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To Lose or Not to Lose? That Is the Question.
7/13/2014 4:13:32 PM,  1 COMMENTS

What is the perfect weight? Well it's different for everyone, that I know. I just made the decision to increase my goal weight loss from 14 pounds...  Read more


Sunday Walk
7/13/2014 2:26:43 PM,  4 COMMENTS

I had a great walk today! I use to be a runner, but now I have swollen joints that keep me from running. It was hard to digest that fact for a whil...  Read more


Vacation Day #3 = Sunday Check-in
7/13/2014 1:38:24 PM,  19 COMMENTS

Well so far, so good. One thing I need to explain . . . the suggestions for planning ahead are great, and when I am at home, I do just that....  Read more


Are You Kidding Me?!
7/12/2014 8:07:08 PM,  1 COMMENTS

I spent the entire day at work on Thursday sneezing and blowing my nose. It was RAW by the time I left work! I became very skilled in driving with m...  Read more


Summer 2014
7/11/2014 10:47:17 AM,  4 COMMENTS

Good Morning! I was reading some of my old blogs andrealize that I haven't been very good about consistently writing about what's happening or no...  Read more


7/11/2014 8:33:11 AM,  2 COMMENTS

Ahh, the weekend is almost here! Plan on having a quiet weekend. Will clean apartment, do laundry and then work on making cards. Love doing the One...  Read more


7/10/2014 6:25:48 PM,  3 COMMENTS

So, it has been a rough year so far. I had lost about 40 pounds during the fall and winter then January arrived and with it a "hail storm" of problems...  Read more


Making Plans for Vacation
7/10/2014 3:35:04 PM,  19 COMMENTS

Although we are planning some day trips rather than a 'pack it up and get outta Dodge' vacation, having DH at home for 10 days will be a big change to...  Read more


Counting My Steps
7/10/2014 10:43:06 AM,  2 COMMENTS

I bought a new toothbrush. It's one of those sonic brushes, push the button and it will vibrate for two minutes. The first few times, it seemed like...  Read more


Was that a little glimmer?
7/10/2014 10:27:22 AM,  3 COMMENTS

Well, I made it to day 2! That's something, right? I made better choices in my eating. I stopped myself when I wanted to munch before dinner was re...  Read more


7/10/2014 10:16:33 AM,  7 COMMENTS

Finally, I am seeing results! Today I weighed in and I've lost one pound. It reinforces to me how important it is to write down EVERYTHING I ea...  Read more


My own worst enemy
7/9/2014 11:15:47 AM,  1 COMMENTS

I spend a lot of time thinking...and not acting. During my commute, I spend my time in my car thinking about all the great things I'm going to do, an...  Read more


My own worst enemy
7/9/2014 11:15:44 AM,  1 COMMENTS

I spend a lot of time thinking...and not acting. During my commute, I spend my time in my car thinking about all the great things I'm going to do, an...  Read more


I AM grateful!
7/8/2014 8:19:31 PM,  0 COMMENTS

A lot has been going on with my family. It gave me a chance to sit back and realize what is important to me. I'm not the type that needs name brand...  Read more


Food = Mood.
7/8/2014 5:17:31 PM,  6 COMMENTS

I learned a valuable lesson yesterday. Must be true that we don't comprehend til we're good and ready. I went out for a gossip session with my f...  Read more


Free summit - growing your own food
7/7/2014 9:39:05 PM,  7 COMMENTS

It starts today and all you have to do is sign up and look at the videos every day. Birgit...  Read more


Temporary I'm back.
7/7/2014 7:47:06 PM,  6 COMMENTS

Last week wasn't great for quite a few reasons. Nothing bad happened, just stuff in my head going round and round and an attack of my fun social anxi...  Read more


An "A" Grade Food Day
7/7/2014 7:44:09 PM,  0 COMMENTS

Today, I'm patting myself on the back for putting together a really good day food wise. I had oatmeal, berries and a banana for breakfast, snacked on...  Read more


Making Today Count!
7/7/2014 3:30:56 PM,  17 COMMENTS

Hope you made the most of the three-day weekend. We sure did. On Friday, we drove the back roads through the mountains all the way to the...  Read more


Lots to catch up on!
7/7/2014 2:33:02 PM,  2 COMMENTS

I haven't blogged in forever! I have been trying to keep busy and pick up any extra hours that I can at work. I also had more injections in my hips...  Read more


