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  • Down 4lbs today!!

    6/16/2016 9:07:10 AM, by JWRIGHT130

    I am so freakin excited this morning. I got up, before making coffee I weighed and measured myself. I wasn't planning on doing this for another 2... Read more

  • Tracker

    6/15/2016 9:10:41 PM, by DMGUMAER

    Totally surpassed my 10k step daily goal. I ended with 12404... I'm so excited. Down 6 lbs since May... slow and steady...... Read more

  • 2 more weigh ins...

    6/15/2016 8:29:39 PM, by MJL2010

    Down everytime....except camping weekend. .. was up .2 lbs! Not too bad! Not sure about this week but hopefully another loss, even if it's a litt... Read more

  • The Ten Pounds that Just Won't Let Go!

    6/15/2016 12:19:31 PM, by OUIOUIOUI

    Hey All! I'm working to lose the last 10 pounds to my goal weight. I titled this the 10 pounds that won't let go, but the truth is I'm not ... Read more

  • Hump Day

    6/15/2016 10:35:01 AM, by TBVALEGIRL

    Time is flying by so quickly!!! I'm not quite ready for all the changes, but life must go on!! Exercise is consisting of a lot of walking, not be... Read more

  • When a girl NEEDS a medium rare cheeseburger

    6/14/2016 11:15:50 PM, by TIFFANIGETZ

    Well I tracked my good Went to my weekly weigh in appointment. Got my jet fuel After working 10 hours today (1/2 of which I spent in and out of... Read more

  • Down but up and going again!

    6/14/2016 7:10:54 PM, by MILMOM2000NEW

    Oh my goodness! Gosh I hate this up and down all the time! Makes me want to cry and beat myself and kick myself and then cry again with myself! H... Read more

  • What's Next?

    6/14/2016 5:14:45 PM, by MOMTOMONKEYS2

    I've dispelled many processed foods from my house. I've increased my families veggie intake exponentially. We eat fat and are not scared but sa... Read more

  • Body Lovin'

    6/14/2016 3:15:23 PM, by RHITAI

    Half the battle of loving yourself is just looking at yourself in the mirror. We all look at ourselves more critically than probably Sally Sue or... Read more

  • 2 pounds down..

    6/14/2016 12:41:10 PM, by JENN53888

    but then two pounds up.. then two pounds down again.. Like normal. Got 20 days left. I just want to be 200 when I go. I'm not a... Read more


    6/14/2016 10:40:46 AM, by PROUDMOM04

    I am down almost 25lbs! It is a slow but steady progress for me, which is how it works best for me. Went shopping yesterday and thought what th... Read more

  • a nice sunny day

    6/14/2016 8:55:22 AM, by MOMMY445

    a day to get outdoors and enjoy. i will do just that in a while. my daughter says hi and sends hugs. all the birds say cheep,cheep! have a wonder... Read more


    6/13/2016 11:25:37 PM, by TIFFANIGETZ

    What a horrible freaking week! I have exercised at minimum 3 times in the last week. I have not tracked my food all week. I am only down 1 l... Read more

  • Vent... really it has nada to do with weight loss. Sorry.

    6/13/2016 3:36:26 PM, by MRSGROUCHO

    Just found out my husband got laid off. The company I work for only operates 2 days a week in the summer, so this should be fun. I love this man.... Read more

  • A Life Style

    6/13/2016 11:43:36 AM, by MOMTOMONKEYS2

    I recently have been feeling my choices are more about a life style then a "diet" its my way of eating and nothing more. I don't want my kids t... Read more

  • it'a monday

    6/13/2016 10:27:13 AM, by MOMMY445

    another week has started. still figuring out where i can keep my stuff that i have at my parents' place. i know i will figure out something. my d... Read more

  • June 13-19 Workout Schedule

    6/13/2016 8:39:40 AM, by MOMIN09

    Monday - KIT Tuesday - 3 Miles, Cardio Sports Drills Wednesday - 5 Miles, Lean Abs Thursday - 3 Miles, Yin Yoga Friday - Box ... Read more

  • June 6-12 In Review

    6/13/2016 8:38:33 AM, by MOMIN09

    I got 3 out of 7 days of workouts in. I will get back into the habit of not going to bed until I get a workout in. My eating was okay this w... Read more

  • New 21 day challenge

    6/13/2016 7:25:28 AM, by WONDERFULME365

    So I have manged to try 21 day challenges, through a friend. Bombed the first one did good the first week, then got a nasty stomach virus. Before... Read more

  • Ultimate salad

    6/12/2016 6:26:23 PM, by NURSESROCK3

    I love salad! The creativity, the flavors, and, it's... Read more

  • Sunday funday

    6/12/2016 12:12:11 PM, by KRISTY7275

    About to head to grapevine mills mall, I can get my walking in while there. Worked on patio. Foundation yesterday for three and a half hours. Nee... Read more

  • I'm Cheering For You!

