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  • Change in plans

    4/9/2016 10:04:57 PM, by AUNTRENEE

    Well, looks like we won't be going to go to Minnesota next month. Bills got the best of us and there was no way we could of made it up there. Jus... Read more

  • Coming to a milestone

    4/9/2016 8:56:31 PM, by SMTURN70

    I am just a couple of pounds away from where I got to a year and a half ago. I had lost 50 pounds by tracking my nutrition and exercise on the Lo... Read more

  • Reboot Day 65

    4/9/2016 10:57:44 AM, by SHRINKINGSHERI

    Happy Saturday everyone!!! Busy weekend planned here. So far today I have finished setting up my workout room, done 3 minutes on the elli... Read more

  • There is no room in your life for excuses

    4/8/2016 9:49:07 PM, by AUNTRENEE

    I have a new motto in my life that I think that everyone should have in their lives. There is no room in your life for excuses. You don't need ex... Read more

  • Reboot Day 64

    4/8/2016 7:14:25 AM, by SHRINKINGSHERI

    Not a good morning...overslept. Did get my breakfast, lunch, and snacks packed. Will get my workout in tonight when I get home. Have a S... Read more

  • Reboot Day 63

    4/7/2016 7:24:56 AM, by SHRINKINGSHERI

    Good Morning Sparkly Peeps!!!! I am up and packed and ready to hit the road to work. Today is my rest day. No formal exercise plan, just ... Read more

  • Thanks for the compliments on yesterday's blog post

    4/6/2016 10:10:34 PM, by AUNTRENEE

    Thanks for all the compliments that I got from yesterday's blog post on my weight loss. I feel so good not just from the weight loss but from wha... Read more

  • Back to dancing!

    4/6/2016 9:22:56 AM, by CONFUSEDBIRD

    I have danced two times in the past week!!! For the past week and half I have been wearing my orthotics just a few hours a day and still wearing ... Read more

  • Reboot Day 62

    4/6/2016 7:06:43 AM, by SHRINKINGSHERI

    Happy Hump Day Sparkly Peeps!!!!! So glad this is my half day at work. I so need to go grocery shopping. I also get to get my hair cut today. ... Read more

  • A pound away from a 50 pound weight loss

    4/5/2016 11:16:42 AM, by AUNTRENEE

    I am a pound away from a 50 pound weight loss since August 31, 2008 when I started SparkPeople.com. I am a pound away from an 85 pound weight los... Read more

  • Reboot Day 61

    4/5/2016 7:14:00 AM, by SHRINKINGSHERI

    Good Morning Sparkly People!!!!! It's time to rise and shine and face another day. Hopefully you all have your happy faces on!!! ... Read more

  • Reboot Day 60

    4/4/2016 11:38:52 AM, by SHRINKINGSHERI

    Great day again yesterday...didn't get my steps in, but stayed well under my calories for the day. Got my elliptical and will workout on it this... Read more

  • I earned my SparkPoints in fitness today

    4/3/2016 10:08:55 PM, by AUNTRENEE

    I earned my SparkPoints in fitness today. All 24 of them. I had 5 walks with the dog for 10 minutes each, to and from church for 34 minutes, and ... Read more

  • Hidden Blessings

    4/3/2016 2:08:08 PM, by SMTURN70

    I'm on this symphony orchestra trip with my high schoo... Read more

  • Reboot Day 59

    4/3/2016 7:32:02 AM, by SHRINKINGSHERI

    Yesterday was another good day. Ended up going out to eat and estimating my dinner calories. Was still under range with all the exercise I did ... Read more

  • Reboot Day 58

    4/2/2016 7:14:58 AM, by SHRINKINGSHERI

    Another great day yesterday. 1,650 calories....6,590 steps...no evening snacking.... Lots on the "To-Do" list for today. Breakfast, lunch,... Read more

  • Gained a pound but will get it off

    4/1/2016 10:23:59 PM, by AUNTRENEE

    I gained a pound since yesterday but I will get the pound off. I know that I can get it off. I burned off the calories that I ate today. I wish ... Read more

  • Reboot Day 57

    4/1/2016 6:54:40 AM, by SHRINKINGSHERI

    Another great day yesterday. No binges...no snacking after supper...Right at 1,500 calories for the day....6,691 steps for the day. Didn't play... Read more

  • Reboot Day 56

    3/31/2016 10:06:46 AM, by SHRINKINGSHERI

    Read a very good book yesterday..."Never Binge Again" by Glenn Livingston. Lots of good worksheets to download from the internet as well. I ha... Read more

  • Better week

    3/31/2016 9:26:18 AM, by CONFUSEDBIRD

    The last two weeks have been rough, TOM and then I just couldn't get my bearings. This week finally feels better and my calories have been good. ... Read more

