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  • Today is day 1

    7/9/2017 8:47:27 AM, by JWALTERMI

    Starting my day off with positive outlook and a new begining. I know it won't be easy but I know I can do this!... Read more

  • cant get to trivia

    7/9/2017 1:19:11 AM, by NASFKAB

    cant get to trivia even now tried to go there but get get any answer right or wrong from there I am puzzled... Read more

  • veggie noodles

    7/8/2017 11:06:28 PM, by IMREITE

    i am thinking fo getting a spiralizer aka a spiral vegetable slicer. does anyone have one or use one?... Read more

  • funny thing

    7/8/2017 4:43:44 AM, by NASFKAB

    funny thing happening cant get my trivia post ti work wonder what has happened any advice?... Read more

  • enjoying

    7/8/2017 4:41:07 AM, by NASFKAB

    enjoying getting everything ready for them... Read more

  • one change

    7/7/2017 5:01:19 AM, by NASFKAB

    among the changes I was getting a/c installed now we find that one room where we want it is without an electric outlet so will have to wait til... Read more

  • new niece

    7/6/2017 9:30:49 PM, by IMREITE

    my sister had her baby. they named her amelia Susan. so much fun.... Read more

  • major change

    7/6/2017 6:18:03 AM, by NASFKAB

    now that the grands are here having a lot of changes done in the apartment so they are more comfortable... Read more

  • internet may work now

    7/5/2017 8:48:22 PM, by IMREITE

    we have had intermittant internet failures for weeks. the lst 2 days we were down for hours. i have been starting to try to do more work from hom... Read more

  • People with high cholesterol live the longest!

    7/5/2017 7:09:36 AM, by JUSTEATREALFOOD

    "This statement seems so incredible that it takes a long time to clear one´s brainwashed mind to fully understand its importance. Yet the fact th... Read more

  • fiber

    7/5/2017 12:53:06 AM, by NASFKAB

    eating more fiber is so important for so many reasons & the easiest way is by eating more fruits & vegetables enjoyed blueberries this morning & ... Read more

  • great day

    7/5/2017 12:21:01 AM, by IMREITE

    on the pontoon with my parents, swimming in the river and walking to the park (light exercise) with my nieces (points to being an awesome aunt). ... Read more

  • Major changes - now 13 months in and counting.

    7/4/2017 7:29:03 PM, by SHARK59

    I have been away from Spark for a bit however I still continue on a good imperfect path. I have lost 5 pounds since last September's blog. M... Read more

  • Consistency

    7/4/2017 2:07:57 AM, by NASFKAB

    One of the best ways to get healthy is consistency so necessary in trying for a healthy life it is a very important part of my day... Read more

  • closer

    7/3/2017 9:31:16 PM, by IMREITE

    closer to my sisters due date. new nephew/niece will soon arrive... Read more

  • fun

    7/3/2017 11:33:47 AM, by NASFKAB

    it was my 75th birthday today so had some family & friends over for lunch my daughter did most of the cooking & one of the dishes she made was ju... Read more

  • weeded

    7/3/2017 12:13:32 AM, by IMREITE

    veggie garden is fully weeded! tonight i started on the strawberry/rhubarb patch. i felt strangely victorious when i finished, i did not think i ... Read more

  • swingset almsot built.

    7/2/2017 12:54:26 AM, by IMREITE

    no we dont have kids, but we have 3 nieces and a new niece/nephew on the way. so we figure if we has a swingset it would ge t used. so my hubby f... Read more

  • easy exercise

    7/2/2017 12:25:09 AM, by NASFKAB

    doing different dance moves makes me fitter & is easy to do then there are so many different types of chair exercise like doing chair marching wh... Read more

  • Spark friends

    7/1/2017 8:24:44 AM, by NASFKAB

    Spark is such a wonderful site get so much from it specially the friendship & help we give each other when in trouble in a chat group I am in we ... Read more

