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Self-Compassion & the Ridiculousness of Thigh Gap
6/23/2014 12:33:47 PM,  2 COMMENTS

I am what some would describe as Type A personality. According to Myers Briggs, I'm an ENFJ. Astrologically I am a Sagittarius. When I was in schoo...  Read more


Laugh till your sides ache
6/23/2014 2:36:03 AM,  9 COMMENTS

Biggest Sign Shopkeeper Smith was alarmed when a new business, much like his own, opened in the storefront to the left of him. A huge sign was in...  Read more


Two week review
6/22/2014 2:56:14 PM,  11 COMMENTS

Well, it has been 14 days since I have had a binge. I am feeling really good. I feel so free! I feel like the beast has been tamed, and I think I ma...  Read more


is gut flora making you fat?
6/21/2014 6:05:30 PM,  3 COMMENTS
-bacteria-help-make-us-fat-and-thin/ Read the article and then add your comments here!...  Read more


Shifting Focus
6/21/2014 11:16:44 AM,  6 COMMENTS

My focus has changed from counting calories to NOT bingeing, and eating healthy food. So I have probably gone over on calories some days, just l...  Read more


What won't they think of next!
6/20/2014 11:20:42 PM,  9 COMMENTS

...  Read more


6/20/2014 1:25:51 PM,  10 COMMENTS

Just a reminder to me mindful today: ...  Read more


Well that just might explain it……..PCOS???
6/20/2014 1:46:18 AM,  5 COMMENTS

So my MD phoned today and I just might have PCOS. I mean from what I understand over the phone is that they couldn't see any actual cysts but that my...  Read more


Weigh in Day
6/19/2014 7:21:58 PM,  5 COMMENTS

For the first time in a long time, I was excited to get on the scale this morning. Last week, I weighed myself in the evening and the scale told me.....  Read more


More Motivation
6/19/2014 1:07:58 PM,  6 COMMENTS

...  Read more


Two Weeks and Yet Another Good Start
6/19/2014 12:02:54 PM,  1 COMMENTS

It's been two weeks since I started the South Beach Gluten Free Phase I diet. I gave myself two days after I returned from my trip to Rome, then start...  Read more


Have a Marvelous day.
6/18/2014 8:30:35 PM,  1 COMMENTS

Smile it is better for you than frowning. 334...  Read more


10 Months After Baby
6/18/2014 6:08:51 PM,  1 COMMENTS

Haven't posted here in a long time. Been kind of busy with my "new" little one. She's now 10 months old and I'm starting to think about weaning and be...  Read more


Putting myself out there... literally!
6/17/2014 7:16:41 PM,  0 COMMENTS  Read more


A little motivation
6/17/2014 1:54:17 PM,  11 COMMENTS

So has anyone else seen these? They show the difference between a 70 year old athletic man and a 74 year old sedentary one. This really hi...  Read more


Black and White Thinking
6/15/2014 10:45:00 PM,  1 COMMENTS

I've been setting myself back lately, because I've slipped back into my "black and white" thinking pattern. It's part of a perfectionist's personali...  Read more


Summer Plan
6/14/2014 8:58:11 PM,  6 COMMENTS

I am a school bus driver and I have the summer off, so i decided to create a challenge/plan for myself. i am working on changing my entire mindse...  Read more


Park the UHAUL here...
6/14/2014 6:44:49 PM,  4 COMMENTS

Life is changing me and I am changing my life.... I am also looking for work....  Read more


When In Rome...
6/13/2014 4:59:45 PM,  1 COMMENTS as the Romans do. The entire quote, attributed to St. Ambrose is, "si fueris Rōmae, Rōmānō vīvitō mōre;...  Read more


Late Nite Jokes
6/13/2014 1:09:51 AM,  11 COMMENTS

Lawmakers in Jamaica are now considering a bill that would legalize marijuana. Let me repeat myself: Lawmakers in Jamaica are considering a bill to le...  Read more


6/13/2014 12:55:55 AM,  6 COMMENTS

Took 126 photos stitched together to show the whole tree! That's a man standing down at the bottom! ...  Read more


