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  • Nothing Fits

    11/28/2016 7:09:53 PM, by DREAMERSPIRITT

    Ughhh!!! Nothing fits me anymore!!! My shirts and dresses are practically tents. My pants look awful and require a belt. My bras are too big... Read more

  • Day 4 - challenging day

    11/28/2016 6:56:23 PM, by HEALTHYLU1

    I woke up over early because of work worries. I was unable to address these worries today at work. I have home stuff to do also. I really n... Read more

  • a full day

    11/28/2016 9:30:13 AM, by SWEDE_SU

    if saturday was a break day, somehow we managed to fit in everything yesterday - a video during the night, a four-mile walk in the morning, work ... Read more

  • Counting down to a new tool

    11/27/2016 9:42:29 PM, by KAMCCLARY

    Eight more days and I will have bariatric surgery-the sleeve. I am doing my pre-op prep now. As I write this my stomach is growling but I am mo... Read more

  • Trying To Be Positive

    11/27/2016 2:24:05 PM, by DREAMERSPIRITT

    I'm trying to be positive today. Here are some things I have to be thankful for, happy about, or proud of... I am down to a size 18 now... Read more

  • break day

    11/27/2016 7:47:05 AM, by SWEDE_SU

    yesterday was a break from exercise but catch up on work. and sleep! after a short morning walk, we got straight to work. meals were easy - it se... Read more

  • Back on Track

    11/26/2016 6:28:44 PM, by HEALTHYLU1

    Day 2 -Today is day 2 of tracking food again. I'm feeling pretty good and enjoying time away from work. I did a little puttering but also made si... Read more

  • OMG!

    11/26/2016 3:02:35 PM, by YISHAY

    ok so today i got the shock of my life i weighed in this morning at 151.4lbs on my last blog post i can't even remember how much i weighed but no... Read more

  • black friday...

    11/26/2016 11:00:32 AM, by SWEDE_SU

    a little history. shortly after we married, DH and i moved to sweden. when the first valentine's day came along, it wasn't celebrated in sweden, ... Read more

  • A Little Better

    11/25/2016 4:40:39 PM, by DREAMERSPIRITT

    I'm feeling a little better today. Still upset. Still feeling trapped. But not ready to just give up. For now, all I can do is try to weather the... Read more

  • holiday survival

    11/25/2016 6:54:46 AM, by SWEDE_SU

    yup. i survived. not saying the scale was so happy, we've had three social events in the past six days, but i made the best choices a la beck tha... Read more

  • Thanksgiving 2016

    11/24/2016 9:46:37 PM, by KAMCCLARY

    Another day to give thanks...everyday in my household is Thanksgiving. I do not need a special holiday to be grateful to move in my right mind, f... Read more

  • Overslept and missed the Turkey Run Now Gobble Later 5k

    11/24/2016 8:52:27 PM, by WINACHST

    So Bummed! My cat woke me up and I shooed her away not thinking to get up early to go for the 5k. I woke up with no time to get there before the ... Read more

  • I'm Thankful For... - Day 557

    11/24/2016 11:53:36 AM, by DANNY_LCF

    So, even though we don't celebrate Thanksgiving in ... Read more

  • oops....

    11/24/2016 6:42:13 AM, by SWEDE_SU

    i skipped a day. i still spun the wheel, answered the quiz questions. but no blog. nothing to say really. it's easy during the beck reboot - ther... Read more

  • Whoa!!!

    11/23/2016 10:50:01 AM, by WINACHST

    Man, I just realized that I have been eating a lot of junk AND I am stressed. Time for me to take a time out!... Read more

  • Fail to Plan is Planing to Fail - Day 556

    11/23/2016 9:59:59 AM, by DANNY_LCF

    I've been at this journey for 556 days and loggi... Read more

  • decisions

    11/22/2016 6:39:01 PM, by SWEDE_SU

    each and every day - decisions. should i do a video? ST or cardio? or both? walk or run? take it easy walk or power walk? on the beach, in the hi... Read more

  • Need to Get Out

    11/22/2016 4:21:05 PM, by DREAMERSPIRITT

    I'm sick of bouncing around between houses of friends and relatives. I'm sick of my relatives being overly sensitive, emotionally manipulative, a... Read more

  • Almost There

    11/21/2016 3:48:36 PM, by DREAMERSPIRITT

    I'm less than 5 pounds away from my first weight loss goal! My goal is to get below 250 pounds by some point in January, and it looks like I'm go... Read more

  • putting it together

    11/21/2016 6:44:17 AM, by SWEDE_SU

    or balance. the right food. the right activity. and life's demands - like work. a good morning walk, hills and all. video with some steps, s... Read more

  • Day 85: Thanksgiving Food Breakdown

    11/21/2016 12:10:49 AM, by CHARMING_GIRL

    In my previous post I put down what foods I plan to make for Thanksgiving. I'm going to start some of the prep and making some of the items. Ma... Read more

  • exercise - molokai style

    11/20/2016 4:50:56 PM, by SWEDE_SU

    when we arrive in molokai, our muscles have to get used to a whole new form of exercise. yesterday we walked the beach, a little over 4 miles, ro... Read more

  • a day off...

