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  • One Step back, Two Steps Forward

    10/17/2014 8:54:08 PM, by RKT1965

    Having a rough time this week and I think it's due to this nasty cold. Not getting enough exercise and not eating very clean. Time to put myself ... Read more

  • Day 11

    10/17/2014 8:37:04 PM, by SCARLETCURLZ

    Hello fellow Sparkers! This week has been crazy fast. Monday, I weighed in and I was bummed because I didn't lose after my first week, in f... Read more

  • Feeling more positive today

    10/17/2014 3:25:02 PM, by TRACY6659

    My niece sent me some healthy meal ideas, which I think I can actually do. It gives me some good ideas. Last night I did good. I didn't snac... Read more

  • We don't have to accept iPay.

    10/17/2014 2:40:16 AM, by WEARINGTHIN

    Apple is coming out with a new product, I believe it's called iPay or something like that. It will help lead to a situation where we will have to... Read more

  • What Went - Thursday

    10/16/2014 11:29:06 PM, by JEANINNEWCASTLE

    1. Today was the best pain day I've had in a very long time. I have a slight bit of pain right now but there was actually a couple of hours tod... Read more

  • Life does have its bumps!!

    10/16/2014 8:37:26 PM, by MISSLORI5

    I'm having to slow my life down right now due to IBS distress. Evidently my body is struggling, and as a result, I'm extremely constipated, plus... Read more

  • Stressed out!

    10/16/2014 6:23:57 PM, by TRACY6659

    It seems pretty hard these days to keep my sanity. I feel like the weight of the world is on my shoulders. I know we aren't supposed to dwell on ... Read more

  • Accountability during travel

    10/16/2014 4:15:41 PM, by SEATTLESIMS

    Today is my last full day on work travel.. Tomorrow I fly home. Yay! As per usual, I've been trying to eat the right portions while away and... Read more

  • 100 days of weight loss day 46, and then some

    10/16/2014 1:34:58 PM, by EVRLNGFOO

    so i've been a bit mia. i don't spark at home unless it's with my phone cause i haven't turned my computer on in months. anyway, my babysitter c... Read more

  • From the heart

    10/16/2014 11:32:43 AM, by JUNESHOPE

    I feel at peace with things, even though life is throwing us a few curves. My eyes seem to be open more to where I'm starting to enj... Read more

  • Day 11 of 100

    10/16/2014 10:24:37 AM, by ARTPHREEK

    I have worked out 4 days already this week! My legs are starting to feel stronger. I am keeping with the minimum of 20 minutes and it is working ... Read more

  • bout 2 pain

    10/16/2014 10:16:22 AM, by KGWINDER

    So the last two weeks have been huge inflammation flare. Daily I wake up not with just stiff hands but ones locked into place. The tendon swell... Read more

  • streaks

    10/16/2014 8:46:43 AM, by TEBBSC87

    I haven't even been paying attention to my calorie range. I know I'm not eating enough. Tough couple weeks.... Read more

  • Motorhome winterized, roof fixed, and still 3 days to go!

    10/16/2014 12:28:21 AM, by GEOFROG

    Jeanne, Jay, and Damian (my daughter and family) winterized the motorhome that Dan and I had to buy to live in after the big fire in June that ma... Read more

  • What Went - Wednesday

    10/16/2014 12:22:10 AM, by JEANINNEWCASTLE

    Today was a good school day. Today was a good food day. Today I got 2 and a half kid free hours! Now my vent. ;) The kid... Read more

  • So so so so so sore...

    10/15/2014 11:51:24 PM, by BABYSTEPZ

    Third full day of cleaning. Just when I thought I was really gaining strength, my body caught up with me. I feel sore, exhausted and just plain... Read more

  • Hump Day

    10/15/2014 8:10:21 PM, by LEMONMOUSE

    Well I was gone from SP for a few days - just too much running around on my part. Didn't work out Monday or Tuesday either. Walked 45 minutes a... Read more

  • Procrastination Is NOT My Friend

    10/15/2014 6:15:11 PM, by RKT1965

    I haven't been good about exercise this week. I'm not getting my steps in and I haven't been to the gym. So I started reflecting on what my probl... Read more

  • It's been awhile

    10/15/2014 4:21:55 PM, by CANNIE50

    This is a long blog so if you don't know me, feel free to skip it, but I have the urge to reconnect with my Sparkly friends. I have not Sparked f... Read more

  • Going Strong

    10/15/2014 9:40:20 AM, by COUNTRYGIRLY

    Okay, I have my mind back in the game now. It was hard when the weather was so nice and longer days, but now that it is getting colder and days s... Read more

  • Today is my second goal day..

