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  • Tuesday blues

    3/6/2018 6:37:54 AM, by POUNCEQUIK

    I feel like I could cry. I’m not giving up but I’m definitely feeling defeated. I’ve been doing everything right but the scale just teases me. It... Read more

  • Snack.

    3/5/2018 6:18:49 PM, by BOOTYLICIOUS83

    Snack..... Read more

  • Lunch

    3/5/2018 12:49:20 PM, by BOOTYLICIOUS83

    Yummy lunch!! Tuna sandwich.... Read more

  • Having a beautiful daughter

    3/5/2018 4:20:10 AM, by MEDDYPEDDY

    I look at my photos on Spark and when I joined at 2009 I added two pictures of my daughter, they were a bit old because at that time she was nine... Read more

  • Easter

    3/4/2018 8:41:29 PM, by TOTHEFUTURE1

    Yesterday I was shopping and another lady unknown to me expressed her disappointment at the decision of the manufacture not to use the word east... Read more

  • March 2018 Goals

    3/4/2018 7:58:25 PM, by CHANGING-TURTLE

    This month I am doing things to help me stay on track... Read more


    3/4/2018 7:14:35 AM, by RANJINI4

    Guys,It is boiling hot here!However,am going to keep on going! I really believe the climate makes us do things-and we must overcome these ef... Read more

  • Stalling

    3/4/2018 7:05:28 AM, by POUNCEQUIK

    All week I’ve been doing really well. I’ve worked out with my trainer three times and only took one rest day. I’ve done some cardio on the days I... Read more

  • Breakfast

    3/3/2018 6:36:51 AM, by BOOTYLICIOUS83

    So good!! Special k red berries.... Read more

  • Lunch and thriving

    3/2/2018 2:02:29 PM, by BOOTYLICIOUS83

    This was lunch. Chicken taco. Made two but after taki... Read more

  • Stuck

    3/2/2018 1:46:57 PM, by BEACHCALSIX

    stuck Ok, this is week 2 remaining at the same weight. That means that 3 weigh-ins total has read the same number...ugh. This means I need to ... Read more

  • Rest Days

    3/2/2018 12:00:31 PM, by POUNCEQUIK

    So how often do you take a rest day? I've been working out a lot this week and my body is feeling it but I feel like I need to keep pushing along... Read more

  • Lunch

    3/1/2018 3:43:00 PM, by BOOTYLICIOUS83

    Went food shopping today. Got ALOT of healthy stuff..... Read more

  • March goals and progress photo!

    3/1/2018 2:47:47 PM, by BEACHCALSIX

    Well I weigh in tomorrow and hoping to have surpassed my goal for dietbet(s). I was a bit curious and went back to the first diet back I started ... Read more

  • NSV bathing suit

    2/28/2018 6:33:47 PM, by VALKYRIA-

    First time swimming since getting back from Argent... Read more

  • 2/28/18

    2/28/2018 5:18:21 PM, by DCMAMA8

    Well it’s working! Since my last entry, I’ve started eating less carbs from grains and focused on using veggies as my carbs. I’ve dropped another... Read more

  • Do you thrive??

    2/28/2018 3:22:52 PM, by BOOTYLICIOUS83

    🙏I can't believe I used to be so depressed and miserable 😰 I didn't want to get up even showering was when I could summon the energy I was ti... Read more

  • Breakfast!

    2/28/2018 8:36:09 AM, by BOOTYLICIOUS83

    Got this yesterday . SO good. Measured and had 2 serv... Read more

  • Long day

    2/27/2018 8:45:01 PM, by BOOTYLICIOUS83

    Went shopping all day with my mom and grandma. Was go... Read more

  • therapy: to schedule or not?

    2/27/2018 2:21:41 PM, by STARDUSTD

    In a previous blog, I told of my appointment with an eating disorder therapist: www.sparkpeople.com/mypa
    ge_public_journal_individuRead more

  • Mondays

    2/26/2018 7:23:05 AM, by POUNCEQUIK

    So usually I hate Monday’s. Well not really hate but I always seem to gain back the progress I made the week before. I’m really trying to not let... Read more

  • protecting the identity and decluttering: unrelated

    2/25/2018 9:21:52 PM, by OOLALA53

    It has been a little weird-feeling to me to discover that I still felt I had to "hide" some of my eating. I have been reducing the role of flour ... Read more

  • Week 5 of 25 - Ow!

