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  • The Nerve of Him

    6/28/2016 10:51:14 PM, by MRSPATM1

    So my hubby went to KC, MO to see Cardinals against the Royals. He gets back and text me I'm home if you care. I'm like really dude you don't cal... Read more

  • Girl time! blarg!

    6/28/2016 3:31:46 PM, by DIAMONDTEAR

    Felt it coming yesterday, thankfully today is so nice and chilly~~~ had cereal and 2 protein shakes today :) Proud of myself! No exercise un... Read more

  • Another rough day

    6/28/2016 2:52:53 PM, by MRSPATM1

    I think when I'm feeling well that I stay put because... Read more

  • Day 1661- Would It Help?

    6/28/2016 2:32:09 PM, by BOBCATGIRL76

    First, I'm not entirely sure that I haven't already blogged about this, and I don't have the time to go back and read through my past few months,... Read more

  • Restart!

    6/28/2016 3:55:37 AM, by MILDREDZ

    About a month and a half ago my grandmother passed away. I had just gotten back from being out of state for a week and not working out. The next ... Read more

  • Day 1660- Going Into Hiding

    6/27/2016 11:10:21 AM, by BOBCATGIRL76

    Hi everyone. I'm not really going into hiding. I just have things going on that I don't feel comfortable blogging about. I've spent the... Read more

  • Don't like myself!!!!

    6/27/2016 10:28:00 AM, by TONYA76

    I'm having a hard time liking myself. This year has sucked from the beginning. To start my boyfriend just up and left saying he'd be back but mov... Read more

  • June 27-July 3 Workout Schedule

    6/27/2016 8:43:41 AM, by MOMIN09

    Monday - BHT Tuesday - 4 Miles, Cardio Sculpt Wednesday - 5 Miles, Kickin It With Keaira Thursday - 4 Miles, Supreme Stretch ... Read more

  • June 20-26 In Review

    6/27/2016 8:42:22 AM, by MOMIN09

    I got 3 out of 7 days of workouts done. I am really going to work hard on getting 7 out of 7 this week. This is my crazy busiest week of the year... Read more

  • In my feelings

    6/26/2016 10:45:53 PM, by MRSPATM1

    Had a rough day today guess I did too much moving around yesterday because I was feeling a little better. Having severe back pain, my stomach was... Read more

  • Less hungry

    6/26/2016 12:19:00 PM, by DIAMONDTEAR

    about 1200 calories consumed yesterday with bread, butter, 0.125cup of white cheddar noodles, and then with a banana strawberry smoothie. d... Read more

  • made a veggie juice...

    6/24/2016 3:40:36 PM, by DIAMONDTEAR

    now I know why people juice... makes them NOT want to eat xD this is nasty, but so low in calorie lmao omg... chai tea on the side... maybe ... i... Read more

  • HAH, interview, you're funny!

    6/24/2016 12:13:44 PM, by DIAMONDTEAR

    Office interview yesterday: "You can expect a call from us sometime this up coming week" Got home... bit later, voicemail.. Kroger, mostly a... Read more

  • Just Too Much

    6/24/2016 6:39:56 AM, by MRSPATM1

    Insurance companies are something else. They think they are smarter than a 5th grader. Lol. They will pull out all the stops to keep from paying ... Read more

  • Job interview! Just got home

    6/23/2016 2:31:31 PM, by DIAMONDTEAR

    had 1-3 errors on each test (from how she reacted, pretty good), my typing dropped 3 pts (is at 67 WPM), i can come in at anytime from 7a-8am to ... Read more

  • Day 2

    6/23/2016 11:11:55 AM, by MRSPATM1

    I woke up about 3:30 am in some serious pain. I missed taking my pills in the middle of night and baby let me tell you that will never happen aga... Read more

  • Recovery Road Begins

    6/22/2016 9:04:58 PM, by MRSPATM1

    I was finally discharged today from hospital. I'm sti... Read more

  • Wednesday Weigh-in #1

    6/22/2016 12:41:04 PM, by CMCLAIRER

    Start weight: 276 lbs Week 1 (current weight): 268 lbs Loss for the week: 8 lbs. Total weight loss so far: 8lbs.... Read more

  • Hi there!

    6/22/2016 12:40:22 PM, by CMCLAIRER

    For a long, long time I've been obese. After a fairly healthy childhood, I chubbed up in my teens, and then in adulthood I got bigger, and b... Read more

  • Steps....

    6/21/2016 9:20:44 PM, by DMGUMAER

    Hit 13048 steps today I'm so freaking pumped ...... Read more

  • Job interview!

