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The sweet successes of summer 2014
7/5/2014 10:53:11 PM,  4 COMMENTS

I haven't weighed this in decades - I am 167-1/2 pounds on my super-accurate (even when I wish it would cheat) digital scale. I feel better and look b...  Read more


Mad at Wal-Mart
7/5/2014 4:20:11 PM,  6 COMMENTS

I'm as guilty as the next person. I'm apt to go to the Supercenter to pick up everything that I need, instead of going to 3 or 4 different stores. ...  Read more


Silly Saturday =)
7/5/2014 11:18:54 AM,  13 COMMENTS

...  Read more


it's saturday
7/5/2014 9:44:26 AM,  9 COMMENTS

another sunny day here today! woo hoo! have not yet decided on plans for the day. i will decide as i go. my daughter says hi! all of the birds are doi...  Read more


Why can we stick to the wrong habits so easily , but not the good ones HELP!!!!
7/5/2014 7:39:44 AM,  8 COMMENTS

Every single time I am on a roll I feel within the very depth of my soul I am going to conquer, I am so on the game. I know I am not the only one, I h...  Read more


Broccoli-Cheddar Quinoa
7/4/2014 8:22:11 PM,  6 COMMENTS

From the kitchen of Friday fit Meal Broccoli-cheddar Quinoa 1 c. Quinoa, well rinsed 1 1/2 c low sodium chicken broth 2 c broccoli, chopped...  Read more


Feline Friday =^..^=
7/4/2014 12:31:36 PM,  11 COMMENTS

...  Read more


Satisfied with life?
7/4/2014 10:34:18 AM,  3 COMMENTS

We have all heard the saying, “Your life will always be, to a large extent, what you make it.” Your life is yours. You own it, and what you make of it...  Read more


bad bad June.
7/4/2014 10:00:38 AM,  2 COMMENTS

Too many food events in June and my weight is up. Starting today I am back on track. It has been too hot to exercise, but is cooler today so I will...  Read more


it's friday!
7/4/2014 9:15:36 AM,  4 COMMENTS

another week is coming to a close. i have decided to go with my first choice of a place to live. it is more affordable for me and i will have the priv...  Read more


Aiming for Richland Creek!!
7/3/2014 11:01:44 PM,  2 COMMENTS

Ok, I have to get into shape now!! My daughter and I have agreed to go camping at a site where our Native American group used to camp in the summer ti...  Read more


Aer, aut non.
7/3/2014 10:04:28 PM,  2 COMMENTS

Worked out with my trainer yesterday. I told her I had to avoid any we, weight bearing exercises involving my knees. So she put together an hour long...  Read more


Getting Help For My Bad Knee
7/3/2014 3:39:51 PM,  18 COMMENTS

I thought that I should let all my buddies know that I've been doctoring with my bad right knee. I was to my doctor last week and x-rays were done an...  Read more


Polar Loop
7/3/2014 1:56:01 PM,  0 COMMENTS

I got my Polar Loop yesterday. My goal is to reach the low intensity goal each day for now in the fat burning category. I am starting slow and I will...  Read more


Thursday's Thought =)
7/3/2014 10:25:47 AM,  14 COMMENTS

...  Read more


a sunny day
7/3/2014 10:19:38 AM,  7 COMMENTS

i may have found a place to live. i will check and see where it is and if it is still available. once i have that information, i can go and see it. it...  Read more


7/3/2014 8:12:03 AM,  8 COMMENTS

This morning I am tired. I didn't get much sleep last night. It was after 1 when I finally went to sleep. I read some of my book after putting E...  Read more


A New Month, A Fresh Start
7/2/2014 8:59:25 PM,  7 COMMENTS

That's what I like about a new month. A chance to start fresh! My goal this month is to not eat any fast food for breakfast, and by fast food, I mean...  Read more


Wednesday's Wisdom =)
7/2/2014 5:26:41 PM,  7 COMMENTS

...  Read more


a new day
7/2/2014 10:24:56 AM,  9 COMMENTS

i spent the day outdoors yesterday with my daughter. it was soo worth it! now i am dealing with a sunburn on my arms and on my lower legs. i am extra...  Read more


