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A year later
6/18/2014 12:57:07 AM,  6 COMMENTS

A year ago right now I was in the hospital with a blood pressure 40 over 20. 3 days later I had my leg amputated below the knee. I have come along w...  Read more


Lose 100 pounds and people notice....
6/17/2014 4:49:04 PM,  15 COMMENTS

I have been on this weight loss journey in earnest since last July 15. I have been losing weight all along, and none of my co-workers had said anythi...  Read more


"If we screw it up, start over" - Lee Iacocca
6/17/2014 9:01:49 AM,  2 COMMENTS

So... how's it going? Long time, no see. So a lot has been happening since last I checked in (you know, May 2010...). I got in a fitness & we...  Read more


Adventurous run on Saturday
6/16/2014 11:27:24 AM,  3 COMMENTS

Last Saturday I easily had my most adventurous run EVER! My training schedule stated I needed to do a 6 mile long run, which I was more than co...  Read more


A Wonderful Fathers Day
6/16/2014 2:36:01 AM,  33 COMMENTS

I got quite the surprise in my lunch today. I am on midnight shift this week and predictably, I felt myself starting to sink into a slump. It h...  Read more


struggling for consistency
6/14/2014 11:13:20 PM,  3 COMMENTS

We have been prepping to go back to the States for a 6 month furlough. The disruption to my schedule and my stress/boredom have not helped. I have s...  Read more


Rehab, Run, Ride, Lift and Track - Sounds Easy
6/14/2014 1:16:44 PM,  10 COMMENTS

Part 1: Fighting to Lose Weight and Get Back in Shape I know exactly the time and date that I was last in great shape. On August 19th 2011 at 12...  Read more


My moday
6/14/2014 12:50:13 AM,  4 COMMENTS

Today is been a good day for a Monday. Didn't do much but had a good day at work....  Read more


What a difference a year makes....
6/13/2014 2:35:35 PM,  17 COMMENTS

When I reflect on where I was a year ago and where I am today, I amaze myself. I would have never thought it possible to make such a major transforma...  Read more


Busy weekend ahead!
6/13/2014 10:28:05 AM,  4 COMMENTS

Lots going on this weekend, so had to get started on the normal weekend chores ahead of schedule (cleaning, groceries, etc). Right out of the box tom...  Read more


A good week
6/12/2014 12:50:03 AM,  5 COMMENTS

I have had very good week so far. I went to my leg guy today and got measured for my new leg. It will be good to have a leg that actually fits....  Read more


Update for my friends...
6/11/2014 1:20:10 PM,  35 COMMENTS

I have been really, really busy over the last month so here is a quick summary before I go to night shift... 1) What started out as a local idea...  Read more


Three months in...
6/10/2014 10:55:35 AM,  11 COMMENTS

Well yesterday I had my 3 month post-op visit with the Nutritionist and my surgeon. They were both pleased with my results and how good I feel and lo...  Read more


Return of the MAC - Week #7 Review
6/9/2014 4:49:26 PM,  3 COMMENTS

Good afternoon everyone! It was definitely my intention to turn this into a daily blog again, but I was super busy all last week so that didn't work o...  Read more


It's been awhile, but I'm still here
6/8/2014 10:29:58 PM,  15 COMMENTS

I keep promising myself I am going to be a regular blogger. I'm glad this isn't my job and I don't have deadlines. 211 Where do I begin? I real...  Read more


Daily Motivation
6/6/2014 1:18:32 PM,  2 COMMENTS

"My friend was wondering today why brain cells die, skin cells die, your hair follicle die, but fat cells live FOREVER?" Time for a v...  Read more


Always glad to be back home
6/5/2014 9:50:55 PM,  3 COMMENTS

We had a great time in New Orleans! The food, the drink, the sights, the people! Ready to go back another time! But always good to get back hom...  Read more


Daily Motivation
6/5/2014 3:07:47 PM,  0 COMMENTS

"You are brave; just sometimes, you don't know it. Be proud of who you are and how you handle situations." Have a blessed workout!...  Read more


Still Figuring things out - Day 2
6/5/2014 8:53:40 AM,  2 COMMENTS

Yesterday went ok. I ate well. I went to the gym and had a nice long workout. Dinner was good. I figured out that if I went to bed at 11pm, i woul...  Read more


What to do!
6/5/2014 8:03:03 AM,  14 COMMENTS

I knew that the bubble had to burst some time. And I guess in a way, it has. I have gained a pound this week. THis is the first time that I have ha...  Read more


