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  • Back online!

    7/12/2016 9:18:20 AM, by NORSKLIBRARIAN

    I'm back from my vacation off the grid! It was nice, but calorie laden and I don't like the thick chin in the pictures, so I need to double down... Read more

  • What is too much?

    7/12/2016 1:41:07 AM, by MARINAYERGIN

    I'm down 8 pounds since I started using sparkpeople about a month ago. That's huge for me. My endocrinologist at my first appointment (before all... Read more

  • Exercise

    7/12/2016 12:20:16 AM, by ZRIE014

    Another good day on the treadmill. I worked out for 80 min for 7.4 mi.... Read more

  • exercise

    7/11/2016 12:34:11 AM, by ZRIE014

    After 4 day on vacation, I got back on the treadmill. I do not like taking too many days off because I know that I have to get back on the tread... Read more

  • Weather

    7/10/2016 12:19:55 AM, by ZRIE014

    It is real nice being back home. We have our windows open and it is 66 outside. After spending 3 days in air conditioning, it is nice being bac... Read more

  • Weather

    7/9/2016 7:54:39 PM, by ZRIE014

    I arrived back in Oceanside, CA from the Las Vegas area. We left as 2:30 AM and got home about 7:45. It is great to be back home, but we had a ... Read more

  • 24.88

    7/9/2016 8:05:47 AM, by EPPIESMOM

    At last! I have met my first big goal of achieving a healthy BMI! I Am officially not overweight anymore!😁😊🙆🙌🙇
    👏👏👏... Read more

  • Allergy Attack

    7/9/2016 7:36:46 AM, by SBEAR5

    I've been pretty absent the last week due to feeling AWFUL. My allergies went bonkers last week and continued to make me miserable thru this wee... Read more

  • Finding the silver lining

    7/8/2016 7:55:01 PM, by EPPIESMOM

    Having taken the time to take it easier today I spend a little time today looking into some other areas if my body to target (besides my arm) and... Read more

  • Perserverance

    7/8/2016 12:54:16 PM, by EDEACONTX

    Hello, So, I'm far from accomplishing my goals. Baby steps people. I am actually making headway on my exercise goals. Whether is 10 minutes ... Read more

  • Weather

    7/8/2016 12:39:16 AM, by ZRIE014

    We had another warm day on our vacation. We will be going home on Saturday morning early. But we are having a great time.... Read more

  • Freaking road construction!

    7/7/2016 10:14:51 AM, by EPPIESMOM

    So about 6 weeks ag ok I mentioned finding out about fitness in the park and discovering that there were kickboxing classes at a park only one bu... Read more

  • Weather

    7/7/2016 9:55:49 AM, by ZRIE014

    I'm on vacation in Pahrump, NV. It is definitely warmer here than in Oceanside, CA were I live. But we are here with friends which makes up for... Read more

  • Getting mentally healthy too

    7/6/2016 5:17:41 PM, by EPPIESMOM

    Today I had a huge breakthrough. Not of the nutrition or physical fitness variety, but rather of the mental health sort. Three years ago I was a ... Read more

  • Exercise

    7/6/2016 12:17:30 AM, by ZRIE014

    Another good day on the treadmill. I walked for 1 hr and 35 min for 9 mi. I was a great day.... Read more

  • Milking it

    7/5/2016 5:31:43 PM, by EPPIESMOM

    The top shelf of my refrigerator is almost solely dedicated to milk. I have half and half, whole milk, 2%, skim and Silk Very Vanilla Soymilk. Wh... Read more

  • Hot Dog

    7/5/2016 3:20:32 PM, by KNEES27

    I came home from work and jumped into my workout gear,... Read more

  • DejaVue

    7/5/2016 2:15:39 PM, by RENEEREYES

    I'm back to try again...... Read more

  • 4th of July

    7/5/2016 1:13:28 AM, by ZRIE014

    I had a great 4th at a friend's home. We could 6 celebrations from their backyard. We live on the south west side of Oceanside, CA and we could... Read more

  • 4th of July

    7/4/2016 1:08:52 AM, by ZRIE014

    I want to wish everybody a very happy 4th of July. Stay safe.... Read more

  • Lost 5 pounds

    7/3/2016 8:53:23 PM, by HELLOOHI

    I feel great and bought me some makeup to spoil mysel... Read more

  • Exercise

    7/3/2016 12:27:53 AM, by ZRIE014

    Another good day on the treadmill. I spent 110 min today for 10 mi. I felt good. The music that I listened to on the radio help me get through... Read more