Love pasta…?...need to eat more veggies? You need one of these!
6/12/2014 3:05:54 PM,  0 COMMENTS

I am NOT sorry I purchased one of these. I can eat the veggie noodles alone or mixed in with 0.5 serving of linguini. Your brain would not know you a...  Read more


So tired of it all
6/12/2014 11:29:31 AM,  11 COMMENTS

As I drive down the street, I see women and men walking around and going about their busy lives. I wonder... do these people worry about their weight...  Read more


6/12/2014 12:43:40 AM,  0 COMMENTS

It's a no-brainer that sports teams need coaches to help motivate and direct the action on the field. Why is it so hard to realize that we need c...  Read more


If you are the praying type or the send good energy type send some in my direction….
6/10/2014 1:29:48 PM,  0 COMMENTS

Hello, My BFF Opie cat is having a flare up of pancreatitus. We might have to take him to the emergency animal hospital this afternoon. He could use...  Read more


Hug Yourself
6/9/2014 10:45:25 PM,  2 COMMENTS

Sometimes its good to just Hug Yourself! Know one knows like you do...what it takes to stay focused each day. I find that the more determined you are...  Read more


I didn't give in
6/8/2014 3:19:12 AM,  1 COMMENTS

Today has been a really challenging day for me emotionally...and on days like these its easier to eat more of the wrong things. I didn't think I was g...  Read more


Learning to control my portions
6/6/2014 2:26:15 PM,  2 COMMENTS

29 Well, doing pretty well. Drinking lots of water and downsizing portions. Picking healthier foods and eliminating soda, sweets, etc... Feeling go...  Read more


At it Again: Why I Think This Time it Will Stick
6/6/2014 5:35:34 AM,  3 COMMENTS

I feel like every time I get back on here, I'm telling the same story. I have a renewed vigor, a positive vibe, and exponentially increasing energy. T...  Read more


We may be seeing the end of the bo*b smasher tests! YAHOOO!!
6/5/2014 10:45:55 PM,  3 COMMENTS

This just in!
d-test-for-breast-cancer/...  Read more


Bullying rap
6/4/2014 1:24:49 AM,  8 COMMENTS

These kids blew me away!  Read more


6/3/2014 10:00:41 PM,  1 COMMENTS

Help, I'm in trouble (treble clef). I ran over something sharp (#), and now my tire is flat (b). I need a quarter (quarter note) for the phone. Do I...  Read more


Taking care of loved ones.
6/3/2014 6:06:49 PM,  1 COMMENTS

Rememring 26 years ago. Taking my best friends Nephew during the day the year before kindergarten. Grand parents said what did you do to that child He...  Read more


Portland, Oregon… let get together & do something!
6/3/2014 3:51:38 PM,  0 COMMENTS

I've been looking for a local SparkBuddy and have been unsuccessful in finding somebody in my local Team to be active w/ me. I've been trying on & off...  Read more


Excuses, excuses, we see them every day.
6/3/2014 12:01:54 PM,  1 COMMENTS

Well, I have been down and out for a while. Just before my daughter's wedding last June, I hurt my back and haven't been able or willing to workout s...  Read more


Can you translate this?
6/2/2014 10:03:03 PM,  4 COMMENTS

...  Read more


Late Nite funnees
6/2/2014 9:51:54 PM,  3 COMMENTS

The L.A. Clippers have been sold. Yes, I also don't really care. Everyone is like, "Oh, OK." The Clippers have been sold for $2 billion. That got your...  Read more


For all the ladies who drive alone...
6/1/2014 5:54:35 PM,  17 COMMENTS

I had a flat tire on I-205 yesterday; so, I pulled over, got out of the car and opened my trunk. I took out my cardboard men, unfolded them an...  Read more


Liar, Liar...
5/31/2014 9:50:32 PM,  8 COMMENTS

...  Read more


Old Journal Entry from 2008
5/31/2014 11:42:16 AM,  3 COMMENTS

Since the journal is going away on June 10 (if you have any journal entries or calendar items you might want to move them to another calendar and jour...  Read more


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