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  • Mental Health

    4/8/2015 11:30:08 PM, by PUPPYBUG

    I went swimming this morning and now I'm over my anxiety about using the pool, for the most part. I also worked today, which was a plus of course... Read more


    4/8/2015 12:30:08 PM, by MJ-SHE-BEAST

    ENOUGH! Thin friends on facebook calling themselves "fatty", "chubby", "lardo". Not so thin friends posting memes that, while intended to be cute... Read more

  • Eating More

    4/8/2015 9:48:01 AM, by ZILONOX

    I made my caloric goal last night, but only because we went to the Melting Pot for our anniversary. Can't afford to do that again... Read more

  • Successful Day

    4/7/2015 9:45:17 PM, by PUPPYBUG

    Had a GREAT session with my trainer today. I think we’re going to continue training as long as we can afford it. Every single one of my pores w... Read more

  • Call me Kotter, because I'm back!

    4/7/2015 11:34:35 AM, by ZILONOX

    Alrighty then. Apparently it's been a little over three years since I was here last. My excitement over losing wight certainly didn't last. In fa... Read more

  • No Workout Today

    4/7/2015 12:01:49 AM, by ETALLY21

    So I had planned on working out but ended up with lots of work to take home, which is all due tomorrow. Just finished my work and am exhausted... Read more

  • Making Myself a Priority

    4/6/2015 9:50:26 PM, by PUPPYBUG

    I did not want to wake up this morning. I snoozed my alarm for an hour and a half! No time for the gym now, got to get to work. I get to work rig... Read more

  • this week and my goals

    4/6/2015 9:03:26 PM, by JORTEGASA

    So we are two days in and so far not doing good because of Easter yesterday I took a day off so going to have to work hard this week to meet thes... Read more

  • Saying No

    4/5/2015 11:14:35 PM, by PUPPYBUG

    Well, despite eating candy I didn't mean to eat last night, I was still (miraculously) under my calories for the day. I didn't completely learn m... Read more

  • Great day

    4/5/2015 10:03:14 PM, by ETALLY21

    Today was a great day for a walk. I took my 5 year old along with me and walked to the nearby park. I had her do the trail walk with me and then ... Read more

  • Living Mindfully

    4/5/2015 8:03:27 AM, by PUPPYBUG

    It’s Bryan’s birthday today and I’m taking him shopping and making him a chicken pot pie. I’ve already been to the gym – and I did NOT ... Read more

  • End of the week results

    4/4/2015 4:00:10 PM, by JORTEGASA

    So i know its not the end of the day yet but with the NCAA games on soon, it pretty much is but I had my best week yet. 58,000 steps taken 2... Read more

  • Yesterday

    4/4/2015 9:40:46 AM, by PUPPYBUG

    Yesterday was upper body weights at the gym. I have to realize I'm a lot stronger than I think I am. I can increase my weights. I am proud of mys... Read more

  • Challenge

    4/2/2015 10:47:03 PM, by PUPPYBUG

    I have to admit to sleeping in this morning and my back was feeling it. Still, I hobbled to the gym and a managed a great run! I didn't think I w... Read more

  • New Outlook on Life

    4/2/2015 3:40:18 PM, by BELLALACHETTE

    I'm so glad I decided to re-connect with Spark People. I was originally a member 3 years ago and fell off. Even though I've only had my new pag... Read more

  • Positive Self Talk

    4/1/2015 9:25:49 PM, by PUPPYBUG

    I worked this morning for a couple hours. It went well. I positively talked myself into going to the gym afterward too. I went for a run, but wan... Read more

  • Finished Home Gym

    4/1/2015 7:39:48 PM, by SHRINKY-DINK

    So finally finished putting together the home gym. ... Read more

  • Training and Cooking

    3/31/2015 7:35:41 PM, by PUPPYBUG

    I met with my trainer again today. I met with him previously last week and that workout left me practically unable to walk for three days because... Read more

  • Back on Track

    3/30/2015 6:53:27 PM, by PUPPYBUG

    Today was my first "official" day back at the gym. I did upper body weights and used machines different from my usual ones. I don't like change. ... Read more

  • Buds & blooms with weight loss

    3/29/2015 1:55:16 PM, by SHRINKY-DINK

    As spring time appears, and I see buds on all the trees, and flowers blooming everywhere, it gives me a new awareness of starting fr... Read more

  • what I'd do with an extra hour

    3/29/2015 1:24:33 AM, by TAMMYRENEED

    Spark Coach said to blog shout what I'd do to take care of me if I had an extra hour each day I would have me time at the gym I really would I ... Read more

  • MIA and not to happy

    3/28/2015 12:00:10 AM, by LMALSBURY

    I have been trying to get active and life has gotten in the way. A year ago the place I helped managed, closed its doors. And so I have been foc... Read more

  • Is Sparkpeople for me...

