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  • SCALE - your reign of terror has ended.

    1/28/2015 10:29:40 PM, by DONNA_W

    The scale is a tool we all use to measure our progress. I let it get to me. If I loose weight, I am gleeful, if I gain weight, I get down and l... Read more

  • Meet the new family member and preparing to say good bye to another

    1/28/2015 8:56:44 PM, by FUZZYBEEZ

    Well I haven't been here for a while. I've been busy with personal issues. Also busy because I received a wonderful birthday gift this year....... Read more

  • Plans, Planes and Pondering

    1/28/2015 8:37:22 PM, by _LINDA

    My first plan is to stop procrastinating and get busy booking a trip or two. Mom suggested going to Las Vegas with my brother and his son. His... Read more

  • Projects underway - feeling more alive

    1/28/2015 8:27:35 PM, by SBECKER526

    Today I resolved to get to my computer. I have a report to my friends on the Board of Directors due Friday. I got most of my information today.... Read more

  • Today I'm 40.

    1/28/2015 2:04:07 PM, by ANGRITTER

    And about 40 pounds away from my goal as well. I looked at my weight tracker & it says I should be 212 today. I think I'm gonna erase that suck... Read more

  • Appreciating Kindness of Friends

    1/27/2015 8:58:30 PM, by SBECKER526

    Today almost overwhelmed me with kindness. The caring and compassion of two friends really touched my heart. One friend offered... Read more

  • A small success?

    1/27/2015 7:43:51 AM, by BEACHWEAR

    So I thought I would step on the scale this morning again just to see what is going on. Down 2 pounds. I should be estatic but in reality I'm t... Read more

  • Watching the storm

    1/26/2015 11:34:09 AM, by SBECKER526

    I am watching the storm along with Snaggles, the cat. We like the front window to see people, birds, and animals. Yesterday Snaggles had a cat ... Read more

  • Frustrated

    1/26/2015 8:01:27 AM, by BEACHWEAR

    A new week and still the same weight. I think the medication that I started on is not allowing me to lose any weight. I can step on the scale 3... Read more

  • Help! Need Canoe!

    1/26/2015 12:46:25 AM, by _LINDA

    Started out my morning with my favorite activity, working out, decided to push on the elliptical with intervals. Was 40 minutes along when*SNAP... Read more

  • Making small steps of progress

    1/25/2015 10:50:06 AM, by SBECKER526

    It is often difficult to be a caregiver when I am recovering from surgery. I must really set priorities. I can take care of my husband's meds, ... Read more

  • 30 day check in, plus one

    1/25/2015 9:07:26 AM, by GRATEFUL_MOM_3

    Today is actually my 31st day tracking my food, water and exercise. It just occurred to me that I would like to check in and reflect every 30 da... Read more

  • Workout Work-A-Day

    1/24/2015 7:53:16 PM, by _LINDA

    It was time I started organizing in ernest the transfer of materials to the new club manager. I had accumulated a lot of outdated material and a... Read more

  • My 100 days of exercising!!

    1/24/2015 12:42:42 PM, by --MAY--

    Hello all, Today. I have rebounded 15 minutes!, I love the. Interval Timer on my IPAD And Hula-Hooped 15 minutes, and one minute in the oppo... Read more

  • I Am Free!

    1/22/2015 9:17:47 PM, by _LINDA

    Its official. February 1st there is a new club manager to take over my position! I have to fully train him first of course, before he can actua... Read more


    1/22/2015 9:06:45 AM, by JANNY316

    It has been such an inspiration to be on this site and with the teams that I am involved in. It is hard when you do feel alone and are strugglin... Read more

  • Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!

    1/21/2015 4:26:20 PM, by _LINDA

    I started off my morning with my favorite routine, exercise. I enjoyed a low impact 35 min DVD, then switched to online videos. I discovered a ... Read more

  • Recovery Underway

    1/21/2015 10:29:13 AM, by SBECKER526

    I'm looking in the mirror and wondering how things happened so fast! I was preparing for my CT scan and taking those wonderful drugs... Read more

  • 2 days down...

