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seen orthopeadic. surgeon
3/9/2013 9:21:59 PM,  16 COMMENTS

On tuesday i sawy orthepedic aurgwon agaim he is not happy about my knee. he has suggested i serioysly think about knee replacement surgery as knee...  Read more


Queensland – perfect 1 day under water the next!!
3/1/2013 7:15:21 PM,  26 COMMENTS

I know the world is getting strange weather – but here in Queensland we are very soggy. OK so it’s near the end of our wet season But where I liv...  Read more


4 yr Sparkversary!!
2/27/2013 5:36:21 PM,  28 COMMENTS

I was reminded yesterday that today is my 4yr Sparkversary !! Actually I had thought about it a bit ago – but couldn’t decide on what to write - the...  Read more


Only in Queensland (Australia)!!
2/26/2013 3:25:30 AM,  13 COMMENTS

Catch of the day: Lungfish rescued from hotel carpark (or the story of one lucky fish) We are having very heavy rain (again) in this area and G...  Read more


Seen In New Zealand!!
2/4/2013 12:45:02 AM,  23 COMMENTS

Police were quoted as saying: "We are making enquiries but it seems the owners have not been seen in the neighbourhood for quite some time." ...  Read more


Perfectionism's leaps vs conscious stepping(Part 1)
2/2/2013 6:59:36 AM,  2 COMMENTS

Yesterday was one of those "dead days". I was to stay with my mother in law the whole day long , since the girl who looks after her had a day off. ...  Read more


in a hurry
1/31/2013 3:45:39 AM,  2 COMMENTS faithful to my resolutions although in a hurry drop a "goodmorning" to some of my sp friends (for othe...  Read more


"Even if you're on the right track...
1/28/2013 3:17:09 AM,  8 COMMENTS'll get run over if you just sit there" Hm!!! O.k. then Let's keep going.....  Read more


Amazing Stupidity!!
1/28/2013 2:53:03 AM,  18 COMMENTS

This happened just south of us - the video is worth seeing
cr...  Read more


Floods in Queensland - Australia - ...................again!

1/27/2013 3:35:46 PM,  24 COMMENTS

For those of you interested in the situation here these photos show the extent of the problem - and the latest news is that the rivers in Bundaberg, M...  Read more


WooHoo!! The heat has broken.............but
1/23/2013 2:23:35 PM,  17 COMMENTS

WooHoo - the long dry excessively hot weather that we have had recently in our area has broken - but ..........................with a tropical low wor...  Read more


Salt - the hidden amounts - are you getting caught??
1/19/2013 10:08:05 PM,  14 COMMENTS

I was in a rush yesterday and needed something for lunch – so I dropped into a supermarket and grabbed some deli sliced turkey breast – just plain coo...  Read more


1/15/2013 5:33:31 AM,  5 COMMENTS

New Year has arrived a few days ago but for me it has just started today... No big fuss, high aspirations or commitments but hope to fulfil my co...  Read more


1/13/2013 10:34:12 PM,  4 COMMENTS

Almost half way through the month, too! So I had a whole week of no sugar, wheat or flour. Then last night, I went to a fundraiser.. Dinner...  Read more


New Weightloss Adventure - Curves Complete
1/12/2013 5:08:57 PM,  19 COMMENTS

I have been going to Curves for exercise for several years now and have found it fun and of great value ion increasing my strength, flexibility, mobil...  Read more


Sowing, not reaping.
1/2/2013 10:31:25 PM,  5 COMMENTS

I've been away. Well, not really away. I've only been away from SparkPeople. Here in reality , I've been stuck here in my fat world. I feel...  Read more


knee surgery
12/31/2012 9:27:55 PM,  16 COMMENTS

well i gad knee surgery csncelled on oct 2012 as they could nit get a drip in arm rebooked with puccline 11th of december picc line done 10th of dembe...  Read more


Goal Setting for 2013
12/28/2012 7:44:06 PM,  22 COMMENTS

Thinking towards a new push ready for the New Year - and for those of you who are really serious about losing weight and changing your life to a healt...  Read more


New Year New& Renewed Goals
12/26/2012 5:30:39 PM,  6 COMMENTS

Yeah, it is that time again...when we face the scale and remember that we were supposed to stay on track and maybe we did, maybe we didn't. This year...  Read more


"Interesting" Christmas Day!!
12/25/2012 4:56:33 PM,  20 COMMENTS

Firstly - to all of you still celebrating Christmas. Here it is Boxing Day already!! We had a calm quiet Christmas between the pool and watching C...  Read more


Whale watching – pics!!
12/11/2012 6:37:49 PM,  28 COMMENTS

I have been asked a few times about our local whale watching – I have some pictures for you. Every year the humpback whales come to rest and play in...  Read more


