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  • Just a Yucky Day#2

    5/22/2017 9:02:17 PM, by MRSROBINSON30

    Yesterday was supposed to be a new day. I have to be honest I drove up to the gym and sat in the car. Maybe I was to tired to go in or maybe I wa... Read more

  • May 22 2017

    5/22/2017 9:24:50 AM, by CBULLIS1

    I've been doing well.. Not much exercise going on lately. My goal this summer is doing my mini exercise challenges that I find on pentrist( this... Read more

  • "Getting Away With It"

    5/20/2017 10:34:19 AM, by WATCHMEGO!

    So, I'm learning that I just really am not able to "get away with" off plan behavior anymore. I'm not talking about a bite of something, I'm talk... Read more

  • Conquering the sugar beast again!

    5/19/2017 8:53:10 PM, by JAVNMICH1969

    Well, well, well, the scale wasn't kind today but I'm not going to focus on that. I made healthy choices all day and this week of eating out is ... Read more

  • So much....

    5/19/2017 5:39:59 PM, by TANTHA

    So much has happened since I was last here. We had been living in Cali taking care of hubby's mom, she passed away and we moved home to Oregon. B... Read more

  • it' s friday

    5/19/2017 3:57:54 PM, by MOMMY445

    the long weekend here in canada has finally arrived! woo hoo! for all who celebrate, happy victoria day on monday. my daughter is looking forward... Read more

  • Weekend!!

    5/19/2017 1:16:06 PM, by STACYDICK1981

    I am so ready for the weekend to begin!! I will be in the gym tonight after my pedicure!! Tomorrow will begin with Zumba. And the rest of the day... Read more

  • Life is (really) not a linear process

    5/19/2017 10:59:57 AM, by MISSCATY

    For the past couple months, I have been going up and down the same 10-12 pounds. Yes, this is frustrating BUT it is a reflection of how I... Read more

  • Day 10....

    5/18/2017 3:25:32 PM, by LOVEKOLE17

    Had a rough night with my husband last night being so sick from all the tests. Up most of the night and still got up today, so tired. Ate bette... Read more

  • Today

    5/18/2017 3:22:00 PM, by KATIBUG49

    ... Read more

  • I'm not ready

    5/18/2017 2:36:35 PM, by CMALTZAN

    You know, I am not ready yet to lose weight. I know that losing weight will mean experiencing some major improvements in my life, starting with ... Read more

  • Need to keep trying

    5/18/2017 1:53:04 PM, by AZLYN1983

    So keep trying and failing again and again. Have new job don't mind it but hate one of my co-workers who one of her first comments to me was that... Read more

  • Your life will be what you make it!

    5/18/2017 1:21:40 PM, by NEED2MOVE2

    I joined this site in 2009. Since then I have tried many different weight loss menus. My weight goes from my lowest 168.6 in 2009 to 199 this J... Read more

  • it's thursday

    5/18/2017 12:44:06 PM, by MOMMY445

    i am feeling a lot better today. it is another warm and humid day here again and i am well prepared for it. later on today, i see my doctor and u... Read more

  • Reward offered

    5/18/2017 8:31:16 AM, by NEED2MOVE2

    Missing 20 pounds off my body Reward offered for it to never be found again! Excited and energised! ... Read more

  • Day two

    5/18/2017 4:13:27 AM, by APPLEADAY2010

    Plans for the day Continue with no smoking tablets and start to read the Allen Carr stop smoking 📚 book Get focused at work. Get on top of thing... Read more

  • Day two

    5/18/2017 4:12:58 AM, by APPLEADAY2010

    Plans for the day Continue with no smoking tablets and start to read the Allen Carr stop smoking 📚 book Get focused at work. Get on top of thing... Read more

  • Today sucked...

    5/17/2017 7:24:49 PM, by LOVEKOLE17

    Got bad news about my husbands health, I dont feel like doing anything but laying in bed and crying. I know that people have it worse but I feel... Read more

  • slow and steady wins the race

    5/17/2017 3:54:05 PM, by NEED2MOVE2

    -1 away from my first -20 lowest weight I have been in years.. feeling great! ... Read more

  • it is wednesday

    5/17/2017 9:25:32 AM, by MOMMY445

    a very warm,humid and sunny day here today. i will stay where it is the coolest while i recover from my asthma flare ups. i am seeing my doctor t... Read more

