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  • One Month Wedding Anniversary! Our Tiny Tennessee Matrimony

    11/23/2017 3:11:36 PM, by SAMZA83

    Hello Sparkpeople, It feels like so much longer than a month since Thorsten and I returned to Germany from our Gatlinburg Tennessee wedding... Read more

  • Feeling hopeful

    11/11/2017 9:55:11 AM, by TONYA76

    Since I joined Weight Watchers I have lost 27.4 pounds which is 10% if my original body weight. I’m so excited and happy. The 230’s are right aro... Read more

  • 12 week Achilles Rehab

    11/5/2017 10:04:12 PM, by DRGONABFIT

    Hey everyone! I have decided to deal with my achilles issues. I am still working out on the Peloton (Did I tell y'all about that?) For the ... Read more

  • Yay!!!!

    11/5/2017 9:43:04 AM, by SAPPHIRE154

    I just weighed in! 4 lbs gone! Soo excited about the start of my journey!!!!!!!... Read more

  • Happy Halloween!

    10/31/2017 8:06:12 PM, by SAPPHIRE154

    I haven't tracked for several days, but I've been really busy with my new job! Today was day 2! They have a full service cafeteria where I can ... Read more

  • Having some fun!

    10/25/2017 12:43:39 PM, by SAPPHIRE154

    Getting ready for my mani/pedi! Really wanting to treat myself a bit cause I deserve it! I'm learning that i need me time!... Read more

  • again

    10/25/2017 12:35:25 PM, by RSCHIENH

    SO I feel like I am starting over again! Not really because I never stopped, just slacked off and stress got the best of me! SO I WILL lose these... Read more

  • The weather

    10/24/2017 11:05:00 PM, by SAPPHIRE154

    Today it has been about 50 degrees and rainy all day. After getting out and mpving around, I felt better but as I was getting the baby to sleep, ... Read more

  • Check in

    10/23/2017 11:13:09 AM, by KAYKOLARIK

    Weekend was good! Kept within my calories food wise and continued to hit 10k steps a day. I did have one beer sat and one beer Sun. Just wrapped ... Read more

  • No more diet Tea after 6pm!!!

    10/23/2017 10:54:48 AM, by SAPPHIRE154

    Good God i barely slept last Night! Hubby barely slept too. Watched Bengals vs Steelers and enjoyed my Tea! Still feeling wired now that i am up ... Read more

  • Back from vacation

    10/22/2017 5:30:05 PM, by C_FIT_GIRL37

    My family and I just returned from an 8 day vacation to Washington D.C. and it was such a great experience! I have always wanted to go and I am s... Read more

  • Tired of being tired!!!

    10/22/2017 9:50:12 AM, by SAPPHIRE154

    This is my third or fourth time I have been on Spark ... Read more

  • One week in!

    10/18/2017 8:26:04 AM, by KAYKOLARIK

    Goal 1- Daily yoga for 30 days. I adjusted that to have Sundays off. My body needed the break. So 30 days of yoga will take me 34 with Sunday's ... Read more

  • Day 2136- How Do People Do It?

    10/17/2017 6:50:42 PM, by BOBCATGIRL76

    I was originally going to title this, how do Mom's do it, then realized there are plenty of stay at home dad's as well. Yes, I am alive. J.... Read more

  • Hitting Pause

    10/17/2017 3:00:15 PM, by SUSANNA37

    My daughter has whooping cough and us adults at home have been put on precautionary antibiotics, too. DD is doing really well--she'll be five day... Read more

  • Weekend Update

    10/15/2017 10:25:35 PM, by KAYKOLARIK

    I'm very proud of myself this weekend. I kept myself in check. While I was a bit more lax with what I ate I still made sure to keep it in moderat... Read more

  • First 30 days...

    10/12/2017 10:44:27 PM, by KAYKOLARIK

    For the first thirty days I am setting achievable, realistic expectations. 1. 30 days of yoga with Adrienne to be done every morning. It's 30 m... Read more

  • Here we go again... and again.

    10/11/2017 10:15:22 PM, by KAYKOLARIK

    One week after my last blog post 271 days ago My step-dad passed away. He was like my dad. He was my kids papa. It was (and still is) the hardest... Read more

  • Feeling tired.