    6/11/2016 2:28:12 PM, by MRSPINCKNEY

    1 Corinthians 15:57 (AMPC) But thanks be to God, Who gives us the victory [making us conquerors] through our Lord Jesus Christ. Read more

  • Ugh Dr. appointment

    6/10/2016 3:04:34 PM, by KORIS_MAMA

    Today has not been a good day .. why you ask (haha or didn't) Today was my first appointment with my baby doctor. Normally pregnancy would be a h... Read more

  • Not Tracking = Not Working

    6/10/2016 11:15:02 AM, by MRSGROUCHO

    For a long time now I've had this idea that if I just ate like a "normal" person I would be healthier. I didn't track what I ate. After all, I kn... Read more

  • it's friday

    6/10/2016 8:34:09 AM, by MOMMY445

    a beautiful sunny day here today. woo hoo! my daughter says hi and sends hugs! all of the birds say cheep,cheep! it is supposed to be very warm h... Read more

  • Summertime

    6/9/2016 8:10:24 PM, by TBVALEGIRL

    I have been so busy, my son is going to college, I'm working a different shift at work, and my youngest son is driving!!!! Dieting, none today!!... Read more

  • Emotion and Intellect

    6/9/2016 4:32:10 PM, by RECOVERYMAMA

    Some days, I am better at using my brain for focusing on the positive things, staying on track, remembering the beautiful memories I am so gratef... Read more

  • Food preparation

    6/9/2016 1:55:26 PM, by DMGUMAER

    I have noticed that I am less tempted to buy lunch or cheat when I have my lunch packed and ready. Plus it's a huge saving on my bank account. I'... Read more

  • Graduation

    6/8/2016 11:38:46 PM, by LYDIAHESER

    We celebrated my daughter's high school graduation th... Read more

  • Revving my engine.

    6/8/2016 11:13:30 PM, by JESSI729

    I haven't gone pro on this diet yet.. I started it really slow actually. I drank a good amount of water, not the quota, but a fair amount. I at... Read more

  • Sabotaging is real

    6/8/2016 3:24:40 PM, by CPHORTON

    Just had a heep of cookies, milk and Kool aid. I think whenever my husband is home I revert back to comfort eating. 1. These items shouldn't be i... Read more

  • Here goes nothing

    6/8/2016 1:56:20 PM, by TXTOT84

    Ok, so I have never done this before which is likely ... Read more

  • it's wednesday

    6/8/2016 9:15:50 AM, by MOMMY445

    a much cooler day here today. my daughter had a great soccer game last night! woo hoo! i am making progress in going through my stuff i have at m... Read more


    6/7/2016 10:07:35 PM, by TIFFANIGETZ

    Today started with the news of a tragic passing of a client lost in her addiction of alcohol. We did everything we could to help her but her add... Read more

  • 2nd day

    6/7/2016 7:47:27 PM, by DMGUMAER

    Today is the second day of portion control. I had 3 cookies and a 3 musketeers... ugh... but I did walk 2.7 miles ... not that it makes up for it... Read more

  • From 283 to 242

    6/7/2016 11:39:30 AM, by CPHORTON

    April 3, this year 2016 I was 3 days away from delivering my fourth baby. I weighed in at 283 and I was horrified. I was freaked out. I never tho... Read more

  • a beautiful day

    6/7/2016 10:50:49 AM, by MOMMY445

    it is not as hot here today, which is great for me and my daughter. i am making considerable progress in math and english courses. i will step up... Read more

  • Where I've been

    6/6/2016 5:22:30 PM, by JESSWAHOO

    Hello all, I've been gone for a while. At first it was the move from the US to England and getting settled. Then I started having some med... Read more

  • A New Week

    6/6/2016 5:21:23 PM, by TOB4MAD

    What a week last week. I contracted pneumonia and tha... Read more

  • Sore

    6/6/2016 1:55:05 PM, by DMGUMAER

    ... Read more

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