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My Awesome Spark Friends!/ Mi increíble Spark amigos!
4/12/2014 6:33:48 AM,  21 COMMENTS

Has anyone told you today that you are awesome? Well, you are! You have changed my life with your love and concern. When I fall off the wagon, and...  Read more


tossing it up: day 11
4/12/2014 4:40:33 AM,  3 COMMENTS

1. i am grateful for my babies, because they bring me back to now. ( in progress )...  Read more


Good results after blood test for LADA (Latent Autoimmune Diabetes in Adults)
4/12/2014 2:39:50 AM,  11 COMMENTS

After both my physician and a local diabetes educator expressed doubts that I am insulin-resistant, based on the fact that my weight and body fat % is...  Read more


Productive week
4/11/2014 4:01:00 PM,  2 COMMENTS

I had a pretty good week. We joined a local Bountiful Basket group. What a great experience. I was able to volunteer to disperse the produce and wh...  Read more


4/11/2014 1:53:48 PM,  4 COMMENTS

how many you got...  Read more


4/11/2014 10:03:22 AM,  3 COMMENTS

"Now Jesus was going up to Jerusalem. On the way, He took the Twelve aside and said to them, ‘We are going up to Jerusalem, and the Son of Man will be...  Read more


something to remember
4/11/2014 8:02:37 AM,  6 COMMENTS

...  Read more


Day5- 21 day sugar detox
4/11/2014 7:26:17 AM,  3 COMMENTS

So, today is going to be difficult. I was up literally all night studying for a midterm, and I am not going to be home most of the day. Time for some...  Read more


Spring! Primivera!
4/11/2014 5:39:08 AM,  23 COMMENTS

The warmth of a Spring day is the most inspiring thing I know! ¡El calor de un día de la Primavera es la cosa más inspiradora que sé(conozc...  Read more


tossing it up: day 10
4/11/2014 2:41:52 AM,  1 COMMENTS

1. i am grateful for my babies, because they are characters. (In progress)...  Read more


4/10/14 blood sugars
4/11/2014 1:04:45 AM,  5 COMMENTS

Nothing unusual today. 7 am 92 breakfast sausage and eggs, lettuce, nuts 11 am 94 snacks of nuts, cheese 2:30 pm 84 8:00 pm 93 di...  Read more


4/10/2014 9:42:35 PM,  5 COMMENTS

I made yummies!!!!!! Trip to Trader Joe's and scraping the cabinets led to this: What is it you ask? Why it is sauteed cruciferous veggie...  Read more


Strategic carb-cycling and exercise
4/10/2014 7:10:21 PM,  4 COMMENTS

I down loaded Shaun Hadsall's 14 day "Macro-Patterning" program. It's based on Wendy Chant's 8 week perpetual diet lifestyle described in "Crack the F...  Read more


Seasion change
4/10/2014 6:27:32 PM,  1 COMMENTS

Let us be glad we survived to the next season. Have another salad . 30 252...  Read more


Looking up
4/10/2014 6:12:44 PM,  0 COMMENTS

I am Fine our old cat said hi Monday when I went back for the younger cat who had been hiding. We may have a trailer sold. I have not gotten a ga...  Read more


Day 4- 21 day sugar detox
4/10/2014 5:55:04 PM,  0 COMMENTS

SOOOO much better today. Thank God!!!! There is still a dull ache in my head, and my focus isn't great... but that could be because I REALLY need to s...  Read more


4/10/2014 4:32:42 PM,  3 COMMENTS



Body fat % down significantly - thanks to blood sugar measuring!
4/10/2014 1:11:06 PM,  11 COMMENTS

I just had a body fat scan this morning and my body fat % is down to 18.3 percent from about 21% just over a month ago. This is by far the largest dro...  Read more


a without week
4/10/2014 10:40:07 AM,  4 COMMENTS

Found this little sign and thought it good for pondering as we prepare for Passion Week and Resurrection time. SINday... MOURNday... TE...  Read more