    10/10/2017 1:44:19 PM, by JESS0000

    Grrrr. If I keep going 2 steps forward, 4 steps back, I'm definitely going backwards. I know what I need to do. Of course, I've always known it. ... Read more

  • Almost is better than nothing

    10/9/2017 11:52:24 AM, by SUSANNA37

    It looks like I didn't quite hit 6000 steps yesterday. I thought I had! I would have totally done the last-minute sprints if I had realized! ... Read more

  • Fri/Sat

    10/7/2017 3:00:09 PM, by SUSANNA37

    I have kept up with my goal of 6000 steps a day! Today we walked around the town fair and I got my steps in that way.... Read more

  • Feeling Good

    10/6/2017 10:37:12 PM, by TONYA76

    So I joined Weight Watchers on August 13th. My ex boyfriends mom paid for me. It was a slow emotional start but it was the best thing I did. I've... Read more

  • On track

    10/5/2017 10:25:59 AM, by SUSANNA37

    A little background: the puppy we adopted unfortunately brought scabies (mange) home with her. So we are in the process of treating her for mites... Read more

  • Stepping Up

    10/3/2017 4:43:39 PM, by PS

    Someone I know is also using a fitbit and she told me that she wants to try to maintain a goal of 20,000 steps. My goal was 15,000. After that co... Read more

  • Second day in

    10/3/2017 3:52:04 PM, by SUSANNA37

    I reset my Fitbit for a 6000-step goal, and I met it again today! I took my dog out for a walk earlier. She's a puppy and not great on the l... Read more

  • Over a year?!

    10/2/2017 3:26:25 PM, by SUSANNA37

    I'm trying not to get discouraged by the fact that my last blog here was over a year ago! We live in Texas now and a lot of things have chan... Read more

  • October Goals: A rough draft

    9/30/2017 9:51:18 PM, by C_FIT_GIRL37

    It always amazes me how fast time goes. We have less than 3 months til Christmas and 3 months until the new year. It is not too late to make... Read more

  • Body Boss Review - Part 1

    9/27/2017 10:27:43 AM, by PS

    Friends interested in Body Boss but not sure whether or not to spend the money, I started the 4-week pre-program yesterday. I'll share my progres... Read more

  • Pacing Homeschool Mom

    9/25/2017 10:08:22 AM, by PS

    Ever since I got my fitbit my natural state has shifted from sitting to pacing. When my kids chat with me they pace around with me. They know tha... Read more

  • Stepbet-Starting Tomorrow!

    9/24/2017 12:16:05 PM, by C_FIT_GIRL37

    I am so excited to start our stepbet challenge tomorrow! I have done dietbets a couple of times...but they are very hard for me. Taking part... Read more

  • Wanted Subway, Had Stirfry and Fish

    9/20/2017 6:21:53 PM, by PS

    The other day, the kids were eating the rest of the leftover pizza (from their visit at their aunts) and after over 2 weeks of healthy eating my ... Read more

  • Great Morning

    9/14/2017 2:09:01 PM, by PS

    I woke up and the soreness in my legs that had me wondering if it was a good snoreness (from working out) or a bad soreness (pushing too hard) wa... Read more

  • For the Love of Reading

    9/13/2017 7:15:13 PM, by PS

    One of the things my family has missed since moving to a small town is the public library. We finally got an out of town membership! So this afte... Read more

  • Participating in the 5% Challenge

    9/12/2017 12:44:38 PM, by OXYGEN9

    This time, I think I am ready to make the Fall 5% Challenge a success for me! I've participated in a few of these challenges, but never with much... Read more

  • Coffee

    9/6/2017 2:10:15 PM, by DMGUMAER

    So I've said a million times I'm not drinking coffee anymore... still I get a cup 3 out of 5 days... I'm not really a fan of coffee... Any sugge... Read more

  • Day 2089- So You're About to Start Your First Whole30

    8/31/2017 1:23:01 PM, by BOBCATGIRL76

    I know a few of you, including you OBIESMOM2, are starting a Whole30 on September 1st. So I figured I'd give you my take on what you need a... Read more

  • Day 2088- Whole30 Day 8

    8/29/2017 9:24:47 PM, by BOBCATGIRL76

    Sorry I broke my streak. Henry has been having a rough time adjusting to his teeth, and hasn't been sleeping great, and when he finally went to b... Read more

  • Day 2084- Whole30 Day 4

    8/25/2017 9:52:11 PM, by BOBCATGIRL76

    This morning was Henry's 4 month appointment. And oh my gosh, a second tooth came in overnight! So crazy. He's growing just fine though he's on... Read more

  • Getting back to goal & Finding TOPS

    8/24/2017 12:55:36 PM, by LOSINGJESS

    Highest weight: 310 Start weight: 273 December 2016: 207 Current weight: 170.6 so I ended up gaining about 50 pounds back and have str... Read more

  • Day 2083- Make It Work

    8/24/2017 12:14:31 PM, by BOBCATGIRL76

    Okay, so how many of you watch Project Runway and know that phrase from Tim Gunn? Make it work. So today is Day 3 of Whole 30. I had the sa... Read more

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