    6/21/2016 8:25:18 PM, by DIAMONDTEAR

    for a job I kind of want! Data-Entry, entry level position :) It's on Thursday and I CANNOT wait. be $10/hr and benefits... Roughly? Be about $36... Read more

  • Stuffed

    6/21/2016 12:37:28 PM, by DMGUMAER

    I have noticed through this 21 day fix that I am very full everyday. I honestly don't have room for junk food. And I also notice when I am not re... Read more

  • Day 1654- Another Car Accident

    6/21/2016 8:33:47 AM, by BOBCATGIRL76

    I'm okay. I'll start out with that. I just seem to have some bad luck lately. I went home this weekend for a memorial service for my ... Read more

  • Car Accident

    6/21/2016 4:05:18 AM, by MRSPATM1

    Well, I had the worse accident ever . On my way to wo... Read more

  • Change is Good

    6/20/2016 3:27:13 PM, by MAMAB3AR79

    So, I have so many changes happening right now that my... Read more

  • Baby Food

    6/20/2016 2:40:49 PM, by AMESLY85

    Has anyone tried the baby food diet? I have a mountain of baby food to use up, and I'm thinking it would be a good way to eat my fruits.... Read more

  • Cravings, and Emotions, and left over cake, oh my!

    6/20/2016 1:58:04 PM, by JPGSMOM

    I'm two weeks in, and today is the first really hard craving day I've had. I'm finding it so hard to resist that left over cake I made my hubby ... Read more

  • June 20-26 Workout Schedule

    6/20/2016 8:31:48 AM, by MOMIN09

    Monday - Cardio Sports Drills Tuesday - 3 Miles, Lean Abs Wednesday - 5 Miles, Box and Burn Thursday - 3 Miles, Yin Yoga Frid... Read more

  • well

    6/19/2016 4:48:29 PM, by DIAMONDTEAR

    woke to 3 eggs and some tatter tots from bf about 10-11am, shared some yogurt with rayne at about...1 or 2pm.... I was full first..... otherwise,... Read more

  • Wanderlust

    6/18/2016 11:48:20 PM, by AMESLY85

    I'm so stinking BORED. I haven't been on a real vacation in almost two years. Won't have the money for at least another year.... Read more

  • Meat...ugh yes

    6/18/2016 11:07:28 AM, by DIAMONDTEAR

    Had made crunchy bacon, giving the softer and fat pieces to my son (had to store away, he's full. he just wanted formula cuz daddy gave him nugge... Read more

  • 10 days and counting...

    6/18/2016 10:16:50 AM, by JPGSMOM

    Today is day 11 of my re-commitment to losing weight and being healthy. I'm feeling so much more in control of everything in my life since my la... Read more

  • Ugh. Sodium.

    6/18/2016 8:51:33 AM, by MOMMY2GENEVIEVE

    It's sodium. It must be. Please tell me it's sodium. ... Read more

  • 2885cals burned today...

    6/16/2016 5:50:36 PM, by DIAMONDTEAR

    house cleaning... 3.5hrs...and then another hr at another house.... after first, stopped, got a slurpee and a sub from 7-11 (550 cal), ahhh ... Read more

  • Tracker

    6/15/2016 9:10:41 PM, by DMGUMAER

    Totally surpassed my 10k step daily goal. I ended with 12404... I'm so excited. Down 6 lbs since May... slow and steady...... Read more

  • My final paper for Research Methods II

    6/15/2016 12:05:28 AM, by DIAMONDTEAR

    it?usp=sharing it's a copy, not the origina... Read more

  • Results - thank you!

    6/14/2016 7:27:53 PM, by DIAMONDTEAR

    http://bit.ly/1YpSzAC high results that having pets helped with depression - and also high in whether having pets or not, believed it did no... Read more

  • day 31... can I just... live on an island, alone?

    6/14/2016 3:13:25 PM, by DIAMONDTEAR

    so there hasn't been any mail for dani except for today... and I get yelled at cuz there was mail on it and she just found out she had a date set... Read more

  • Day 1647- One Bad Meal Does Not a Bad Week Make

    6/14/2016 3:08:19 PM, by BOBCATGIRL76

    Sorry for the absence. There is just a lot going on in my life right now, that I hope to share about soon, but can't right now. Nope, still... Read more

  • Back again.....

    6/14/2016 11:31:45 AM, by PHOTODUCK

    It's been about a year. And what a year. Shortly after my last post, I discovered I was expecting! It was very exciting. My family and I went... Read more

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