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  • Reconciling the dragon

    1/13/2017 11:33:11 AM, by CFMOSS

    Yeah...yeah....I know....I've said and I need to post a blog on my goals...but first I have to reconcile the dragon Read more

  • Newest Arrival

    1/13/2017 10:23:13 AM, by DEEKELLYE

    This is the last picture of me being pregnant. I am... Read more

  • Sometime you don't want life to be the box of chocolates

    1/13/2017 7:00:50 AM, by BEARWHISPERER

    Let's skip the chocolates and go for the jalapenos and burn those asses. Read more

  • Still looking

    1/13/2017 6:38:55 AM, by SNSHYNE37

    Our offer on the house was not accepted. The selling agent told our agent that the only reason we didn't get it is because the other person waiv... Read more

  • week 7

    1/13/2017 12:06:42 AM, by COACHSANDRALEE

    Be yourself. No rules — just try and eat as healthily as you can and do it by feel. Trusting yourself might seem like a lot of responsibility, bu... Read more

  • Eating Clean-er

    1/12/2017 10:09:06 PM, by MICKEYMAX

    I am not where I want to be in the eating dept - but I am improving. This way is better for me. I am eating at least one deliciously healthy meal... Read more

  • Day 10

    1/12/2017 10:03:11 PM, by CSINGER_69

    I can't believe I have actually logged for 10 days straight. One of the things I have learned is that in spite of the fact that I am staying with... Read more

  • Fantastic

    1/12/2017 7:09:42 PM, by PLAINJANEDOE

    The one night this week i dont have to work wasted 15 min sitting at Walgreens for a prescription that would be ready in 10-15 min then at the en... Read more

  • New Year, New me!!##

    1/12/2017 1:51:20 PM, by SIMBA437

    1/12/17 Last weigh in on 12/26/16 I lost 3 lbs, today's weigh in i lost another 5. I'm happy with 8lb loss over the holidays. I really have to ... Read more

  • Oops!

    1/12/2017 12:04:22 PM, by KHADEEJAH1

    Peace Sparkpeople, The message of my last blog wasn't very clear and I do apologize. The children in the picture are poor and looking for ... Read more

  • Tingles

    1/12/2017 9:40:51 AM, by DMGUMAER

    I regularly have high BP... I take medications but have noticed lately (after gaining 6lbs) that it was jumping and my arms are tingly after slee... Read more

  • The Journey of 100 lbs starts with.....

    1/12/2017 9:08:37 AM, by SILVERRAVEN83

    Being able to afford groceries..... I'm currently out of work on Maternity Leave..... unpaid. My husband, god love him, works full ti... Read more

  • Let it go...Leg it go...

    1/12/2017 8:43:54 AM, by BEARWHISPERER

    Let it go, Let it go, oh how many times I've heard that song with a 3 year old Granddaughter...lol But for real - Let it go. Don't give y... Read more

  • Back on Track - I hope!

    1/12/2017 7:03:40 AM, by DFG1016

    I've known about this page for quite some time, but have never been actively involved. I have had several very significant weight losses in my li... Read more

  • Week 2, weekly blog

    1/12/2017 6:35:06 AM, by CHELL2015

    It has been a struggle for me, I do good at work but being home alone in evenings I overeat. I have not started exercising yet can't get motivate... Read more

  • Week 6

    1/11/2017 10:05:05 PM, by COACHSANDRALEE

    If man makes it, don’t eat it. This is likely to be the hardest week of your diet. You want to eat only whole foods and eliminate all processed f... Read more

  • Day 9

    1/11/2017 9:29:32 PM, by CSINGER_69

    Today was another good day. There's a new Walmart next door to the apartment complex where I live so it's easy to go to the store often. Where I... Read more

  • 1.11.17

    1/11/2017 9:07:12 PM, by CARILOUIE

    I went to a hot yoga class tonight with hubs - I'm feeling relaxed and loose. Tomorrow night I have a trapeze class, and then a few days off of w... Read more

  • Having trouble syncing my Garmin fitbit

    1/11/2017 8:19:42 PM, by CHERYLE51

    I got a Garmin fitbit for Christmas and you are supposed to be able to sync it to Sparkpeople. It's not working right for me. I joined the g... Read more

  • Patience (or lack of), Stress and just venting

    1/11/2017 10:02:58 AM, by SNSHYNE37

    Patience has never been my strong suit, and again I am waiting and trying to be patient. As I said in my last blog, we put an offer on a house. ... Read more

  • Are you good enough? Why ask - of course you are.