    3/26/2015 2:11:05 PM, by FALLINTOFLIGHT

    I feel guilty for even asking this question... Is sparkpeople for me? I was honored by becoming a sparkmotivator, I lost an incredible amoun... Read more

  • Good at something?

    3/25/2015 12:01:11 AM, by GRAYEYED

    As I rack my brain trying to think what am I good at, at first I am suprised. Maybe not at first, but when I really think about it there are seve... Read more

  • Morning Workouts

    3/24/2015 12:36:16 AM, by ETALLY21

    Okay I'm sure I'm not alone here when I say that I hate mornings. Ideally in theory it seems to be best for me to get a workout in first thing in... Read more

  • Passing up temptations

    3/23/2015 7:07:00 PM, by GRAYEYED

    You know, in a fair world we would lose a pound every time we pass up the chance to enjoy something ridiculously decadent and bad for our bottom... Read more

  • Living Eulogy

    3/23/2015 10:51:53 AM, by SBEAR5

    After I graduated high school, I went to a small Christian college. Very small... like 500 students. I LOVED it. You really did know everybody... Read more

  • Trinity Forest in Dallas yesterday.

    3/22/2015 2:28:39 PM, by WALKSFAR

    Went up to walk with the Dallas Trekkers. Here is the link if you'd like to see the pictures. volksmarcher.wordpress.c
    om/2015/03/22/t... Read more


    3/22/2015 12:50:49 PM, by NINALEAH

    It sure seems that way. I am stuck between two recording systems and have put this message out to see if someone can help me integrate them... Read more

  • all the gyms in the world

    3/21/2015 10:23:04 AM, by JORTEGASA

    It's a rainy Saturday so you know what that means, indoor running at the gym. I go to three different gyms, i know that's crazy huh. Well first i... Read more

  • so many irons in the fire.

    3/20/2015 10:03:05 PM, by SHRINKY-DINK

    I've got so many things going at one time, that my weight loss program seems to be stuck in neutral. I am in the ... Read more

  • Friday is a good day

    3/20/2015 11:56:06 AM, by JORTEGASA

    So i started today with a almost 50 min walk on the treadmill which was a good start to my day. I did have a breakfast burrito from McDonald's wh... Read more

  • Toothache go away

    3/19/2015 11:11:28 AM, by JORTEGASA

    So i have not been able to do much of anything the last two days because of a bad toothache but it stopped hurting enough this morning that i was... Read more

  • Feel that energy

    3/18/2015 12:41:41 PM, by TAMMYRENEED

    i know I've had a good workout when I feel energized and alive. I love that feeling! It just makes my whole day better. So why do I find it so ea... Read more

  • THAT number :(

    3/18/2015 12:26:51 PM, by MRSSUZSTAR

    I saw a number on the scale I had hoped I would never see again. Lack of motivation and drive brought that number back to me. What is that number... Read more

  • Being positive

    3/17/2015 2:55:40 PM, by TAMMYRENEED

    One thing I'm really good at is being positive. I try to see some good in everything and prefer to focus my attentions on the blessings that I do... Read more

  • trauma and weight loss

    3/17/2015 9:26:09 AM, by RHODIERAYE91

    today, I am not sure I am using SP has simply just a weight loss support system. today, I need more than that. which, I suppose, is okay because ... Read more

  • Caira Anara

    3/16/2015 2:42:37 PM, by FALLINTOFLIGHT

    She has arrived! 2.20.2015 (only 10 days after big sister turned 5) 8 lbs and 21 inches (even though she was 2 weeks early) Read more

  • So What If I Lose the Weight?

    3/16/2015 2:18:04 PM, by PFERG66

    What is the big deal about trimming off these last 5-15 pounds? How will that disposal of excess adipose make any difference in the rest of my... Read more

  • Who Can Goose You?

    3/15/2015 8:28:07 PM, by HEALTHYHABITGAL

    Fascinated by the conduct of flying geese, Dr. Robert McNeish, wrote Lessons From Geese for a sermon in his church in 1972. Demonstrating the p... Read more

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