    2/24/2018 4:41:48 PM, by EMBRACINGHAPPY

    Uuuuggggghhhhhh!!! Ok, gearing up the strength to write this. Please, someone just kill me. Ouch, the pain. So, this is Week 5. And mir... Read more

  • Good News and Bad News

    2/24/2018 9:50:54 AM, by BUGGY1968

    Good news -- I Got on the scale and it said nice things to me. In two weeks, I am down 4.8 pounds! Yippee!!!!!!! My work is paying off. ... Read more

  • Advantages of obsession

    2/24/2018 2:00:26 AM, by MEDDYPEDDY

    I obsess easy over anything, that is part of my compulsive overeating disease but it is also a "natural" part of my personality and as such can b... Read more

  • Friday weigh in, no progress this week

    2/23/2018 1:52:16 PM, by BEACHCALSIX

    Well, this week the scale is stuck and doesn't want to move. I wanted to reach 20 lbs lost this week but, well, the scale has other ideas. lol. I... Read more

  • NSV dress

    2/22/2018 11:25:31 PM, by VALKYRIA-

    (My favorite figure skater, Yuzuru Hanyu, winning ... Read more

  • Swimming

    2/21/2018 1:00:21 AM, by MEDDYPEDDY

    Oh no, it is not easy to get going. After last mondays first swim for more than six motnhs, I kept postphoning the second until friday. Then I de... Read more

  • something silly

    2/20/2018 2:17:35 PM, by CORKYLEE

    Needing to look forward, I am trying a new system...committed to reading 1 book a week..10 min of walking gives me the go ahead to work on that..... Read more

  • Veggielicious

    2/20/2018 2:05:41 PM, by BUGGY1968

    I have always disliked vegetables. For the past couple weeks though, I have been enjoying veggie wraps for lunch with roasted veggies and fresh ... Read more

  • Update 2/19/18

    2/19/2018 2:19:07 PM, by DCMAMA8

    Well my weight has barely budged over the last three weeks since I posted last. I’m down 4.2 pounds total. And although I’m happy that I haven’t ... Read more

  • Update 2/4/18

    2/19/2018 2:09:50 PM, by DCMAMA8

    (I had this in my about me section before but decided to move it here to the blog section where I can continue to update.) After three weeks bac... Read more

  • Sunday

    2/19/2018 2:38:18 AM, by WHITE-2

    Not sure if I'm going to be able to post daily about my goals, but here's how it went yesterday, sunday: * In bed on time, actually 1 hour ... Read more

  • Finally I Understand Why People Exercise

    2/18/2018 8:25:15 PM, by BUGGY1968

    My son wanted cake tonight, and we had a cake mix and frosting in the cupboard. We mixed it up and poured it in my new heart shaped cake pan. I... Read more

  • Yippee

    2/18/2018 1:54:06 PM, by BUGGY1968

    The scale said good things today. I am down 3.6 pounds this week. Since I was so upset most of the week, staying on track with my food and exer... Read more

  • Back to my goals

    2/18/2018 4:57:15 AM, by WHITE-2

    Last week was my birthday and that was a confusing time for me. I wanted to go back to cutting out sugar but also felt that this was not really d... Read more


    2/17/2018 10:41:35 PM, by RANJINI4


  • love handles...

    2/17/2018 10:24:45 PM, by SERENEART

    The other day, I noticed that I am losing one of my love handles. It is skinnier than the other. This week has been stressful at work and on to... Read more

  • Week 4 of 25

    2/17/2018 8:25:03 PM, by EMBRACINGHAPPY

    OK, so 1 month down of roughly 6. This week was incredibly hard. I had to wait all day to even find the energy to type this - but thankfull... Read more

  • Lunch

    2/17/2018 1:18:12 PM, by BOOTYLICIOUS83

    Yum!... Read more

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