Eating My Elephant...
7/6/2014 7:59:02 PM,  4 COMMENTS

I thought when I could breathe a little better I would feel more like making changes, haha. Tonsils out, nose fixed, sleep apnea treated and nothing c...  Read more


Baby steps, baby steps
7/6/2014 5:13:28 PM,  2 COMMENTS

There's a book I read one time called "The Four Agreements". I know that three of them are "always do your best" and "don't take anything personally"...  Read more


7/5/2014 5:06:18 PM,  21 COMMENTS

...  Read more


Feeling impatient
7/4/2014 10:35:05 AM,  3 COMMENTS

Why is it that time slows down when you are trying to lose weight? Finally, after months and months of starts and stops, I've put a consistent p...  Read more


Keeping it Real
7/3/2014 11:49:45 AM,  23 COMMENTS

A quick catch up for another busy week . . . First of all, we had an awesome ride last weekend. Found a new-to-us restaurant in a tiny little t...  Read more


VW's Brilliant Ad - dangers of using cell phones while driving
7/3/2014 11:30:11 AM,  11 COMMENTS

A brilliant way to get the point across  Read more


Balancing Act II
7/1/2014 10:39:45 PM,  8 COMMENTS

Well first of all I want to thank everyone for their support and suggestions. I had a long talk with my husband and let him know how I was feeling and...  Read more


The Food Diary
7/1/2014 8:24:58 PM,  1 COMMENTS

It's been a good week so far. I'm logging into Sparkpeople, recording my food and activity, eating more fruit and vegetables, cutting out simple carbs...  Read more


July - revisiting resolutions
7/1/2014 7:23:11 PM,  21 COMMENTS

Half a year has past since the big push to set resolution for this new year. So, how are you doing? ...  Read more


I Can Do Squats Now!
7/1/2014 10:36:54 AM,  2 COMMENTS

On April 1, I blogged that it was nearly impossible to rise to a standing position from a squat. Three months later, after implementing many small, in...  Read more


Woohoo! Off to a great start for the new week.
6/30/2014 3:45:08 PM,  19 COMMENTS

Had a great weekend . . . went for a long ride and had a great day with DH yesterday. Got back home, spent 90 minutes in the hot/cool tub til I looke...  Read more


Dreams - Do You Have Yours?
6/30/2014 11:02:02 AM,  5 COMMENTS

I will continue to dream everyday -someday they will come true! Never give up on your dreams! Have you written down your drea...  Read more


Getting it Together
6/29/2014 2:09:29 PM,  0 COMMENTS

Finally, I feel like I've gotten back into a groove and the frame of mind I need to adopt to drop the weight. I can never explain that "click" in my b...  Read more


My New Plan
6/28/2014 3:27:39 PM,  5 COMMENTS

Ok so I lost my last blog thanks to the weather & no way can I remember what I typed. I guess I should have saved it first . 39 I've decided t...  Read more


Look to your dream, she said
6/27/2014 10:44:39 AM,  26 COMMENTS

In my (June 17) "I'm not a Cookie" blog I mentioned that I was having a hard time trying to figure out how to display the jewelry I'm making....  Read more


I won't give up
6/27/2014 10:04:16 AM,  2 COMMENTS

Well it's been a while again since I last wrote my blogs. I can't seem to find enough time for anything lately. But I will not give up! My sister &...  Read more


The Balancing Act
6/27/2014 12:14:21 AM,  5 COMMENTS

Spending time with my husband is very important to me. Sometimes our ideas about quality time differs. I enjoy watching a show or movie on TV and hav...  Read more


Looking forward to the weekend....
6/26/2014 10:12:21 PM,  6 COMMENTS

I have myself convinced I'm not sleeping well, even though I know I am. Hard to drag my poor butt out of bed at 6am, even harder to think about putti...  Read more


Back among the living
6/26/2014 10:09:50 AM,  22 COMMENTS

It's been a long time since I spent the day in bed. But I did yesterday . . . Actually I had to go to bed about 7 the night before. This has...  Read more


Day 11
6/26/2014 8:38:36 AM,  2 COMMENTS

Didn't sleep well last night. My brain goes into over drive. What is causing this?? UGH!! 46 It's very frustrating. My body is tired, wants the...  Read more


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