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  • Planning to Fly while Fat

    9/18/2017 5:58:15 PM, by GAILITCH

    264 lbs, 5'2" I have had a humbling day. My husband has one sister (their parents are dead) and her wonderfu daughter is getting married ... Read more

  • Dealing! Hidden health issues and depression the fight to loose weight.

    9/18/2017 8:12:13 AM, by BECKY8777

    I was diagnosed with IIH also known as psudotumor in July. I have been dealing with depression since my early teens. I am a healthy eater with th... Read more

  • No craving control

    9/17/2017 11:57:27 PM, by STAR135000

    A bag of the "other food" ended up in the basket and made its way into the house. I did good until there was a second helping sitting next to me.... Read more

  • Worst Race Ever / Morbid Obesity

    9/17/2017 6:57:13 PM, by KAY-SUPREME

    Last Saturday (9/9) was the Mackinac Island Eight Mile Race -- this race goes all the way around Mackinac Island, starting and finishing at Missi... Read more

  • Sugar Blues Day 7

    9/17/2017 9:59:09 AM, by JENSHAINES

    Well... I missed Day 6... and I MISSED Day 6. HAVE to journal. HAVE to journal. HAVE to journal. I did really well on Day 5. I was sweati... Read more

  • Ahhhhh

    9/17/2017 8:11:50 AM, by SPARTANJAI

    Relaxing this morning with my cup of coffee ahhhhhh! Long day tomorrow so I am getting things done today. More gardening, canning, cleaning. Rec... Read more

  • Sunday morning

    9/17/2017 7:31:30 AM, by PICKIE98

    I forgot to blog yesterday, a lot going on here. My ex will be here to put two new bird feeders on my PVC pipe pol they are currently on. Tomorr... Read more

  • Love the Strength Training.

    9/16/2017 11:49:00 PM, by STAR135000

    There is just something about strength training. Specifically for the Upper Body. It is something that I can do, and feel good about myself while... Read more

  • FINALLY catching up on SparkPeople ...

    9/16/2017 2:20:13 PM, by PURPLE_ROSE_BUD

    I have been extremely busy since the end of March so I spent very little time on SparkPeople. Unfortunately the majority of it has not been fun. ... Read more

  • Grocery Shopping

    9/16/2017 1:50:45 PM, by KNM321

    For a change, my last grocery store trip was actually a good one. I didn't walk in there starving and that made it much easier to pick out the h... Read more

  • Ahhhhhh

    9/16/2017 8:53:57 AM, by SPARTANJAI

    Chili sauce, hot salsa, tomatoes. That is what I got canned yesterday. Picked broccoli yesterday. Trying to find a recipe for a shaved broccoli ... Read more

  • Food and Exercise for Fall

    9/15/2017 11:02:36 PM, by STAR135000

    A week from today I see the oncology GYN about my surgery. Hopefully then, or soon after, they'll have the date for my surgery. Until then, I am ... Read more

  • Friday evening

    9/15/2017 7:36:49 PM, by PICKIE98

    My DD is home from the hospital! I made stops at the grocery, library for a reserved book for Dd, the post office for post card stamps for her. ... Read more

  • Sugar Blues Day 5

    9/15/2017 6:35:52 PM, by JENSHAINES

    Okay... got through Day 4 just fine, but it was a very busy day and I had a big, late dinner. OTOH, I'm already feeling the grip of sugar ... Read more

  • Ahhhhh

    9/15/2017 5:30:51 PM, by SPARTANJAI

    Good day. Picked 30 tomatoes for my sister, her hubby will make chili with them. Picked cukes. Picked jalapeno peppers. Picked tomatoes for me a... Read more

  • Been away again....

    9/15/2017 9:37:21 AM, by MICHKNITTER

    ...Not by choice, either. After I have these internet down-times I have a hard time getting back here and getting into the routine. My phon... Read more

  • Revelations.

