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  • Still Sick, one pound to go, reevaluation of the next 3 months

    9/17/2014 12:10:14 PM, by CHAR8026

    I am still sick, this cold just WILL not let go. It has drained my energy and drive. Is all I want to do when I get home is go to bed. And wit... Read more

  • Food Tracking

    9/16/2014 11:25:57 PM, by IDAHOGMA

    Through tracking my food I am starting to see some things going on. I am struggling to get the 8 cups of water a day. I don't know why this... Read more

  • A Year Later

    9/16/2014 9:43:37 PM, by SLDAVIS53

    I am back to the diet after spending most of the last year on "maintenance." I have kept my weight around 220 all this time, so I feel good abo... Read more

  • Quote for the day 09/15/14

    9/15/2014 2:25:19 PM, by KIPSTER52

    "Trust only movement. Life happens at the level of events, not of words. Trust movement. " Alfred Adler Get moving!... Read more

  • Another Update On DH

    9/15/2014 1:32:19 PM, by OUTDOORGIRL69

    We are home. The DR'S reports that the left side of his heart is totally damaged. This is why they put the defibrillator in. He will be restricte... Read more

  • Quote of the day 09/14/14

    9/14/2014 11:30:23 AM, by KIPSTER52

    "I believe that you get what you want if you want it badly enough." Sophia Loren How bad do you want to be healthy?... Read more

  • Exercise Frustration

    9/13/2014 9:24:35 PM, by 56ROSE

    Why can't I be more consistent with my exercise goals? My goal is 30 minutes daily to include stretching and some type of cardio; usually walking... Read more

  • New Granddaughter!

    9/13/2014 3:47:36 PM, by IDAHOGMA

    My daughter had her first daughter yesterday. We are very excited for her and her husband because she has 6 boys and this make a son and a daugh... Read more

  • Quote for the day 09/13/14

    9/13/2014 1:17:32 PM, by KIPSTER52

    "You have to expect things of yourself before you can do them." Michael Jordan Let's do it!... Read more

  • Quote of the day 09/12/14

    9/12/2014 11:09:13 PM, by KIPSTER52

    "Failure doesn't mean you are a failure... it just means you haven't succeeded yet." Robert Schuller One foot in front of the other, keep... Read more

  • Headed into the weekend....

    9/12/2014 1:27:11 PM, by CHAR8026

    Yay it is Friday and I am so glad. I am headed out to do some mini errands, and take a long nap this afternoon. So tired of this cold. I need ... Read more

  • Update on DH

    9/11/2014 9:25:48 PM, by OUTDOORGIRL69

    Surgery went as well as it could. They could not put the stint in because the vain in the heart was so squiggly. They did get the defibrillator i... Read more

  • Sick, Things on my mind

    9/11/2014 5:43:41 PM, by CHAR8026

    I have been sick this last week, so not really doing much Spark of anything. I am tired, and just not feeling very good at the moment. I went t... Read more

  • Quote for the day 09/11/14

    9/11/2014 1:57:09 PM, by KIPSTER52

    "Never confuse a single defeat with a final defeat." F. Scott Fitzgerald No matter how many times we fail we are NOT defeated until we quit... Read more

  • Today is the big day for DH

    9/11/2014 8:46:59 AM, by OUTDOORGIRL69

    Today my DH goes in for heart surgery. He is very nervous about all of it. It will be strange for me to be sitting waiting for him. He is the one... Read more

  • Quote of the day 09/10/14

    9/10/2014 11:50:31 PM, by KIPSTER52

    You have to decide what your highest priorities are and have the courage — pleasantly, smilingly, nonapologetically — to say ’no’ to other things... Read more

  • Feeling grumpy......

    9/10/2014 7:45:28 PM, by BETHYANNEO

    Today I DID NOT get my morning run. I usually get to run my 2 miles with my dog but this morning I had to skip it (my husband had to leave early ... Read more

  • Inspiring quote and word of the day

    9/9/2014 5:03:06 PM, by BETHYANNEO

    Today's inspirational quote is "An early morning walk is a blessing for the whole day" ~ Henry David Thoreau my word of the day is satisfac... Read more

  • Quote of the day 09/09/14

    9/9/2014 10:46:17 AM, by KIPSTER52

    "After these two, Dr. Diet and Dr. Quiet, Dr. Merriman is requisite to preserve health." James Howell Be happy, enjoy life... Read more

  • Jesus Heals the Sick.