    1/21/2015 9:58:31 AM, by ANGRITTER

    After walking the past two days, today is a big fat question mark (?)! I may have bit off more than I can chew by starting to shave Jacko. His ... Read more

  • Streaks and Goals Success

    1/21/2015 9:39:04 AM, by DONNA_W

    Today I noticed that I have 60 day streak of logging in and tracking food and exercise. Also a 60 day streak of exercising at least 10 min a day... Read more

  • Ups & Downs

    1/21/2015 9:15:11 AM, by BKWERM

    Downer - The Linkin Park/Rise Against concert that I was looking forward to going to and for which I've had tickets since November has been cance... Read more

  • Update On Me

    1/20/2015 2:44:18 PM, by SEATTLE58

    Hello everyone and here I am, still plugging along and not giving up, just as my motto says. I had my total knee replacement on Dec. 15th, and a... Read more

  • Trying to pick myself up

    1/20/2015 12:06:26 PM, by JANNY316

    I am trying very hard to stay positive and pick myself up right now. My RA is not letting this be an easy process. But, with all the kind words... Read more

  • 190 Fitness Minutes!

    1/20/2015 12:58:24 AM, by _LINDA

    Ran an easy game, came home and napped for an hour, then started working out. I had some niggling little injuries, so stuck with low impact work... Read more

  • My First Steps of 2015!!

    1/19/2015 6:49:53 PM, by ANGRITTER

    I am aware that I've been taking small steps inside the house without my wallet, and I've also been doing a tiny bit of Spring cleaning. But tod... Read more

  • Algebra, the bane of my existance.

    1/19/2015 4:40:42 PM, by ECHOJULIET

    Today I spend 2.5 hours tutoring my Hubs in Algebra. I am fairly good at algebra, however he has one of those 'hyper analytical' minds that needs... Read more

  • later

    1/18/2015 2:45:34 PM, by DEDICATED2HIM

    In case you were wondering how on earth I lost five pounds in three days --I did it by jogging. Jogging back and forth from the bathroom to eit... Read more

  • A new day

    1/18/2015 1:58:52 PM, by FABGRAMMA

    Good morning it's a new day, I have been logging into SP everyday, I have not walked everyday as I said I would, but managed to get the 1 mile ... Read more

  • Whew!

    1/17/2015 7:09:47 PM, by _LINDA

    I started off the morning doing a 60 minute Zumba DVD, followed by a 50 minute Boxercise (with weights) and then showered. I managed to cut and ... Read more

  • Three Appointments

    1/16/2015 12:53:19 AM, by _LINDA

    First up was the spinal surgeon. He did a thorough head to neck examination, then sent me for X-Rays. He concluded the changes in my spine are ... Read more

  • This is how I am reaching my goal...

    1/15/2015 5:29:44 PM, by ECHOJULIET

    Yesterday, a gentle soul asked how I am planning on losing weight, so I thought I would post the plan here. Eating Plan 1. Eating 5x/da... Read more

  • Time related goal

    1/14/2015 8:35:02 PM, by ECHOJULIET

    I am thinking about making a time related goal. I will lose 12 pounds by Tuesday, Feb 25. That is 2# a week. In my mind I should be a... Read more

  • Rewards of exercise

    1/14/2015 7:38:57 PM, by DONNA_W

    At the suggestion of SP I had make a reward system for my progress: Massage - for every month I exercise every day for at least 10 min. Facia... Read more

  • Wow

    1/14/2015 1:53:33 PM, by FABGRAMMA

    Well hello again, looks like its been a long time since I blogged, well decided it's enough self pity time and get myself back into action. I ret... Read more

  • Addendum to Yesterday's Blog

    1/14/2015 11:58:46 AM, by _LINDA

    I was bullied in elementary school for being different, a gimp, ugly, the usual, but I did have one friend who I hung around with throughout my y... Read more

  • Doctor Visit

    1/13/2015 7:03:46 PM, by ECHOJULIET

    In 3 months I did put on weight, not that I didn't expect it. It is what it is. I did tell him of the depression and how the trip out of town wen... Read more

  • So Incredibly Sad

    1/13/2015 5:34:24 PM, by _LINDA

    I was playing with my bridge mentor Barb today. 21 years ago I came into the club not having a clue about bridge. After taking the lessons, the... Read more

  • Keep Pushing

    1/13/2015 12:27:48 AM, by PEYTKAM

    I am at day 12 and I need to remind myself to keep pushing. It is so easy to go off the rails. Here's to a strong day 13! ... Read more

  • 2 years ago.......

    1/12/2015 10:46:43 AM, by UMBLAH21

    2 years ago I weighed 255 pounds, my all time high weight. I remember feeling terrible and looking terrible. I started Spark January 2013 and lea... Read more

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