    1/11/2017 9:11:46 AM, by BEARWHISPERER

    It doesn't matter what "they" think. What matters is what you think. Your are good enough. Read more

  • 45 days

    1/11/2017 7:29:17 AM, by JENNYRENN

    I have been working on changing my lifestyle for the last 45 days. The day after Thanksgiving I joined a new gym. I have been changing eating h... Read more

  • Moderation needed in...

    1/11/2017 7:00:57 AM, by PRITHY3

    I need moderation in my liquid calorie intake. One solution will be to not purchase those beverages so that I'm not tempted to drink them when I... Read more

  • Day 8

    1/10/2017 10:48:10 PM, by CSINGER_69

    I didn't feel as good today as I did yesterday but I didn't do what I use to do when I don't feel good, eat. I am a little closer to my daily goa... Read more

  • week5

    1/10/2017 9:50:26 PM, by COACHSANDRALEE

    Reduce starchy carbohydrates. Starches include rice, bread, potatoes, corn, beans, and other legumes. While many of these are in no way bad foods... Read more

  • Tracking and measuring

    1/10/2017 8:17:56 PM, by DMGUMAER

    Does anyone else dread measuring and tracking??? I dread it. I know for myself that this is a sure way for me to lose weight. PORTION CONTROL... ... Read more


    1/10/2017 6:21:21 PM, by CHERYLE51

    I am a teacher's aide, so I go with the kids to all their specials. Today was gym. They were jumping rope, so I decided to see if I could still... Read more

  • My Mother Used to Say.......

    1/10/2017 11:51:44 AM, by KHADEEJAH1

    My mother used to say: "Eat everything on your plate." Read more

  • Fingers crossed and hoping for good news

    1/10/2017 9:22:16 AM, by SNSHYNE37

    So we looked at a house yesterday that JUST went on the market. We have been looking at houses since October with no luck. We had an offer on o... Read more

  • Have you tried a new perspective

    1/10/2017 7:00:34 AM, by BEARWHISPERER

    Sometimes we just look at things from one direction. It's what we know, how we've lived and how we were taught. Sometimes we need to take a ste... Read more

  • Diet Bet - 10% in 6 months - I can do this.

    1/10/2017 6:36:35 AM, by BEARWHISPERER

    So I tried to do diet bet once before 4% in 28 days and I didn't succeed. Something happened near the end of the month and I stopped my exercise... Read more

  • Day 10

    1/10/2017 6:10:10 AM, by RAPUNZEL53

    Finished exercise and leaving for work soon! Hope all of us have a Great day today!... Read more

  • Day 7

    1/9/2017 11:08:16 PM, by CSINGER_69

    Things are getting a little easier now. I am also starting to pay more attention to what I'm eating and how it's going to add to my daily total.... Read more

  • week 4

    1/9/2017 9:09:52 PM, by COACHSANDRALEE

    Cook at home. One of the best ways to control your eating is to prepare all your meals yourself. Eliminate all fast food (which hopefully happene... Read more

  • Look how nice and warm it will be

    1/9/2017 8:48:48 PM, by PLAINJANEDOE

    During the week when I am trapped inside wasting my e... Read more

  • Making Changes

    1/9/2017 8:37:46 PM, by RSELINSKY212

    So far everything has been going well. Wearing the fitbit has really made me accountable for my daily activity, and it keeps me motivated to con... Read more

  • Still sick.....any recommendations?

    1/9/2017 11:06:38 AM, by SNSHYNE37

    So, I've finished my Z-pack, a bottle of Mucinex, a bottle of Delysm, and still don't feel good. I can't shake the upper respiratory infection, ... Read more

  • 1.9.17

    1/9/2017 7:58:26 AM, by CARILOUIE

    I took a closer look at my Spark page this morning and saw that I have been a member here since 2009. !!!! That's a really long time. Eight years... Read more

  • Day 6

    1/8/2017 10:12:17 PM, by CSINGER_69

    Today was the best yet. I did not skip logging today, I felt much better than yesterday I haven't exceeded my food budget and I lost 2 lbs this w... Read more

  • week 3

    1/8/2017 10:01:15 PM, by COACHSANDRALEE

    Week 3 Eat some colorful, low-density food at every meal. These are foods that take up a lot of space without a lot of calories. Veggies are... Read more

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