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Sunday walks with The Buddy...
8/17/2014 9:09:16 PM,  5 COMMENTS

Today turned out to be an absolutely lovely day for a walk with The Buddy. We met at the park at noon, and although it was pretty roasty at first, wi...  Read more


Week ending 8/17/14
8/17/2014 7:28:11 PM,  0 COMMENTS

Another good week for me. Down 2 more pounds but have not done great with the diet this weekend. Great work outs everyday including 3 good runs. Had f...  Read more


Weigh In Disappointment
8/17/2014 12:10:10 PM,  6 COMMENTS

Today was my weigh in day... I am back up to 210 lbs. I swore I would never see 210 again and there it was staring right up at me with all its evilnes...  Read more


What we can learn from the Ferguson, Mo events.
8/17/2014 12:09:44 PM,  4 COMMENTS

The vary tragic events in Ferguson, Missouri seem to have people on both sides jumping to contrary conclusions. Maybe a deeper understanding and appr...  Read more


Suggestions Needed
8/17/2014 10:45:40 AM,  11 COMMENTS

How do I quit spending so much money on someone like this? Sherry was talking to Helena and she gave mom this expression: Like I really believ...  Read more


Other Blogs' Lessons
8/17/2014 10:30:53 AM,  4 COMMENTS

I've been reading more blogs lately. You all sure have helped me as I see myself in a bit that I've read. I got reminders this week on setting goals...  Read more


Working back up to 10,000
8/17/2014 10:08:04 AM,  0 COMMENTS

Of course it's raining today for our tour. Boooooo-oooooo! 20 Anyway... I played with my new pedometer yesterday: counting steps and checkin...  Read more


Summer fun!
8/16/2014 11:54:50 PM,  10 COMMENTS

Today was our community end of summer pool party. I had a lot of fun! I enjoyed throwing a ball around the pool. I knew almost all the people at the p...  Read more


New loveseat and rug...
8/16/2014 9:22:11 PM,  8 COMMENTS

Today has been a pretty awesome day around here. I initially woke up stupidly earlier than I wanted to, but it wasn't too bad. I managed to occupy m...  Read more


Day 32 of 135 - Home from vacation
8/16/2014 6:48:11 PM,  26 COMMENTS

This will be short because we have a lot of unpacking to do but we had a fantastic vacation. While it is sad to have left the beach, it's kind of nice...  Read more


what a rainy day
8/16/2014 2:56:23 PM,  10 COMMENTS

it is really raining here. my daughter's soccer tournament went really well. now we are at the library relaxing. it was so worth it to get up extra ea...  Read more


Fitbit's ready for our Waverly Tour
8/16/2014 1:05:31 PM,  0 COMMENTS

AAAAAlright... my zip is here and all logged in and set up and ready to go. I like the fact that it can link wirelessly to my phone. I wanted to get...  Read more


Here we go again!
8/16/2014 10:21:02 AM,  1 COMMENTS

After a long time of period where my life wasnt going too well......its going better again! Trying to get myself back into the rythm now of daily blog...  Read more


Fun Friday, looking forward to Sunny Swimming Saturday
8/15/2014 9:39:27 PM,  9 COMMENTS

I had a great Friday and am looking forward to a sunny, swimming Saturday! Tomorrow is our annual end of Summer pool party. The weather is expected to...  Read more


A small victory...
8/15/2014 8:55:26 PM,  10 COMMENTS

Dh woke up earlier than normal this afternoon, so we decided to go run the one errand we needed to run before we ate. We had hoped we would avoid rus...  Read more


The opposite of loneliness is not togetherness, it's intimacy. ~Richard Bach
8/15/2014 3:22:10 PM,  13 COMMENTS

The opposite of loneliness is not togetherness, it's intimacy. ~Richard Bach ...  Read more


it's friday
8/15/2014 11:50:39 AM,  8 COMMENTS

the weekend is here! hurray! my daughter feels much better today. all of the birds are doing well and say cheep,cheep. i will be meeting up later with...  Read more


8/15/2014 6:42:50 AM,  10 COMMENTS

I'm in a reflective mood lately. Summer is almost over. My Helena is out of town for a few months. My Sarah and my Sherry are in different location...  Read more


8/14/2014 9:30:19 PM,  9 COMMENTS

All of you who read my blog yesterday and responded so kindly, I thank you from the bottom of my heart! YES, I too am very happy I failed in my s...  Read more


No queso, but someone needs to slap the chips out of my hands!
8/14/2014 9:01:13 PM,  9 COMMENTS

