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  • Moving in the right direction I guess

    4/10/2017 7:42:09 PM, by UWPALUM

    Hey everyone! This is not a big thing for anyone else I'm sure, but last week I did make some doctor appointments. Friday of last week I went and... Read more

  • The challenge I am trying to overcome and how I am doing it

    4/10/2017 11:03:50 AM, by BABY4320

    I am trying to weigh under 200 pounds by June and the way I am trying to do it is eat healthy and exercise 4 days a week. It is extremely hard ca... Read more

  • Tumblr

    4/9/2017 2:24:46 PM, by SEXYBEANS

    I finally joined my generation and started a blog on Tumblr. I chose to do a blog there because it is completely anonymous. I do not wish to disg... Read more

  • Refocused!

    4/7/2017 10:02:08 PM, by TREKPURRSON

    Well, 2016 was NOT an easy year... I overate, due to lots of stress, including THE GREAT AUGUST FLOOD (... Read more

  • Tomorrow Is A New Day

    4/7/2017 2:14:10 AM, by PIPSANDMSMAMA79

    Ok, the cake is gone. I'm going to refrain from buyin... Read more

  • One AND the other

    4/6/2017 3:29:55 PM, by PIPSANDMSMAMA79

    I've found one thing, and one thing only...ok, strike that. I've found one formula and one formula only to losing weight. It seems so simple, and... Read more

  • Finding Beauty in the Oddest of Places

    4/6/2017 1:12:43 PM, by BEAUTYMOVEMENT

    Have you ever been in a waiting room where someone with a physical impairment may be grunting and making sounds? I realized the other day I have ... Read more

  • What major Fitness go am I'm working towards right now?

    4/6/2017 11:32:24 AM, by BABY4320

    My major Fitness goal that I'm working towards right now is working out 5 days a week on a workout routine of every other day Zumba at home and t... Read more

  • If I had a extra hour a day.

    4/4/2017 8:09:40 AM, by BABY4320

    If I had a extra hour a day I would google good healthy snacks and plan out my weekly menu and get together healthy work snacks.... Read more

  • Another new month

    4/3/2017 7:57:48 PM, by UWPALUM

    Happy Monday everyone. I started this blog over the weekend, but just could not make myself write out what I'm thinking. Why is it so much easier... Read more

  • 167.5 ---- breaking the barrier. (This is a pep talk)

    4/2/2017 12:13:26 PM, by PJH2028

    Wow. It's just crazy, odd, spooky--- like waking up or looking up and it always being 11 after the hour. Or always waking up at 3:59am (which ... Read more

  • 3 Month Progress

    4/1/2017 2:00:17 PM, by PIPSANDMSMAMA79

    It's been 90 days since I've started this journey and I've come so far. This month wasn't as successful as the first two, because I can remember ... Read more

  • April Goal

    3/31/2017 12:21:23 PM, by MEMEQ2

    March was a tough month. The changing weather hit me with so much sinus pain. I didn't get in as much exercise as I wanted. My goal for Apri... Read more

  • New Purchase!!

    3/31/2017 11:32:59 AM, by SEXYBEANS

    Well, I have a first!!! I have been pondering how to say this delicately. I thought about titling my blog "Women only, please", but thought bette... Read more

  • Catching Up

    3/30/2017 5:49:31 PM, by PIPSANDMSMAMA79

    Sorry it's been awhile since I wrote a blog. I never meant to take so long to do it. I'm convinced that March-May is the craziest time of my life... Read more

  • Chaaaanges

    3/28/2017 7:56:24 AM, by DEUELLX

    Wow! I haven't been on here in over a year?! Crazy... It looks like the last time I blogged I was having health issues and I was moving with... Read more

  • Welcome back

    3/26/2017 7:30:24 PM, by BOLEBRON

    After almost 8 months MIA from the gym, I expected to be welcomed with balloons and music; the long, lost daughter is back. As soon as I went in... Read more

  • New exercise program

    3/25/2017 7:39:15 PM, by SEXYBEANS

    Exercise Plan Goals: Daily Step Goal: >7,000 steps a day 4 days a week >8,000 steps a day 2 days a week >10,000 steps ... Read more

  • Dr. Appointment

    3/24/2017 6:08:11 PM, by SEXYBEANS

    Well, I had a doctor's appointment today. It went pretty well. My good cholesterol is up and my bad cholesterol is down. Plus, there were a coupl... Read more

  • 1 week goals

    3/24/2017 8:48:50 AM, by MRSBAZ1193

    I will stick to the plan, even on the weekend.... Read more

  • It's a God thing!!!!

