28/2016 10:26:22 PM, by JCLAER

    Although I still refuse to step on the scales ( who needs that kind of depression), after a month of this, I can see a visible difference in my t... Read more

  • The way you want it

    6/28/2016 10:25:26 PM, by CREAMSODAGIRL

    I want to look good in this dress.I want to say my we... Read more

  • Great day

    6/28/2016 10:22:27 PM, by CWAYMAN01

    Lol my cloths all to big time to spend money... Read more

  • Calorie Concern

    6/28/2016 10:20:54 PM, by FIRECAT13

    I have been logging my calories since Thursday. I'm doing well, but what worries me is that I haven't noticed that I am eating any less than bef... Read more

  • New beginning

    6/28/2016 10:20:51 PM, by DEBBIEMC1111

    On my way to a healthier me.... Read more

  • Calories

    6/28/2016 10:19:09 PM, by DEWALTHALL

    Man it is hard cutting down on my calorie intake😨... Read more

  • Day 3

    6/28/2016 10:18:56 PM, by LISABL09

    Day 3 and I am by myself tonight and instead of getting fast food I went for a walk amd made a meal. Progress feels good.... Read more

  • Back to normal

    6/28/2016 10:17:54 PM, by SCHATZISMOM

    I walked today. I've never been so happy to wear myself out. I'm struggling though. I didn't realize that five days of not eating well could ... Read more

  • Tuesday

    6/28/2016 10:15:34 PM, by ARNETTELEE

    It's a great day....not much interruptions. Boss isn't here (he's on vacation) so there are not too much traffic in the office. That's really gre... Read more

  • Meal prepping!

    6/28/2016 10:14:57 PM, by SPARKINGMEGHNA

    Spent about 5 hours meal prepping today. Exhausting! ... Read more

  • Motivation

    6/28/2016 10:14:06 PM, by VANSRUFUS

    These 4 tiny humans keep me motivated!! And now that ... Read more

  • Weekends are the ruin of me!

    6/28/2016 10:12:03 PM, by MANDERS3681

    It seems like every weekend I get off course. I forget or don't have time to log my food and exercise. I just need more than 24 hours in a day, I... Read more

  • My hot day

    6/28/2016 10:11:09 PM, by DIVAJOY1

    Went to gym early instead of walking. It was crowned ... Read more

  • Day 3

    6/28/2016 10:11:08 PM, by KRISTIN9924

    I did another interval walking/jogging workout. I am currently doing intervals of 2 minutes of walking and one and a half minutes of jogging. I d... Read more

  • Once in a Lifetime

    6/28/2016 10:06:23 PM, by NIGHTSINGE

    I have not been fortunate to travel internationally... Read more

  • Day 65

    6/28/2016 10:03:18 PM, by LIBRAWN24

    Had zero focus today. Got up with no desire to do anything. I forced myself out of the house. Went shopping. I got a couple of new tops today and... Read more

  • Day 350 - Sun Poisoning

    6/28/2016 10:01:43 PM, by DEXSUNFIRE79

    I think my four year old daughter has sun poisoning. It's a fancy way of saying a really bad sunburn. She got burnt on our trip. Her shoulders pe... Read more

  • A Day in the Life

    6/28/2016 9:57:45 PM, by MARGO_U

    This is another BL Summer challenge. Go Black Panth... Read more

  • A New Me!

    6/28/2016 9:57:26 PM, by LADYLUK

    I know this is my second one today but I had some big news I just had to share with all of you. First let me tell you my background so you will u... Read more

  • Productivity

    6/28/2016 9:55:32 PM, by DANAPASSAGE

    Today was a very interesting day started with me trying a new yoga class. Loved it i guess i know what i'm doing tues mornings. It was suppost ... Read more

  • I rode a bike today

    6/28/2016 9:52:41 PM, by FUNNYFACE101002

    I have been saying I want to ride a bike come August. Today I got on the bike and rode. I went down our long drive way and up the hill. It was gr... Read more

  • My heart

    6/28/2016 9:48:35 PM, by SONIA_THORNTON

    This little one keeps me active!😊... Read more

  • My heart

    6/28/2016 9:47:09 PM, by SONIA_THORNTON

    This little one keeps me active!😊... Read more

  • My heart

    6/28/2016 9:45:40 PM, by SONIA_THORNTON

    This little one keeps me active!😊... Read more

  • Another Day at the Farmhouse

    6/28/2016 9:35:49 PM, by TOUCH_OF_GREY

    As an introduction, I will tell you that for about 2 years I've owned an old farmhouse in a small downtown in NE Georgia. It was built in 1904 &... Read more

  • Tuesday...

    6/28/2016 9:35:35 PM, by SPARKLE1908

    I missed today's workout but I'm on track for the rest of the week... About to go eat and get ready for tomorrow! Hope you had a great day! ... Read more

  • SP Community

    6/28/2016 9:35:34 PM, by DARCY-B

    I have spent some time perusing the SP Community today. Great people here, great support, and the vast majority of comments helpful. That's ... Read more

  • June 28 Quote

    6/28/2016 9:35:14 PM, by GRAMMYEAC

    "The most pathetic person in the world is someone who has sight, but has no vision." -- Helen Keller We're not in this group of people. We ... Read more

  • Day 17

    6/28/2016 9:34:30 PM, by 957910

    I have a better attitude . It doesn't seem like too much work to eat right and be active. Not so overwhelming ! And I can sort of suck my sto... Read more

  • Starting over

    6/28/2016 9:31:35 PM, by CHUDSON980

    I am starting over! I've fallen off the wagon and it took some time to get back up, but I'm here! I had a beautiful baby girl in Sept 2015. She ... Read more

  • He Got An A+

    6/28/2016 9:28:22 PM, by PATRICIAANN46

    Students in an advanced Biology class were taking their mid-term exam. The last question was, "Name seven advantages of Mother's Milk. The ques... Read more

  • Short blog!

    6/28/2016 9:24:57 PM, by ELLFIN3

    I had a busy day at work. My Sister called She got a letter saying Her hearing on Her disability will be September 21. WooHoo!! Then this even... Read more

  • Starting over!

    6/28/2016 9:24:31 PM, by SHEALEIGHW

    OK so back in January my husband and I started going to the gym and watching what we eat. We were doing really well too. As of March I had lost 2... Read more

  • Maybe next year

    6/28/2016 9:23:00 PM, by UGGGGGHHHHH

    Lol... Read more

  • Variety

    6/28/2016 9:21:10 PM, by DYLANDERYN

    I'm a member of two GYM'S. The variety keeps me from getting bored.... Read more

  • Tuesday!

    6/28/2016 9:20:25 PM, by YOYONOMORE1

    It's been a busy one, left home around 9:45 for an oil change appointment, while doing their check found some things that should be taken care of... Read more

  • Feeling Cold

    6/28/2016 9:18:47 PM, by CARDINALCANDY

    Moderate dieting always leaves me feeling chilled to the bone. Thank goodness it's summer! I already have my air conditioning set to 76 and my ha... Read more

  • Toe OK?

    6/28/2016 9:15:04 PM, by LOISLEL

    Well, I got ok from doctor about walking, but after running errands my toe was throbbing. Really discouraged. Still doing sitting exercises. Mayb... Read more

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