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    3/9/2015 10:18:55 PM, by BCHARIE

    I was last here in 2010, and I'm back! I weigh the same which is pretty remarkable. It IS time to accomplish my goals. IT IS TIME!!! The las... Read more

  • Home Again

    3/9/2015 9:24:47 PM, by LGOULDER

    We made it back home late this afternoon. On the day we leave the mountain house I have to spend the day disposing of uneaten food, doing laundr... Read more

  • Hi from a Hotel!!

    3/9/2015 3:11:22 PM, by CAROLYN0107

    I transferred from a church in Vermont to one in Massachusetts. For the next two nights I will be staying in a Hotel! It of course has Internet!!... Read more

  • Rough Day

    3/8/2015 7:19:29 PM, by LGOULDER

    Today was just one of those days when I just didn't want to get off the couch! After the big hike yesterday, I took a nap. I should have stayed... Read more

  • Hiking

    3/7/2015 7:51:51 PM, by LGOULDER

    We had a great day of hiking in the mountains today! I kept up with the boys and hiked 4 1/2 miles with Nordic poles. The Little River was beau... Read more

  • Running

    3/6/2015 6:51:14 PM, by LGOULDER

    We decided to go to the gym at the owner's club today, but when we got there we discovered that the 3 clubhouses close for the winter. :-( The... Read more

  • Friday quote

    3/6/2015 7:50:13 AM, by 49YEARSAWIFE

    How far you go in life depends on your being tender with the young, compassionate with the aged, sympathetic with the striving and tolerant of th... Read more

  • Waited 20 years for a hug from this young man

    3/5/2015 10:18:48 PM, by SAINTBERNARD6

    This is one of the last pictures we have of Andy...one of my grandson's that was placed for adoption. Read more

  • Snow Again!

    3/5/2015 3:49:19 PM, by LGOULDER

    We made it to the mountain house today just in time to see the rain turn to snow. I did some weight training and we went for a quick walk in the... Read more

  • No Wireless Internet!

    3/5/2015 2:33:26 PM, by CAROLYN0107

    I am on an eight church speaking trip in New England. Yesterday I transferred to a new town in the Green Mountains of Vermont. The house where I ... Read more

  • Letter to Myself

    3/4/2015 9:49:57 PM, by DOODLEB

    Dear Me, You know you are tired of being overweight and sometimes it can get very depressing. Remember when you were thin and felt good? It h... Read more

  • Success!

    3/4/2015 9:48:18 AM, by LGOULDER

    I did it! I completed the 30 Day Walk About Challenge. And now I'm going to take their advice and start training for a 5K. I may not run all o... Read more

  • Bold Move

    3/3/2015 11:22:49 AM, by LGOULDER

    So I'm stepping out to make a bold move. I've never been a runner, never thought about being a runner, never even considered that I could be a r... Read more

  • Graduation!

    3/2/2015 4:02:38 PM, by CAROLYN0107

    Yesterday, March 1st was graduation for the Nursing School students in Africa where I taught for the past 37+ years. I just left Africa at the en... Read more

  • New Week

    3/2/2015 11:04:51 AM, by LGOULDER

    It's a new week and a new month. (And a new me!) I'm excited about the prospect of finishing my 30 Day challenge this week. I'm looking forwar... Read more

  • Let the (dress buying) Panic Begin !

    3/2/2015 6:58:20 AM, by KANDYKMC

    The wedding I am attending is in 45 days. Dress shopping needs to begin aghhh'!!! I have already been scouting out likely outfits online but no... Read more

  • Delicious winter salad

    3/1/2015 8:09:42 PM, by SISSYFEB48

    For those wondering about salads in the winter, when lettuce is really expensive, and not that nutritious, here is what we had today. It was fil... Read more

  • What's Next?

    3/1/2015 5:04:30 PM, by LGOULDER

    Today is Day 27 of my Vionic 30 Day Walking Challenge. I'm just about finished. I would never have guessed 4 weeks ago how far I would come thi... Read more

  • I am happy to be back!