    3/19/2017 7:56:05 PM, by SEXYBEANS

    Today has been such an awesome, God-filled day. I can't even begin to comprehend it all! This morning, I struggled to wake up. I woke up at... Read more

  • Still Here

    3/17/2017 6:39:22 PM, by MRSJENNI

    Well... I lost three whole three pounds this week so I guess I didn't TOTALLY screw up. Trying to walk more, lots of breathing issues, but tryin... Read more

  • Day 3

    3/15/2017 10:08:54 PM, by TC8890

    I am still alive.....really craving the carbs...but I hear it gets a lot easier as time goes on... So hopeful for that...I am still bummed abou... Read more

  • Correcting -- Up the Down Staircase - ONWARD & DOWNWARD

    3/14/2017 11:21:09 AM, by PJH2028

    Apologies to anyone reading over my shoulder today who's expecting anything more. This is more of a Goal Setting than a blog. Scale is up! (oh ... Read more

  • Spring break update

    3/14/2017 1:23:09 AM, by UWPALUM

    The last couple weeks have been so stressful. Between work projects and trouble with two staff members, who are both more than 20 years older tha... Read more

  • New Spark pages

    3/13/2017 4:43:19 PM, by TC8890

    Hello, I am finally getting use to this New Spark pages..although I am NOT happy about Not being able to give Teams bonus points...Today I starte... Read more

  • Gratitude Journal

    3/12/2017 2:58:12 PM, by SEXYBEANS

    My mom gave me a blank journal yesterday. She knows I enjoy journaling and writing my thoughts and wonders. I decided that it would be a gratitud... Read more

  • Loving Myself

    3/11/2017 6:32:19 PM, by SEXYBEANS

    Hmmm...This is something I really need to think about. Loving myself. It just sounds so selfish, so wrong, so....sinful. Is it really sinful to l... Read more

  • Moderation

    3/11/2017 1:30:58 PM, by FRANCESCHA

    Feel pretty good about my progress. Trying to exercise more and eat right. These are both very hard for me to do. Not sure why. I need to get my ... Read more


    3/11/2017 9:05:42 AM, by FREEMANSFOX

    I saw someone post something regarding the Beck Diet and looked it up. Interesting, not really a diet at all but training your brain to think di... Read more


    3/9/2017 10:34:01 PM, by TC8890


  • Dealing with "Not Good"

    3/9/2017 12:51:58 PM, by MISSCATY

    We all have those times in our lives.....stressed out, tired out, and attacked by the screaming foodies. I am sitting in the middle of one of t... Read more

  • My Crazy Week

    3/8/2017 4:34:10 PM, by PIPSANDMSMAMA79

    Last week did not go my normal way at all. I didn't necessarily do anything wrong. When I was capable and healthy, I worked out and then I realiz... Read more


    3/8/2017 1:04:02 PM, by FREEMANSFOX

    Oh no so life is going along and I am getting better at making good eating choices, losing weight, gaining confidence and then something happens.... Read more

  • In Response to Daily Word Prompt: Nervous About...

    3/8/2017 11:59:50 AM, by BEAUTYMOVEMENT

    The message above expresses how I feel, as a woman being able to take on all the privileges that everyone else is afforded in our country. I'm so... Read more

  • 1 things that I would like to accomplish within the next 5 days.

    3/8/2017 10:49:37 AM, by BABY4320

    The one thing that I would like to accomplish within the next 5 days is to get out of my depression mode that I have been having for the past 2 d... Read more

  • 31

    3/7/2017 7:19:05 PM, by MICHL11

    When I decided I wanted to lose weight and get healthier, my goal was to lose 40 lbs by October. I wanted to lose 1 lb. a week and with that in ... Read more

  • Streak

    3/7/2017 9:14:29 AM, by SERIOUSLY22

    I am on a streak! It's been 500 consecutive days that I've logged into SparkPeople! I haven't lost much in weight, but I'm gaining strength and... Read more


    3/7/2017 6:20:24 AM, by FREEMANSFOX

    I have struggled with my thoughts for perhaps a life time. Beating my self up verbally in my head, what I should do and what I shouldn't be doing... Read more

  • Depression is the devil

    3/5/2017 8:23:20 PM, by UWPALUM

    Where to start? The last week was really stressful, about 70 hours of work and stressful. I let my walking go and messed up with my food. The sho... Read more

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