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  • Day 18 - Vacation Day 2

    3/28/2015 9:01:28 PM, by BRYZACH

    I am so mad at this moment. I just spent the last 10 minutes writing my blog and it just disappeared. AHHHHH! I am too tired to write it all... Read more

  • Day 18

    3/28/2015 8:07:37 PM, by BONNIJEAN

    I don't push myself as much on days the therapist doesn't visit. Am I slowing down progress? possibly. Some of the exercises I can do withou... Read more

  • kind of strange start

    3/28/2015 7:27:50 PM, by PINKSPARKLESTAR

    Took my morning walk in the neighborhood..with my daughter... Found 20 dollars on my path that has never happened in my life... Read more

  • Exercise

    3/28/2015 6:59:54 PM, by SPARKMAN1221

    Wow, I actually exercised for one hour today. I never would have been able to do this a month ago. Thanks to spark people and my wonderful wife... Read more

  • Just checking In...

    3/28/2015 4:51:30 PM, by TLE1103

    I have finally lost 5 pounds. It has taken me 2 months to do so. I have had difficulties exercising but have stayed within my calorie range. I... Read more

  • Day 685

    3/28/2015 4:28:54 PM, by MAWEISBERG

    Skipped gym. Worked on truck. I am tired.... Read more

  • Blog #23 Lowfat Eggplant parmesan today, also weigh-in

    3/28/2015 4:17:32 PM, by KJBDOIT

    Tried this recipe and found it be very good. I highly recommend this one because of the tip on how to prepare the eggplant so it has more flavor ... Read more

  • Great Day to Talk to God!!!

    3/28/2015 3:59:25 PM, by KDEE1111

    Any day is a great day to talk to God, but today seemed like an extra special day!!! Today it is a chilly day (41 degrees) but I promised my daug... Read more

  • A woman left lonely

    3/28/2015 2:30:06 PM, by OLIVIANIGHT

    I don't know if it's the miserable weather today, or the come-down after my best friend came to see me last night, but I feel terribly lonely tod... Read more

  • Day 27

    3/28/2015 1:54:09 PM, by MOONRABBIT

    Thanks everyone for the suggestions to see an eye doctor. I haven't gone yet, was hoping my eye would be better today but it isn't. I've bee... Read more

  • Log a Nibble?

    3/28/2015 1:53:39 PM, by M8TRIARCH

    So frustrating when I try to log bites. .2; .4; .5? Who knows? I don't. I... Read more

  • Week of a Geek and Plans for April

    3/28/2015 1:15:56 PM, by BERGBA7

    The past week was my first week using my new Garmin running watch... and I wore it everywhere as I told you in my last blog. ... Read more

  • Feeling Good

    3/28/2015 12:26:00 PM, by SEXYKEL

    Feeling good about jogging two miles on the tread mile. I'm getting better by the week. Soon I'll be able to run a 5k. Still slow but I'm joggin... Read more

  • 8 More days...

    3/28/2015 12:23:39 PM, by ROX525

    Going to my future daughter-in-law's Bridal Shower today. Will get to meet her mother and others. The wedding is next Saturday, April 4. Have... Read more

  • Basil And Parsley Omelette

    3/28/2015 12:23:38 PM, by MEMORIES7

    Hello Sparkfamily, Do you know that breakfast is like gas in a car and without it you will not get anywhere? Your bodies are the same way and wil... Read more

  • Set Your Sight Saturday

    3/28/2015 12:15:01 PM, by SHANTRA7

    My Saturday which is the end of the week for me will be filled with doing what needs to be done today. My exercise and meal plans are established... Read more

  • Eating Out...

    3/28/2015 10:53:54 AM, by CHESAKAT41

    I know and you know eating out is the American way of life! All the food that is offered is so tempting and sometimes it is cheaper for me (being... Read more

  • Continued anger and bitterness.......

    3/28/2015 10:53:18 AM, by RASPBERRY56

    ........over the latest "dropped shoe" in life, but the plan in place has been initiated, and work is continuing ......... just a #!# shame that ... Read more

  • What works and what doesn't

    3/28/2015 10:25:10 AM, by MYKIDSMOM215

    SW 234 PW 191 Weigh-in yesterday 189.0 Today 188.2. I think I might have found what works. This week I've been mainly focusing on calo... Read more

  • Results and New Goals

    3/28/2015 9:55:40 AM, by WALKIN4JEANIE

    Last week, I killed two birds with one stone. I wanted an active weekend and I wanted to accomplish something around the house. So, I spent the w... Read more

  • I love My daughter !

