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  • Half Marathon Man

    3/9/2013 2:22:47 PM, by THE_SHAKESHAFT

    I’ve done something really stupid. I signed myself up to run 13.1 miles…a half marathon. The Bupa Great Birmingham Run. I’m doing it fo... Read more

  • how should I feel?

    2/11/2013 3:59:07 PM, by SMUNOZ158

    Since I’ve was 16 I have always had someone to call mine. I have always been someone’s girlfriend or dating. Now after 11 months of being with th... Read more

  • 2013 Goals

    2/6/2013 2:43:15 PM, by SMUNOZ158

    1. Get all As (maybe some Bs) 2. become a reliable person 3. volunteer (30 hours this year) Read more

  • It’s EASY

    2/6/2013 2:32:46 PM, by SMUNOZ158

    All I have to do is lose 3.6lbs a week, that’s less than a pound a week. If I want to be at a health BMI by the time I graduate in December ’14. ... Read more

  • Anniversary

    2/4/2013 3:57:50 PM, by THE_SHAKESHAFT

    I know you don't like it when I link to my Wordpress blog but it's much easier than adding lots of photos. I hope you like them...if you go ... Read more

  • Dinner

    1/17/2013 7:12:59 AM, by THE_SHAKESHAFT

    My fiancée, Lucy, and I went for dinner last night at Gibsons at The Yacht London on Temple Pier. It was so good I thought I would tell you about... Read more

  • False start - reposted especially for CHICCHANTAL

    1/10/2013 2:00:59 PM, by THE_SHAKESHAFT

    Monday was supposed to be the day. I was actually doing really well on Monday until I got home. I got up on time, had a good breakfast, got ... Read more

  • False start

    1/9/2013 1:52:28 PM, by THE_SHAKESHAFT

    Have a look at my latest blog http://theshakeshaft.wordpre
    art/... Read more

  • Not Down with the Sickness

    12/17/2012 12:18:59 PM, by CMURR11

    Today would be day 5 or 6 (depending how you look at it) of my experience with the Flu. I am not 100%, but I feel A LOT better. My temp. seems to... Read more

  • Don't tell me I can't dance

    12/7/2012 3:47:24 PM, by SMUNOZ158

    I want to learn how to speak French, to dance, and to write. I want to pra... Read more

  • Another fail but with a silver lining

    12/7/2012 9:39:28 AM, by THE_SHAKESHAFT

    Have a read of my new blog. http://theshakeshaft.wordpre
    fail-but-with-a-silver-lining/... Read more

  • Starting to see changes

    12/5/2012 4:18:50 PM, by CMURR11

    So, I am on day 7 of Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred. I still need to work harder on my nutritional plan. I am seeing more definition on my sides a... Read more

  • Pushing through it

    12/3/2012 11:33:38 PM, by CMURR11

    I am feeling soooooo tired and way less motivated then I was on days 1 and 2. Work has got me wanting to strap myself to my pillow the moment I w... Read more

  • Soreness

    12/1/2012 3:57:26 PM, by CMURR11

    After my workout today I am really feeling it in my legs, and I have a slight tingle in my shins. I think tom. will be a good day for low intensi... Read more

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