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  • Walked 2 miles today!

    1/10/2018 6:20:34 PM, by ALBERTA119

    Using my Runkeeper, Fitbit, and iHeartRadio I did my first 2 mile walk! The dog was ready for me to stop :-)... Read more

  • Back to school dreads

    1/10/2018 4:17:15 PM, by AMURDOCK68

    I do like the beginning of each new semester. I enjoy meeting all my students. I like the feeling of a fresh start -- the feeling of potential.... Read more

  • it's wednesday

    1/10/2018 3:13:57 PM, by MOMMY445

    i feel good today. my daughter says hi. i am all set to start my job on friday. it has been a really long time since i worked. i am actually look... Read more

  • 1/10/18 workout

    1/10/2018 8:18:25 AM, by LR237787

    Spinning: 67 min Circuit training: abs, arm, legs, cardio-30 min I think I'm gaining weight but I'm scared to get on the scale 😣😣😣😣... Read more

  • January 9 2018

    1/9/2018 8:50:19 PM, by CBULLIS1

    Great day again. Not as many steps as yesterday but I’m still working on it. For exercise I did a premium workout on SparkPeople with my new 5 lb... Read more

  • Night Time Eating -- need a plan

    1/9/2018 9:52:00 AM, by AMURDOCK68

    Okay...two nights in a row I have...g o t t e n o u t o f b e d... to get a snack. Yikes! I am going to have to get a handle on thi... Read more

  • Fitbit update

    1/9/2018 8:35:21 AM, by ALBERTA119

    Yesterday was interesting. Instead of doing my outdoor... Read more

  • 1/9/18 workout

    1/9/2018 8:10:40 AM, by LR237787

    Swimming: 200 free warm up 5x200 free (75 hard, 25 easy) 2x500 free (100 kick, 100 pull, 100 left arm, 100 right arm, 100 swim) 2x500 free (50 ea... Read more

  • neuro-pyscho-babble and food

    1/8/2018 10:25:52 PM, by MRSKATEDUVALL

    I survived the weekend, and today marks 10 days til surgery. I need to do a clarification post. My husband is not a bad guy. He is supportive in ... Read more

  • January 8 2018

    1/8/2018 7:17:19 PM, by CBULLIS1

    Been a great day. Work went well but what was great was my workout 45 min of Turbo Jam and I'm still feeling amazing.... Read more

  • Focusing for the Long Haul

    1/8/2018 2:12:57 PM, by WOWPAM

    It has been a challenge to log in and interact on Sparkpeople. I have to make myself focus and follow through as I used to. I wish I still had ... Read more

  • Does your back hurt? Mine did But my problem was my hip need it replaced!

    1/8/2018 11:19:35 AM, by ALBERTA119

    I have had problems with my back of and on over the last 30 years. Last year I found out I needed a hip replacement. My groin has hurt but not as... Read more

  • Will Power

    1/8/2018 10:42:21 AM, by RAVENMAMA

    It took a lot of Will Power this morning to get to the gym. BUT, I did, and I'm done with the hardest part of my day!! Read more

  • Goal Setting: Add more music...

    1/8/2018 9:02:09 AM, by AMURDOCK68

    When opportunities to play in an ensemble arise, I jump at that chance. I am very fortunate to have friends at church that are great musicians a... Read more

  • 1/8/18 workout

    1/8/2018 8:27:01 AM, by LR237787

    Circuit training: 30 min; abs, arms, legs, cardio Today I only had time for half hour workout because I had to get my blood drawn before work. B... Read more

  • 1/7/18 workout

    1/7/2018 7:41:21 PM, by LR237787

    Jogging: 3 min walk 22 min jog 5.5mph 7 min walk Spinning: 74 min I can't believe it- after 6 months of not running I jogged 2MILES at a speed ... Read more

  • Runkeeper App connected to SparkPeople

    1/7/2018 7:39:55 PM, by ALBERTA119

    I am really enjoying the drill sergeant cadence that Runkeeper has while I am walking. He’s funny and motivating and it makes my husband chuckle.... Read more

  • Food Dreams

    1/7/2018 3:38:16 PM, by MRSKATEDUVALL

    I'm grieving. I'm grieving my relationship with food, and how it is changing. During the day, my rational mind is in control, and I drink my shak... Read more

  • January 7 2018

    1/7/2018 9:52:33 AM, by CBULLIS1

    I had do much fun yesterday. When we went shopping I got myself a birthday present. A set of 5 pound dumbbells a resistance band and a sports bra... Read more

  • Wow, back at it...

