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#30healthydays 2/30
6/2/2014 4:16:01 PM,  6 COMMENTS

The challenge is to document at least 1 healthy choice each day. Day 2 of 30: 16 minute walk as a "break" in the morning. I don't usually...  Read more


30 days of Something
6/2/2014 12:54:12 AM,  6 COMMENTS

I've been doing the #100happydays picture challenge and made it 30 days. About the 4th day in I was toying with a 100fitdays or 100healthydays thing I...  Read more


New week
5/27/2014 4:41:22 AM,  4 COMMENTS

Have a great week be blessed sending prayers hugz...  Read more


Meal Of The Day: Epic Burger!
5/25/2014 3:16:20 PM,  2 COMMENTS

Today Mr Hyde and I met with his friends Jamie & Dave to see the Edward Gorey exhibit at the Loyola University Museum of Art- it was fantastic! There...  Read more


Outside In
5/24/2014 12:19:05 PM,  2 COMMENTS Veteran Transformation This video reminded me that sometimes we just need to be able to see ourselves in a different way...  Read more


Meal Of The Day: Trader Joe's Greek Style Chicken
5/24/2014 2:50:25 AM,  0 COMMENTS

Derp. I was so hungry by the time I got home from work that I forgot to snap a picture after I plated dinner, so the photo here comes courtesy of...  Read more


Why I hate Jumping
5/23/2014 12:05:15 PM,  5 COMMENTS

Most of the workouts I look at have some form of jumping (jumping jacks, jump rope, etc.). I really do hate jumping. After much thought I have realize...  Read more


5/23/2014 12:40:31 AM,  6 COMMENTS

Hoorah for am getting rest pumping up my protien enjoy your day be blessed sending prayer love light joy and happiness to all my friday hugz...  Read more


5/22/2014 12:45:29 AM,  3 COMMENTS

So tired I can barely type will continue tomorrow hugs and prayers and blessings...  Read more


My Taebo concerns...
5/21/2014 11:26:04 AM,  1 COMMENTS

I discovered Taebo two years back. Since then, I keep doing it every now and then. I lost some 7 pounds when I first started it. Hurrah! 9 43 9 ...  Read more


What An Amazing Weekend!
5/19/2014 1:26:09 PM,  4 COMMENTS

The weekend kicked off with a bang!!! And by "bang" I mean my new Blink-182 tattoo, and also my first tattoo ever! I'm not sure what made me wai...  Read more


New week
5/19/2014 12:40:04 AM,  3 COMMENTS

Well gym and karate today have a blessed monday and sending light love joy and prayers to all my friends hugz...  Read more


GGiveing Glory
5/18/2014 12:23:12 AM,  5 COMMENTS

Giving glory to our Heavenly Father enjoy your day be vlessed and sending prayers hugz...  Read more


5/17/2014 1:23:28 AM,  5 COMMENTS

Soreness is almost gone thanks for everything my friends have a blessed and sending prayers hugz...  Read more


Ms Pacman Your Heart Out
5/12/2014 10:55:04 PM,  7 COMMENTS

One of my super marathon friends posted that they keep doing them for the medals-because 5ks don't give medals. I didn't have the heart to...  Read more


New Direction
5/12/2014 12:38:44 AM,  17 COMMENTS

Tonight is the day of my life's new direction. ...  Read more


"I'm Gonna Be So Fast"
5/10/2014 11:48:21 AM,  3 COMMENTS

Just another reminder that how we perceive our limitations and compare ourselves to others can truly limit or FREE us to push toward our best. ...  Read more


5/10/2014 12:24:20 AM,  8 COMMENTS

enjoy the blessings that are coming your way prayers and hugz...  Read more


Spring challenge challenges
5/9/2014 6:40:44 AM,  3 COMMENTS

Just a quick note to apologize for not doing my part in the challenge. I've posted before that I'm an avid exerciser & that food intake has always be...  Read more


Hump Day
5/7/2014 12:20:37 AM,  4 COMMENTS

Enjoy your day be thankful and greatful for your spark friends prayers and blessings to all hugz...  Read more