Regaining Weight Can Be Overcome- Here's HOW
4/10/2014 9:44:45 AM,  232 COMMENTS

So you think you might be in trouble or regaining weight. Guess what? I do it too, and I lose it again and then some. I've done it for 9 years now...  Read more


it's a great day to climb to new heights
4/10/2014 7:43:04 AM,  6 COMMENTS

...  Read more


Look up! / Mirar hacia arriba!
4/10/2014 5:39:31 AM,  21 COMMENTS

I will lift up my eyes to the hills, where does my help come from? My help comes from the Lord who made Heaven and Earth. Levantaré mis ojos...  Read more


tossing it up: day 9
4/10/2014 2:03:17 AM,  1 COMMENTS

1. i am grateful for my babies, because they remind me of the need for compassion. 2. i am grateful for getting our kombucha brewing, because it wil...  Read more


tossing it up: day 9
4/10/2014 2:03:11 AM,  0 COMMENTS

1. i am grateful for my babies, because they remind me of the need for compassion. 2. i am grateful for getting our kombucha brewing, because it wil...  Read more


tossing it up: day 9
4/10/2014 2:02:29 AM,  0 COMMENTS

1. i am grateful for my babies, because they remind me of the need for compassion. 2. i am grateful for getting our kombucha brewing, because it wil...  Read more


4/9/14 blood sugar
4/10/2014 12:54:56 AM,  5 COMMENTS

6:30 am 94 10:15 am 104 breakfast (sausage, salad) 12:15 104 3:00 pm snack 3 tbsp. almond butter, 1 oz. cheese, decaf w/cream 5:00 pm 109...  Read more


Day 3- 21 day sugar detox
4/9/2014 9:43:25 PM,  2 COMMENTS

Made it through day 3. I'm starving! cant seem to get my calorie intake up, and I'm feeling it. Exhausted, brain fog, headache.. ya know, everything t...  Read more


Streak Day 10
4/9/2014 7:40:12 PM,  5 COMMENTS

It's Streak Day 10 for me. I can hardly believe, I've gotten myself back on track with making a difference to my LIFE through SPARKING!! I have exer...  Read more


4/9/2014 6:46:57 PM,  5 COMMENTS

Since my last blog entry I lost a couple more pounds. I consider it kind of a success, I guess. We took a 5 day road trip with five children, three of...  Read more


4/9/2014 4:43:21 PM,  6 COMMENTS



woes and woe-rry
4/9/2014 4:06:36 PM,  4 COMMENTS

Sadness... and...sorrow... and...weeping... and...worry... What is at the top of your list today be constantly cogitating... about an...  Read more


Determination Despite Fibromyalgia Week 3
4/9/2014 12:06:33 PM,  1 COMMENTS

I am still hanging in there. Saturday I made the difficult decision of not working out because I was going to my daughter's college orientation, a day...  Read more


Right on
4/9/2014 10:31:11 AM,  3 COMMENTS

So I am really making a focused effort not to burn myself out with changes this time around on the healthy living spiral…Before I have always done the...  Read more


The stuff men don't have to go through
4/9/2014 8:34:24 AM,  6 COMMENTS

So I told my old job about the new job and the pg on Monday. My bosses first reaction was "Am I the last to know your PG????" Really? as if we are fri...  Read more


4/9/2014 8:06:27 AM,  6 COMMENTS

Not sure why I love this but I have great need to share:)...  Read more


Finding God/ Encontrando a Dios
4/9/2014 5:38:19 AM,  15 COMMENTS

Finding God is much more important than WHERE you find Him. Encontrando a Dios es mucho más importante que dónde encontrarlo....  Read more


tossing it up: day 8
4/9/2014 3:54:52 AM,  1 COMMENTS

1. i am grateful for my babies, because they teach me about mirrors. 2. i am grateful for changes to plans, because they allow for serendipity. 3....  Read more


4/8/14 Blood sugars back in line
4/9/2014 12:17:34 AM,  5 COMMENTS

Today my blood sugars were looking better again. The highest reading was after eating about 1 1/2 oz. of sugar-free chocolate. 8am 98 break...  Read more


Happy Spring!
4/8/2014 9:46:46 PM,  6 COMMENTS

The weather here today was perfect... sunny breezy and not too hot or cold. I love it! Spring always cheers me up... it is hard to feel depressed when...  Read more


The Bra Blog
4/8/2014 8:28:41 PM,  14 COMMENTS

Disclaimer: This blog may contain TMI. If you cannot handle a frank discussion about breasts and bras, leave now. If you decide to rea...  Read more


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