    9/14/2017 11:48:22 PM, by STAR135000

    It's hard to realize some things. There are certain times in your life that really stop and make you think. I'm not going to list my realizations... Read more

  • Thursday evening

    9/14/2017 6:58:48 PM, by PICKIE98

    I am feeling more optimistic this evening. Dd got her catheter removed this afternoon, ate some solid food and got her IV antibiotic changed. S... Read more

  • better things

    9/14/2017 6:34:31 PM, by XRAYLADY65

    well i am on my way to better things.... no more back pain since surgery.... I get to start working out tomorrow with my trainer,,... I have my f... Read more

  • Sugar Blues Day 4

    9/14/2017 1:59:48 PM, by JENSHAINES

    Okay... yesterday was mixed. I didn't entirely stick with my planned snack last night - had more than I'd planned and went (a little) over m... Read more

  • Garden going strong!

    9/14/2017 11:13:13 AM, by SPARTANJAI

    Still picking tomatoes, onions, broccoli, broccoli, jalapeno peppers, cucumbers. Love this time of year! Have a great day!... Read more

  • Need a Hysterectomy.

    9/13/2017 10:41:51 PM, by STAR135000

    Ok, so I saw the OB/GYN today. He said that if there was one kind of cancer to have, this was it. It's Stage One so it's very early. He's sending... Read more

  • Sugar Blues Day 3

    9/13/2017 8:20:42 PM, by JENSHAINES

    Again, I'm grateful for the comments, suggestions, commiseration. Read more

  • Wednesday evening

    9/13/2017 7:28:59 PM, by PICKIE98

    i spent the day at the hospital with Dd again. She had hopes of coming home today, but they are e not even talking about her release before the ... Read more

  • Crazy day

    9/13/2017 4:55:48 PM, by SPARTANJAI

    Woke up during the night and I've been in a fog all day. Heading to bed early and I hope it improves for tomorrow!... Read more

  • Camping, bridge walk, hiking and getting slightly lost

    9/13/2017 4:43:32 PM, by ONTHEPATH2

    Well the camping trip has come and gone. It was interesting. I managed 3 nights in the tent! I must admit, my family laughed a bit when I roll... Read more

  • Small & Big Wins!

    9/13/2017 9:43:08 AM, by FUNLOVEN

    This is a picture of my dad and my granddaughter. ... Read more

  • More than I thought I could do. And OB/GYN.

    9/12/2017 10:41:55 PM, by STAR135000

    Today I did exercises from one of the teams I belong to. Some of the choices I replaced with exercises from www.arthritis.org since I have arthri... Read more

  • My DD

    9/12/2017 8:34:39 PM, by PICKIE98

    I just got home and wanted to blog that Kristy is still very ill, but the surgery went well. She hoped to go home tomorrow, but she cannot keep... Read more

  • Sugar Blues Day 2

    9/12/2017 6:14:49 PM, by JENSHAINES

    Thanks for the support for those who commented. I really appreciate your comments and support! So, after my great intentions, I did NOT hav... Read more

  • Ahhhhhh

    9/12/2017 5:59:41 PM, by SPARTANJAI

    Busy day but it is over ..... thank goodness! Hope everyone had a nice day!... Read more

  • Stepping weather!

    9/12/2017 10:35:14 AM, by JAREJIL

    I am so glad it has cooled off to the lovely fall weather, it makes it so pleasant to stroll that I might even do some little sprints!... Read more

  • surgery

    9/12/2017 9:32:57 AM, by PICKIE98

    DD going to surgery this afternoon,,... Read more

  • Migraine.

    9/11/2017 9:43:07 PM, by STAR135000

    Today has been a laid-back kind of day. We both have migraines. My sweetie's remedy is to sleep a lot. I like quiet. Unfortunately, he also likes... Read more

  • Stairs, stones and stuff

    9/11/2017 6:11:03 PM, by PICKIE98

    I took DD to her doctor this morning:they fit her in in a half hour after she called. She is using a walker to walk, so they did lab work and x-r... Read more

  • Patriot Day

    9/11/2017 5:55:29 PM, by SPARTANJAI

    To those that lost family and friends in the events of 9-11... Thank you! We appreciate the gift that your loved you gave! For those that were i... Read more

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