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Walking or running and.... breakfast ideas!
7/17/2014 3:09:34 PM,  4 COMMENTS

Today my evening walk turned out to be a 4 Km walk! I felt like pushing harder today so I chose a different route. When I came back home and checked t...  Read more


Foam roller...
7/17/2014 1:04:22 PM,  11 COMMENTS

how did I ever live without you? I just spent about 45 minutes working out the kinks and can honestly say that I feel about 10 years younger. No...  Read more


Day 9. Beet sliders
7/17/2014 9:17:12 AM,  5 COMMENTS

We made beet sliders last night with beets from the farm. (recipe:
rilled-beet-sliders/beet-sliders/ )....  Read more


When it is difficult to be positive
7/17/2014 4:57:56 AM,  6 COMMENTS

"When itís difficult to be positive, thatís when being positive can make the biggest difference. When you donít feel like being focused and d...  Read more


3 days left
7/17/2014 1:15:03 AM,  4 COMMENTS

3 days left of the 30 day squat challenge- extra bonus: thursday is a rest day. debating on skipping it so i can end a day early....  Read more


When I Mess Up
7/17/2014 1:05:27 AM,  1 COMMENTS

The coach assignment today is to write about what happens when I mess up. When I mess up, it's usually a paperwork thing. I have really high anxi...  Read more


mid week
7/16/2014 9:21:58 PM,  5 COMMENTS

met a small goal. have to keep going to make it a habit again....  Read more


CAN I DO IT?? Only if I TRY
7/16/2014 3:38:33 PM,  4 COMMENTS

Right now I have a PITIFUL 233 fitness minutes for the month. I have made LOTS of excuses as to why I haven't done or tracked any of my activities....  Read more


Again and again
7/16/2014 1:28:16 PM,  8 COMMENTS

"Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out." ~ Robert Collier Keep up the small, positive daily steps, folks. It...  Read more


Stepping up?
7/16/2014 12:52:35 PM,  1 COMMENTS

Sometimes it surprises me - I go through the motions, doing what I need to do in the days, and BOOM...time passes much more quickly than I think it do...  Read more


Day 8. Mac N Cheese
7/16/2014 12:40:39 PM,  6 COMMENTS

We had a box of mac n cheese lying around and decided to make a quick dinner out of it last night. We made some alterations that made it delicious, he...  Read more


Baby steps!
7/16/2014 9:50:23 AM,  5 COMMENTS

I ve been using the spark activity tracker and I find it really motivating! I love how it tracks exercising on its own. Although I haven' t cooke...  Read more


Conquered Fear
7/16/2014 7:37:12 AM,  5 COMMENTS

I have never been a fan of the deep end of the pool. Any pool. I don't like it when my feet cannot touch the bottom. Some part of my foot has to...  Read more


Suggestions needed to help sister struggling with cancer.
7/16/2014 5:09:20 AM,  6 COMMENTS

Not all of us have to possess earthshaking talent. Just common sense and love will do. -- Myrtle Auvil "Whatever you do will matter very much,...  Read more


workout first
7/15/2014 10:12:55 PM,  4 COMMENTS

light meal afterwards. normally i eat first and then dont feel digested enough to get an intense workout....  Read more


Spending time with Grandkids vs SparkPeople time
7/15/2014 7:32:08 PM,  5 COMMENTS

Grandkids and their parents have been with us a week already. I'd forgotten how time intensive they are. (the kids) Not a lot of time alone for doin...  Read more


Atkins Update :)
7/15/2014 3:33:23 PM,  2 COMMENTS

So far I've been on Atkins for a little over 3 months. My starting weight when I started the lifestyle change was 186.7. I'm currently weighing in at...  Read more


Day 7. My happy moment of the day
7/15/2014 2:39:41 PM,  6 COMMENTS

I had a great five minute happy moment this morning. Jason Mraz's new CD is out (released today), and while I haven't bought it yet, I was able to lis...  Read more


Been lost awhile
7/15/2014 1:56:42 PM,  4 COMMENTS

I am still here .... sorta lost for awhile .. I have been lurking here and there but not tracking. There has been so much going on and so many bad da...  Read more