Starting Over...Day 1
6/4/2014 1:56:22 PM,  0 COMMENTS

If I write it, they will read it. Becoming accountible for my actions. I did very well in the last year. Losing over 80lbs. But, I feel myself fal...  Read more


New Approach
6/4/2014 10:49:48 AM,  5 COMMENTS

It's obvious to me I don't have the resolve (right now) to stay on track with the mindset of it being a lifestyle. I have decided to go intensive on...  Read more


A C fixed
6/3/2014 2:51:44 PM,  8 COMMENTS

We got the air conditioner fixed. It was actually stuck by lightning. We were lucky that the house didn't burn down....  Read more


Daily Motivation
6/3/2014 11:57:41 AM,  5 COMMENTS

"The greatest difference between a winner and loser is that next step the winner takes." NO! NO! NO! Have a blessed workout! 84...  Read more


AC quit
6/3/2014 12:30:58 AM,  7 COMMENTS

The AC quit at the house today. We are supposed to have the first 100 degree day Wednesday. Oh well, summer in OKlahoma. Gotta love it ...  Read more


Return of the MAC - Week #5-#6 Review
6/2/2014 4:48:05 PM,  2 COMMENTS

Hey Everybody! Sorry for the long gap since my last post, I'm still getting used to blogging again. So let's talk about Week #5 (May 17 - May 23...  Read more


'60 for 60' - in the bag!
6/1/2014 11:59:05 PM,  2 COMMENTS

On Saturday, May 31, I turned 60 years old. In America, this is not a big deal, but here in Korea, it's a VERY big deal. So as I approached my...  Read more


A Bike Trail with No Name - Riding Big Nimby
6/1/2014 11:30:24 PM,  5 COMMENTS

Part 1: No Name Trail Glenwood Canyon was cut by the mighty Colorado River. Years ago there was a town of "No Name", which is now a rest stop. ...  Read more


Trying to blend in @ the UK...
6/1/2014 6:04:22 PM,  12 COMMENTS

I wonder if they can tell I'm not from around here... ...  Read more


Back on the bus
5/31/2014 1:15:41 PM,  3 COMMENTS

Shopping list is made. Tomorrow I start Dolvett's 3-1-2-1 plan....  Read more


Goodbye old friend (lawn mower)
5/30/2014 10:46:29 PM,  3 COMMENTS

Got some sad news today. My self propelled mower has officially bit the dust! According to the shop, the engine is totally seized up and nothing is...  Read more


I love to workout on Friday night, because...
5/30/2014 5:43:12 PM,  5 COMMENTS

... anyway I am just mentally tired after the week. I used to wait for the Friday night: finally I'm free, I can do something, no work coming on...  Read more


Daily Motivation
5/30/2014 12:19:02 PM,  3 COMMENTS

Don't be pushed be your problems. Be led by your dreams." ~Ralph Waldo Eerson~ I have been resting all week since my 1/2 marathon...  Read more


5/30/2014 11:06:01 AM,  0 COMMENTS

I am going to enjoy this weekend. Time to spend with my family and relax. Next week the new job schedule goes into full effect and it will be busy...  Read more


Cuuute girl
5/30/2014 7:59:53 AM,  7 COMMENTS

It's been raining every single day since I got here... well, except for last.. Monday? I think. I really don't understand how people here can have nic...  Read more


Part 2: Renewing a 2007 Specialized Stumpjumper Pro Disc - Little Stumpy is done!
5/29/2014 10:45:24 PM,  6 COMMENTS

Background In 2012, the major bike manufactures stop producing high-end 26" wheeled mountain bikes. Currently, 99% of mountain bikes for sale in...  Read more


5/29 Hiking pics and info
5/29/2014 8:29:10 PM,  2 COMMENTS

Higher and Higher we go! Started at 9,770' today! Max Altitude 10,669'! 3 hours 8.5 miles calorie burn somewhere around 2,000 ...  Read more


A short week
5/29/2014 1:51:58 PM,  6 COMMENTS

For this being a short week, it is full of its challenges. I knew that the 4 day work week would still expect a 5 day output, and I planned for that....  Read more


first day of global corporate challenge
5/28/2014 9:50:50 PM,  3 COMMENTS

Today is the first day of a 100 day corporate challenge. My goal is 10000 steps today. I didn't make it today. But will have to work harder tomorro...  Read more


2nd Half Marathon Results
5/28/2014 12:47:03 PM,  7 COMMENTS

Good morning everyone! I have been resting and relaxing my sore muscles since we returned home on Monday. The three day weekend sure did go by fast li...  Read more


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