  • do something else

    7/1/2017 12:34:09 AM, by IMREITE

    i got home was about to go outside and do some weeding. i changed clothes and it started to rain. mentally , i started pout. i was thinking i was... Read more

  • memories

    6/30/2017 1:31:17 AM, by NASFKAB

    calls from other cousins of my husband it was so good to be remembered also spoke to my cousin's wife & daughter he is very unwell & as he lives ... Read more

  • BROT

    6/29/2017 11:56:01 PM, by IMREITE

    Business Required overtime - rotten thing, and it lookw like we may have it all summer... blah... Read more

  • "The System" and Restraining Orders

    6/29/2017 1:06:27 PM, by CATARINA_CERISE

    Drama, drama drama drama drama! Basically, I've got an ex who has assaulted two of the guys I've dated since we broke up, refused to stop co... Read more

  • new way to do plank

    6/29/2017 5:52:46 AM, by NASFKAB

    watching Jessica Smith's video where she is showing how to do a plank with a chair cant do it on the floor so perfect way for me in my effort to ... Read more

  • mid week

    6/28/2017 9:54:19 PM, by IMREITE

    2 more days, and still have some overtime to do. but otherwise the hard part of the week is done... Read more

  • sad news

    6/28/2017 1:24:45 AM, by NASFKAB

    woke up to sad news my husband's aunt passed away it was cancer but may she rest in peace she was so sweet... Read more

  • chair exercise

    6/27/2017 1:21:04 AM, by NASFKAB

    so grateful that have seen these chair exercise videos in Spark as now i can do them & get proper exercise... Read more

  • day off

    6/26/2017 9:44:24 PM, by IMREITE

    slept in a bit, picked up my niece went berry picking then mexican restuarant for lunch. home for some cleaning, light exercise and a nap.... Read more

  • visitors

    6/26/2017 4:59:16 AM, by NASFKAB

    husband's niece & her husband dropped in for lunch they enjoyed the meal specially some veg balls we had made... Read more

  • good news for me

    6/25/2017 12:56:20 AM, by NASFKAB

    noticed that the comments on my last blog about walking 10 minutes encouraged me but I also danced for 15 minutes & stretched & today will do str... Read more

  • graduation party

    6/24/2017 10:16:34 PM, by IMREITE

    my cousins son graduated form high school. he is the oldest great-grandson so my grandparents were thrilled. it was a good day- no rain and they ... Read more

  • exercise

    6/24/2017 2:02:49 AM, by NASFKAB

    making my self get up & walk its only 10 minutes but for the last few days that I am doing it I feel so much more energetic & less depressed... Read more

  • finally friday

    6/23/2017 10:20:10 PM, by IMREITE

    let the weekend begin... Read more

  • I've been putting off stepping on the scale

    6/23/2017 9:39:22 PM, by HAPPY12009

    Yep, I've been putting off weighing myself because I knew I wouldn't like what I saw. Well, yes I've gained wait but I'm not going to beat mysel... Read more

  • childhood friends

    6/23/2017 1:35:03 AM, by NASFKAB

    was reading about some people who are still in touch with their childhood friends but sadly though I know many are still around we do not keep in... Read more

  • nap night

    6/22/2017 10:05:33 PM, by IMREITE

    got my oil change, took a nap. then cleaned kitchen and swept floor while super was baking. ok, i had frozen pizza, but now dinner is cooked, eat... Read more

  • Must be a test

    6/22/2017 10:39:33 AM, by JUST_DEBORAH

    So I have been working on keeping to a healthy diet- not too extreme, but benchmarks to keeping me honest with myself, like tracking food and mea... Read more

  • Why Coconut Oil Won’t Kill You, But Listening to the American Heart Association Might!

    6/22/2017 9:20:50 AM, by JUSTEATREALFOOD

    "Most nutrition research is based on epidemiologica... Read more

  • focus on health than losing weight

    6/22/2017 2:14:19 AM, by NASFKAB

    find that focusing on health rather than just losing weight is much better in the long run its not just diet that is important but being able to ... Read more

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