True story...
7/15/2014 12:58:18 PM,  10 COMMENTS

...  Read more


2am Wake up Call
7/15/2014 8:12:10 AM,  5 COMMENTS

Yesterday was supposed to be day one of shopping. So my plan was to finish the list and go to the fitness center at some point before mom came h...  Read more


7/15/2014 7:25:39 AM,  2 COMMENTS

Going to do my first 5k in October. Kinda getting excited and ready to start training. Tonight is clean off the treadmill night and research. I hope...  Read more


Feel Life Getting Better
7/15/2014 5:14:17 AM,  4 COMMENTS

"Make positive use of that intention to choose the feelings that will improve the situation for everyone. Feel life getting better, act on your...  Read more


Not doing so well
7/14/2014 11:30:55 PM,  0 COMMENTS

So, I've been having problems lately. I can't seem to get anything done. I'm losing my thoughts, I feel leaden, and I can't seem to stick to any plan....  Read more


melon fest
7/14/2014 9:25:44 PM,  4 COMMENTS

melons are on sale this week. my skin is goingh to love this....  Read more


Day 6. Weekend victories
7/14/2014 1:49:20 PM,  7 COMMENTS

Spent the weekend back at home with our parents again, except this time we had a little bit more control. I was able to meet my stepping goals both da...  Read more


Quick Drive-By Blog
7/14/2014 1:26:22 PM,  169 COMMENTS

I AM ON VACATION!!! Woo to my exhausted hoo! I haven't taken any time off, since I went back to work in September, so I'm definitely ready for a break...  Read more


Still healing
7/14/2014 12:19:29 PM,  5 COMMENTS

I completed my bilateral DIEP/SIEA breast reconstruction on May 13. I'm healing very well except for a small spot on my abdomen which I have to pack t...  Read more


What a Little Competition and a Fitbit Can Do
7/14/2014 11:58:07 AM,  6 COMMENTS

I am a bit competitive when it comes to my fitbit rankings - mostly with my husband and a local friend (the one that visited yesterday). Because of th...  Read more


7/14/2014 10:25:00 AM,  2 COMMENTS

I've decided that this is a week where I will weigh in on Friday and be able to record a 2-lb loss. I'm definitely on track for it. I've got an...  Read more


Why I took my Fitbit Flex bracelet off, and I'm glad I did...
7/14/2014 10:21:46 AM,  1 COMMENTS

I have always loved high tech fitness gadgets. When my friend told me she was getting the Fitbit Flex and I should get one too, I jumped at the chance...  Read more


Time management, Jedi-style
7/14/2014 9:33:18 AM,  4 COMMENTS
-manage-time-more-effectively...  Read more


Camp Wannabefit Week 14
7/14/2014 6:00:32 AM,  4 COMMENTS

Kin59vara's Camp Activity 10,000 steps a day Self Reflection Kick Clutter to the Curb Book Club: Casual Reader Making Connections ...  Read more


Caught up- day 24
7/14/2014 12:32:24 AM,  3 COMMENTS

All caught up on my squat challenge. i was behind but did not do a rest day today. 5 more actice days and 1 rest day....  Read more


Dealing with each issues of my past
7/13/2014 9:32:23 PM,  1 COMMENTS

First, I want to give thanks to all the people that supporting me though this journey with me. I really enjoy being on and their suppo...  Read more


12 years
7/13/2014 9:17:51 PM,  3 COMMENTS

511 + 509 509 12 anniversery today...  Read more


Sunday Finally
7/13/2014 10:21:37 AM,  0 COMMENTS

I'm so glad to have Sunday as my day of rest. It's been a crazy week with having company here. Today - no work, no swimming pool. That's for the ot...  Read more


Blueberry Picking!
7/13/2014 8:43:09 AM,  8 COMMENTS

Yesterday was a busy day. We went in the morning to pick blueberries. I was feeling conflicted. Half of me was like blueberries every where must...  Read more


7/13/2014 6:15:24 AM,  1 COMMENTS

These last few days have been rough on me. I have worked my behind off and have little to show for it other than a bad back and being very tired. ...  Read more


7/12/2014 10:37:18 PM,  5 COMMENTS

but still got a lot of stuff done outside...  Read more


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