  • Day one

    5/17/2017 8:12:47 AM, by APPLEADAY2010

    Fit bit is on and I am going the gym tonight. I have a... Read more

  • When you eat like crap

    5/16/2017 10:11:00 PM, by STACYDICK1981

    When you eat like crap you feel like crap!!! That sums up my day!! No exercise was put in at all today! But tomorrow is a new day... Read more

  • it's tuesday

    5/16/2017 10:20:10 AM, by MOMMY445

    yesterday was a challenging day health wise for me. my asthma was really flaring up, no matter what i did. so i am glad i took the day off work y... Read more

  • Day 7...recovering from Mother's Day

    5/15/2017 10:29:57 PM, by LOVEKOLE17

    So every year, 6 moms and their children go to Melting Pot and we celebrate, no boys allowed. I have to say that cheating happened but I tried t... Read more

  • Monday

    5/15/2017 2:14:12 PM, by KATIBUG49

    Maybe if I keep saying this over & over, it will si... Read more

  • 5/15 workout

    5/15/2017 10:23:56 AM, by LR237787

    Swim: 200 free warm up 5x(free, 50 slow, 50 medium, 50 hard, 50 sprint) 2x500 free, easy/medium 200 free cool down Total: 2400yd... Read more

  • it's monday

    5/15/2017 9:34:56 AM, by MOMMY445

    my daughter and i had a great day yesterday! today, i am taking it easy. my asthma is flaring up a bit, so i am off work for the day. all of the ... Read more

  • Two weeks

    5/15/2017 7:33:40 AM, by STACYDICK1981

    Two weeks ago I sat in the doctors office talking to him about a list of multiple health issues that are all mostly weight related. That day I ca... Read more

  • Exactly one year with Sparkpeople!

    5/15/2017 1:01:45 AM, by JAVNMICH1969

    and to celebrate I ate over my calories today ha ha! But I don't feel an ounce of guilt because I know how to eat now to lose slowly and maintai... Read more

  • Day 5 at work all by myself

    5/13/2017 5:09:21 PM, by LOVEKOLE17

    Working today. No one in the office. Getting lots done and still fit in my 20 minute walk. Hailey (my daughter) already asked if we are doing ... Read more

  • Frustrated...but not giving up:)

    5/13/2017 2:23:52 PM, by JAVNMICH1969

    After a week of moderation eating 1600 calories, working out 5 miles a day plus the Coach Nichole bootcamp workout, the scale stayed the same all... Read more

  • Am I Hiding in My Comfort Zone?

    5/12/2017 11:47:15 AM, by KALISWALKER

    I watched The 44: Preliminary Contemplation and latched on to this. Am I hiding in my comfort zone? What a great question! Yes I can see there ar... Read more

  • Day 4

    5/12/2017 9:22:41 AM, by LOVEKOLE17

    I get today off since I work all day tomorrow. Looking forward to getting in my work out and my 20 minute walk and not snacking all day cuz I'm a... Read more

  • Update

    5/12/2017 5:16:22 AM, by ANGELDELINKWENT

    I am currently watching a horror film whose name I do not know. It was part of a bundle of films I picked up a couple of years ago for 3 of the f... Read more

  • Day 3 is looking good

    5/11/2017 12:57:36 PM, by LOVEKOLE17

    Woke up this morning feeling my muscles sore and actually smiled. Country Heat kicked my butt yesterday but between the 2 workouts and the 20 mi... Read more

  • Please Join Me - Mindful Openness

    5/11/2017 11:58:13 AM, by KALISWALKER

    Off and on I have followed the free zen habits that are emailed to me. Last night I signed up for a new free program. The 44 Training Progr... Read more

  • Wending My Way Back Up

    5/10/2017 8:00:01 PM, by KALISWALKER

    The other night we exercised in White Rock, British Columbia, a beautiful place well known for it's incredibly steep seaside hills (think San Fra... Read more

  • Alkalizing my way through life

    5/10/2017 3:27:13 PM, by LEARNASIGROW

    I read a sentence recently that 100% of chronic illnesses are linked to Magnesium deficiency. I haven't had a food craving in almost two mon... Read more

  • Day 2

    5/10/2017 10:16:13 AM, by LOVEKOLE17

    Had every intention of starting Country Heat last night but the DVD player wouldn't work....So I took a 20 minute walk. Still feeling motivated.... Read more

  • Vacation equals weight loss!

    5/10/2017 8:33:50 AM, by NEED2MOVE2

    So.. I stayed on my menu... Did Disney.. visited 4 parks had awesome weather AND Lost -1 Proud of me! ... Read more

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