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  • pontoon day

    9/23/2017 12:24:06 AM, by IMREITE

    went to my parents. my aunt and uncle joine us on a pontoon rige to a local restaurant. then ride back to their house. it was a gorgeous day. too... Read more

  • Prioritizing ME

    9/22/2017 7:41:28 PM, by DREAMERSPIRITT

    I'm switching jobs (again!) My new job just isn't working out... so I'm going back to substitute teaching. I'm hoping to get back to school ... Read more

  • Empty

    9/22/2017 5:43:07 PM, by ENDURINGPHOENIX

    I had some grapefruit juice with about half water, and it was good. Most things taste fine with water added. I just don't remember which med says... Read more

  • Kidney stone.

    9/19/2017 1:52:05 PM, by ENDURINGPHOENIX

    This one was a struvite, I think, because it looked like a black grain of rice. It only really hurt in the beginning, a couple of weeks ago, but ... Read more

  • 65th anniversery

    9/17/2017 9:30:59 PM, by IMREITE

    today was my grandparents 65th anniversery party. so many people all meeting at the old farmhouse. kinda crazy that they have both lived so long ... Read more

  • Major score at an estate sale yesterday

    9/17/2017 11:31:56 AM, by ENCHANTEDALANA

    Hi everybody. If you ever think that canning your own produce is too expensive to get into, I think you're in for a surprise. Check out... Read more

  • 50+ down - 40-ish to go

    9/16/2017 8:35:47 AM, by AUGUSTAGLOOP

    Hi everyone, This is really going to be a stream of consciousness type blog more than anything. I feel the need to connect. I'm really ... Read more

  • worked out today...

    9/15/2017 11:32:40 PM, by ENCHANTEDALANA

    ..in the garden. It's supposed to get to minus 5 degrees Celsuis...that is significantly below freezing. So my honey and I spent about an hour ... Read more

  • Making Grape Juice... From Vine to Bottle !

    9/14/2017 12:59:02 PM, by CANNINGNANNY

    Hi All... I'm making Grape Juice today from our Concord Grape vines in the back yard ! You know when they are ripe when you can smell the gra... Read more

  • Farm life

    9/12/2017 11:03:46 PM, by GOLDENRODFARM

    I got a major project done finally, it did take a couple of days, plus some preliminary work. I talked about moving the bantams last time. Once... Read more

  • worked out today...

    9/12/2017 12:23:57 PM, by ENCHANTEDALANA

    ...on my elliptical machine. It was my 44th birthday yesterday and as I expected, I blew the nutritional goals. On that note, today is a new day... Read more

  • diet plan

    9/11/2017 9:36:18 PM, by IMREITE

    mostly i need to be more mindful about my eating. but i need to come up with a plan that will help keep my eating more in control... Read more

  • meal planning

    9/10/2017 8:30:43 PM, by IMREITE

    i dont know why i am so bad at planning supper. i guess it is because i dont like sticking to it. although breakfast and lunch are easier to do b... Read more

  • worked out today...

    9/10/2017 5:38:15 PM, by ENCHANTEDALANA

    ...on my elliptical machine. It will be my 44th birthday tomorrow. I already know that I will be blowing several nutritional goals. BUT, it wi... Read more

  • Lasagna night

    9/10/2017 12:53:45 AM, by IMREITE

    my dh made lasagna. his resipe is a bke, lets set over night and then heat. so he made it and we took it to my sisters and had dinner with her fa... Read more

  • worked out yesterday....

    9/8/2017 7:46:59 PM, by ENCHANTEDALANA

    Thursday I deliver farm fresh eggs to offices in a nearby town. Everyone is always glad to see me. It gets me out of the house for a couple hou... Read more

  • sleeping goal

    9/8/2017 12:05:55 AM, by IMREITE

    the 3 day weekend messed with this so much. by tuesday night i was off the habit. tuesday night was the sa,e. finally last night i said i HAD to ... Read more

  • harvesting potatoes

    9/4/2017 11:43:10 PM, by ENCHANTEDALANA

    Hi everybody, Dug about 100 lbs of potatoes out of our garden between yesterday and today. Apparently today I burned about 590 calories betwee... Read more

  • The last shearing project for this year!

    9/4/2017 9:38:28 AM, by GOLDENRODFARM

    Yesterday was a really exhausting day, partly because I just am not sleeping much at all, and partly because of the projects I finished up. ... Read more

  • worked out today....start of a trend?