5/6/2014 12:39:29 AM,  8 COMMENTS

Be blessed and stay happy live love laughr and prayers hugz...  Read more


New Week
5/5/2014 12:13:15 AM,  7 COMMENTS

Glad it is new out with the old and in with the new hugx prayers and blessingz...  Read more


Visions of Perfect Imperfections
5/3/2014 2:04:51 PM,  9 COMMENTS
-shirt/ She lost 172 lbs, interviewed by Shape magazine, praised for doing something "amazing", an...  Read more


It's Starting to Become Routine Again
5/2/2014 2:04:58 PM,  4 COMMENTS

I have logged into SP everyday for the last 11 days, and it's starting to feel like a daily routine now. I'm getting back into the swing of tracking m...  Read more


Getting fit in May with Jessica Smith
5/2/2014 10:58:12 AM,  1 COMMENTS

Last week I got a 'Get fit in May' workout plan from Jessica Smith and I was sooo excited. I already tried her Hourglass workout plan for some 10 days...  Read more


Finding a Healthy Balance
4/30/2014 2:16:06 PM,  3 COMMENTS

I am taking this journey (not race) day by day. I am realizing that I don't need to be perfect, but rather just give it the best I've got. The last ti...  Read more


Positive Changes to Everyday Life
4/29/2014 2:03:33 PM,  3 COMMENTS

So I have logged into my SparkPeople account each day for the last week, that was my first goal. I needed to get into the habit of caring about what I...  Read more


Cleaned up Programs/Goals
4/23/2014 1:38:19 PM,  1 COMMENTS

These were on my page for the longest time. Decided to clean up my page, but didn't want to lose what I used to have: =============================...  Read more


Uneven in April
4/20/2014 5:12:46 PM,  3 COMMENTS

Now that we're half way through April I thought I'd toss a blog up here. I have not been consistent this month. That's understating it. The first c...  Read more


Prodigal Son
4/17/2014 12:23:09 PM,  11 COMMENTS

Forty-two years ago, I was born into a very religious family. As I grew, I was taught the morals, principles and traditions of my inherited religion....  Read more


Start This S***
4/2/2014 11:10:11 PM,  14 COMMENTS

In case you were waiting... Here is a video someone else made about going, doing, starting. It has bad words, so if you don't like that don't listen t...  Read more


Week 1 Weigh In!
3/28/2014 1:30:49 PM,  13 COMMENTS

Last week: 379.4 This week: 372.8 Loss of 6.6 lb! YAYYYYYYYYY Most of this is water weight/inflammation, and I think I still have so...  Read more


Wow, March is almost over!
3/20/2014 11:30:17 PM,  5 COMMENTS

Hello 223 ! Well, I made it through the two week festival called SXSW, and not only did I survive, I prospered! I lost a lot of sleep. I ate wh...  Read more


My friday
3/6/2014 12:37:46 AM,  4 COMMENTS

Hoo rah short day and so much to do can't wait it should be so much fun enjoy and be blessed light love joy happiness and love be blessed and sending...  Read more


Hump day
3/5/2014 12:17:24 AM,  7 COMMENTS

Be awesome be true to yourself enjoy your most blessed day enjoy your week it is flying by light love laughter and joy hugz...  Read more


Over the 6 week hump
3/4/2014 7:43:35 AM,  7 COMMENTS

It has now been 10 weeks since I started my diet and exercise program ( since the beginning of the year ). In the past, when I've tried diet and exer...  Read more


Terrific Tuesday
3/4/2014 12:17:55 AM,  6 COMMENTS

Be very blessed and enjoy your day and be greatful for all that we hasve sending love prayers blessing light and joy hugz...  Read more


3/2/2014 1:49:22 AM,  4 COMMENTS

Life is getting better it was a rainy and windy day but beautuful enjoy your day my you be bkessed and filled wirrhlight love joy and prayers aand m...  Read more


Baby steps - 3
2/27/2014 11:46:58 AM,  3 COMMENTS

So I did that Jillian Michaels video today! 46 It was exhilarating! Phew! Though, not very tough, thanks to all the Taebo I do. I was breathless...  Read more


Baby steps - 2
2/25/2014 9:45:20 AM,  2 COMMENTS

So, yesterday's Taebo made me very tired. Also, I had to walk so much around the campus to get some stuff done. It was tiresome too. But, we gulped su...  Read more


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