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  • unwell

    12/25/2016 12:55:20 AM, by NASFKAB

    was just going to do my second set of exercise when started feeling rather unwell so sat quietly for 2 hours & feeling better but will not exerci... Read more

  • visitors

    12/24/2016 4:34:44 AM, by NASFKAB

    had guests for lunch very enjoyable time flew & still feeling great afterwards... Read more

  • Merry Christmas eve

    12/24/2016 2:31:00 AM, by IMREITE

    Will be and my parents most of the day. plaing with nieces and adult siblings.... Read more

  • Starting early

    12/23/2016 5:48:43 PM, by MWMS27

    I've learned to get my workouts in early before I make run all my errands. I knew I have to finish my Christmas shopping because I needed to sta... Read more

  • better plan

    12/23/2016 12:40:32 PM, by IMREITE

    had the day off. was a bit annoyed because i woke up earlier then planned. after being unable to fall back asleep, i woke up and did a 30 min low... Read more

  • quiet day

    12/23/2016 5:38:19 AM, by NASFKAB

    very quiet day for me as none even called me also did not call anyone on the phone so its so peaceful & quiet alone with my son & my thoughts... Read more

  • dont want to drive

    12/22/2016 9:29:30 PM, by IMREITE

    i hate distance traveling on the holidays.by distance i mean 60 miles or more to 1 place. my inlaws want us to come down on christmas eve - about... Read more

  • Christmas Comes Anyway!

    12/22/2016 10:58:43 AM, by _RAMONA

    Three more sleeps 'til Santa...YIKES! Unlike ... Read more

  • another celebration of life

    12/22/2016 10:11:32 AM, by NASFKAB

    went to a celebration of life of one of our most famous poet,dramatist/novelist it was so moving the wife spoke as did the son & many others... Read more

  • Ups and downs

    12/22/2016 8:41:56 AM, by MWMS27

    has been my theme as of late... I've been dealing with a head cold that won't let up; not eating 3 meals a day when I do eat something its been b... Read more

  • closer to time off

    12/21/2016 9:56:26 PM, by IMREITE

    I have vacation 12/23- 12/28. 5 days away from work. i am looking forward to catching up on sleep and being around family.... Read more

  • Getting brighter...

    12/21/2016 6:08:52 PM, by JUST_DEBORAH

    Winter solstice has passed. Days are no longer getting shorter. Brighter times ahead!... Read more

  • Christmas Week

    12/21/2016 11:35:44 AM, by PRECIOUSPEG

    I'm looking at recipes today, trying to decide what to serve for Christmas with my kids and grandkids. Needs to be something they'll actually ea... Read more

  • exercise

    12/21/2016 9:07:44 AM, by NASFKAB

    in the challenge today's exercise was a 25 minute video from Jessica Smith which was not at all appropriate for me too difficult so did some danc... Read more

  • dentist day

    12/20/2016 8:45:52 PM, by IMREITE

    had to get some fillings fixed today. the novicaine is worn off.my gums are a bit sensative. so soup for supper. easy on the mouth/jaw and the br... Read more

  • Humbling the Ego

    12/20/2016 5:54:25 PM, by CATARINA_CERISE

    I was challenged by a friend recently, saying that I was only seeing my own experience in a situation and that I needed to step outside myself an... Read more

  • pathological liar

    12/20/2016 8:07:14 AM, by NASFKAB

    how does one deal with a pathological liar my husband's niece for some obnoxious reason is going round saying the craziest things about me to her... Read more

  • eating veggies

    12/19/2016 6:02:56 AM, by NASFKAB

    eating different types of vegetables going by their colour & family try to have one from the mustard & other families & a green one every day ate... Read more

  • xmas at the farm

    12/18/2016 5:08:02 PM, by IMREITE

    about 60 people in the old farmhouse for christmas. not all the grandkids and spouses where there. but we had 4 generations. i asked my grandpa h... Read more

  • cousin's birthday

    12/18/2016 1:45:55 AM, by NASFKAB

    went to my cousin's birthday party yesterday very few pf us just her sister & one of her friends whom I have know since childhood but found so ma... Read more

  • quietish day.