    3/28/2015 9:44:05 AM, by KALLIE1958AR

    ‎Friday, ‎March ‎28th‎2015 God is so good yesterday my daughter came home with a picture for me with the verse ISAIAH CHAPTER 12 2... Read more

  • Strong and Healthy Time

    3/28/2015 9:01:50 AM, by COMPUCATHY

    My new weighing routine is to weigh in on Fridays. I weighed in yesterday and was at 237.4 which is good since I've been mostly up around 245. So... Read more

  • A couple life hacks to share!

    3/28/2015 8:57:10 AM, by _SARIE_

    Some things that I've discovered and love, lets share Duolingo - this is an app you can download, its completely free. It's for... Read more

  • Friends

    3/28/2015 8:47:03 AM, by LINDALAMB56

    I have the best positive friends ever. We encourage each other, look for healthier foods, walk 5Ks together and when one of us are down or discou... Read more

  • Friends ;-) 3/28

    3/28/2015 8:38:00 AM, by PDSLIM

    ... Read more

  • Saturday goals

    3/28/2015 8:35:46 AM, by CAREN_BLUEJEANS

    Day 5 Spread the Word #HealthyHabitReset So, I'm supposed to announce to the world my goal via something like, I don't know, a blog. Well, duh... Read more

  • Bikini!

    3/28/2015 8:24:08 AM, by _SARIE_

    Good morning! We're closing in on the end of March. I haven't lost any weight but I definitely feel better with myself and my body. I made bet... Read more

  • A satisfying Saturday!

    3/28/2015 5:48:26 AM, by JSTETSER

    Today is a beautiful day! I took the time to clean my house during the week, so today I can get out! While I won't get to climb a mountain, I w... Read more

  • video blog Video Blog
    March update - slow month!

    3/28/2015 5:00:45 AM, by GTKARLA

    vlog #20 week 42 Update on my weight loss progress (or lack of...) SW: 126kg (277lbs) CW: 100kg(220lbs) GW: 63kg (138lbs)... Read more

  • Thanks for your support sparks family

    3/28/2015 2:05:05 AM, by PINKSPARKLESTAR

    Today has been challenging and rewarding my Father in Heaven let me here the keys not only to a car... I have been Blessed with a 2015 Silver one... Read more

  • Today's Inspiration

    3/28/2015 12:30:16 AM, by PRAIRIECROCUS

    " Grace has been defined as the outward expression of the inward harmony of the soul." - William Hazlitt... Read more

  • Oops, here we go again.

    3/27/2015 11:29:44 PM, by PJDANIELS

    Got thumped again. Son has been out of facility for ONLY NINE DAYS and he... Read more

  • Easter Edibles!!!

    3/27/2015 10:15:51 PM, by JANE1216

    Here's what I'd like to have on the dinner table for Easter Sunday --- now whether I can get all these made????? highly doubtful -- but love the... Read more

  • Walking back home

    3/27/2015 8:46:06 PM, by GARDEMON

    Today my best friend Jan came to pick me up since he had again trouble with his TV. Maybe related to the black out this area of North Holland exp... Read more

  • Day 26

    3/27/2015 8:08:56 PM, by MOONRABBIT

    Got my hair done today! Ugh what a relief. I am a natural blonde but had some highlights added. I also got a trim at the salon. My hair is pretty... Read more

  • Feathers ;-) 3/27

    3/27/2015 7:57:10 PM, by PDSLIM

    ... Read more

  • mini meltdown

    3/27/2015 6:42:14 PM, by LAURAJACKSON07

    Well, I had my first meltdown over my weight that I have had in a long time. I'm talking tears and everything. I gained ten pounds in a mon... Read more

  • Why We Are Fat

    3/27/2015 5:10:50 PM, by GGRSPARK

    There he was ditching his shopping cart and hopping back into his luxury SUV and then gunning it out of the Costco lot. The bay for the carts wa... Read more

  • Lessons Learned in Life

    3/27/2015 4:46:55 PM, by ROX525

    We learn something through everyone that passes through our lives. Some lessons are painful. Some lessons are painless. and some lessons ar... Read more

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