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  • Dogs ;-) 1/20/17

    1/21/2017 1:58:59 AM, by PDSLIM

    Favorite toy comes to life cheezburger.com/83322113
    litz&utm_medium=Feed... Read more

  • Weather

    1/21/2017 1:31:00 AM, by ZRIE014

    It definitely rained today and more to come tomorrow. It is going to be a wet weekend.... Read more

  • Jenny Craig week 1

    1/21/2017 1:12:35 AM, by KLIPSE

    Lost 4 pounds wooo woop. First week was difficult as my body was like woh what are you doing. I broke out in pimples, irritable, fatigued, emotio... Read more

  • New measurements

    1/20/2017 11:57:45 PM, by HOPERISING

    Here we go again. I weighed this morning on scales that I seriously doubt the accuracy of, but I suppose they are at least giving me a "ball par... Read more

  • I spent the day baking fancy cakes with sugar sprinkles (pics)

    1/20/2017 10:05:51 PM, by TWEETIBEAR

    Well, not ALL of the cakes were baked, only the polymer clay parts. These are little doll cakes, made for American Girl sized dolls...but al... Read more

  • This Time is Serious

    1/20/2017 8:57:54 PM, by TEALMEOC2013

    Every year for as long as I can remember I always say I'm going to fix what I eat, exercise more and lose weight. It hasn't worked in the past, s... Read more

  • Thousands of photos later

    1/20/2017 8:53:58 PM, by GRANDMABABA

    I just finished going through thousands on my mother-in-laws photos to assemble a collage for her memorial. It turned out pretty well. At least... Read more

  • Meal Plan Delivery Service: Blue Apron

    1/20/2017 8:47:54 PM, by MUSIC2HISEARS

    Well, about a week ago I started asking people what they thought about the meal plan delivery services like Blue Apron or Home Chef. I've toyed w... Read more

  • Is There Such A Thing As A Healthy Snack?

    1/20/2017 8:42:02 PM, by PATRICIAANN46

    TAKE CHARGE! Whether your between-meal hankerings are for sweet or savory snacks, something crunchy or something to sip on, smart choices ca... Read more

  • I'm Baaaaccckkkk......

    1/20/2017 7:35:35 PM, by SALLYANN441

    PLEDGE TODAY I PROMISE I WILL NOT QUIT! I PLEDGE that no matter what, how many ups and downs I pass through, I will continue on m... Read more

  • Was thinking...

    1/20/2017 6:30:08 PM, by AUNTRENEE

    I was thinking of giving my dad's lung doctor a note about his sleeping habits to see if a sleep study to see if he might have sleep apnea. He is... Read more

  • Last Day of first week

    1/20/2017 5:29:49 PM, by RAPUNZEL53

    The first week is over. I have done my best, what ever the scale says tomorrow,I know have worked hard.Good luck friends for coming week. ... Read more

  • Inauguration

    1/20/2017 4:29:18 PM, by DSCROW

    We got to watch some of the inauguration today. I took to time to pray for this new president and our country. No matter if you voted for him o... Read more

  • Grocery store adventure

    1/20/2017 3:03:02 PM, by BOOTYLICIOUS83

    So just got done with food shopping. Spent a bit more than I usually do but got good stuff. . Bought apples, oranges, carrots, yogurt, only a cou... Read more

  • At it again!

    1/20/2017 2:19:24 PM, by PACOPUPPY27

    Well the weightloss wagan ran me over once again and left a few scars. Here I go again, this is so hard, Just don't understand why I can't stick... Read more

  • Gettin' better...

    1/20/2017 1:57:17 PM, by CUBSOPHILE

    Wow. I've been down with 'bugs' since December 24. I am now getting better. I have done the best ever with weight during an illness. I actual... Read more

  • His Angels watching over me

    1/20/2017 1:25:02 PM, by TIRZAH6

    A lot of us pay attention to the physical, emotional, ... Read more

  • Happy Friday

    1/20/2017 1:13:00 PM, by JAYBIRD2259

    The weekend is my toughest obstacle lol. I usually like to have a few cocktails. We are going to a friends for dinner on Saturday so... Read more

  • Just Me

    1/20/2017 11:22:45 AM, by PJANGELJOY

    Just me this time. No excuses. Not going to listen to negativity in others. When they say things like "yeah right, your going to loose that... Read more

  • Well, 2 days in a row above 9, so maybe nurse wasn't right.