So I said last night we were going to Moe's, and although it wouldn't be healthy, I was going to make one healthy choice and have tomatillo salsa inst...  Read more


8/14/2014 10:35:59 AM,  9 COMMENTS

With the passing of Robin Williams, I am reminded of the healing powers of laughter. As television showed clips of Robin in various interviews, I was...  Read more


it's thursday
8/14/2014 9:18:33 AM,  7 COMMENTS

i had a great day yesterday! i plan on having a great day today! my daughter says hi and thank you for all the well wishes. she is already feeling bet...  Read more


New scale!
8/14/2014 7:01:09 AM,  6 COMMENTS

Thanks for all your comments on my previous blog!! Bought a new scale. I like the Taylor brands and this one has a wide platform. I had a Taylor scale...  Read more


Rifftrax Live- Godzilla tomorrow
8/13/2014 11:49:38 PM,  1 COMMENTS

224 Can't wait......  Read more


Day 29 of 135 - Stuck on a boat
8/13/2014 9:57:01 PM,  25 COMMENTS

Vacation is going so well - we are so sad it's half over but are having such a good time. We have been doing a lot and today was to be a more relaxi...  Read more


Sometimes an attempted suicide is not selfish, it is because you care too much for those you love!
8/13/2014 9:52:41 PM,  15 COMMENTS

The first time I tried to commit suicide was not selfish, it was just the oppisite. I had been honorablly discharged from the Navy and living with my...  Read more


"Vacation" is planned...
8/13/2014 9:15:13 PM,  9 COMMENTS

Finally got a confirmation that dh will get to take off week after next for vacation. Which means we are going on "vacation". I use the term vacatio...  Read more


How I sifted thru conflicting diet infro.
8/13/2014 6:35:42 PM,  4 COMMENTS

I was kind of sold on a carb cycling/exercise plan by Shaun Hadshall and have lost enough weight on it to feel that it is working for me. Also, I fou...  Read more


I like living. I have sometimes been wildly, despairingly, acutely miserable, racked with sorrow; bu
8/13/2014 3:26:34 PM,  13 COMMENTS

I like living. I have sometimes been wildly, despairingly, acutely miserable, racked with sorrow; but through it all I still know quite certainly that...  Read more


a lovely day
8/13/2014 12:48:15 PM,  8 COMMENTS

my daughter sprained her arm the other day. she will be just fine. i am out and about today, enjoying the cooler weather here. i was able to meet up w...  Read more


8/13/2014 10:42:47 AM,  10 COMMENTS

Many times I start doing something without thinking about how long it will take or how I will feel afterwards. I did it again yesterday. When I head...  Read more


8/12/2014 10:45:59 PM,  8 COMMENTS

One thing I like about Sparks are the well written health articles. If you go to the orange tab: ARTICLES & VIDEOS in the blue section there is: Heal...  Read more


Just making a short one tonight...
8/12/2014 9:01:56 PM,  8 COMMENTS

I'm having kind of an off day. An off week, actually. One of my meds was reduced and I'm not doing well on the lower dosage. I left a message for m...  Read more


Push up/Squat/Crunch/Plank challenges
8/12/2014 11:58:11 AM,  0 COMMENTS

Starting the push up challenge today...
1/we-challenge-you4.jpg...  Read more


it's tuesday
8/12/2014 11:03:36 AM,  8 COMMENTS

i am catching up on some computer work today. it is not as hot here today as it was the other day. i did get to meet up with my good friend yesterday...  Read more


A thought
8/12/2014 9:34:57 AM,  7 COMMENTS

"The opposite of love is not hate, it's indifference." ~ Elie Wiesel...  Read more


Weather-Related Work
8/12/2014 9:15:23 AM,  4 COMMENTS

It rained like crazy yesterday. I had trouble driving to babysit. I had even more trouble driving home - the roads were flooded in many spots. I go...  Read more


In mourning right now for comedian, actor and performer Robin Williams
8/11/2014 11:14:12 PM,  12 COMMENTS

Robin Williams was one of my favorite artists. I always watched Mork & Mindy, his reports to his superiors were always full of wisdom concerning human...  Read more


Made my appointment...
8/11/2014 10:42:56 PM,  3 COMMENTS

Made my appointment and am waiting for test results for my thyroid. My appt is not until Sept. And I asked for the other doctor so we will see how it...  Read more


DS got engaged!
8/11/2014 10:41:33 PM,  11 COMMENTS

Saturday, as we were working in the yard, my son announced that he had proposed to his GF the night before. What thrilling news! They're great toget...  Read more


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