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    1/12/2015 1:07:12 PM, by WILDXANGELS

    Learning day by day my happiness comes from within, it has nothing to do with any external forces, issues or problems I may be dealing with. An a... Read more

  • SO frustrating

    1/9/2015 4:59:58 PM, by TROISMOMMY

    I need to learn to be patient, I suppose. I guess I should ONLY weigh myself on one day a week and only take measurements on one day a week, beca... Read more

  • Say no to the KIDNEY STONE

    1/7/2015 3:42:26 PM, by SWOOSHBELLE

    Feeling very frustrated as I have all the symptoms of a kidney stone. Last stone required surgery with an extremely painful recovery. Do not wa... Read more

  • How Did I Do It Before?

    1/7/2015 3:11:09 PM, by TROISMOMMY

    I'm trying to figure out how I lost weight in the past. I was able to weigh 20 lbs less than I do now EVEN THOUGH I was hypothyroid. And here I a... Read more

  • I'm on a Streak

    1/6/2015 12:05:53 PM, by TROISMOMMY

    Checking in. I've been tracking food for the last 2 full days, which is a BIG DEAL for me. It doesn't sound like much, but for someone who u... Read more

  • Making Goals for the New Year

    1/4/2015 3:16:31 PM, by TROISMOMMY

    I've put together a list of things I'm working on and really want to do this year. I've had these on my list (at least some of them) for years. T... Read more

  • The Starting Point

    1/3/2015 8:04:52 PM, by TROISMOMMY

    I took a few pictures yesterday before working out. This will be a thing I do regularly to check in and see how I'm doing. I figure once a week s... Read more

  • Ups and Downs - first week on SP

    1/2/2015 7:23:19 PM, by TROISMOMMY

    6 days ago, I posted here and re-activated my long dormant account here on sparkpeople. I cancelled my Weight Watchers mobile account, because le... Read more

  • Starting 2015 Strong

    1/2/2015 12:59:03 AM, by LJCANNON

    Attended my 13th GoldsFit Class today (3 days in a row this week!). 30 Minute Walk at work, 50 Minutes on the Recum... Read more

  • 2015 Goals, Not Resolutions

    1/1/2015 9:35:36 PM, by JUNEAU2010

    MICHCLEARY inspired me. This year, I have several big picture battles to win, some of which won't necessarily be part of my SP journey. But ins... Read more

  • Dec 31 2014

    12/31/2014 5:15:19 PM, by CAROL6X

    Happy New Year Everyone!!!! I hope this upcoming year is better than the old for everyone! My New year's resolution is to move back to Flori... Read more

  • Mouth Surgery and New Years goals!

    12/31/2014 5:09:51 PM, by LAMOURA

    So I was gone for a while from sparks this time for mouth surgery...I had three baby teeth left in my upper mouth and they had to be removed ..we... Read more


    12/31/2014 11:47:12 AM, by MAESTRAPLANK12

    Unity, Recovery, and Service are the three components of becoming whole in ... Read more


    12/31/2014 8:55:15 AM, by WILDXANGELS

    missing my one and only best friend ,my MoM,while I get ready to go to the head dr. to have my surgery checked,.Since I lost weight for the last ... Read more

  • GoldsFit Workout of The Day -- Tuesday

    12/30/2014 10:50:15 PM, by LJCANNON

    This evening I did my 10th GoldsFit Workout at Gold's Gym. It is a Group Personal Training Class. I signed up for a Year because that brought the... Read more

  • Workout!

    12/30/2014 12:20:25 AM, by SWOOSHBELLE

    Monday: total of 40 mintues on the bike at 13.5 mph Ilaria's Atletica 2 fitness DVD. Sweat fest, burn--I went to muscle exhaustion. It was... Read more

  • Starting Over... Again.

    12/28/2014 7:55:56 PM, by TROISMOMMY

    How many times can I start over? How many times can I say that I'm serious this time? 5? 10? 20? The last time I wrote a post on here was over a ... Read more

  • In the Way

    12/28/2014 12:50:28 AM, by SWOOSHBELLE

    Christmas got in the way of my logging here. Ate traditional foods for Christmas. Gained weight--water weight, my legs are swollen. Cont... Read more

  • Trouble At The Inn

    12/25/2014 7:30:19 PM, by LJCANNON

    I read and Loved this story in Guideposts many years ago. I am so glad that I found it on-line and can share it this Christmas. Be warned, I will... Read more

  • faith

    12/24/2014 7:08:43 AM, by WILDXANGELS

    I am so grateful I believe in God. The devil tried to enter my life today. I had to tell myself DON'T let him in. Don't let him see you react to ... Read more

  • freedom from food

    12/24/2014 6:42:12 AM, by WILDXANGELS

    Good Morning.... I read so many painful stories on this group. Can I share my story? What I see is... Addiction is robbing so many of you of the ... Read more

  • happy dance

    12/23/2014 12:58:12 PM, by WILDXANGELS

    Woot woot! My scale now consistently starts with the number '2' instead of a '3'. Been way over 300 lbs for so long that I forgot there were ot... Read more

  • Bad Day

    12/22/2014 11:46:02 PM, by SWOOSHBELLE

    Depression plagued me. I slept most of the day. It's that time of year, and not everyone is jolly. My spirits picked up this evening, and now... Read more

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