    3/1/2015 3:58:04 PM, by CASTIRONLADY

    After 8 months of stagnation, I am finally moving again, making time for exercise and water and using my fitbit again. Thank God, He gave me the ... Read more

  • 700 consecutive days on Spark

    3/1/2015 1:17:15 PM, by 49YEARSAWIFE

    Today marks 700 days of logging in to Spark People. This site has been the best tool for me to become healthy and fit. The support I have receive... Read more

  • March -- Lion or Lamb

    3/1/2015 9:09:57 AM, by SPATTEN2001

    Still waiting to see how March is going to come in here in Utah --- we had blustery winds yesterday. I am hoping for the in like a lion approach... Read more

  • Keep on Going

    2/28/2015 1:18:18 PM, by LGOULDER

    This plan is really working for me. I've been tracking for 3 1/2 weeks and I've lost 7 pounds. I'm excited to see what the next few weeks bring... Read more

  • Birthday Gifts

    2/27/2015 7:00:49 PM, by LGOULDER

    One of my birthday gifts was hiking shoes and trekking poles. I guess that pretty much commits me to joining the boys when they hike this spring... Read more

  • Happy Birthday

    2/26/2015 5:50:02 PM, by LGOULDER

    Today is my birthday. Bid deal! I spent today doing about the same thing I've been doing for the past two weeks - staring at more snow! I sat ... Read more

  • Turkey sighting.

    2/26/2015 1:23:59 PM, by 49YEARSAWIFE

    Yesterday just before the snow, I looked out the patio door and there in the ne ighbors yard were 20 wild turkeys. I was able to take a few pict... Read more

  • Wow!

    2/25/2015 10:30:13 AM, by LGOULDER

    Well, we have all of this snow on the ground and the weatherman says 3-6" again tonight! If we can make it to Saturday, it's supposed to warm up... Read more

  • Sleeping Better + Packing!

    2/24/2015 7:42:49 PM, by CAROLYN0107

    I have now been sleeping with a CPAP machine for three weeks. CPAP IS "CONTINUOUS POSITIVE AIRWAY PRESSURE". I wear a mask and humidified air is ... Read more

  • Enough!

    2/24/2015 11:33:06 AM, by LGOULDER

    It snowed again last night. Four more inches! All day yesterday the weatherman said it would miss us, but last night at 11:00 he decided we wou... Read more

  • WooHoo! Back for a second day!

    2/24/2015 9:08:58 AM, by PEZCATHY

    YAY! I am back today! My second day back. I was able to stay mostly on track yesterday. I gave in about 8:00 last night and ate one cup of cer... Read more

  • Playing in my Closet

    2/24/2015 5:15:38 AM, by KANDYKMC

    I was having a much cherished day off and staying home. The REAL truth is - the elevator is broken and going out means going down six floors and ... Read more

  • Socializing but getting ready to go to New England!!

    2/23/2015 6:29:35 PM, by CAROLYN0107

    Last week a dear friend and I met for lunch. I had a taco salad. It was too salty so I won't get a taco salad at that restaurant again. Read more

  • Sigh...trying again to restart!!!

    2/23/2015 10:55:12 AM, by PEZCATHY

    I am a stress eater. The more stress I have, the more I eat, and the less I want to do. Long story short, my 6 and 7 (now 7 and 8) year old gr... Read more

  • Break

    2/22/2015 4:54:19 PM, by LGOULDER

    We finally had a break in the winter weather. The weather warmed up considerably and the snow is melting fast. It was still a gray gloomy day, ... Read more

  • Snow, Snow, & More Snow

    2/21/2015 2:40:32 PM, by LGOULDER

    I'm starting to sound like a broken record! We got 4" of new snow today. I spent about 20 minutes or more shoveling the driveway. I count that... Read more

  • Spring Cleaning - the house and my body- both temples, Amen

    2/21/2015 2:24:19 PM, by JUDYBYJUDY

    The sun is shining outside, even though the temps are colder than we like. It has been a long stretch of cold weather this February...so far any... Read more

  • Surprise

    2/20/2015 9:37:29 PM, by LGOULDER

    Surprise! Surprise! More snow/ice/rain is in our forecast! Our weatherman is no longer a friend of mine!! We had a record low of -10 last nigh... Read more

  • New glasses

    2/20/2015 5:19:37 PM, by SISSYFEB48

    Well, needed new glasses, and after taking someone with me, since I cannot see... Read more

  • Friday Thought for the Day

    2/20/2015 7:50:57 AM, by 49YEARSAWIFE

    Nothing will ever be attempted if all possible objections must first be overcome. ~ Samuel Johnson ... Read more

  • Progress on my New Year's Goals

    2/19/2015 8:29:41 PM, by SAINTBERNARD6

    my goal is to pay off 3 credit cards.. This week I have paid off 2 of the 3 credit cards that I set my goal on.. Elsie Read more

  • Nothing New

    2/19/2015 3:53:17 PM, by LGOULDER

    I could go on about the cold and snow. but then I would sound like a broken record. Having this much free time on my hands is a dangerous thing!... Read more

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