    1/6/2018 5:26:49 PM, by MRSKATEDUVALL

    I blogged, better than eating your feelings. I have been away for so very long, and there have been some changes. Ok, so I wont bore you with... Read more

  • Wearing my new fit bit today

    1/5/2018 10:19:32 PM, by ALBERTA119

    While watching TV with my husband tonight My fit bit told me to get up and move!😳... Read more

  • January 5 2018

    1/5/2018 9:08:27 PM, by CBULLIS1

    Good busy day at work. As for eating not so great... Read more

  • it's friday

    1/5/2018 12:54:48 PM, by MOMMY445

    i heard today about the one week contract job, it starts next friday and goes for at least a week. that news made my day even better! my daughter... Read more

  • Got my second fit bit today

    1/4/2018 10:06:31 PM, by ALBERTA119

    Used my Christmas money for my new fit bit! First one quit working after two years and the band blistered. I enjoyed it and got another one.... Read more

  • Paying myself!!

    1/4/2018 9:02:57 PM, by CHOOSEYOURHARDD

    I just saw a post on the start page about paying yo... Read more

  • January 4 2018

    1/4/2018 8:40:48 PM, by CBULLIS1

    Day went well getting back into the grove of things. ... Read more

  • I'm Back

    1/4/2018 7:42:40 PM, by DAWNMARIES

    I am back! I am going to get back to my weight 2 yrs ago! I have quite a path to walk, but I've walked it before. This time I know my way but ... Read more

  • it's thursday

    1/4/2018 7:23:43 PM, by MOMMY445

    i'm just taking it easy. it is going to be really cold here the next few days. my daughter and i are prepared for it. all of the birds say cheep,... Read more

  • January 3 2018

    1/3/2018 9:05:45 PM, by CBULLIS1

    Well it was my daughter 13 birthday today and it was a good day. Haven’t got a workout in today but I fell much better and got my steps in. Thing... Read more

  • it's wednesday

    1/3/2018 3:13:26 PM, by MOMMY445

    a new year is now underway. so far, i have heard from a few different places regarding job opportunities. i am looking into taking a few online c... Read more

  • Plateau busted Mind Renewed

    1/3/2018 2:36:17 PM, by LEARNASIGROW

    The bowl of oatmeal and nuts in the morning finally got me over the plateau I had been in since March. Hooray! I have been watching Nut... Read more

  • I'm Baaack

    1/3/2018 9:56:56 AM, by WOWPAM

    This will be short because my fingers are tingly from knitting and being on the computer. I had one very successful runs on Sparkpeople, as "Wo... Read more

  • January 2 2018

    1/2/2018 9:06:23 PM, by CBULLIS1

    Well I didn't go to work today. Got sick when I came home from work yesterday. I am ready to get back into it again tomorrow just hoping for a go... Read more

  • Here We Go Again!!! Whole30 Round Three - Day Two!!

    1/2/2018 7:16:39 PM, by SERENEGRACE

    That's right world!!! January 2018 is my third rou... Read more

  • VITALITY! 2018 A Year of Great Things!

    1/2/2018 3:11:09 PM, by KALISWALKER

    Tomorrow I do Day 50 of the 100 Days of Weight Loss book by Linda Spangle. This is my second time through the book. I absolutely love it! The Spa... Read more

  • 1/2/18 workout

    1/2/2018 8:26:36 AM, by LR237787

    Swimming: 200 free warm up 5x200 free (75 hard, 25 easy) 5x200 free build (50 easy, 50 med, 50 hard, 50 sprint) 2x500 free (50 easy, 50 hard) 3x1... Read more

  • Cranking up

    1/2/2018 4:51:00 AM, by CRE8TED1

    I met my holiday goal of keeping the number under 240. As soon as I get off work, I'm going to the gym to start back on day 1 of c25k. I'm alread... Read more

  • January 1

    1/1/2018 4:38:37 PM, by STACYDICK1981

    It's so predictable that I would be here making a post about goals and how 2018 will be the year things will change. My prayer is that I do make ... Read more

  • happy new year!

    1/1/2018 3:54:54 PM, by MOMMY445

    Hope that everyone has a wonderful year filled with blessings,joy, peace. my daughter says hi! all of the birds say cheep,cheep! have a terrific ... Read more

  • I know, I Say It Every Year ...

    1/1/2018 11:27:03 AM, by IVORY1825

    .. and honestly, every year I get closer and closer, so it can't be all bad! This is the year that I figure it all out! I know, it's a lofty and ... Read more

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