  • Lost 5 pounds since Monday

    3/30/2016 3:21:20 PM, by AUNTRENEE

    Since Monday, I lost 5 pounds. I was 194 pounds on Sunday but I gained 4 pounds that day. That would put me at 198 pounds on Monday. Between Mond... Read more

  • Reboot Day 55

    3/30/2016 7:21:48 AM, by SHRINKINGSHERI

    Good Morning Sparkly Peeps!!! Here we go again...only I hope the outcome today is better than yesterday. I ate a good breakfast and lunch a... Read more

  • Feels like a long week and its only Tuesday

    3/29/2016 7:05:21 PM, by AUNTRENEE

    This week so far has felt like its been long and its only Tuesday. I am not sure why though but it has. I just wish that it was a little faster. ... Read more

  • Feeling Grumbly

    3/29/2016 12:16:36 PM, by JPONCIN

    I'm home from my trip to Florida, and relieved to say that in the past couple weeks I haven't gained anything! I've been pretty much staying the ... Read more

  • Reboot Day 54

    3/29/2016 7:23:18 AM, by SHRINKINGSHERI

    Good Morning Sparkly Peeps!!!!! It is going to be a wonderful day!!!!! Got lots of good sleep. Healthy breakfast and lunch packed. ... Read more

  • Mood buster

    3/28/2016 8:01:34 PM, by SMTURN70

    I am doing the small changes challenge. Today's challenge is to not think negatively. Some days that is easier said than done. Today was one of t... Read more

  • Reboot Day 53

    3/28/2016 10:23:39 AM, by SHRINKINGSHERI

    Last day of my 4 day weekend...boo!!! I have enjoyed the extra time to get some stuff done around the house and spend some time relaxing as well... Read more

  • Happy Easter !!!!!

    3/27/2016 4:28:51 PM, by AUNTRENEE

    Happy Easter to everyone!!!! Dad and I went to church this morning even though I walked and he drove to church. It took me 1.5 minutes less to ge... Read more

  • Reboot Day 52

    3/27/2016 4:23:24 PM, by SHRINKINGSHERI

    Happy Easter! My Redeemer Lives!!!! Not too good on the food front today, but not sweating it at all. Have been up since 4:30 am. Sang at... Read more

  • Reboot Day 51

    3/26/2016 9:45:03 AM, by SHRINKINGSHERI

    Spent most of my day yesterday in bed with a horrible migraine. I hate days like that...got nothing done, including my workout. Feel much... Read more

  • Reboot Day 49

    3/24/2016 9:53:33 AM, by SHRINKINGSHERI

    I am on a streak....right around 1,800 calories again yesterday. Liking the way I am feeling. Dentist appointment was a bust yesterday...Lu... Read more

  • Reboot Day 48

    3/23/2016 9:02:03 AM, by SHRINKINGSHERI

    Was under my calorie range yesterday by about 100 - still managed almost 1,800 for the day. No evening snack either. Way to go me!!!! Even had... Read more

  • College visit #1 done

    3/22/2016 6:45:09 PM, by SMTURN70

    Made it Embry Riddle for his first college visit. I am happy to say in all likelihood this will not be one of his top contenders. On a plus side ... Read more

  • Got an appointment with gastro doctor

    3/22/2016 11:11:27 AM, by AUNTRENEE

    Got an appointment with the gastro doctor because of some of the problems that I've been having. I asked about taking an antiacid with the Nexium... Read more

  • Reboot Day 47

    3/22/2016 8:32:29 AM, by SHRINKINGSHERI

    Even with my evening snack of Girl Scout Cookies, I stayed within my calorie range. Today the sun is shining and the temp is s... Read more

  • Reboot Day 46

    3/21/2016 10:38:06 AM, by SHRINKINGSHERI

    Great day yesterday. Stayed within my calorie range with no difficulty. Did not get my steps in, but did 15 minutes on the bike and my strength... Read more

  • First day of vacation

    3/20/2016 7:22:17 PM, by SMTURN70

    We are flying to Orlando tomorrow and spending the night near the airport. The hotel we are at is not really around anything but there is a burge... Read more

  • Having an ulcer is a pain

    3/20/2016 7:19:18 PM, by AUNTRENEE

    This ulcer is a pain in the butt. Cannot eat anything without feeling like crud. I am so close in not eating anything and just drink liquids like... Read more

  • Reboot Day 45

    3/20/2016 10:20:04 AM, by SHRINKINGSHERI

    Today is the first day of spring. New beginnings for both nature and me. I know I have been back on this journey for 45 days now, but I have not... Read more

  • Reboot Day 44

    3/19/2016 10:23:49 AM, by SHRINKINGSHERI

    UGH!!!! I have got to get the night time cravings and munchies under control. I think it has become a habit - a bad habit - and I need to break... Read more

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