What is happening?
11/30/2012 3:04:39 PM,  27 COMMENTS

well.. since March I have only gotten bad news about my health. Like I told you in my last blog the cancer has spread to the brain and I went to...  Read more


Ok – so now I KNOW I am weird – but I have the figures, and pictures to prove I am getting healthier
11/25/2012 10:53:16 PM,  41 COMMENTS

I am writing this blog in the hopes it will help others in my position – maybe give them hope – where I came close to losing mine– weird I may be but...  Read more


My first, and only, Christmas Lunch Celebration - Beware - FOOOOOOOD pictures!!
11/17/2012 5:24:25 PM,  15 COMMENTS

Last Friday we had our Curves Christmas Lunch – it is the only one of the many celebration lunches that I attend as they cost heaps and the food is ra...  Read more


Interesting plant – any ideas on what it might be??
11/16/2012 10:12:48 PM,  15 COMMENTS

We have this plant at home that I got many years ago at the Ginger Factory – and its supposed to be an ornamental ginger – however I don’t think it is...  Read more


Total Solar Eclipse
11/13/2012 7:27:05 PM,  26 COMMENTS

Here comes the sun!! And this is what it looked like from the beach at Cairns That was weird – but sent shivers down my spine. We ha...  Read more


My Nearly 4yr Sparkversary (pictures)
11/11/2012 12:50:48 AM,  32 COMMENTS

I decided that I would share the pictures of my Christmas party finery this year rather than waiting until the 4 yr anniversary in February - I am not...  Read more


Are you always looking for a “magic pill”??
10/22/2012 8:26:46 PM,  27 COMMENTS

In the last 3 ½ years that I have been a Sparkpeople member I have seen many members moving about between teams – joining the team that is “in” at the...  Read more


500 Km Walked in 30 Days on Camino de Santiago, Spain 2012
10/20/2012 11:27:59 AM,  5 COMMENTS

I had the most amazing journey. I have found Peace, in my mind and body and soul. I walked the Camino de Santiago, right accross the north of Spain. I...  Read more


FitBit For Mobility Limited People.
10/18/2012 12:04:53 AM,  82 COMMENTS

I saw today that Coach Nicole has written a blog on her FitBit Ultra –
_why_i_love_my_fitbit she f...  Read more


Yes - it is the same dog!!
10/13/2012 11:02:50 PM,  22 COMMENTS

I have a beautiful and very protective Saluki - but normally Salukis are short haired like Greyhounds -- but with long hair (feathering) on the tail,...  Read more


Just wasted time?
10/4/2012 3:45:23 PM,  4 COMMENTS

I'm thinking today about how to fit in workouts as well as all my other chores. As a law student, home maker, and law clerk I have a very busy life a...  Read more


video blog Video Blog
Two SparkFriends - One Day in Brisbane in pictures :)
10/3/2012 8:08:54 PM,  38 COMMENTS

Unfortunately it looks like the Sparkpeople site can't process my video - but you can still view it on ...  Read more


Saturday- a new day :)
9/29/2012 4:02:36 PM,  4 COMMENTS

Here we are at the end of September and the start of a new fall when I seem to realize I need to do better about eating & health each year. I hope thi...  Read more


I walked 1.3 miles!!
9/28/2012 4:43:18 PM,  223 COMMENTS

I can imagine a lot of members looking at the heading of this blog and thinking “so what!!” Well – if you indulge me for a moment I will explain why...  Read more


This team saved my life and gave me back my independence!!
9/22/2012 7:51:56 PM,  125 COMMENTS

The other day I referred to being “mobility limited” and doing “chair exercises” and another Sparkpeople member assumed I was paralyzed!! I wonder h...  Read more


The many days since days 9 & 10
9/19/2012 9:24:58 PM,  2 COMMENTS

I think I am funny. I had sugar Sunday. I teach card making classes and I didn't plan well so was hungry and my customers always bring sweets...  Read more


Day 9 & 10
9/15/2012 12:18:44 AM,  6 COMMENTS

Day 9: So I go see my athletic atherapist.. I tell him my chiro says my shoulders are rolling forward and he turns me around, and feels my...  Read more


More livestock at "Dew Drop Inn" !!
9/13/2012 12:29:37 AM,  15 COMMENTS

As some of you already know - we get a lot of wildlife visiting us - actually a friend calls our houdse "Dew Drop Inn" because of the amount of wildl...  Read more


Day 8
9/12/2012 10:16:31 PM,  2 COMMENTS

GREAT day! Work was *slightly* less stressful. I complained on facebook that my work hours and the kids were keeping me from working ou...  Read more


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