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Busy Day
7/22/2014 8:16:14 PM,  2 COMMENTS

Took my 75 yr old mother in law shopping.We went to several stores. I did enjoy the day.Plus I walked for close to 3 hours.Then when I did get home h...  Read more


7/22/2014 6:45:23 PM,  3 COMMENTS

My hump day already.... Sun is shining today... Have done my training for today which was a 5k walki in a faster time than last saturday...nailed...  Read more


Day 3 review, and day 4
7/22/2014 6:17:46 PM,  4 COMMENTS

I chose to be over calorie yesterday. This was a choice I made. It was 80 calories, and it was a smoothie. I didn't have enough fruit, and I was a...  Read more


Day 439
7/22/2014 5:52:11 PM,  0 COMMENTS

Gym Day. Really dragging today. Finally pushed myself into the gym at 4pm. Did 5 of 6 exercises before I petered out. Feeling OK....  Read more


Ever Had
7/22/2014 5:41:15 PM,  3 COMMENTS

... where you are so crabby that you can't even stand being around yourself and wish that you could give yourself a timeout? Right now, that's me. ...  Read more


Its been a year!!
7/22/2014 5:16:14 PM,  1 COMMENTS

Its been a year since I did my last blog entry. A LOT has happened. I moved around a million times since I graduated college in 2010 and have moved n...  Read more


Terrible Tuesday
7/22/2014 5:07:22 PM,  0 COMMENTS

Tuesday, July 22, 2014. I was just told by my doctor that I cannot work out for two more weeks and after he takes stitches out....  Read more


really tired
7/22/2014 5:05:10 PM,  0 COMMENTS

I'm really tired of these Aholes at work. I was chastised for trying to get people to do their job yet I'm supposed to work with people who yell at mo...  Read more


Day 6: Protect your program
7/22/2014 3:38:14 PM,  0 COMMENTS

Today's topic is protecting your program. We all know of certain people and events that tend to pull us off track. Watch out for these situations, and...  Read more


For a LAUGH !!
7/22/2014 3:14:08 PM,  5 COMMENTS

Looking for a LAUGH ? check out this blog...
individual.asp?blog_id=5744292...  Read more


Back on schedule
7/22/2014 2:21:31 PM,  5 COMMENTS

Yesterday I kept finding reasons why I could NOT walk. Work kept coming at me, it was too hot, had to take the dogs to the vet, it is too late... T...  Read more


Monday, Positive Focus, Day 82
7/22/2014 2:15:00 PM,  6 COMMENTS

Monday was a pretty calm day. The kids were cooperative and played quietly all day long. They did things I asked them to do when I asked them to do it...  Read more


Fighting for her life
7/22/2014 2:00:59 PM,  7 COMMENTS

I began today at the gym with my best friend. We were doing circuit training. The last circuit was a boxing workout. I punched first, she held the mit...  Read more


Fighting for her life
7/22/2014 2:00:59 PM,  6 COMMENTS

I began today at the gym with my best friend. We were doing circuit training. The last circuit was a boxing workout. I punched first, she held the mit...  Read more


7/22/2014 1:50:28 PM,  2 COMMENTS

I am writing this quick to try to get past this thought. Tomorrow is my blood draw. They will be checking my A1C, potassium levels, and liver functi...  Read more


House Remodeling
7/22/2014 1:47:24 PM,  6 COMMENTS

So because a tech guy did this to my kitchen floor We had to do this to the kitchen floor (took it out) And now it looks like this ...  Read more


Was something being held up on the towel rack?
7/22/2014 1:46:58 PM,  6 COMMENTS

204.4 today. and I'll go with that. 4 more pounds until I'm under 200 and 1 more pound until I'm at my minigoal weight and 40lbs lost!! 52...  Read more


7/22/2014 1:37:19 PM,  25 COMMENTS

My son and his wife both passed their medical board exams. We just found out 5 minutes ago. Congrats Dr. Mom and Dr. Dad! ...  Read more


All Good.
7/22/2014 1:00:32 PM,  0 COMMENTS

All is well in my world right now I'm on track and ready for what ever comes next!!! Have a great day!...  Read more


Run Arlo Run
7/22/2014 12:06:23 PM,  2 COMMENTS

I did it! I got in the car and drove downtown to the trail system and I ran! It was busy, so I didn't feel stupid for running the hot sun. Yippe...  Read more