244lbs + 8lbs - 4lbs = 248lbs (22lb loss)
7/2/2014 2:00:49 AM,  3 COMMENTS

This is my 2nd video blog and it's a great tool to have available! ...  Read more


7/2/2014 1:22:47 AM,  1 COMMENTS

I am motivated to be healthy right now because I have not been feeling my best. As a mother of 4 I have a lot on my plate. Energy or not I have to be...  Read more


Tuesday's Tickle =)
7/1/2014 10:04:32 AM,  11 COMMENTS

...  Read more


J'aurais dû savoir....NOT!
7/1/2014 9:06:07 AM,  2 COMMENTS

Yesterday I worked out for 70 minutes on the 'Iron' circuit - a twelve station weight machine workout. That was 3 sets at each station using increasin...  Read more


Battle with Feet and Legs
7/1/2014 8:05:19 AM,  2 COMMENTS

Sunday night Elijah wanted me to sleep with him. I promised him I would last night because I needed to sleep in my bed. It's not that I don't wa...  Read more


How to resist a binge the SparkPeople way.
7/1/2014 2:58:34 AM,  3 COMMENTS

The best way to avoid a bing that is traveling at the speed of light is first grab a bottle of water. Next go to the furthest area away from the food....  Read more


Strawberry Vinaigrette (homemade) YUM!
6/30/2014 10:38:40 PM,  2 COMMENTS

This recipe is from Taste of Home. Amazing! Taste nothing like what you buy in the store! Strawberry Vinaigrette 1 package (16oz) frozen unswee...  Read more


A Blog a Day in June!
6/30/2014 9:23:49 PM,  6 COMMENTS

Well, I set a little goal for this month, and I did it! I posted 30 blogs for June. Granted, some are better than others, but I am glad that I was a...  Read more


Pun Fun Monday =)
6/30/2014 11:43:04 AM,  11 COMMENTS

...  Read more


another month is coming to a close
6/30/2014 9:31:26 AM,  8 COMMENTS

it is the last day of june. tomorrow, a new month starts. got a bit frustrated the other day over what i still have to do to get where i want to be in...  Read more


Way Too Early
6/30/2014 7:42:57 AM,  4 COMMENTS

My door opens about 6am this morning and it's not mom leaving for work. It's Elijah up and starting his day. Great. Just great. He opens my door...  Read more


6/29/2014 8:14:12 PM,  8 COMMENTS

I know that being thinner will not make me happy. I actually am quite happy now. I have a nice home and a good husband. I don't have any chil...  Read more


Healthy & inexpensive way to flavor drinking water!
6/29/2014 5:00:03 PM,  30 COMMENTS

274 91 194 274 91 194 274 91 194 274 Over the last few years, I have shared this idea numerous times here at SP. Each summer, as our day...  Read more


ABC's ... challenge! Ideas needed! Help!
6/29/2014 3:09:42 PM,  5 COMMENTS

I will be joining a 1 week challenge for my TOPS group. It is a contest on eating more fruits and veggies. Contest will start Wed. evening, so I need...  Read more


How to Build YOUR Custom Lifestyle
6/29/2014 12:36:18 PM,  84 COMMENTS

Had to have 2 more steroid shots, so my weight jumped up a bit. Had to fight it back down. How? Fresh fruits and veggies and lots of lean protein sour...  Read more


Sunday's Smile =)
6/29/2014 11:39:11 AM,  13 COMMENTS

...  Read more


Sunday Morning Quietness
6/29/2014 8:39:50 AM,  3 COMMENTS

It is 7:10 and mom and Elijah are sleeping still. I woke up an hour ago and got my coffee and my shower. I feel so much better after I've gotten...  Read more


SP Plan Set For Next Month!
6/28/2014 10:45:18 PM,  6 COMMENTS

Yay! I'm sooo ready to get back on track. It's been a long time coming! I made my little fitness calendar - I have scheduled my physical t...  Read more


Moving Forward
6/28/2014 10:11:10 PM,  4 COMMENTS

I love this little confident cat! Looking forward means moving forward. I am looking forward this summer. I am working on being successful....  Read more


6/28/2014 3:05:39 PM,  1 COMMENTS

Can anyone help????? When I first lost weight I used this site to do it,I set up a schedule for cardio/strength training and every day what was schedu...  Read more


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