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This is what I plan to do!!
7/16/2014 12:10:49 PM,  20 COMMENTS

Let's do this....  Read more


Figuring Out How to Balance Meals Since Going Vegan 32 Days
7/16/2014 10:16:12 AM,  1 COMMENTS

At 387 calories, I had some satiating old fashioned oatmeal, soaked overnight in water, cooked on the stove for 5 minutes with almond milk, bana...  Read more


7/16/2014 12:43:19 AM,  2 COMMENTS

Well, I am still a bit down in the dumps from last nights blog and the pain. Today, I saw my chiropractor, then massage on just my legs (my extra visi...  Read more


Wanted to share this with you
7/15/2014 9:17:01 PM,  20 COMMENTS

This is an old light house very close to my home. Wish the photo came out larger. But I so very much like this and wanted to share it with...  Read more


7/15/2014 7:28:30 PM,  1 COMMENTS

Well Hubby left for work and had to be there at 6:30. I was getting dressed to make my rounds for the day, bank and two other stops. He called and t...  Read more


Sheer Frustration Conquered
7/15/2014 2:08:09 PM,  6 COMMENTS

Yesterday afternoon my three day old dream range decided to stop working. I was in the process of cooking several different vegetables and a homemade...  Read more


First Egg Since June 7th
7/15/2014 12:42:55 PM,  5 COMMENTS
=Mxd%5E...  Read more


Tearful Tuesday?
7/15/2014 12:27:34 AM,  9 COMMENTS

I was going to post something positive. Thankful Tuesday. I just can't at the moment. I am in physical pain. I have a long term leg injury that...  Read more


Finally Made It to the 25 Pound Gone Mark!
7/14/2014 12:01:37 PM,  14 COMMENTS

Right after I posted my last blog I noticed on my tracker that I have made it to the 25 pound lost mark. I have come close before while on Spark but s...  Read more


Chocolate Almond Ice Cream Cupcake Recipe and Mushrooms to Die For
7/14/2014 11:57:01 AM,  2 COMMENTS

I am including the recipe for Chocolate Almond Ice Cream Cupcakes that I blogged about a few days ago for those that would like to make them. Sorry if...  Read more


7/14/2014 11:12:10 AM,  1 COMMENTS

Hubby and I have discussed closing the market from time to time. I wi;; take us several months to sell off all our stock. I told Hubby next eel we a...  Read more


7/14/2014 1:27:24 AM,  7 COMMENTS

Okay everyone! A little something to get us motivated for the MONDAY! Here you go! Yes...It is that time again! Get out of bed...  Read more


What a week I'm having!!!
7/13/2014 11:58:29 PM,  4 COMMENTS

The girls are here from Washington state and we decided to take them to Santa Cruz for a night of fun. I work extra hours to get Wednesday off and we...  Read more


Vegan Bacon
7/13/2014 10:22:57 PM,  2 COMMENTS

Well...I gave it a try...and I am glad I did...this is the best "bacon" ever! I was shocked just how much it tastes like bacon...give it a w...  Read more


7/13/2014 10:20:11 PM,  2 COMMENTS

Well plans had to change as a result of the weather. We froze the beef brisket hoping next weekend will be better. It was going to storm again tod...  Read more


The Most Beautiful Heart
7/13/2014 8:22:19 PM,  10 COMMENTS

The Most Beautiful Heart Ė Author Unknown One day a young man was standing in the middle of the town proclaiming that he had the most beautiful h...  Read more


When you realize how VALUEABLE YOU ARE, you will stop eating CRAP
7/13/2014 2:29:08 PM,  37 COMMENTS

When you realize how VALUABLE YOU ARE, you will stop eating CRAP. The tabulation results from this weeks changes are in. With having had...  Read more


7/13/2014 12:09:26 PM,  3 COMMENTS

Sometimes the best thing we can do is..... not wonder.. not think.. not obsess.. not imagine.. not worry.. not doubt.. Sometimes t...  Read more


Be open to new things
7/12/2014 6:04:08 PM,  12 COMMENTS

How many times have I told my kids to be open to new foods.... the CSA this week, we got fennel...(groan) I don't like licorice so, I did...  Read more


7/12/2014 1:31:11 PM,  7 COMMENTS

Have a great day everyone! Enjoy the beautiful sunshine! We are going to hit 90+ this weekend and all next week. That is HOT for us peeps in Seattle,...  Read more


