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  • Taking a break

    9/14/2017 9:47:49 AM, by MANDI2181

    I decided yesterday after not going to the gym at all this work week (Monday my daughter and I had a stomach virus and Tuesday I just couldn't pu... Read more

  • I'm feeling good

    9/13/2017 7:32:23 PM, by BKAYS3

    Day 4 and feeling positive.... Read more

  • Getting serious

    9/13/2017 7:28:20 PM, by BRANDIROSE86

    It's time for me to get serious about my weight loss!... Read more

  • Again, again....

    9/13/2017 5:01:15 PM, by DEVSANGEL1

    I have not been on here in such a long, long time. I was so discouraged with my weight, that I went off and felt sorry for myself for such a lon... Read more

  • oh man

    9/13/2017 5:27:04 AM, by POCKETFULOFSUN

    A drunk driver crashed into utility pole on our street last night (No one injured); goodbye login streak. . Yesterday al... Read more

  • Starting all over

    9/12/2017 4:19:06 PM, by KIWIIFRUIIT

    Been a rough road with health issues and changes in my personal life. Dealing with a teenager again is exhausting. Learning to be a grandma and g... Read more

  • Monday

    9/11/2017 8:10:09 PM, by POCKETFULOFSUN

    Spent close to 3 hours in the yard with LO. Cut all... Read more

  • 15 Pounds! Woo!

    9/11/2017 3:25:14 PM, by AMANSKE1

    Milestone time! 15 pounds gone, and I couldn't be happier! I'm hoping to stick to a 2 pound per week weightloss. Slow and steady! In the past, ... Read more

  • garden day

    9/10/2017 9:01:58 PM, by POCKETFULOFSUN

    Cleaned up two tomato beds and took out the dead daylily stalks. Added compost to empty beds. Up to late last night, and too early ... Read more

  • grocery and food prep

    9/9/2017 9:45:07 PM, by POCKETFULOFSUN

    Done fresh batch of ghee bone broth Been watching more videos on fermentation, bought some organic cane sugar . May just stary out wi... Read more

  • Starting Again

    9/9/2017 4:29:44 PM, by ALLISASSYFRASSY

    It's been years since I have been on here but it's time for a reboot for my life. I have gained 50 of my 104lbs that I lost back over the past 5 ... Read more

  • Yay the weekend!

    9/8/2017 9:09:16 PM, by POCKETFULOFSUN

    Whole 30 strong. Bus is the bus. Dinner was too paleo for dh, god forbid the meatloaf contain coconut flour. Digestive issue... Read more

  • Week 21 weigh in

    9/8/2017 4:00:50 PM, by MANDI2181

    Week 21 Weigh In: -.4lbs Total Lbs lost to date: 44lbs Only lost .4lbs this week...not sure what exactly happened but at least I didn't ga... Read more

  • coming together

    9/7/2017 10:12:10 PM, by POCKETFULOFSUN

    Whole 30 update No problems with cravings or hanger. major gi problems these past few days has wiped my appetite out. I learned about fod... Read more

  • Petit Jean Hike

    9/7/2017 11:15:27 AM, by MANDI2181

    This past weekend we went to Petit Jean Mountain and did the blue hole trail and the cedar falls trail to the waterfall with my 4 kiddos. It ende... Read more

  • blerg

    9/6/2017 9:01:50 PM, by POCKETFULOFSUN

    sat down to write and LO is going ballistic, not sleeping. gotta run...catch you on flipside. peace out.... Read more

  • Coffee

    9/6/2017 2:10:15 PM, by DMGUMAER

    So I've said a million times I'm not drinking coffee anymore... still I get a cup 3 out of 5 days... I'm not really a fan of coffee... Any sugge... Read more

  • day 14?

    9/5/2017 10:19:20 PM, by POCKETFULOFSUN

    1st day of school. feel like i got runned over by bus. excuse me if i make no sense i cant find my reading glasses ans t... Read more

  • 24 Day Challenge Over - Journey just beginning

    9/5/2017 1:16:06 PM, by AMANSKE1

    I did it! I made it through my 24 day challenge! Down 13 pounds, and over 8 inches. Pretty excited about all of that, but now the real journey b... Read more

  • whole30 d12

    9/3/2017 6:57:16 AM, by POCKETFULOFSUN

    "Kill all the things" & the urge to nap just caught up at once, But everyone survived and all is OK, I remember this from the 1st who... Read more