    10/14/2014 11:10:35 PM, by JENN53888

    Or rather would of been had I not changed it for the Diet bet. lol Today is my 33rd Birthday. Wanted to be at 190 today.. 199.6 when I ... Read more

  • I'm a housecleaning machine!

    10/14/2014 10:57:27 PM, by BABYSTEPZ

    For the last two days, I have worked my ample backside off cleaning my very messy house. It's been 3 weeks since the last time I cleaned, and at... Read more

  • What Went - Tuesday

    10/14/2014 9:44:28 PM, by JEANINNEWCASTLE

    1. I survived. (This is kind of important) 2. We got through all our subjects and chores. 3. I am still gluten free. I was really ... Read more

  • Hey, there!

    10/14/2014 4:38:37 PM, by I.M.MAGIC

    Hi, Gang! It feels like forever since I've been online--my hard drive is down again, and I'm at the library using my BRAND NEW library card for... Read more

  • Grit.

    10/14/2014 3:57:09 PM, by *TRACY*

    ... Read more


    10/14/2014 3:19:24 PM, by PATTI_PAL1

    One advantage to tracking your food every day into SparkPeople is that you can tell whether you're meeting your goals immediately. They make it ... Read more

  • Derailed a little

    10/14/2014 11:34:44 AM, by JUNESHOPE

    So yesterday I went off program. Not sure what happened, but I binged a little on 1 & 1/2 cupcakes. They were the gourmet kind, mad... Read more

  • Weight Loss Mentor

    10/14/2014 10:27:22 AM, by RKT1965

    I don't have one but I know what I'd like one to look like! Someone who has battled poor eating habits and lack of movement and won. Someone wh... Read more

  • Monday October 13th

    10/14/2014 2:17:07 AM, by COASTAL6

    I really need some cheering up! Today has really been the worst for me, because the pain in my back has become worse than ever! I hav... Read more

  • Month 7 Update

    10/13/2014 10:43:33 PM, by ALBURBRIDGE

    I apologize that it’s taken me so long to get another update out. This last month and a half has been a bit crazy. Our piece of junk car was ba... Read more

  • What is Creativity?

    10/13/2014 10:20:35 PM, by PATTI_PAL1

    Today was the fourth meeting of my "Inspire Your Creativity" group. It's finally feeling like we are coalescing into a group. It's interesting ... Read more

  • What Went - Monday

    10/13/2014 9:19:57 PM, by JEANINNEWCASTLE

    Phew! Today was a very hard Aspie day. What does this have to do with health and weight loss? A lot, actually, because it can cause major stre... Read more

  • Meal Prep

    10/13/2014 5:16:37 PM, by LEMONMOUSE

    Okay so today I decided to buy a few food storage containers and do a little meal prepping. I bought ground turkey, frozen veggies and coo... Read more

  • The Glass Is Half Full

    10/13/2014 2:34:04 PM, by RKT1965

    When the scale doesn't move it is so frustrating. But there are several ways to find the silver lining. My energy level is up, my clothes are loo... Read more

  • The Glass Is Half Full

    10/13/2014 2:34:03 PM, by RKT1965

    When the scale doesn't move it is so frustrating. But there are several ways to find the silver lining. My energy level is up, my clothes are loo... Read more

  • The Glass Is Half Full

    10/13/2014 2:34:03 PM, by RKT1965

    When the scale doesn't move it is so frustrating. But there are several ways to find the silver lining. My energy level is up, my clothes are loo... Read more

  • Wait...Wasn't I supposed to do housework?

    10/13/2014 12:14:13 AM, by BABYSTEPZ

    Well, this was a prime example day of the spirit being willing, but oh my gosh was the flesh weak. I just said phooey on my housework (which I r... Read more

  • What I Ate Today...

    10/12/2014 9:18:56 PM, by TESSFROMWA

    Today I had: 1/2 Flax-Meal muffin & a couple bites of plain greek yogu... Read more

  • An Exhausted Sunday

    10/12/2014 8:50:52 PM, by JEANINNEWCASTLE

    I'm feeling a bit guilty but I didn't go to church this morning. I am averaging about 4 good days out of 7 at the moment. The plan was to get m... Read more

  • Sunday workout done

    10/12/2014 8:50:22 PM, by LEMONMOUSE

    Got my hour cardio done today. Took a nice 4 mile walk in the evening sun with my husband after the disappointing Seahawks loss to the Cowboys. ... Read more

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