    9/3/2017 4:55:33 PM, by ENCHANTEDALANA

    Hi everybody. No work on the typing from home front, so I'm going to get off the couch and get something accomplished. It's almost 1 pm her... Read more

  • Getting rid of the toxins

    9/3/2017 11:02:57 AM, by BACKTOBASICSTR

    I have been trying to get rid of the toxins in my home....not an easy job! From the cleaners we use in our homes, to the "medications" we take ... Read more

  • finally friday

    9/2/2017 12:19:38 AM, by IMREITE

    woot woot... Read more

  • worked out today....

    9/1/2017 2:04:00 PM, by ENCHANTEDALANA

    on the elliptical machine that I've had for almost 20 years. Haven't used it more than 100 times in all that time. But that's not the point. ... Read more

  • finish strong

    8/31/2017 9:14:45 PM, by IMREITE

    tonight is another night of my challenge. to help me stick to it, i put it on my calandar, the next day, i change the color of it if i was succ... Read more

  • The DIY Queen

    8/31/2017 6:50:36 PM, by DREAMERSPIRITT

    I have an art sale coming up soon! I ordered some art supplies on Amazon last week... they were supposed to arrive today. There was no sign of th... Read more

  • feeling non-scale victorious

    8/30/2017 11:53:57 PM, by IMREITE

    i dont have any team challenges currently going on so i have not weighed myself since last week. mentally i was thinking of non scale victories i... Read more

  • no one taught me about finances....

    8/30/2017 10:25:33 AM, by ENCHANTEDALANA

    I was reading SILLYGIRLTX's blog (read it here at www.sparkpeople.com/mypa
    al.asp?blog_id=6391473 ... Read more

  • Busy day today

    8/29/2017 10:13:34 PM, by GOLDENRODFARM

    Yesterday I seemed to wake up on the wrong side and just stayed there all day, I didn't sleep and was still awake at 5am, then I fell asleep and ... Read more

  • day 2 of bedtime routine

    8/29/2017 9:32:34 PM, by IMREITE

    last night was successful. i started already tonight. i got some stuff done instead of taking a nap.... Read more

  • Q&A

    8/29/2017 10:22:50 AM, by AUGUSTAGLOOP

    I wrote this up for the 5% challenge team I'm on, so I thought I would share it here as well so you can get to know me a bit if you like. 1.... Read more

  • couch ordered

    8/28/2017 9:07:53 PM, by IMREITE

    and new loveseat and 2 new recliners. i am strangely excited. normally dont care about decorating or furnature but i loof forward to the new stuf... Read more

  • Averages 4

    8/27/2017 6:05:21 PM, by LIVEDAILY

    I keep track of my calories, carbs, fat, protein, fiber, and sodium every day, and also for 20 days in a row. The past twenty days 8/7 - 8/2... Read more

  • Down 5lbs

    8/27/2017 3:49:03 PM, by FULLMETALBLUNT

    Down to 312 from 317 last week. Scale finally catching... Read more

  • rainy day

    8/27/2017 12:57:35 AM, by IMREITE

    but still better then hurricane weather... Read more

  • Taking back Control...

    8/26/2017 12:54:47 PM, by AVETTFAN

    My weight loss journey started initially in late 2014. Since then I have proudly said goodbye to 42 lbs. Sure the progress has been slow, but it'... Read more

  • My new business! Please take a moment to read -

    8/26/2017 7:43:34 AM, by KPETSCHE

    I'm SO EXCITED about my new business that I started in June. Like any new business there is a lot to do and learn about and I'm ready to share m... Read more

  • Busy Bee

    8/25/2017 11:13:38 PM, by DREAMERSPIRITT

    I'm going to be such a busy bee during the upcoming weeks! I just got a new full-time job, and am starting on Monday! I'm nervous, but excit... Read more

  • WOW - lots has been going on with me!

    8/25/2017 1:06:49 AM, by KPETSCHE

    Hey guys, it's been ages, but I'm still hanging around and keeping up with tracking and whatnot. I haven't been so good at blogging - looks like... Read more

  • couch shopping

    8/24/2017 9:09:15 PM, by IMREITE

    actually more like possible a new living room set. so it is time to shove a crowbar in my provervbial wallet. i dont like to buy new stuff b... Read more

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