  • Childhood Cancer Awareness month

    9/2/2017 11:27:04 AM, by MANDI2181

    For some people September is a reminder that Fall and... Read more

  • Ugh

    9/2/2017 6:58:53 AM, by DMMILLER81

    Ok so it is no secret that I suffer from horrible anxiety issues. My doctor placed me on phentermine and topamate a month ago to help with weight... Read more

  • whole30 d11

    9/1/2017 10:00:44 PM, by POCKETFULOFSUN

    Long walk with dh and lo. Spread fertilizer and lime on deer hunting meadow. Watched wood duckling videos with lo before bed. ... Read more

  • Week 20 weigh-in

    9/1/2017 9:53:42 AM, by MANDI2181

    Week 20 weigh in: -3lbs total lbs to date: 43.6lbs I've switched my weigh-in days to Fridays. Since we've started hiking on the weekends m... Read more

  • whole30 d10

    8/31/2017 7:02:36 PM, by POCKETFULOFSUN

    Just finished the dinner dishes and DH has LO outside, so I have a moment. I was able to go to sleep much easier than the 3 previous nights bec... Read more

  • "Me" Time & Battery Recharging

    8/31/2017 4:02:19 PM, by MRSG942011

    Slow time at work last few weeks & so my boss let me work a few shorter days and just take some unpaid time. Did a few things / planning a few t... Read more

  • Blah

    8/29/2017 10:55:21 AM, by MANDI2181

    I'm feeling really down today and I have no idea why.... Read more

  • 2 months - Losing Inches

    8/29/2017 10:36:20 AM, by VICKIEMO

    Weight loss is a process. I don't care how you get started. You have to plan and work toward your goals. You have to plan your work and work y... Read more

  • What I've Learned from My Fitbit so far...

    8/28/2017 2:36:53 PM, by SLJMOORE

    Apparently, my sleeping pattern is horrible. I knew I wasn't getting a full night's rest but wow! Thanks to my pre-menopausal bladder and my ligh... Read more

  • I wonder...

    8/28/2017 1:46:37 PM, by MANDI2181

    Sometimes I wonder what I'll be like when I hit my ultimate goal weight. I wonder how I'll feel about my new body. Whether I'll be truly happy. W... Read more

  • Day 19 and still going strong!

    8/28/2017 12:11:32 PM, by AMANSKE1

    Less than a week left to finish up my 24 day challenge, and I am feeling good! I went to a specialty shoe store last week and had them video my ... Read more

  • My Weekend

    8/28/2017 11:50:46 AM, by MANDI2181

    I posted this on the community feed yesterday b/c I couldn't figure out how to post a blog on my phone so if you saw this on the feed I apologize... Read more

  • Stressed and depressed

    8/25/2017 10:37:22 PM, by LSTOREY30

    I find myself over whelmed with emotion and stressed over my job. I then sabotage my weight loss and friendships. I think i need therapy to be su... Read more

  • Ah, cheater

    8/25/2017 8:44:43 PM, by LSTOREY30

    So I usually walk places with a friend of mine. She is always way up in her steps and I feel like such a slacker. I wonder to myself, if she eats... Read more

  • Do the happy dance... do the happy dance 334

    8/25/2017 11:04:09 AM, by MANDI2181

    I know that I shouldn't weigh everyday but I do it anyway. Sometimes it makes me a bit depressed BUT it also motivates me a bit. ANYHOW to the po... Read more

  • Getting back to goal & Finding TOPS

    8/24/2017 12:55:36 PM, by LOSINGJESS

    Highest weight: 310 Start weight: 273 December 2016: 207 Current weight: 170.6 so I ended up gaining about 50 pounds back and have str... Read more

  • Sooo close!!

    8/24/2017 10:19:54 AM, by MANDI2181

    I'm soooo close to a 40lb loss. I need to hit 267.2....this morning I was at 267.4! I'm nearly to the halfway point in my 100lb weight loss journ... Read more

  • ISO accountability buddy

    8/23/2017 1:42:42 PM, by MANDI2181

    I posted on the community feed this morning, venting about my boyfriend and asking for an accountability buddy since he's really not helpful in t... Read more

  • Lots of rambling thoughts

    8/23/2017 1:49:59 AM, by PIPPAMOUSE

    Tonight was my last meeting for this Relay for Life season. We were excited about the $72,500 we had raised, and knew we would get over $73,000. ... Read more

  • Day 12 - still going strong!

    8/22/2017 1:24:15 PM, by AMANSKE1

    I've made it past the "cleanse" part of my 24 day challenge, and I couldn't be happier about that! Now it's time to get into the next part of cho... Read more

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