    11/19/2016 8:43:33 PM, by SWEDE_SU

    although i worked the night shift on friday, i returned to bed fairly early, and then declared it a no work day. we walked to the condos, where w... Read more

  • BDS Day 3 - Eat Sitting Down | Day 5 - Eat Slowly

    11/19/2016 10:10:39 AM, by WINACHST

    I think I am going to park myself on days 3 and 5 for awhile. Eat sitting down and eat more slowly. I seem to be having difficulty with these thi... Read more

  • Day 84: Thanksgiving Plans

    11/19/2016 3:42:28 AM, by CHARMING_GIRL

    News on my leg, it's doing great. Was a little sore this morning but that went right away. The bruise is nasty looking, just gnarly. You'd thi... Read more

  • Marriage Related Rant

    11/18/2016 8:07:53 PM, by LILLIPUTIANNA

    My husband complains. He complains about his job. He complains about politics. He complains about being sick (he's had a cold supp... Read more

  • a full day

    11/18/2016 8:53:59 AM, by SWEDE_SU

    it seems like we fit just about everything into yesterday - fitness video in the night, our first run since summer, some work, of course, two sho... Read more

  • Day 82: Moving Forward

    11/18/2016 1:01:29 AM, by CHARMING_GIRL

    Today was a wonderful day. I woke up not too much in pain from my leg. I was actually surprised how well my leg was. Who knows why but the pai... Read more

  • getting back in the groove

    11/17/2016 8:19:56 AM, by SWEDE_SU

    finally - i returned to the videos (jessica smith) that i had been doing starting a year ago up until i hurt my back last july. and the best part... Read more

  • Day 81: Road Bump, we all get them.

    11/17/2016 1:59:32 AM, by CHARMING_GIRL

    "We should all be eating fruits and vegetables as if our lives depend on it - because they do." - Dr. Michael Greger Today was one of the d... Read more

  • Another Good Day

    11/16/2016 7:51:42 PM, by DREAMERSPIRITT

    Woohoo for another good day! Today I did some bodyweight exercises and yoga at home. I didn't get my walking meditation in, as it was dark b... Read more

  • BDS - Day 4 Give yourself credit

    11/16/2016 11:51:31 AM, by WINACHST

    Well, , The fact that I Have not given up considering how many times I have started, quit, and started again tells me that I am sti... Read more

  • Log in Points....5

    11/16/2016 9:23:01 AM, by MONANISA

    What is it about the spin? For my it resets my thinking a new day! Re-thinking my Goals. I am having back surgery January 13 I want to b... Read more

  • settling in

    11/16/2016 6:10:50 AM, by SWEDE_SU

    a little work, a little shopping, a little unpacking, and a little walking - settling in on the first day. not enough of anything - work still aw... Read more

  • Day 80: 80 days of no sugar.

    11/16/2016 1:43:34 AM, by CHARMING_GIRL

    Wow 80 days of being a Nutritarian Vegan. Amazing! I never thought I'd get this far with it. I thought it would be too strict and difficult fo... Read more

  • what now? another blog challenge?

    11/15/2016 9:24:33 AM, by SWEDE_SU

    funny thing - after the various blog challenges this year, followed by the beck reboot, there was no problem deciding what to write each day. and... Read more

  • Day 79: Busy Days Ahead & Thanksgiving Plans

    11/15/2016 1:04:38 AM, by CHARMING_GIRL

    These next few days are going to be very busy. I'm doing a bunch of volunteer work and gatherings for my causes. This is helpful to me in a few... Read more

  • BDS - Day 3 eat sitting down.

    11/14/2016 9:51:06 PM, by WINACHST

    Well, I managed to sit down when I ate today. However, a couple times I ate in the car. I need to learn to not do any other activity while I eat.... Read more

  • Hiking sans Huffing

    11/14/2016 8:07:12 PM, by DREAMERSPIRITT

    I had a great day today. In the wee hours of the morning, my partner and I went for a night hike to see the super moon. It was a beautiful h... Read more

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