    9/8/2014 10:57:02 AM, by MRSJERRYBUSH

    I want to tell you what Jesus has done for me and my family this year. In June, my granddaughter was lifeflighted to University Hospital in ... Read more

  • Quote for the day 09/08/14

    9/8/2014 10:52:23 AM, by KIPSTER52

    "An hour of basketball feels like 15 minutes. An hour on a treadmill feels like a weekend in traffic school." David Walters Find an activit... Read more

  • Quote for the day 09/07/14

    9/7/2014 12:18:14 PM, by KIPSTER52

    "Our feet are our body's connection to the earth." Andrew Weil Stay connected. Walk... Read more

  • Quote for the day 09/06/14

    9/6/2014 10:21:53 AM, by KIPSTER52

    "Movement is a medicine for creating change in a person's physical, emotional, and mental states." Carol Welch What great medicine a walk a... Read more

  • Art in the Park

    9/5/2014 10:10:32 PM, by 56ROSE

    Tomorrow my husband & I will be attending Art in the Park. This is an annual tradition for us. We met for the first time at this event and we wer... Read more

  • Quote for the day 09/05/14

    9/5/2014 9:38:18 AM, by KIPSTER52

    "The more you eat, the less flavor; the less you eat, the more flavor." Chinese Proverb Enjoy your food, eat less... Read more

  • Insomnia sucks

    9/5/2014 1:39:31 AM, by DIXIESTARTSNEW

    I've really had trouble with it the past two nights. Last night I couldn't sleep until after 1 am. I know from my previous sleep hygiene work th... Read more

  • Quote for the day 09/04/14

    9/4/2014 9:42:05 AM, by KIPSTER52

    "We live in a fast-paced society. Walking slows us down." Robert Sweetgall Take the time to enjoy your surroundings. Take a walk around you... Read more

  • Quote for the day 09/03/14

    9/3/2014 10:15:31 AM, by KIPSTER52

    "Jogging is very beneficial. It's good for your legs and your feet. It's also very good for the ground. It makes it feel needed." Charles Sch... Read more

  • Time flys

    9/2/2014 11:09:32 PM, by DOOLEYBABE

    Wow, another 7 months wasted!! Things have been crazy the last 7 months. The kids have been busy and summer has been non stop. We found out th... Read more

  • Weekend Rewind

    9/2/2014 4:43:14 PM, by CHAR8026

    I had a very good end of summer long weekend. It started on Friday afternoon with a trip to Jackpot to do some gambling and get a few hours of m... Read more

  • Quote of the day 09/02/14

    9/2/2014 10:20:23 AM, by KIPSTER52

    "An early-morning walk is a blessing for the whole day." Henry David Thoreau A great way to start your day.... Read more

  • New month

    9/1/2014 9:51:35 PM, by DIXIESTARTSNEW

    I'm so glad August is over. It seemed like a very long month, but then again it ended in the blink of an eye. Hubster and I have just got... Read more

  • Quote for the day 09/01/14

    9/1/2014 10:20:56 AM, by KIPSTER52

    "Walking takes longer... than any other known form of locomotion except crawling. Thus it stretches time and prolongs life. Life is already too s... Read more

  • Quote for the day 08/31/14

    8/31/2014 10:55:33 AM, by KIPSTER52

    "Walking is good for solving problems — it's like the feet are little psychiatrists." Terri Guillemets Walking is good for what ails you. ... Read more

  • Update

    8/30/2014 10:17:30 PM, by 56ROSE

    Butters was found this evening 2 blocks South of our home. He is worn out and dirty but seems ok. Thanks so much for the kind words of support.... Read more

  • Quote for the day 08/30/14

    8/30/2014 2:46:28 PM, by KIPSTER52

    "A rainy day is the perfect time for a walk in the woods." Rachel Carson I do like to walk in the woods when it is raining, but for me that ... Read more

  • Sad couple of Days

    8/30/2014 12:26:27 PM, by 56ROSE

    My beloved cat Butters has gone missing. He is 14 years old and has been part of our family for 11 years. I really don't think he could survive f... Read more

  • My Relationship with Food

    8/29/2014 6:17:37 PM, by PRISGIRRL

    I tend to be a very emotional eater. I've always had trouble eating right. This summer, though, was the worst. I broke up with my boyfriend of 1.... Read more

  • Quote for the day 08/29/14

    8/29/2014 1:12:12 PM, by KIPSTER52

    Early morning walks are the best, never know what sights will be on the horizon. Read more

  • What a day!

    8/28/2014 4:02:25 PM, by CHAR8026

    Wow, what a day today is turning out to be. It started with being late because of traffic. I wasn't actually late, just cars seemed to be stopp... Read more

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