7/22/2014 12:04:44 PM,  5 COMMENTS



Draggin' Bum
7/22/2014 11:56:46 AM,  2 COMMENTS

I am struggling so terribly in the mornings!!!! I hate life without coffee!!! I have gone about 2 months without coffee and it hasn't gotten much easi...  Read more


#100happydays - Day 32 -37
7/22/2014 11:54:35 AM,  2 COMMENTS

334 213 244 244 Happy day 32 - 37 Okay so I'm am not doing so great on my happy day goal. But this is not a failure or a quit. Nope...  Read more


The Silver Lining- BLC Entry
7/22/2014 11:49:59 AM,  1 COMMENTS

The best thing about this BLC round is that I have thoroughly enjoyed being in this supportive group. I need that because I am insecure about my compu...  Read more


My Salad Life #23
7/22/2014 11:35:22 AM,  0 COMMENTS

I had lunch out with my Mum today so chose to have a slice of focaccia pizza with a '3 salad' bowl in a very nice vegetarian restaurant in town. ...  Read more


Cats ;-) 7/22
7/22/2014 10:41:49 AM,  24 COMMENTS

Have a great day....  Read more


Whole30: 11 down
7/22/2014 10:12:11 AM,  5 COMMENTS

This morning's scenario: my dog and I are sitting outside enjoying the shade and a slight breeze; the morning newspaper; coffee; short walk done. As...  Read more


Possible diagnosis??
7/22/2014 9:50:26 AM,  11 COMMENTS

My new neurologist has decided to start me on a trial of the medication Mestinon, which is a treatment drug for Myasthenia Gravis. He and my primary...  Read more


Going to the Doctor's
7/22/2014 9:25:03 AM,  0 COMMENTS

Again......  Read more


Monday Stress
7/22/2014 8:52:55 AM,  4 COMMENTS

This past weekend we had family members in town, so my husband and I decided we could 'cheat some', yet I found myself as the weekend progressed slip...  Read more


it's tuesday
7/22/2014 8:42:30 AM,  7 COMMENTS

i made it through another day. my daughter is doing well and says hi! today there are two classes. one in the morning and one in the afternoon. i stil...  Read more


My 1st goal
7/22/2014 8:33:51 AM,  1 COMMENTS

I just read back to the last time I lost a bunch of weight. I did it and I will do it again. My First goal, is to go down to 210 lbs. by August 10th....  Read more


Day 7 of 100
7/22/2014 8:23:30 AM,  1 COMMENTS

Day 7 of 100 of No Pop Day 7 of 100 of No Fast Food Day 7 of 100 of No Candy Day 7 of 100 of Exercise (20 minutes on treadmill, 15 minutes on el...  Read more


Head in the Game
7/22/2014 8:19:03 AM,  2 COMMENTS

Losing weight is mostly a mental challenge. I need to get my head in the game. I have struggled for the past two months with eating healthy and exerci...  Read more


Day 4 of My Green Juice Fast
7/22/2014 8:12:00 AM,  2 COMMENTS

Miss M, who is a registered Dietitian, and a Massage Therapist, convinced me to give the Green Juice Fast a try for 3 days. I won't lie; the firs...  Read more


motivation of the day
7/22/2014 8:06:22 AM,  1 COMMENTS

I got to keep the one in mind. I suck at a lot of the exercises but I should not stop them, they are working. I kept at it even when I want...  Read more


Today promises to be another nice day
7/22/2014 7:33:45 AM,  7 COMMENTS

Good weather and time to enjoy it. ...  Read more


aaaaaaaagggggghhhhhh :( -$#!@# MONDAY!
7/22/2014 7:26:58 AM,  4 COMMENTS

Not a good day yesterday - technical problems with one job, palate "off game" in the afternoon.........sheesh! Wish I could have stayed in bed! ...  Read more


tuesday--gonna be a HOT day!
7/22/2014 7:06:06 AM,  3 COMMENTS

good morning everybody! today the temp is supposed to get up to around 90--planning to grout my birdhouses today, and work on my daylilies a little....  Read more


7/22/2014 6:50:33 AM,  3 COMMENTS

Haven't eaten since Saturday as had a 2 day cleanse for my scheduled 9:30 colonoscopy at 9:30 this morning. I feel nauseous and weak from not eating....  Read more


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