32 day VEGAN diet lowered all lipid numbers
7/12/2014 12:40:10 PM,  6 COMMENTS

April 7th my numbers were high. They probably continued to go higher until I started the VEGAN challenge for 32 days. But I only have the numb...  Read more


7/12/2014 1:05:39 AM,  2 COMMENTS

Well as normal, it is another hot day, Of course,we are having the violent storms due in the afternoon. We do have an appointment for our hair cuts...  Read more


How I make my healthy Potato Chips
7/11/2014 2:27:23 PM,  4 COMMENTS

Here is another video I made of me making my healthy vinegar, dill, salt potato chips...possibilities are endless... And yes that is me talking o...  Read more


PREP day
7/11/2014 11:44:59 AM,  27 COMMENTS

Today I must prep. I was lazy yesterday cooking wise. I should of made some food for today knowing I was going to run out. Today I must...  Read more


7/11/2014 10:50:36 AM,  1 COMMENTS

After my post of yesterday several advised that I should talk with the owner. I got up and waited until I felt they were into their morning and had e...  Read more


Feeling out of place
7/11/2014 10:24:17 AM,  17 COMMENTS

There are times when I feel out of place. Like when I hear so many people feeling they are entitled to something. My parents taught me this and I am...  Read more


7/11/2014 12:20:01 AM,  8 COMMENTS

Saw some of these photos and just had to share! Enjoy the silly humor about "weight"! Here we go! AND last,...  Read more


7/10/2014 5:11:07 PM,  5 COMMENTS

Today was Coco's spa day. I met my friend at a lovely little local place for lunch. It is locally owned and they have the best desserts. All made i...  Read more


Day Three Eat to Live - Another Pound and Chocolate Almond Ice Cream Cupcake Healthy Recipe
7/10/2014 2:44:16 PM,  5 COMMENTS

I was happy to see today that I dropped another pound. Last night I waited a little long to plan dinner and realized that I didn't have mo...  Read more


Easy Peasy Weight loss
7/10/2014 9:17:54 AM,  28 COMMENTS

274 Yesterday I made Corn Fritters, a recipe from Rawamazing. It wasn't so amazing. The texture and flavors were not right. But it was e...  Read more


Free Delicious Food and Me
7/10/2014 2:31:11 AM,  0 COMMENTS

This is an accountability blog that will be updated over a four day period where I will not have total control over all my meals. It is a series of c...  Read more


7/10/2014 12:09:00 AM,  5 COMMENTS

Be sure to try and APPRECIATE what you have, Before it becomes what YOU had. Be sure to do this, Before it is TOO late. What is that YOU wa...  Read more


7/9/2014 10:39:53 PM,  3 COMMENTS

LOTS ON TABLE this morning and felt really motivated. I started with my linen closet and then the small bath closet and cabinets. I spent the day cl...  Read more


The light finally goes on!
7/9/2014 9:48:45 PM,  14 COMMENTS

We all have the best of intentions...we want to eat right, work out and take better care of ourselves...but...when those donuts or sweets appear, we c...  Read more


Eat to Live - July will be great! and report on Mom
7/9/2014 4:11:51 PM,  6 COMMENTS

Two days ago I returned to my Eat to Live Nutritarian eating style that I was on a little over a year ago in which I lost 24 pounds. I got s...  Read more


Free Videos Food is Medicine Conference at the Hippocrates Health Institute
7/9/2014 3:49:07 PM,  18 COMMENTS

I found a couple of websites for those of you who are trying to live a healthy lifestyle. It's top notch information.  Read more


Who said you can't?
7/9/2014 2:49:07 PM,  16 COMMENTS

When we slow down and quietly pause to notice the simple beauty to be enjoyed all around usówe can see God moving in His majesty and power. Remember t...  Read more


One can not live well if they do not dine well
7/9/2014 1:41:17 PM,  24 COMMENTS

4 My fine dining has resulted in another pound released. 410 So far this week, I am down almost 3 pounds....  Read more


Just so much static.
7/9/2014 12:44:17 AM,  2 COMMENTS

Sometimes all the information and hundreds of conflicting medical opinions about what's truly right for our bodies is just a little to much to take in...  Read more


7/9/2014 12:21:29 AM,  6 COMMENTS

Okay... Another day of goofiness! Enjoy the Wonderful Wednesday! Make it great! ...  Read more


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