  • stress eating

    7/3/2016 12:02:59 AM, by JUNESHOPE

    OK.... with the ceiling caving in, relatives from out of the country visiting until July 16th.. and 4th of July Holiday weekend...I ha... Read more

  • The skinny and fat of workout videos

    7/2/2016 9:42:09 PM, by EPPIESMOM

    I think I've said it before, but it bears repeating... I love variety. I have so many options for myself when it comes to working out, that I hav... Read more

  • April-June Goals & Accomplishments

    7/2/2016 5:42:07 PM, by PUPPYBUG

    Goals April Goals April 22: Restart Spark's 5K Your Way Walk/Jog Challenge April 22: Restart Spark's Walk This Way Challenge (to help r... Read more

  • Exercise

    7/2/2016 12:28:33 AM, by ZRIE014

    I started out a new month. I worked out on the treadmill for 102 min while walking for 9.4 mi. At the end, I just got tired of walking on the t... Read more

  • My mini stepper and total fitness 22

    7/1/2016 11:42:48 AM, by EPPIESMOM

    My mini stepper has only one fault that might deterre... Read more

  • Measuring up good habits

    7/1/2016 9:08:09 AM, by EPPIESMOM

    For me, the journey to health and fitness has had many hits and misses. I have tried a lot of things. For months I have been switching out bad ha... Read more

  • Exercise

    7/1/2016 12:52:00 AM, by ZRIE014

    Today is a start of a new month. After 6 months of working out almost everyday, I'm planning to take it easier this month. I will go to the Las... Read more

  • So close I can taste it!

    6/30/2016 9:13:29 AM, by EPPIESMOM

    No... I don't mean the breakfast tacos from the Mexican food restaurant on the corner. I mean hitting a "normal weight" BMI of under 25%. That ha... Read more

  • Exercise

    6/30/2016 12:26:50 AM, by ZRIE014

    This is the last day of June. After I workout today on the treadmill, I will have walked everyday for over 1 hr. I will have spent a total of 4... Read more

  • Soon to be off the grid

    6/29/2016 10:19:27 AM, by NORSKLIBRARIAN

    Great start to my day! Walked and did a tiny bit of aerobics. I can't really track it in sp because I rotate things in 30 sec increments and sp... Read more

  • Exercise

    6/29/2016 12:21:53 AM, by ZRIE014

    I had another good day on the treadmill. I worked out for 90 min and walked 8.2 mi. I felt good at the end. It was cool so that I did not get ... Read more

  • Another cool day

    6/28/2016 12:29:21 AM, by ZRIE014

    After last weekend when it was in the high 80s, the high has been only been in the low 70s with a overnight low about 62. it has made it nice sl... Read more

  • Clingy baby

    6/27/2016 8:38:22 PM, by EPPIESMOM

    Eppie has been both clingy and sleepy since we've been home. Do I have had to squeeze in my workout time today during her short naps. I didn't do... Read more

  • Exercise

    6/27/2016 12:18:28 AM, by ZRIE014

    I walked for 90 min on the treadmill today. I walked for 8.5 mi. I felt tired when I finished. I have walked on the treadmill everyday this month... Read more

  • Adapt, adjust and keep moving

    6/26/2016 12:08:30 PM, by EPPIESMOM

    One thing I have learned over the years, is that to progress in my health and fitness goals, I need to be willing and able to go with the flow. I... Read more

  • Exercise

    6/26/2016 12:27:21 AM, by ZRIE014

    I walked for 91 min on the treadmill today. I walked for 8.5 mi. I felt good when I finished. I have walked on the treadmill everyday this month ... Read more

  • Exercise

    6/25/2016 12:29:31 AM, by ZRIE014

    I walked for 87 min on the treadmill today. I walked for 8 mi. I felt good when I finished. I have walked on the treadmill everyday this month... Read more

  • I cheated...well sort of

    6/24/2016 8:05:17 PM, by EPPIESMOM

    My ex-husband got us dinner at Bill Miller's. I had the chicken delight salad. I didn't eat the bacon bits, and I only used a little over half th... Read more

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