    12/17/2016 9:33:47 PM, by IMREITE

    ok so i did not get a lot done today but i did get my workout in right away in the morning. and i did do some shoveling outside. i probable need ... Read more

  • What a Difference 24 Hours Can Make

    12/17/2016 11:32:23 AM, by LOVINGMYSELF101

    More energy. Optimistic. Just...happier. How? I have r... Read more

  • exercise time

    12/17/2016 3:39:59 AM, by NASFKAB

    almost time for exercise have to go walk about 25 minutes I must look for a cycling setup its so boring just walking cant go out because have iss... Read more

  • Never give up...

    12/16/2016 11:54:28 PM, by LOVINGMYSELF101

    ... Read more

  • countdown

    12/16/2016 10:20:24 PM, by IMREITE

    xmas parties start this week. we have activities and secret santa at work. i have my moms side on sunday. i like the brunch tradition. it is som... Read more

  • Rocky Wisdom

    12/16/2016 8:28:15 PM, by LOVINGMYSELF101

    Read this.... daily.... Read more

  • I have been lost, broken at heart... now I am ready to heal.

    12/16/2016 8:11:42 PM, by LOVINGMYSELF101

    2016 was not a good year. It was filled with my fathe... Read more

  • My Personal Holiday Tradition

    12/16/2016 7:57:35 AM, by WRITEMANN1

    My growing family has several, like most growing families, holiday traditions. This holiday season my three adult children send each othe prank g... Read more

  • daughter arrived

    12/16/2016 4:39:52 AM, by NASFKAB

    daughter arrived plane was late but good to see her again she has got pecans, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds & asked if I have almond... Read more

  • 3 options

    12/15/2016 9:38:11 PM, by IMREITE

    when helping my grandma and mom with holiday baking i debated on 1) keeping quiet and stay busy 2) distract grandma from irritatint my mom... Read more

  • Knowledge

    12/15/2016 2:57:28 PM, by MWMS27

    is power in the business of losing weight and becoming healthy. I'm learning that cheat meals is not an option for the first three months. That ... Read more

  • Starting point...

    12/15/2016 2:42:40 PM, by MWMS27

    Enough said... Read more

  • leftovers

    12/15/2016 3:07:41 AM, by NASFKAB

    just had leftovers but served in a way that they did seem they were leftover enjoyed my meal very much & the same at night in a slightly differen... Read more

  • another baking day.

    12/14/2016 9:58:53 PM, by IMREITE

    tomorrow i am making christmas candies with my mom and grandma. should be interesting. grandma and grandpa are still living at home but this may ... Read more

  • exercise timing

    12/14/2016 4:04:29 AM, by NASFKAB

    have to be careful that I exercise at around the same time every day & do it in the morning as otherwise find it hard to do so... Read more

  • I have exactly 1 month to do the most I can do

    12/13/2016 8:28:21 PM, by THEATERMAMA

    Exactly 1 month from today my husband will be coming home from 4 months in Africa. He left in August - at that time I had lost about 14 lbs, now... Read more

  • home early

    12/13/2016 12:49:57 PM, by IMREITE

    have pto to use so i can do some cleaning before my dentist appointment... Read more

  • Changes

    12/13/2016 9:02:01 AM, by MWMS27

    are hard but necessary if I plan to reach success... I'm headed to the gym in the hour, yesterday had my clothes on planned to go after an e... Read more

  • slept well

    12/13/2016 3:44:01 AM, by NASFKAB

    walked after dinner for 10 minutes & slept better than usual thinking of doing so every day so get the sleep I need so much... Read more

  • best time for weigh ins

    12/12/2016 9:11:30 PM, by IMREITE

    i have been going back and forth on this. when is the best time to weigh in? i think at night before bed is the best time for me because that way... Read more

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