    1/20/2017 11:14:53 AM, by SLIMLILA

    But then again, it was a friend's birthday yd and her dh made the double decker carrot cake, so how could I refuse? And it was good., Then, thou... Read more

  • Wonderful day

    1/20/2017 10:57:21 AM, by CORIEAUSTIN78

    What do we call a wonderful day. Many of us may say when we step on scale and see we have lost weight. We may saying having no one around. Wha... Read more

  • OK Leaving Today

    1/20/2017 10:44:33 AM, by KALISWALKER

    Day 3 of living a beautiful life. I will live intentional and in the moment. I will focus on the positives and have gratitude for all... Read more

  • Feeling Good

    1/20/2017 10:12:34 AM, by DREAMDIANA2017

    Friday, Day 7 and Feeling good! Had a great Work out this morning , ate a awesome healthy breakfast and took time to Meditate. Running errand thi... Read more

  • So Tired...

    1/20/2017 9:31:33 AM, by PEACHY_GIRL

    Want to back in bed...... Read more

  • Journey continues

    1/20/2017 9:26:01 AM, by MRSFELI

    Today I arrived at work ½ hour early. Rather than just slack off, I took a walk around the building. ... Read more

  • Tee J Tortoise

    1/20/2017 8:49:17 AM, by MJLUVSANIMALS

    This is my baby tort. He is 5 months old this month. He is hibernating right now, and won't be out until the spring. He loves his flower pot. ... Read more

  • on the Road

    1/20/2017 8:12:35 AM, by JUSTANO1

    Today I am out on the road, with DH. I do so enjoy being out in the van with him, delivering to local pharmacies.... Read more

  • Upping Calories

    1/20/2017 8:08:47 AM, by SVAN13MARTINS

    For probably 8 months or more of the last year, I lost my appetite. This was due in part to a new medication that I was on, I believe. I can't pr... Read more

  • Oh My Migraine

    1/20/2017 7:25:34 AM, by MOONMAMA73

    Migraines are a daily constant battle or so it seems. Every time I veer from a certain type of diet path or try something as simple as the South ... Read more

  • A new journey

    1/20/2017 3:04:49 AM, by EDNAEDWIN

    Today our country inaugurates a new President. It is the start of a new journey for all of us. I know, this is not a place for politics. I jus... Read more

  • Day 268

    1/20/2017 2:51:29 AM, by SIXLESTER69

    Another great day with P. He took me out for Mexican for lunch which put me over on calories but I'm not going to beat myself up. It was deliciou... Read more

  • Weather

    1/20/2017 1:27:00 AM, by ZRIE014

    It rain in the morning. More rain is coming.... Read more

  • Reminiscing

    1/20/2017 12:39:21 AM, by EDNAEDWIN

    Well, I survived my sister's visit. I ate so much kale salad (believe it or not, this is the first time I ever had kale. Quite nice!) and a bit... Read more

  • Black Cats ;-) 1/19/17

    1/19/2017 11:55:50 PM, by PDSLIM

    Black Cats Are Pawesome cheezburger.com/83293953
    ats-are-pawesome?utm_sou... Read more

  • Day 4: Long Day

    1/19/2017 11:45:25 PM, by COASTERKAT

    I was really tired last night so ended up falling asleep way too early.. Which of course resulted in waking up way too early. So instead of my no... Read more

  • spark coach assignment

    1/19/2017 11:20:50 PM, by LARRYTHORNTON1

    Missed a whole day of tracking nutrition. I was surprised. I will try to start every day with tracking breakfast. I usually save food tracking f... Read more

  • #sleep

    1/19/2017 9:38:17 PM, by NANA718

    Since its raining I think once I clean the kitchen I will head to bed. Maybe I can sleep more than 6 hours.... Read more

  • Walking

    1/19/2017 8:31:50 PM, by MRSFELI

    So I used to have a Fitbit and I unfortunately washed it in the washing machine. That was my downward spiral to stop moving. I recently repurchas... Read more

  • Week 55: Onward!

    1/19/2017 8:07:18 PM, by DEE_LP

    I should have written earlier in the week, as Week 56 is only around the corner! The elimination diet is going well. The withdrawal headache... Read more

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